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everyone in the room glance at x with questioning look. want to know what he meaning too. x just sigbed. he know this gonna be happen.

"alright. i'll tell you the truth so hear this clearly." x said as everyone prepare thier ear. "i'm one of race that been famous, by the power that beyond galaxy!" x said dramaticaly and raise his right hand to air. the other shock by hearing this.

"so in other word, you are a god!?" ruby ask with star in her eyes

"ohh! the almighty x!" nora and yang prayed and bow deeply. "don't just claim i as a god when i'm not finish it yet! and stop bowing!" x shout to them then sighed

"i'm not god. i'm just a powerful creature and still new." x said but everyone still confuse by what he mean new. x notice it. "there's three phase of our race. 1) 'the watcher and reader', like me a moment ago. 2) 'the link', people who know about all information in universe then share it to reader or watcher. we know about knowledge from them. even this show is from them. and 3) 'the writer and editor', it's me. but still new and not complete. we can bring two world together and decide their fate whatever we want but just few people." x explain and they suprise by this. he that powerful!?

"then you really a god!" jaune said still thinking it's the best logic to think. x shake his head.

"no. but the one who powerful than three of us is 'the creator'. more powerful than writter. can create their own dimension and decide fate but not just few people, but the whole world. monty oum is also the creator." another thing suprise the rest as x said that their god monty oum is the creator.

"really?! you know him!? can we meet him!?" ruby ask with excited. x scratch his neck uncomfortable. "well... you can't." x said simply.

"huh? why not?" ruby ask again as she confuse. is there something wrong? 'because that's gonna be awkward to tell.' x thought to himself because he really don't know how to explain it to them

"well enough about me! you wondering what midoriya do next, right? how about if we find out now!?" x trying to change subject, hoping they gonna buy it. and they did.

"oh! you right! what happening to midoriya next!" ruby said and x sigh relief his plan is worked.

"then let's find out." x said as the screen began to play again

the show start from the flashback last episode in the video when all might carryng people as he climb from broken bus. he laugh and the same music playing again

"wait, it's from last episode?" jaune ask wondered

"it's just a recap idiot! he told you right? that this much like tv show!" weiss scowl at the young arc, who slumped because being scowled and his partner pat his back to calm him down

little midoriya seem really excited with his eyes wide and big smile also getting blown away. He smiles widely. He pumps up his fist raising his All Might toy.

little midoriya: he's so cool! once i get my quirk, i wanna be like him, too!the scene shift to doctor office and the music stop.

doctor: you should probably give it up.Midoriya eyes widen and he's frozen in shock, he drops his All Might action figure

the atmosphere of sadness and sympathy come again when they remember that scene.

"ugh! this scene again. why we need to start the show with this kind of thing again!?" yang asked as she protest by how the show working

"maybe to refreshing your memories about last episode so you not lost in this episode?" x said as he shrugged not really sure.

"okay. but this still hurt!" yang said while she trying to calm her down

the scene shift again, showing older midoriya still standing like last episode as he grip his palm

midoriya: even if that was true…

The scene then shifts to a flashback of Bakugou that threaten him with palm smoking

bakugo: you're below the rejects! you're quirkless! how can you even stand in the same ring as me?

The camera zooms out to show all the people in the room looking like demons from midoriya prospective.

bakugo: what the hell can you do?

"he's not gonna back off and i know it!" nora shout and the rest cheer with her

The scene shifts back to midoriya

midoriya: even if that's what everyone thinks

The scene shift again to another flashback, this time when his mother running to hug him for what happening to him

midoriya mom: i'm sorry, izuku! i'm sorry. i'm sorry!

The camera zooms in on little Midoriya's face as tears run down to his cheek and he begins to cry.

narrating midoriya: no, that's not it. that's not it, mom.

"gwaa! the sad moment again! and when i thought we finally escape." blake said

the scene finally shifts back to present day Midoriya, he is shaking, his head down.

midoriya: i.. even so, i…

all Might is seen walking away from Midoriya, but Midoriya look up and call out to him asking for something

midoriya: even if i don't have a quirk, can I become a hero?

