Mr. Scott came into Med Bay looking like he had just lost his best friend. "Bones, there's a body bag they're bringing in and I just wanted to warn you…" Mr. Scott only called me Bones one or two other times and even then, it had to do with Jim. So, I knew that this couldn't be good. "Bones, it's Jim." He said.

"Jim? What do you mean Jim?" I said. I knew what he meant, but I didn't want to believe it.

"Doctor, Captain Kirk sacrificed himself for the Enterprise. He exposed himself to radiation to save the ship. He was successful, but at a cost. He's gone Doctor McCoy." Mr. Scott said. He was clearly trying to keep himself together. I know that he and Jim had a disagreement about the torpedoes which lead to Mr. Scott leaving the ship. I know that Jim considered every member on the Enterprise friends and it came to no surprise that he risked himself to save all of us. But I also knew there was a select few that he was closer to, and called them his family. I was one of the lucky ones to be considered one of those. As was Lt. Uhura, Mr. Sulu, Mr. Chekov, Spock and Mr. Scott. Though in some ways as close as he was with Spock I felt he felt closer to Mr. Scott and I as, very rarely were our names did he call us. Mostly he just called us Scotty and Bones, and no one other than him really ever did.

Sorry, back to what I was saying. I know that when Mr. Scott left, Jim was gutted. Though he knew Mr. Chekov would do well as his new chief, Jim knew Mr. Scott could never truly be replaced. Now, here was Mr. Scott telling me that they were about to bring Jim into Med Bay in a body boy. I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't. Not Jim.

"Where would you like him doctor?" A man said holding one end of the bag.

I just gestured over to an empty table. They put it on the table and Mr. Scott stood to the side of me as I opened the bag. There laid James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise, and my best friend. "Damnit" I said under my breath.

Mr. Scott didn't say anything. No one did. What could you say? No words can be said to really comfort you when you lose someone you love. And yes, I loved Jim as if he were my brother. His wasn't just my captain, who had requested I stayed on the Enterprise after Pike left. He wasn't just my best friend who I met and roomed with at the academy. He was my family who knew me better than anyone else in the whole universe. He was gone now.

Gone, but soon there would be hope. Hope turned into a miracle. And a miracle turned into a 5 year mission assignment that Jim was like a kid in a candy store about. And those I grumped about it, there was no one I'd rather stand next to and lead me into the mission that James T. Kirk. And I was overwhelming glad to have Jim back.