-Peter's P.O.V-

Peter felt numb. Although that wasn't much of a surprise, he was always numb nowadays. He hated that he felt like this, don't get him wrong, but he couldn't exactly help feel like this. Feel like... nothing.

Peter wasn't always like this. If he dug around in his memory enough, he could remember sunny skies, childhood innocence, and the feeling of actually feeling something besides fear. It wasn't as hard to remember when things went bad, and the days he had started feeling numb. The day where he was introduced to Hydra's physical training.

Peter knew better then to actually think about any of that. To not let his mind drift and linger on all the bad things he was put through. Things that no fifteen year old should have been put through. He knew and utterly hated the fact.

Peter also knew that he couldn't change it. Couldn't go back in time, and not let his parents give him away to Hydra because when they did a test, they found out he had the Mutant gene in his blood.

But he couldn't.

Peter looked up in a daze from the drugs that they had put him on so he could be more stationary in the cell that was his room. He couldn't really move, couldn't process the thought to move. Only to take a breath in, and to take a breath out. To blink between every breath, and listen to the movements outside his cell.

He had lost hope of being rescued long ago. No one could possibly know he was missing, and even if someone did, he would be announced dead for being gone for ten years.

The people who ad him, HYDRA, thought that he was a blank slate. They thought he didn't remember anything, but in Peter's bright, young mind he remembered things everytime he was sent out on a mission.

So far he had been lucky enough to only be wiped four times, that he remembered anyways. He had been lucky enough to fool the people who held him captive as much as he could. He answered to the name Wolf Spider, but clung to the memory of a soft voice saying his actual name.

And even still, Peter was kept under submission in his cell, left to do only a few things.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.



-Wanda's P.O.V-

Wanda was quiet during the briefing. Well, she was usually always quiet. Preferring to keep to herself unless she wished otherwise, and to just watch what was happening. The others knew this, and showed their support in other ways.

Either silently sitting with her when they knew she didn't feel like talking, giving her surprise gifts left outside of her room door with a note, or just talking to her without needing her to talk back.

She was content with her life. It was nothing like her life before the bomb when she was younger, but she enjoyed it. Wanda enjoyed the nights where she would go to the common room and watch a movie with a different teammate with hot chocolate until she fell back asleep. Enjoyed the educated debates with Bruce, or the girl time with Natasha. Enjoyed the weekly meetings with Natasha and Bucky, where they would do each other's hair or just talk. (Because they were the three who knew what it was like to once work under the enemy as brainwashed assassins).

Although she could do without Nick Fury's surprise barging ins with a mission that sent her to the place that stole what peaceful childhood she could have had with her brother. She could very much live a peaceful (as peaceful as she could get) life without that thank you very much.

"Avengers," Nick said in his gruff voice, "We have a location on a Hydra base. All of you need to be ready to go in, get what's in it, destroy the base, and get out."

Wanda closely stared at the satellite of what have been a HYDRA Base. It was in the middle of a forest in Madagascar. Not that big, only one or two stories, but their was probably more underground.

"It is not that big," Wanda spoke up, "Why do you need all of us? Is there more underneath?"

Nick nodded, "Their are three levels under the ground, all twice the size of what can be seen above ground."

"What are we going to have to retrieve? Documents? Data? Weapons?" Natasha asked.

"We have intel that states HYDRA has a very powerful weapon on one of the sub levels. Retrieve that weapon, it's code name is Spider. But any data would be useful as well," Nick explained.

Wanda hummed. That definitely sounded like something HYDRA would have. She met Bucky's eyes across the table, because Bucky understood. He understood the uneasy feeling of knowing they were going to voluntarily walk back into the walls they were once held in. Even if the kind people of Wakanda had helped get all that made Bucky Hydra out, the after effects would never completely recede.

Vision squeezed Wanda's hand in a comforting gesture, and Wanda squeezed back. Vision may not have shared the uneasy feeling, but he understood that it was hard on Wanda.

"When are we going?" Steve questioned.


"Well," Tony sighed, "Looks like I got some time to polish my suit. Are we done here?"

Nick nodded, "Dismissed."

Wanda rolled her eyes at the one eyed man. He was always so gruff and professional. Wanda wasn't really sure he had ever seen the man do anything other than smirk.

Everyone in the room walked out, and Wanda made her way to the Common Room with a few of the others.

"Bucky?" Steve questioned, his voice sounds concerned. "Are you alright?"

"I feel like I know what the weapon is," Bucky started as the sat down on the couch. "But I can't… remember."

"That's alright," Steve said, "Do you remember if it's dangerous?"

Bucky nodded, "Extremely dangerous."

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