Family Matters Chapter One- Dishes and Distress

Notes: Yes. this will be a Severtitus Challenge response. of a sort. I don't know how to fit in Remus. so I might leave him out. Constructive Criticism is ultra welcome, as this is only my second post. Should have the next chapter up soon, as soon as I finish polishing it up.

+Severus and Sam's Dungeon Quarters (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)+

June 21st 1980

Severus Snape returned from his death eater meeting around 7:30. Albus had convinced him to spy for the Order of the Phoenix just after he graduated from Hogwarts almost 4 years ago. His wife Samantha smiled at him as he entered then returned to putting dishes away in the small kitchenette he had added to their dungeon quarters after their marriage two years prior. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her belly, nuzzling her neck softly and smelling her. She always smelled of rain, fresh earth, and carnations. The dirt was kind of expected though. with all the time she spent in the greenhouses helping Professor Sprout with her research.

"How are you and the baby doing?" he whispered, running his hands over her rounded belly. "We're fine. but you smell like you need a shower" she murmured, carding her damp fingers through Severus' short black hair. He kissed her neck, and then headed for the bathroom. She knew he was very particular about going to the bathroom alone, so she slipped out of her robes and pulled on a big t-shirt that Severus had gotten her. He was getting tired of having to search around for his own after she borrowed them, and now. having them stretched out from her belly. She climbed into bed, and heard the water running in the bathroom, as she lay in bed, her hands resting on the swell created my the eight month old baby boy that was floating around inside. Snape soon joined her, and spooned her from behind. his hands resting on her belly as the baby started to kick back at his touch as if to say "hey. I know you. you're my daddy"

The next morning, when she was still half asleep, the baby had chosen to send a strong kick directly at her full bladder. She woke immediately and raced into the bathroom. Not caring if Severus was in there or not. only to be glared at by her husband, who was sitting on the floor near the sink, grasping the dark mark burning on his arm. She gasped.forgetting her bladder, and ran to the living room, where she immediately floo'ed away, with Severus trying to ignore the strong pain from his arm and crawl after her to tell her the truth.