"of course! he is! he's gonna be one and i'm believe it! you can do it midoriya!" ruby cheered as other student join with her. but the only one who not cheer is weiss, blake and ren who still be silent because thinking about something. the professor too, have a same thing im mind.

All Might pauses. Midoriya is trembling.

midoriya: can even someone without a quirk be like you?


"can you be quite! some of us need to think here with peace!" weiss yelled to the youmg rose who being louded and standing on the sofa. ruby chuckling nerveously and sit back at the sofa

"what you thinking anyway?" ruby asked to her partner. "not sure. just something troubling me but still not sure." weiss said as she continue to thinking.

"oh come on weiss! i thought we all friend!" yang said while she gaps with dramatic

"you too quite!"

he say that even loud that even close his eyes to showing how serious he is.all might turns to look at him.

all might: without a quirk…?

Suddenly a flash crosses across the screen and all might winces in pain. And curls in on himself, and he begins releasing what looks like steam.

"huh!?" is what they said in unison as they suprise and confuse when they saw all might like in pain

"w-wha? what happening to him!?" jaune said and ask for his deadly confused right now

"so he really hurt. but the question is, by what? since when? and how bad?" peach said and eyeing the man

all might: oh no, holy shit, goddammit…

"language." ruby say as she frowned. ren just roll his eyes.

"i think in the time like that is the right time to cursed, ruby." ren said as he deadpanned to the young rose

Midoriya is look around and playing with his finger, probably to make it clear. and hasn't noticed what happened to all might

"how can he not realize it! in front of you!" weiss shouting ignoring the fact she just yelling at tv

midoriya: it might've been because I don't have a quirk, but I'm always made fun of… maybe that's why… i don't know… But i think saving people is super cool.

"yeah it is." no one hear him because jaune said it to himself. he really admire hero when he still a kid. and become more when his father told him about their family history. unfortunately, his family don't want him to be hunter. the other kid made fun of him. until he decide to go himself. at first it's hard, but thanks for his friend he can move and standing.

blake on the other hand, feel sympathy and sorry to midoriya. his life just like faunus who been outcast. but just because he powerless. that's not a good reason for him and he can't help it. but he still believe and move. that's why she respect him from now on. but still...

The camera shifts to show so many and thick the steam covering the side of the building.

'look at that smoke! can you see that!? it's even in front of you!' blake internally screaming. how can that boy not realize that man is steaming

midoriya begins to look up a small smile on his face.

midoriya: saving people with a fearless smile. i want to be the greatest hero, like you…!

he look up blushing and smiling brightly to see a shrunken all might in front of him.

He stare and freezing in shock, before the camera pans to the sky and he screams.

the room been quite. no one said anything because they still progressing for what happening with their face showing 'WTH is going on' expression. then a minutes later, everyone realize it.


*Opening Plays*

ignoring the opening for a better need. they glance at the watcher for demand for answer for what is going on

"ok tell us! what's going on here!? one moment we she the action of number one hero. another moment we see him smoked. and then he replace by some...some... skinny man!" weiss said with trying to find a good word. she and the rest totally lost now. unable to think of possibly that happen. x sighed.

"as much as i want to answer it, but this episode gonna show you about it. so please be pantient." x said to the rest for calm down. as much as they still want to ask, but if he said is true, then there's nothing they can do but watching

the show open again on the Tatooin shopping district, many people are there doing their shopping and chattering.

The camera then pans over to an alleyway before finally zooming in on a bottle on the floor, the sludge villain is in it.

"wait, back again! is that a same villain who all might caught? how can he's here and not in all might pocket!?" pyrrha ask as the rest nodded. wondering how he's here

slime villain: wh-where am I…? what happened…?

There is a flashback to All Might doing his Texas Smash.

all might: texas smash!

slime villain: oh yeah… that bastard…

"still awesome!" ruby and the other cheered by how cool the smash is.

"but i'm wonder about he mean by texas." port said as he confuse by how the man naming his move. fortunately, x answer it.

"texas is one of the part of america continent. from what i know, all might role is from there. and each smash named by the country in america." x said

"unique choice, but also nice. that mean he love his country." obleck said now admiring the hero

'oh you don't know about that country yet. not like each country don't have a problem.' x thought to himself for the ironic he hide

"but that also cool. i mean, i can name our next move: vale crossline." ruby said as the rest of team RWBY nodded for agree with her.

