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I'd downed my fourth shot of whiskey that night before placing the glass back on the bar. My emotions were a varying range all within the last 12 hours. Before this night began I was sky high and all lit up with happiness, and now. I didn't think I could sink any lower.

"Aubs..?" I heard that accented voice from behind me and turned to face off with Klaus.

"Klaus." I drawled in greeting as I signaled the bartender for another shot. The man behind me came around to sit next to me on a vacant stool.

"What're you doing here? You know Kol's still running around the city looking for you." He told me. At the name I rolled my eyes and took in a calming breath feeling my anger spike.

"Is he now?" I asked feigning any interest.

"Indeed." Klaus confirmed as the bartender set an empty highball glass in front of me.

"Make it a double, please?" I said meeting his stare with an empty expression. He did as asked and left to the other end where some drunk girl in a tiara, and sash was practically hanging over to the inside of the bar to get his attention.

"Come with me. All he wants to do is talk." Klaus tried again. I took another sip from my glass and relaxed against the warmth sliding down my throat. The bitterness just right with my mood.

"Yeah," I began as I turned the stool in Klaus's direction, "That's the problem, my friend." I finished with a gesture to him before I pressed the glass against my mouth again and finished it quickly.

"C'mon Aubrie… You know he didn't go out searching for her tonight. His intention with you were pure." Klaus said as I put the glass down on the table. I stood up slowly reaching into the pocket of my black leather jacket. I took out two twenties and left them under my glass atop the bar.

"You know your brother Klaus. When has he ever had pure intentions?" I asked before walking out.

The night air helped me further clear my head. "Aubrie. Please." He said as he suddenly stood before me. "He just wants to talk." Klaus said again slowly.

"Let me do this for him. It is the very least I could do." He said I could hear him trying to reason with me.

"Yeah, I mean you gotta work to get back on his good side after not telling him about the ancestors." I quipped as I continued walking by him. He gripped my arm tightly in his.

"I'm not asking now, Aubrielle." He practically growled.

I sent him a smirk as my gaze fell to his hand on my upper arm. "Klaus, we both know that manhandling me will only push your brother even further away from you." Klaus's glare only hardened but he released me all the same.

"Don't you get it Klaus? I want to be alone. Why are you so concerned anyways? This has nothing to do with you." It was clear in my voice that I my emotions were falling into a pit of sorrow and anger.

I knew this fight was futile. Klaus would not leave me alone until I either agreed to go with him to see Kol- or until Kol arrived. He undoubtedly texted his brother to alert him of my whereabouts.

"Yes, well unfortunately for me I've always had a soft spot for pretty girls with a hell of a lot of baggage." Klaus replied smirking at me.

"Seems my brother isn't the only one." I heard that ever too familiar voice and I felt my breath catch. I lifted my head defiantly as I turned around. He met my cold glare with warm eyes.

"Aubrielle… I'm so-."

"Don't you dare." I cut him off. "I don't want your pitiful excuse for an apology. We've been together for months now Kol. I know you. I've traveled the world with you and your family for decades before. That's why I came back here. With you. To help them- to help you." I began ranting not being able to hold back any longer.

"I came back here with you and we haven't even been here for two days when an ex-lover of yours is resurrected and the last several months are suddenly forgotten. As if nothing ever happened." My words were harsh, but they were necessary. "When you ran into me you were broken- a wreck. You'd killed the very same girl. Someone you loved. You were distraught. Yet with some time you'd claimed to find love with me. That's not so true anymore is it?" I said taking steps closer to him. "I was and will always be just second best, won't I?" The last question made Kol look away from me. I stood there with my hands balled into fists just waiting for him to say something- anything to prove me wrong.

He didn't.

"Funny, and here I thought that this time was it for us. Don't contact me again, Kol. I'm through with whatever this is." I seethed before using my vampire speed to race off.

I never heard from Kol again after that night- it didn't help that I'd changed anyway for him to get ahold of me. I was done with helping the Mikaelson's. Anytime I thought of them I remembered Kol and all the good times we'd had and how he was so willing to throw it all away for her. Whoever the girl was- I'd had no intentions of meeting her. The thought of her made my blood boil and skin crawl. I'd been with him for centuries- granted we'd had a fall out for a while due to the many times of him being daggered and me being powerless to stop Klaus from doing so.

Overnight I'd made my way from New Orleans moving onto Shreveport. I'd heard whispers of Kol's continued search for me, so I ran. I didn't want to see him. The hurt was still too raw. I had no intentions of working it out with him. I was done with him, sadly enough his family too, as close as I'd been with them. I couldn't bear the thought of them without Kol.

