I'm only a young girl, so naïve

How am I to know my master?

I am here, just here to learn

Not to meddle in, not to worry

But she is not only my superior

She is my friend, my older sister

A gambler down on her luck

Her cares light yet so fake

Masking the shadows in her heart

I know her as well as a little sister

And I cannot see her fall into darkness

My hands cannot heal this profound despair

So now hope lies in her painful memories

And the manifestation of her dreams

The boy whose spirit never gives up

"Yakuushi Kabuto"

Don't see past this smirking façade

Don't understand the heart that I hide

Because I am truly torn

Raised in the peaceful place I never belonged to

An unwilling traitor on home soil, just a pitied child

But now I can choose where my home lies

And become the betrayer I always was

Glassed eyes deceivingly kind and gentle

But the blood in me boils malevolently

Supreme loyalty belongs to the mage of serpents

Even if his black mark hasn't sunk into my neck

However, do you question this devotion?

So do I…for reasons you will never know

I am an enigma, the holder of all secrets

And perfectly content to remain as one

"Uchiha Itachi"

I cannot—no I will not turn back

The days when the prodigy was abandoned

Disillusioned and misunderstood

You can never understand me

Already fallen into the black abyss

No hand can save me but the hand of Death

Love and warmth was there, now gone

Regret has consumed my soul

Numbing my whole corpse of feeling

My murmured words frozen into chips of ice

Resentment will be the one to bring me down

Encompassing hatred that surpasses mine

My brother's hand is the death I will gladly embrace

Or else there will be no ground to the pit

Insanity will continue, eyes of blood unclosing

Author's Note: This will be the final chapter until my muse suddenly pops up more poetry.  I didn't do Kisame because I found him too minor to do and I couldn't get his ulterior motives.  I hope this serves as a nice (maybe temporary) ending to these sets of err…so-called poetry.  Though I don't think Itachi's psychotic poem can be considered nice.  ^^;

To Derenhelm Jade Skywalker – I'm so sorry for making you wait so long.  *major sweatdrop* I had forgotten this work for a long time.  But I thank you for reminding me, for without that I wouldn't have considered making a last chapter.  I truly hope you enjoyed his poem.  He was really hard to understand because his thoughts were so…as if he couldn't come to decision about himself.

To Anna-chan – I've always appreciated your feedback because you've been there since the beginning of my writing for Naruto fanfiction.  I feel I've grown along with the stories I've written, and Inner Reflections was the start of it all.  As a kind reader, you've never failed to leave a review of encouragement to the stories that sprouted in this community, and now have grown into nice green plants because of it.  And you are a wonderful writer who can capture feelings in the simplicity of words, especially in your Neji story.  I hope to see you and more of your work.