The sludge villain speaks with raged, shaking the bottle.

slime villain: if it weren't for that bastard…

"look at the bright side, thing not gonna get worse right?" yang said not knowing she just jinx it

Suddenly there's a voice and the sound of people walking. The camera pans to show Bakugou and his two companions walking through the alley, Bakugou is drinking soda from a can.

"you were said?" x said to her

"do i say that sometime i hate myself for being right?" yang grumble

-: hey, katsuki, aren't you and midoriya childhood friends?

-: you went a little overboard today.

bakugo: it's his fault for getting in my way.

"still jerk, even his friend admit it." nora said to the boy

"makes me wonder why he really hate young midoriya so much." ozpin as he and the rest wondered. then look at x for an answer.

"i can't tell you all the detail, but i can say both of them idolize same hero, all might." x said to them

"wait so he's not just want to surpass him, but he also admiring him?" ren ask and x give him a nodded

"then why he really don't like if midoriya become hero? that not make any sense." glynda said as she confuse with this going

"you can say that, what bakugo think is hero is different than midoriya. and he think midoriya is a threat." x said simply, leaving the rest more confuse. just what happenimg between those two

before kicking the bottle with the villain, the bottle breaks open allowing the villain to escape.

everyone in the room facepalm. as much that stupid but they can't blame him since he don't know.

"sometime bad luck is come from our fault." x said and the rest can't disagree for that

-: don't let it get to you.

then there is a flashback of earlier that day. when midoriya is up against the wall.

midoriya: it's just that it's been my goal ever since I was little. And well… I won't know unless I try…

the scene shifts back to bakugo.

bakugo: he's an idiot dreaming like a kid!

bakugou explodes the can in his hand. Before speaking angerly and throwing the can on the ground.

bakugo: just watching him pisses me off!

"you're the one who pissed here! at least he worked hard for catch his dream!" ruby said

his companions look at him before speaking.

-: then, why don't we go to the arcade for a change of pace? you'll come, too, right, katsuki?

bakugo: yeah.

-: let's go to the one in front of the station.

The camera is angled to the ground where the exploded can landed the sludge villain can be seen moving.

"this not gonna end pretty, right?" pyrrha ask

"yup!" everyone said to the red haired girl

-: there's lots of prey there.

-: you're terrible.

bakugou turn around and starts yelling at them.

bakugo: what?! if we get caught, it'll end up on my record!

they look at him with dull face and doubt

"seriously? that what he worry about?" peach said as she sighed.

Suddenly his companions look really nervous and point at something behind bakugo.

-: hey, look!

bakugo looks behind him to see the sludge villain forming.

slime villain: an invisible cloak with a great quirk!

he say as he open his mouth to capture him. bakugou's eyes widen.b

"uh oh. now we have another one to worry about." blake said. as much as they don't like a jerk like him, don't mean they want something bad happened to him

The scene is suddenly cut off by the episode's title screen reading Episode 2: What it Takes to Be a Hero

"what it takes to be a hero?" jaune wondered

"maybe we gonna see what midoriya think about hero?" weiss said as she shrugged. not sure what it mean since the last episode is about midoriya

The scene then shifts to Midoriya screaming on a rooftop. and funny toon is playing

The camera pans over at skinny all might

midoriya: y-y-you're deflating…!

Midoriya look back and forth around the roof.

midoriya: wait, up until now… huh?! fake? a fake?! you're so skinny!

"oh yeah that's right! what about him!? we still don't know what happened to him." nora said as she remember what make their suprise earlier

"i'm still suprise that all might become skinny. but seriously what's going on!?" weiss said frustrated

The camera zooms in on All Might's face.

all might: i am all might…

as He speak, his word being cut off by blood spraying out of his mouth.

Midoriya screams again.

midoriya: no way!

the student screaming too as they saw blood in his mouth. most terrified is the girl

"blood coming from his mouth!"

"the fuck is going on!?