So I moved on from there making my way to Texas- where I've remained ever since. For the last 6 months I'd been working at a bar called the legacy down the street from my apartment.

"Aubrie! You're late!" Came the shout of Joe- the owner.

"Yeah, yeah Joe. Only by ten minutes. Sorry, men problems." I said as I made my way behind the bar and sliding my black leather bag underneath on the floor.

"The boyfriend of yours giving you problems?" He asked the twang of his country accent loud and clear. I looked to him with a smirk.

"Nah." I began as I started re-stocking the bar. "Nothing I can't handle myself." I shrugged.

"Yeah well. I worry about you kid." He said coming up next to me after placing a crate full of freshly washed glasses down on the bar.

"Don't worry about me, Joe. I can handle myself, always have." I assured as I finished with the alcohol and began drying the glasses with a bar rag.

"Yeah well. I do no matter what you tell me." He said as he stepped around me, "I got a meeting I got to get to about another loan. I'll be back tonight though, kay?" He said as he walked out from the back of the bar.

"Oh yeah. Everything alright?" I asked once he met my gaze.

"Yeah, well this place is hard to up keep kid. May have to settle for a smaller one soon." He responded, "Don't you worry though. I'm hanging on for as long as I can. Been here for the last twenty years I don't plan on leaving now."

I nodded as I watched him walk out. I sighed leaning against the bar one hand holding the rag and the other resting atop the counter. Once I watched him walk out the door I went back to work preparing for the night. I wasn't about to let this bar be sold, tonight was gonna be one hell of a night.

The bar had been open for about an hour- we'd had our regulars coming in, but then the younger people began pouring through the doors an hour ago and we had been busy non-stop.

"Holy hell!" Joe gasped out next to me as I made yet another margarita for a group of obnoxious girls that had ben at the bar for the last 40-something minutes. "Where did all these god damn people come from?" Joe huffed out as he rang up his own order of drinks.

"I dunno." I responded quickly with a slight smirk. I'd texted a few friends of mine to come to Texas for some drinks- some alcoholic, other's not so much. Not to mention the compulsion I'd used to get more, and more people to visit on my break.

"Well whatever is happening needs to happen more often." He hollered over the live music as he carried the debit card back to the group of frat boys at the opposite end of the bar. I swiped at my forehead feeling the heat from running around and making drinks. Looking up I saw a familiar face in crowd with a gasp I dropped the drink I'd been making.

"Whoa!" Joe hollered as he came over to me, "You okay?"

I nodded not answering him. I was staring at the spot I could have sworn I'd just seen Kol Mikaelson.

"Aubs. Go take a break. The rush has died down, you're off in ten anyways." He said cutting through my hazy shock filled mind.

"What? No. Joe I'm fine-."

"Listen to me." He cut me off. "Go. Now. Before I fire your ass" He threatened wearing a grin.

I sighed not wanting to fight him for the last ten minutes of my shift and began pulling the bar rag from the back pocket of my jeans, and draped it on the back shelf. "Alright." I said holding my hands up defensively. "I'm going." I muttered to him in passing. A girl named Angela took over my customers for me. I headed out the back way. Taking a deep breath of the night air I was shoved back against the brick of the building.

I'd reacted defensively as I grabbed the person by the wrist and twisted the arm at an awkward angle jumping and flipping behind them. The resounding crack of dislocation gave me the satisfaction I'd been looking for. I smirked as I released the arm and sent them head first to the brick wall.

"Ahhhahaha. Damnit Aubs. I see that you haven't lost your edge." I knew that voice it sent my mind into a whirlwind of memories. The same memories I'd spent the last 6 months attempting to rid myself of.

"Kol." I greeted coldly just staring at him. "What. Are you. Doing here?" I asked hoping my pauses would get the message across.

"Ahh… not happy to see me, are you darling?" He asked holding his good arm out wide wearing that smirk I could recognize anywhere.

"No. Not particularly." I told him crossing my arms over my t-shirt clad form. I hated when he'd call me that, it always made me melt.

"C'mon Aubs. It took me ages to find you." He said as he relocated his shoulder with a grunt. "When you want to disappear you do so quite well." He said with a tilt of his head.

"Yeah, I learned from the best." I replied curtly referring to him and his family.

His grin faltered slightly but he recovered nonetheless. "Aubrielle. Please." He began. At those words I held my hands up to fend off anything he was going to say.

"No Kol." I told him fiercely. "No. I do not want to hear it. I told you I was done months ago- and I meant it." With that said I started to head back into the bar only to have his arms go around me and spin me closer to him.

