Secrets from a Faraway Land - A Pokemon Fanfiction

Sequel To "The End of Team Rocket"

Hey, guys. Technically, this is a sequel to "EOTR," another story written by me, but honestly, you don't need to read it to understand what's going on.

Also, expect shorter chapters. And I don't own Pokemon, either, if you guys didn't know that.

Source Episode: 1

The vacation was fun.

It was very fun.

In fact, it was so fun that Ash had completely forgotten his sense of dignity.

Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, Indigo (and Orange, but that one didn't really count) League Champion and the winner of a bunch o' badges hadn't felt so relaxed in a long time. The afternoon sun beamed gently down on Melemele Island's towering palm trees and fine sand. A warm ocean breeze traveled from the south, cooling off both people and Pokemon. Native Alolans relaxed on the beach and shopped at open-air stalls, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Who wouldn't be having fun in the middle of a vacation? Ash hadn't really had one in a couple of years, so he'd made sure to read through the entire tourist website, adamant on trying everything from the Ride Pokemon to the famous Alolan cuisine.

Plus, he needed to lighten up his Pikachu, who, at first, hadn't been so keen on the whole 'vacation' idea.

His home region was prospering, and Ash had ended up fixing so many of Kanto's problems that he felt as if he was bordering mental insanity. The number of Gyms in the region was finally back up to twelve. Ten new schools had been built in the region over the past six months—one of them being Viridian University (Gary had practically begged his childhood friend for it to be built in his city)—and the Safari Zone's boundaries had been expanded. Six Gyms had been remodeled and three had been built. The Vermillion City port had been expanded and a new airport had been constructed on the outskirts of Fuschia City. Lavender Town's graveyard and tower received massive renovations.

Ash knew all of this because his Meganium had personally sped-grown all of the trees needed for each school's wood demand. Infernape, Torterra and Krookodile had bribed thousands of Diglett to dig up stone with berries and had carried a mountain's worth of granite and basalt to construction sites, where Buizel, Servine, Noivern, and Sceptile led Ash's present number of Pokemon (at least a quarter of them were off traveling or something) in building houses, bridges, and other small establishments. All thirty of the Trainer's Tauros had been put to work on paving city roads with Bulldoze. Ash's paperwork skyrocketed.

Lance had once said, "If you want to have something done around here, be prepared to do it yourself."

The teen had taken the Dragon Master's advice to heart. And although it was draining work, it was pretty prominent that the teen enjoyed being the Champion of Kanto despite the job's drawbacks.

"Pikapi! Pika-chu!"

"Ah!" Ash exclaimed, shaking himself out of his self-imposed ponderance and inadvertently bumping his knees into the restaurant dinner table. "Sorry, I was just thinking to myself."


The teen huffed. "Yeah, yeah. I get it."


"Nope, not gonna use it! No matter how much you try to convince me!" the Trainer exclaimed, shoving a piece of salad in his mouth indignantly.

The Electric-type crossed his arms. "Pika…"

"My head's under like, fifty times less stress, now, and I'd like to keep it that way."


"It's probably not even good for me to use Aura so much! I need to, like, recuperate or something."

"Pikapi." Idiot.

Ash sighed. "Fine. But this is a vacation, and I'm not going to strain myself on a vacation, so this will be a rare occurrence!"

The Trainer closed his eyes, taking a relaxed position in his wooden chair and concentrating life energy into his head.

"Today was fun, wasn't it?" his starter Pokemon asked.

Ash opened his eyes. "Yeah, it was."

"And by the way, I was asking a perfectly normal question, and you just had to interpret that perfectly normal question incorrectly."

The Trainer grimaced. "Sorry 'bout that."

"I totally beat you in that beach race, by the way," Pikachu reminisced. "And no, that 'Fire Skitty' spitting an Ember at you is not an excuse for being out of shape."

"Hey! I am on vaca—"

"We've done some pretty interesting activities, though," the Mouse Pokemon interrupted. "Came out of your salary, so it was a waste of money, but the Sharpedo ride was really fun. And the Pokemon School tour was pretty enjoyable."

"Yeah. The Tauros were really friendly."

"That Lillie girl is strange, though. Have you met anyone who was too scared to touch Pokemon?"

The Trainer laughed. "Be nice, Pikachu. You never know: someone might be listening."

"Listening to a crazy guy talk to himself?" the Electric-type quipped.

Ash huffed. "Alright, I'm done," he announced jokingly. "Don't wanna talk to you anymore if you're just gonna insult me."

"Hey, wait!" Pikachu exclaimed. "That's as rude as ignoring me! And remember when you did that in Kalos?"

"Aw, don't bring that up now. I'm on vacation, so I'm only allowed to think happy thoughts."

The duo shared a laugh.

"You were right," Pikachu conceded. "We did need a vacation."

"Yeah," Ash replied. "I'm really glad Mimey won that lotte—"

He froze.

"Ah! The waitress is coming! Act normal!"

"Did anything interesting happen to you?"

"Huh?" Ash was once again snapped back into reality. He realized that he'd been staring into space.

"You seem like you're out of energy," Delia Ketchum remarked, giving her son a serene smile.

Out of energy because of the day's events or the prolonged Aura usage? Either way, it was rare for Ash to be able to show his exhaustion. He laughed.