"oh my gosh!


the teacher sweatdrop by watching their student. but they need to agree that it's kinda scary

an image of a fat guy flexing at a pool pops up.

all might: you know how the guys at the pool are constantly flexing and posturing? it's like that.

all Might speaks while wiping away the blood. and izuku screaming again for disbelieve

"remind me of port, when we still teen and he just pull his stomach and posturing to get glynda attention. but failed." obleck said as he and the rest of professor laugh. the only one who not is glynda, who groaning at the shameful what their fellow teacher do back there.

"please don't remind me."

midoriya: no way…!

Midoriya is shaking.

midoriya: i-it can't be… all might is fearless… he saves everyone with a smile… he's the greatest…

all might sighs and slowly sits down against the railing.

all might: fearless smile, huh?

the funny toon is end when he say that. that mean he gonna say something serious now. they get closer to see what they can get

all might: now that you've seen me like this, young man, make sure you don't write about it online, even accidentally.

midoriya stares at him before a shift in clothing is heard and he back off in shock.

the image then turns back to All Might as he is holding his shirt up and showing a terrible wound on his left side of stomach (or maybe even waist)

everyone gaps at the how horrible the injury all might had. few of them like yang, nora, weiss and jaune had a green face and ready to puke. they glance at x who pointing behind them to see a bathroom door in there and rush toward it

the other student have their own reaction. pyrrha put her on her mouth as she gaps. blake and ren look away can't hold the view of all might injury. ruby look with wide eyes. horror and cold sweat can be see on her face and she can't say anything.

the professor grimace. few of them look away and other is shock. like ozpin who almost loose his grip if he not professional enough. 'seeing something like this... just remind me from that old day.' he thought as he remember the horror of war back there and injury like this is something that happening to his comrade before they died. but how can all might still alive?

the one who puke earlier back again. feeling little okay and say they still can watch

all might: it's an injury i got from an enemy's attack five years ago.

The camera zooms in on the injury.

all might: half of my respiratory organs were destroyed, and i lost my whole stomach. i've become emaciated from repeated surgeries and after effects.

"how can he still alive!?" the student shout and asking how he can survive through that.

"it may strange to say this, but for the first time in my job i will say it's a miracle." peach said as she not believe it too and can't find a logic behind it

The camera zooms out to show both of them on the roof but everything but the sky is dark like covered by shadow

all might: right now, i can only work as a hero about three hours a day.

midoriya is shocked when heard that

midoriya: that can't be… Five years ago… was that when you fought toxic chainsaw?

all might relax a bit then makes a fist.

all might: you are well informed… but a punk like that couldn't defeat me. this fight was not made public to the world.

the camera pans through the city and shows many people walking around living their everyday life.

all might: i asked that it not be made public.

"something big like that need to be hide?" weiss ask as disbelieve

"because he's the only one people can give a faith." everyone look at ozpin who seem thinking. "just thinking about it, he's the number one hero and the symbol of peace. maybe the last and only hope the world need. from what he say, only work as hero about 3 hours a day mean he getting weaker." ozpin explain to them as they hit what he mean

"so, if people find out their hope is getting weaker..." jaune start

"there's gonna be panic." ren finish it

"not just that, but the cause of it is chaos because villain number gonna be raise up." ozpin said again to explain to them

all might looks at Midoriya.

all might: i will save people with a smile! the symbol of peace cannot be daunted by evil.

he looks at his open hand before making a fist.

all might: i smile to show the pressure of the heroes

Midoriya is starring at him.

all might: and to trick the fear inside of me.

"that's the reason he still can smile?" ruby ask

"there's no one in this world who don't have a fear. even someone who called unbeatable still have a weakness in them." ozpin said it loud as the student look at him.

"that's also happening to you professor?" blake ask and he nodded

"yes. even i'm still have a fear toward something. but not mean i can show it to public or enemy. because if i let my guard down, then it's a chance for my lost. that's why i still bring a mug of coffee with me. to wake me up a little bit because i don't want my fear is spread to my student." ozpin finish it and his student stunned by it. so much secret and job to the headmaster that they don't know it for them.

midoriya blinks in shock. then all might look at him

all might: pros are always risking their lives. i cannot simply say, "you can become a hero even without a power."

Midoriya is shaking in shock, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open, before he looks down and closes his mouth, his lips are quivering trying to smile but unable to.

midoriya: i see…

"hey! that harsh!"