"Aubrielle. We need all the help we can get. Please, sweets. We need you. My family needs you." His mouth was at my ear, and I felt a shiver run through my body, and it had nothing to do with the slight breeze in the air.

I sighed as my hands moved up to hold his forearms that were currently wrapped around me holding my arms to my sides. "Kol…" I huffed. "I- I can-."

"What is this?" An angry voice broke us apart. In my surprise and distracted mind I'd forgotten I was supposed to be off in ten minutes and that Jacob was supposed to meet me here.

My head snapped in his direction. "Jake." I greeted as I shrugged out of Kol's arms or tried to but he held on. "What the hell is going on here? I suggest you let her go." Jacob said as he approached us.

"Jake. It- it's okay." I tried to explain, but Kol smirked at him.

"Or what?" He challenged causing me to roll my eyes.

"Kol. Don't" I warned trying yet again to shrug out of his hold.

"Let. Her. Go." I heard Jacob growl his dark hair shining in the lights along the building as he passed them coming in closer. Kol eyed him up and down taking in just how much of a threat he'd be. Which to Kol he wouldn't be one to a human he would be.

"I think I'll take my chances. How about you just run along." Kol replied dismissively. I could hear the smugness in his voice. Opening my mouth to tell him to 'fuck off' I found the words caught in my throat as I felt him running his open mouth over my throat. I froze as I felt my breathing stop completely. My boyfriend had had enough and moved to attack Kol. His hand balled into fists as he moved to punch him. Kol had tossed me away and gripped Jacob tightly as he lunged for his throat. Using my speed I pushed myself between them and shoved Kol back into the brick wall. He bounded off it and fell to the concrete.

"A wolf? Aubs, really?" Kol laughed out as he pushed himself to his feet. "I'd say he's a bit of a downgrade."

"Kol. Shut it." I snapped turning to face Jake only to see his eyes a bright yellow. "Jake… No. Don't." I warned him as I out stretched my arms placing my hands lightly on his chest.

"Wanna have a go?" Kol called over me only pissing Jake off further. My blue eyes locked with his yellow ones. "Jake. Stop c'mon, you have to get this under control. I know the full moon is nearing, but you can do this." I told him. I knew he'd always had a hard time controlling his wolfy urges especially nearing the full moon. We'd met about four months ago- only been dating for the last three.

"C'mon wolf boy have at it!" Kol hollered again. I could see the snap in Jacob as he shoved by me and charged at Kol.

"Stop it!" I yelled as Kol lunged at Jacob again going for the neck only this time he hit is mark. I could feel my eyes going dark and the veins popping out around them like they always did when my fangs were unsheathed over my human teeth. I hissed as I gripped Kol tightly and threw him from Jake.

"I said, stop." I growled out. Kol stood quickly and, raced in front of me. "C'mon, love. It would be just like old times." He said lowly. His dark eyes matched mine and his mouth was dripping with blood from Jake.

"No." I told him sternly. Turning I faced off with Jake. He eyed me cautiously.

"Aubrielle…" He said standing now.

"Jake. Why don't you be a good boy and give us a moment." Kol told him sarcastically putting emphasis on the words good boy. Jake just growled coming up behind me, "Stop it." I told him as I reached out. "Go home. Please. I will talk to you after." I saw the unsureness that he felt in his eyes when he glared to Kol. "Please." I added again staring up at him. "I'll be alright. He- he isn't going to hurt me." I finished running my hands down his chest trying to calm the beast within.

"That isn't what I'm worried about." His deep voice growled out, his eyes now green flashing a yellow as they looked in Kol's direction. I heard Kol chuckling behind me.

"I know, but please give me a bit." I asked. Jake looked down at me, "I'll be at your place. It's closer." He said leaning in to kiss me. I felt Jake's hands around me pulling me in closer to him as he made a show with the kiss- only to try and anger Kol behind me.

"I'll see you soon." He muttered against my mouth. My hand stroked his strong jawline as he pulled away and turned to walk back the way he'd come to the parking lot of the bar.

"Well as much as I enjoyed the show…" I heard Kol's smart comment from behind me. I turned to face him saying, "Now, why'd you have to go and start a fight? I can't afford to be revealed around here."

"I'm Kol Mikaelson, love. You know me." He answered me nonchalantly with a smartassed smirk.

I huffed as he made his way to me. "Listen, I came to ask you for your help. Nothing more; Nothing less." He said laying it out for me. "Can you come back to New Orleans with me? For my family?"

"I don't know." I told him shaking my head. I could feel my blonde ponytail brushing the back of my neck as it followed my heads movements.

"Please Aubs." He said as he stepped closer and grabbed my hand holding it in between both of his. "I wouldn't be here asking if it weren't important." He reasoned.