A shrill cry suddenly broke the Trainer's chain of thought. He promptly exchanged looks with his partner, jumped out of his seat, and grabbed onto a piece of steel railing despite his mother's call.

"That just now was…" he trailed off and jumped over the metal bars, running after the source of the sound.

"A murder?" Pikachu asked dramatically, trailing behind him. "It could be a city-wide Pokemon's rights protest. A riot. Or Johto's battle cry when they finally decide to invade us!"

Ash picked up his pace. "Lance wouldn't do that. Plus, I'm pretty sure that was a Pokemon's call."

"Of course. Was just messing with you. He said something like, 'You have been summoned!'"

"Why am I getting legendary Pokemon vibes?" Ash asked, mostly to himself.

At the edge of the pavilion, an orange, yellow, black, and white-colored Pokemon floated in midair, staring at him expectantly.

"Good grief," the Trainer muttered. "Already?!"

It was midnight. Although the moon illuminated the beachside house, Ash almost tripped over a small Pokemon sleeping on the wooden floor near the window as he dragged his suitcase through the door.

"You'll be staying up there," Professor Kukui spoke up, motioning a hand toward the ladder that led up to his attic. "Will that be okay?"

"Yeah," Ash replied. "Thanks again."

"Pika pika!"

The Professor chuckled. "The house will definitely be more lively with you."

"Are you sure you're okay with sleeping on the couch?" the Trainer asked.

"Yeah. I work late in the basement, so I don't want to bother you."


"Yeah. Most of the other Pokemon Professors live in a different time zone, and our video calls are pretty lengthy. I don't want you to lose sleep over listening to us argue."

Ash wanted to mention that he was actually pretty interested in move mechanics and evolution theory, but a look from his starter was enough to keep the Trainer quiet.

"Oh yeah. If you want the Wi-Fi password, I wrote it on a sticky note and placed it on a drawer upstairs," Kukui spoke up.

The teen also wanted to mention that he and Bill were working on a way to provide region-wide accessible Internet connection in Kanto but thought better of it. Instead, he nodded and thanked the Researcher before slowly climbing up the wooden ladder's rungs.

"Good night!" Professor Kukui called out. "Don't forget to wake up early for school."

"Good night!" Ash echoed back. He had to stop himself from running up to the Researcher and demanding to know who was in charge of the Alola region, 'Take me to your leader'-style.

The Kantonian Champion was going to prove Steven wrong. It'll probably take some time, but it had to be possible to establish trade with Alola. So Ash made it his personal mission.

"Believe me, it's a hopeless cause," the Champion of Hoenn had advised. "Although they're teeming with resources, they also just want to capitalize on tourism and take all our money. Plus, the inhabitants are pretty rooted in tradition, so it'd take a lot to get them to change."

When the lights were finally out, and when the basement door finally closed shut, the Trainer let out a sigh.

"Pikapi, pikapika."

"I know. Time to get to work."

The Kantonian Champion sat down on the floor and began to unpack his suitcase. As Pikachu watched, the Trainer dug under a pile of clothes and promptly took out a sleek, black laptop. Placing the device on his lap, the teen pressed the 'on' button and began to type, his fingers flying on the keyboard.

"Did you find the Wi-Fi password?" Ash asked, turning on his Aura.

"Yeah. It's 'Giga Impact,' but with ones replacing the I's and fours replacing the A's. And capitalize the G."

"Space or no space?"

"Include the space."

"'Kay. Thanks, Pikachu."

"No problem," the Electric-type replied, tiptoeing around the second floor. "Don't you need to report to the Elite Four, now?"

"Ah, you're right. I'll send them a quick email. Then we can start on the daily paperwork load."

"Do we have any tournaments to attend?"

"Nah. Bruno volunteered to substitute for the Cinnabar Island one and Lorelei wanted to host the one on Four Island," Ash explained, staring into the screen. "We're not needed in person for another three months."

Pikachu hopped on his Trainer's shoulder. "You got an email from the Mountain," he remarked.

"Yeah. Meganium was just giving me an update on the forest-growing we're doing. The Grass-types…at least, the helpful ones on the team are turning abandoned towns into more forest. Of course, we're leaving some behind for the Ghost and Poison-Types to congregate." He yawned loudly. "Go ahead and get ready for bed. I'll finish this up and join you shortly."

"Okay. Maybe tomorrow we'll find out what Tapu Koko wants with you."

"That Kiawe kid, too."

"If he wants a fight, we'll bring it to him."

Ash chuckled. "I doubt he's a bad person. Just a little stiff. And he doesn't think I'm a good Trainer."

"Seriously, Tapu Koko's a weirdo. He's been stalking you."


Pikachu picked up a bundle of blankets from a nearby drawer and began to drag them to the couch. "I wouldn't be surprised if at least a quarter of the Pokemon on Melemele know who you are by now."

"Yeah, but they all seem keen on killing me or something…especially that screaming Ursaring-Chansey hybrid. I think the ones in Kanto have more respect."

"That's 'cause they know that you'll listen to their problems," Pikachu muttered, curling up on the couch. "Plus, you're the Champion. They worship the ground you step on."

"They do?"

"I was exaggerating."

"Of course you were." Ash yawned again. "Well, goodnight. We didn't really find any useful information today but...I guess we'll just have to talk some other time."

"Goodnight, Ash."

If you have no idea what is going on, go ahead and read "The End of Team Rocket."