"do you want me to break your legs!"

"the heck is wrong with you!"

"do you know how harsh his life and it getting worst by your word."

the student cry out with rage as all might say that. the only one who not, is the teacher and few student like ren, weiss and blake.

"even though it's harsh, but that's good." weiss say and sighed. the other student look at her disbelieve. yang walk toward her and grab her collar

"what the hell weiss!? i know you cold but how can you say that with easy!?" yang said and yell toward her white haired teammates who being shaken by yang. weiss grit her teeth.

"then i'm gonna said it to you, can you become a hunter without having any power!?" weiss said that as she push yang away to free herself. and yang, freezing by what weiss said and the rest student too. "i know you been mad by what all might said, but look! all we do is thinking midoriya can be hero because he the main character. we still say that but do you forget something? we all have power like semblance but we never thought to not having a semblance right?" weiss said and the other freeze. that's true. they never thought about it. jaune just don't know his semblance yet but still have aura to protect him

"i'm with weiss this time." blake said as everyone look at her. "not you too blake!" yang said disbelieve to her partner. "sorry yang, but it's the truth. even though quirk and semblance almost same, but still different. semblance and aura is like a soul from person, that's why everyone in our world can use it. but quirk is like talent. if you want to be something, you need some talent. if not but different, you just need to start differently. but how about someone with no talent?" she told to everyone as they think. even though they hate to admit it, but that make sence. how can someone who don't have talent be a hero?

but one person still with her believe.

"that's not true! well yeah it's true, but i still believe he can do it! professor please say something!" ruby said and begged to the proffesor who beeing quite since then. silent for a moment until proffesor peach speak.

"as much as we want to say what you want, but the problem is..." she stop her line then port continue

"even we teacher never taught a student who not have power." port say that shocking ruby. and even more as other proffesor spoke.

"he may smart, but that's not enough for him." obleck said

"he still young and his determination still like 'that'. he gonna be killed if he in our world." glynda said

ruby suprise by this. even the teacher can help? situation getting serious and yang feel worry to her sister. "rub-"

"no! that can't be! professor ozpin! please say something!" she look at the headmaster who look down first.

"to be honest, beacon is accepting a young people with great talent that i choose to be a hunter. mr. arc is one thing because he have so much aura and can learn fast. but i never face a case where someone who don't have power so i'm not sure to answer it. forgive me to say this, but he can't be a hero." ozpin look at her eyes when he say that.

the girl shocked and can't do anything again. she look down, grip her palm very tight and her hair shadowing her eyes.

"i see." she say that but still can be heard a hurtful in her voice. with despair she sat at the sofa with the rest as they continue

All Might stands up, and begins walking to the exit door.

all might: if you want to help others, then you could also become a police officer. they're often teased because they get villains delivered to their doorstep, but that is also a fine occupation.

"that's not a bad idea honestly" nora comment.

"but police officer just a second option if crimes happened. the first is hunter and they got credit more than police. that's why many people want to be hunter than police." ren said to his childhood friend

All Might opens the door and then stop.

all might: it's not bad to dream.

the camera pans out to show Midoriya is still in the same spot in shock.

all might: but you also have to consider what's realistic, young man.

"that still harsh." ruby said still in despair. her sister trying to cheer her up with cookies, a full plate of cookies. ruby take a bite one cookies. for some reason, she don't have appetite. the cookies feel tasteless to her

"but still, he doing this for midoriya sake. he don't want to break his spirit, just want him to understand that it's a serious job and don't want he just gonna risk his life for nothing." blake said

"i know his reason is good, but his dream is too far. he need to wake up and realize it's just a dream. and we know dream can't become reality." weiss said that and sighed

not knowing, she's deadly wrong

he said his last sentance before he walk again through the door and shut it. leaving Midoriya that still frozen. all might is shown walking down stair then coughing.

all might: now, i need to quickly get this guy…

all might stopped, looks down to find his pockets empty, he turned them inside out, but he still found nothing. quickly looking around the area he is in when suddenly he hear a loud explosion. he look out the window to see and explosion in the distance. All Might drops his pockets.

ruby laugh a little. feeling a bit okay now but also worried

"i'm gonna call it funny, if i'm not worried." she said and the rest nodded agree with her

all might: don't tell me…

midoriya is still frozen on the roof when he hears the explosion too from where he is. suddenly he's snapped realizing what's going on and begins to run to the door.

midoriya: a villain! what hero will go to the scene?

suddenly there is a flashback of All Might. Midoriya stopped. And slowly begin to shrink down on himself.

all might: i cannot simply say, "you can become a hero even without power."

he sighs and close his eyes and with sadly begins walking slowly toward the exit.