"Right." I said jerking my hand back as my gaze hardened. My blue eyes against his surprised hazel ones, "Wouldn't want to have me around your precious girlfriend. Afraid an accident might happen if I were to get too jealous, right?" I asked scathingly turning away from Kol to walk away.

"Hold on now." He said as he was suddenly in front of me preventing me from walking away. "How did my asking for help turn into this?" He asked genuinely confused.

"Are you forgetting why I left?" I snapped at him my anger coursing through my body now.

"No." He replied shortly but continued, "I remember you leaving me because you assumed whatever we'd had would be over." He answered his anger now showing through.

"Because it would have!" I yelled exasperated. "I saw the way you spoke about her to me. I saw you breaking down months prior to that because she had died, Kol! I was there to help put you back together, or are you forgetting that fact?!" I continued yelling now unable to hide my anger from him and be cordial.

"That didn't mean you had to cut yourself from my life, Aubrielle!" He shouted back coming in closer.

"It did Kol! Otherwise I would have just been an empty shell watching you move on happily with the woman you love leaving me to wallow in my heartbreak. I loved you! I have loved you for centuries! How could you not have seen that?!" I yelled.

I was met with silence and my heavy breathing. I watched Kol's face- which had shock written all over it.

"Clearly it wasn't mutual." I finished with a hard glare and my tone sarcastic.

"I- I didn't-. I couldn't-." He'd began trying to form sentences. "You never gave me the chance-." He trailed off quietly.

"You had nearly 300 years of chances to tell me you loved me Kol, and you never did. Not once." I yelled at him crossing my arms angrily now. "I wasn't going to force it out of you. It would've just pushed you away from me. You never allowed yourself to get close to someone in that way until after you met this- this Davina."

"I would have-." He began.

"No Kol. You never would've." I replied shortly remembering how he'd been before he was killed by the white oak stake. "You always kept me at an arms length. We would flirt, and flirt and flirt then sleep together and you'd push me away again." I finished not meeting his face.

"Aubrie-." He began moving in closer to me. I stared down at the concrete not wanting to meet his gaze as I felt my eyes tear up. "Look at me, love." He said as he tilted my face up to stare at his. "Even before the day Niklaus turned you, I'd always had a soft spot for you. I would have." He told me his face serious. His hands held my face tenderly as he closed what little space we'd had between us and his mouth brushed over mine gently at first but, the kiss escalated quickly I was slammed between his body and the brick wall as he lifted me from the ground. My legs wrapped around his waist and I held him to me as if my life depended on it.

I moaned as his mouth traveled down my neck, "Kol…" I said softly unsure if I was protesting or wanting him to continue.

I was snapped back to reality when the bar door opened. "Aubrie?" It was Angela- she'd just started the job a week ago, but was becoming increasingly annoying. I quickly held Kol's head into the crook of my neck wanting him to not be seen.

"Ah… s-sorry." She said her face turning pink. "You- you just left your bag." She said quickly placing it on the wooden railing and heading back into the bar. I released him and gave him a shove back away from me.

"See? You see what happens when you're around. I- I get distracted and-." I was complaining as I walked over and snatched my bag only to turn around and see Kol right in front of me.

"I can't. Kol. You can't." I told him as I put my hand to his chest to prevent him from getting any closer.

"I know." He said looking down at me his face unreadable. "I'm sorry. I- I shouldn't have-." He began but cut himself off. I'd gotten the message loud and clear.

"Well, I better get home and explain things to Jake." I said letting my hair out of it's confinement. It cascaded down my shoulders in waves. His face lit up when he realized I was agreeing to come back.

"Do you love him?" Kol asked. Just throwing his thought out there in the usual Kol fashion. I turned to face him from walking away.

"Does it matter?" I asked not sure how to answer his question.

"Please. Indulge me." He said coming up along side me as we continued walking into the parking lot.

"No." I replied after a pause. "I don't. He was just there to fill the void." I shrugged as we'd made it to my car. He became distracted at that.

"Oh my god." He exclaimed. "This is yours?"

I nodded as I watched him admire the beauty of it. "It's- it's-." He started as he ran his hand over the shining hood.

"It's a '73 Plymouth." I told him with a grin. The black interior was the polar opposite of the white paint job I'd paid for.

"Beautiful." He admired before getting in the passenger seat.

"Uhm. Kol? What do you think you're doing?" I asked as I looked at him through the driver window.

"Coming with you, love." He said grinning from ear to ear. At my quizzical look he continued, "You have a dog to put down before you come back to New Orleans with me." He said cheekily. I rolled my eyes as I got in the car and made the quick drive to my apartment.

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