Chapter 14

On Saturday, which was the day of the dance Opal and all her friends spent the afternoon getting ready. At Kai and Nya's house they were arguing over the bathroom. "I said, I got to it first, sis." argued Kai.

"No way, bro. I got to it first." Nya argued back. "All right, you two, what's wrong?" asked Maya, their mother. "I gotta use the bathroom first." Nya and Kai said at the same time. Then they started arguing again.

Their dad, Ray then came up, and whistled. "All right, you two, we're gonna fix this in the simplest way possible." he said. He took out a coin, and flipped it. "Call it." he said. "Heads." said Kai. "Tails." said Nya.

When the coin came down, Ray looked at it. "Ladies first." he said. "Yes." whispered Nya, as she went into the bathroom. "But Nya, you can spend twenty minutes in there, then it's Kai's turn, and after another twenty minutes it'll be your turn again, understand?" asked Ray.

"Got it, Dad." said Nya, as she slammed the door. Kai waited his turn, but you could see he wasn't happy.

At Jay's home, he was just finishing up his shower. "This is the night Jay. You're gonna knock the socks off Nya." He said to himself in his mirror. As he changed clothes, there was a knock at his door. "Sweetie, do you want some dinner?" Asked Edna, peeking her head in the door.

"Mom, I told you there's going to be food at the dance." said Jay. "You can't have a good time with only small h'dourves and sweets. Come and have a little dinner." said Edna, and she closed the door.

Jay groaned, and after putting on some clothes, he went downstairs.

Pixal was in her room, polishing her face, and putting on her makeup. "Almost ready for the dance, Pixal?" Asked Cyrus Borg, her father. "Almost, Dad." She replied. "Well I'll be waiting for downstairs." Said Cyrus, as he wheeled himself away.

Cole had just gotten into his suit, and was combing his hair. "I wonder what Opal will be wearing?" He thought to himself. "Son, are you almost ready? We're gonna have to go soon." Said Lou, his dad. "I'm just about ready, Dad." Cole told him.

Zane was all dressed in his suit, and had his hair combed and ready. "Ready to go, Zane?" Asked Dr. Julian, his father. "I'm ready, Father." Zane answered. He went downstairs so he could leave.

Skylor had just gotten into her dress, and was doing up her hair. "Skylor, how are you doing up there?" Called Chen, her dad from downstairs. "Oh I'm just fine, Dad." Skylor called back.

And at Opal's apartment, her mom was helping her get ready. "There, take a look at yourself." Said Mrs. Lancaster. Opal looked in her mirror and couldn't believe what she saw. Her hair was done up in a high ponytail, she had on purple eye shadow and red lipstick.

Her makeup really matched her dress. "Mom, I look fantastic. I don't even look like myself." said Opal. "Of course you do, beautiful Opal." said Mrs. Lancaster. "You all dressed, sweetie?" asked Mr. Lancaster.

"Yes, Dad, what do you think?" Opal asked, twirling around. "You look absolutely beautiful." Mr. Lancaster complimented. "Just one for thing." said Mrs. Lancaster. She went to her bedroom, and came out with a jewelry box.

She opened it to reveal a silver necklace, and in the middle was an opal stone. "Wow, it's beautiful." said Opal. Mrs. Lancaster put it on her, and then they took pictures. "Well we better get going." said Opal.

"The baked goods are all in the back of the car." said Mr. Lancaster. "Thanks, Dad." said Opal, giving her father a quick hug. "Have a great time, sweetie." said Mr. Lancaster.

The two drove to the school, and when they got there, they saw most of the students and staff had already arrived. "You need help, Mom?" asked Opal, as she got out of the car. "No, you go on ahead and find your friends, I'll get some other help." said Mrs. Lancaster.

"Okay." Said Opal. She walked into the gym, and looked around. The place looked like another world. Colored lights filled room, music played in the background, and streamers, balloons, and pictures from the movie were all over the walls.

"Opal." Called a voice. She looked over and saw her friends waving her over. "Hi, guys, you look great." she said. Indeed they did. Kai wore a black suit with a red tie and shirt. Jay wore a blue suit, and Cole a black one.

Zane had on a white shirt with a dark gray jacket and pants. Lloyd's suit was green and black. Nya wore a red dress with short sleeves. Skylor's dress was a long orange one shoulder. And Pixal's dress was a strapless silver one. "So do you." Cole complimented his date.

Opal blushed, and said, "Thanks." "Well now that we're all here, let's party." Said Jay. They all spread out with their dates. Kai and Skylor went onto the dance floor, Jay and Nya talked for a bit on the sidelines, Pixal and Zane were by the DJ, and Lloyd was talking to some girls who'd straggled to the dance.

Opal and Cole were by the punch table. "This is amazing." said Opal, as she watched the scene. "Yeah, great idea with the theme being Alice in Wonderland." complimented Cole. " you want to dance?" Opal asked slowly.

"Sure." said Cole, and he offered his hand to her. She took and they went to the dance floor. From the sidelines, Koko and Mrs. Lancaster were watching the kids. "Looks like the kids are having a good time." Koko observed.

"Yes, it's so nice to see Opal enjoying herself with her friends." said Mrs. Lancaster. "You know normally I'd go out there and show the kids some moves. But I don't want to embarrass Lloyd." Said Koko.

"I understand, Opal was a little worried I'd embarrass her when I told her I was a chaperone." Said Mrs. Lancaster. "Kids." Koko replied. Mrs. Lancaster nodded in agreement. "This is so much fun." said Opal.

"Much better than those middle school dances, eh Opal?" asked Kai, as danced near her. "You know it." she answered. After they got tired of dancing, they went to eat. "Your dad makes great treats, Opal." Complimented Nya, eating a brownie.

"Thanks." Said Opal, eating a pig in a blanket. "Yeah be sure to tell him thanks for providing some of the food." Said Pixal. Suddenly the music turned slow and soft, which meant it was time for couples to slow dance.

"Nya?" Asked Jay, holding out his hand. "Let's dance." She said, taking his hand. "Shall make our way to the dance floor?" Zane asked Pixal. "We shall." Pixal answered. "Wanna dance, Skylor?" Kai asked her.

"Sure." Skylor said. Lloyd went over, and asked a girl if she wanted to dance with him. "May I have this dance?" Cole asked. "Yes." Said Opal. The walked out to the dance floor, Opal put her hands on his shoulders, and Cole carefully put his hands around her waist.

They slowly danced together. As they looked into each other's eyes it felt like a dream. "You know something Cole, I think moving to Ninjago City's the best thing that ever happened to me." she told him.

"I have to agree, if you didn't I'd never would've met you." Cole agreed. The next thing they knew they were beginning to lean in closer together. The next thing they knew, their lips touched, and they were in a passionate kiss.

From afar, Master Wu was watching in the shadows. "Now that's the way to end a story." he said smiling.

The End