'oh midoriya' everyone thought as they watch how sad he is now that even his idol say that to him. they feel sorry for the young man but can't do anything

'i want to help.' ruby thought as she can't watch him like this. 'but even if i im there, i still can't help you.' she bite her mouth feeling bad and hope he can find another way

Villain music begins playing.

all might is shown in his true form, running towards the explosion site where there's a smoke and siren can be heard as he get closer.

the scene then shift to the Tatooin shopping District, screams can be heard.

the place is engulfed in flame, and explosions keep going off, people are running and screaming.

-: It's a villain!

three heroes rush to the scene and pause taking in the scene. the sludge villain is shown surrounded by flames, bakugo can be seen in his clutches as well, struggling trying to escape

-: a child was taken hostage?!

"seeing how he do few minutes ago, it's not suprise us." yang said

" but how can the villain do this mess? i thought explosion is bakugo quirk." blake said with confuse.

"yeah i thought his quirk is 'slime' to turn his body into fluid." pyrrha said

"but what if it's not?" jaune said and everyone look at him. "think about it. he trying to find someone else even though his quirk is useful for hiding. but look like he choose to find someone and don't forget he can using bakugo quirk." jaune said as everyone seem realize it.

"then... that mean..." before pyrrha continue, jaune nodded to her. "yes. to using the other people quirk that he stick." he finnaly said as everyone wide their eye.

that mean this villain is really dangerous if he in their world

death arms punch his fists together and begins running toward the villain.

death arms: you coward!

he punching him but the villain look smug as the punch does nothing and he begin to suck in death arms arm. death arms try's to remove his arm but finds he can't.

death arms: what is this? i can't grab hold!

the villain hit him with some of his goop and death arms fly's back into a wall leaving a large indent.

the student wince as they watch death arms been throwing to the wall. that may be hurt

the other heroes rush forward but quickly stop due to the flames.

heroes: death Arms!

Suddenly they are moving back again.

heroes: crap!

they dodge an attack by the sludge villain.

slime villain: don't come near me!

Bakugou is shown struggling super hard against him.

bakugo: i won't let sewage like this swallow me! you little—

Tons of explosions go off, blowing the heroes back.

"still have a pride in this situation? but i can see that if you trying to escape." peach say as she sighed

"and look at where it go." port say as they watch the hero also got the blowing

The villain is not injured and just seems excited.

slime villain: what power! I've hit the jackpot! With this Quirk and power, I can get revenge on that guy!

"HAH! revenge!? look earlier! even if you have bakugo quirk, but there's no way a punk like you can beat the number one hero!" yang said as she believe that all might can win

"umm i hate to break your hope yang, but remember even all might still not recover from his transformation." weiss said to remind her blonde teammates

"he say he can only work three hour a day. and with showing the time, there's no doubt he already using his power for three hour." blake said. yang eyes wides as she just realize it now.


the civilians are shown talking.

-: woah, what's that?! Could he be a big-shot villain?

-: she's here! The rookie hero, Mt. Lady!

Mt. Lady is shown running towards the scene but suddenly stop and gasps.

mt. lady: w-wait… i need there to be at least two lanes!

"seriously? but you can control your own size, right!?" ruby who her spirit already recovered, yelled as she can't believe it that quirk doesn't work for the time like this.

Bakugo's two companions are shown surrounded by flames when suddenly they are wrapped by Kamui arm that is already carrying two other civilians.

kamui: i'm not good with explosions! i'll leave it to someone else for today!

"that's right. with his quirk, his body is made by wood. and wood is really can be burned by fire." glynda say and watch the heros work

"so they also need to know the situation?" pyrrha ask and the professor nodded

"their quirk may be great, but it's not good in that battlefield or situation. it's really important to know what you doing before do something or you just gonna risk other people or your life for nothing." glynda said as she continue her expaining

Backdraft is shown fighting off the flames with his water.

backfraft: thanks for that. I have my hands full fighting the fire. the fire truck's not here yet? how are things over there?

"and when the useful one is busy for other thing. just great." yang said sarcasm and groaning

death Arms and another hero are shown.

death arms: he's sticky and hard to grab, and a child with a strong Quirk is struggling against him.

slime villain: thanks to that, it's a minefield. It's hard to do anything against this tripleplay!

bakugo is once again shown struggling against the villain, but he isn't doing so good. death Arms grits his teeth. the villain looks smug before trying to hit them again as the heroes run to dodge.

-: It's no use! There's no one who can take care of this at the scene right now!

-: All we can do is wait for someone with a more suitable Quirk!

"but if they doing that, maybe need a more time. and the city will gonna be destroyed." ren said

"that's true. but they can't risk more people to get hurt. at least they need to hold him until help is come." port said as he stroke his bear

Backdraft his shown still trying to calm the fire.

backdraft: let's hold back the damage until then! don't worry, I'm sure someone will be here soon.

kamui is shown picking up civilians from the fire and placing them in a safe zone.

death arms grits his teeth.

death arms: i feel bad for that child, but he'll just have to bear it a little longer. damn it! if only I had enough power to blow that guy away!

"hmm this hero really have a mind of hero. that good." obleck said and the rest nodded. they can learn from this

all might finally reaches the scene panting, he grabs a poll for support and looks at the scene. civilian starting to talking.

-: hey, doesn't it look kinda bad?

-: you can do it, heroes!

"it remind me, why people watch this if they know it dangerous?" glynda said as she and the rest wondered too

"either they want to see some action and believe hero gonna protect them. or to 'brave' to watch and learn a few thing,who know? trust me, even my people kinda like that." x said as remember even when there's a bomb in city, not running to save their live but instead go to the district where the bomb is

all might reels back when he sees the sludge villain. There is a flashback to when midoriya was hanging onto his leg.

all might: it was back then! i was too distracted by my time limit! i can't believe i made a mistake like this after admonishing that fan.

all might is griping at his chest over where his wound would be. feeling weak for can't do something.

all might: pathetic… pathetic…

"hey! don't blame yourself all might!" ruby said

"but if you are the one people trust, small mistake can make you fell down.then again he's the number one hero." glynda said and ozpin nodded

"that's true. every eyes and ear gonna know it. and that can't be good for both him or people." ozpin said as the rest of professor nodded. they know that because as a teacher, they need to avoid mistake so the student can feel save because they trust on them.

the music stops to show the commercial break intermission card reading My Hero Academia.

another one pops up before the scene shifts to an over view of the city, then zooming in on a single path that Midoriya is slowly walking down. As he walks he flips through his notebook.

everyone feel sad again. feel sorry for the green haired boy. that word really punch him down to show any spirit. they can't blame him if his heart is broken. but can't do anything since they not in there.

the first page on kamui woods is shown, reading: Kamui Woods, Best at holding back damage. So cool! As he walks he remembers things said to him.

-: he still can't face reality, even though he's already a third year in junior high.

He flips the page to show Mt. Lady's page, all of the notes that were taken earlier that day. It reads: Mt. Lady. Gigantification! 20 m!? Canyon Cannon. Huge! Sexy.

"huh!? wait a minute, what!? i know this is depressed moment but did my eyes trick me?" yang said as she and the rest sweatdrop by his note. did he really need to write everything he found?

ruby glance at the mirror behind her without anyone know it. she look at her reflection and herself. frowning at her small figure and her short body. and her still *ahem* growing *ahem* womanly*ahem* and look at her sister figure.

she sighed depressed. 'just need a time. it still grow up.' she thought sadly. then blinking when she thought about something. since when she care for her figure? she shake her head and back to watch

he thinks back on what All Might said.

-: It's time for you to think seriously about your future.

He flips to the finale page to see All Might's large autograph taking up both pages.

all might: you also have to consider what's realistic.

midoriya close his notebook and sigh. the camera zooms out to show he has tears in his eyes.

midoriya: even a top pro said it.

"it's hard for you to face it when someone who you admire say that to you." obleck say as he symphaty for him

midoriya wiped his nose with the back of his hand. He is trying his best not to cry.

midoriya: don't cry! You knew, didn't you? The reality.

The camera zooms out to just show Midoriya walking in what look to be pitch black darkness.

midoriya: you knew. That's why you were trying so desperately. You were averting your eyes, not looking at reality.

"hey it's not like that! you just... need to be blinking for a moment!" ruby said trying to find a good word.

"i think that's not gonna help him, ruby." blake said as she sweatdrop. she really that social awkward, huh?

suddenly an explosion snap Midoriya from his trance. He look up to find himself in front of the side of the villain attack.

midoriya: is this where the explosion earlier was…?

Midoriya is frowning, he looks sad and broken and has dark bags under his eyes. His heart beat can be heard.

midoriya: hang on. does that mean i came out of habit without noticing?

yang laugh even when the mood still not comfortable. "guess it's right that 'life can direct you to the right path'. yang said and everyone groaning. "what!? that's not even a pun!" yang said protesting

"yeah. but that sound like one." weiss said dryly

"curse you!"

he crosses the street and try's to get a look through the crowd, but he is not excited at all.

-: Stop it. It'll just feel meaningless right now.

suddenly he gasps and his eyes widen by suprise. he looks through the crowd to see the sludge villain.

midoriya: why's that guy here?!

Midoriya is suddenly very worried.

midoriya: did it get away from All Might!?

'no. the fool is kick the bottle away then release him.' everyone thought

then he remember a flashback when all might holding the villain in two bottles. then put to them in his pockets, and finally to him on the roof, the villain gone from his pocket.

midoriya: did he drop it?

there is a flashback to him hanging on all might's leg.

midoriya: if he did…

The scene suddenly shifts back to him, its an overhead shot and he looks traumatized

midoriya: …then it's my fault…

"no! don't blame yourself! it's just an accident!" yang said. it's really not his fault

"yang, there's one time when ruby woke you up and then you punch her while you asleep. and you apologize to her for... oh i don't know? a month?" blake said dull to her partner who freeze in her seat. and ruby shivering remembering that.

"yang punch really strong." ruby said as she rub her right cheek where it feel like a wince a bit

"this situation not even close to it! anddon't remind me about it! it makes me even guilty! sorry rubes!" yang said and she apologize in the last

"you apologize again!?"

the crowd can be heard talking.

-: why aren't the heroes doing anything?

-: they can't. apparently, the villain caught a junior high schooler. It's been like that for a while.

after hearing that, Midoriya looks back at the villain in shock.

midoriya: caught…? it's been like that for a while?

there is a flashback of when he was caught by the sludge villain.

midoriya: how can they bear that suffocation? I thought I'd die after a few seconds.

"we thought so. but look like it's not how it work." port said

"he look scared now." nora said pointing out

"if you ever been caught by a villain who have a liquid body, then put a stuff into your mouth until you can breath... ugh i don't want to continue." weiss said as she and the rest shivering by the thought

Midoriya has a hand to his mouth.

-: Wow…

The crowd can be heard again.

-: anyway, wasn't that villain the one All Might was chasing earlier?

Midoriya gasps and starts listening to what they are saying.

-: all might? no way! he's here?

The camera zooms to the other side of the crowd where All Might is.

-: I think I saw him earlier.

-: Seriously?!

All Might is worried and is clutching his chest.

-: then what's All Might doing?!

"you know? he standing behind you all this time. and you not notice it." yang said as everyone laugh

"ahem!" that cough suprise them as they saw x glaring at them.

"oh x! ehehehe i forgot. how long you in there?" yang said nerveouly

"standing behind you all this time. and you not notice it." x said sarcasm and everyone laugh nerveously

Midoriya has both of his hands over his mouth now. he's shaking.

midoriya: it's my fault…! he can't do anything!

all might is clenching his chest.

all might: pathetic…

the villain is shown.

midoriya: he can't catch that guy.

the heroes are shown, unable to do anything but watch.

midoriya: all we can do is wait for a hero with a more suitable quirk!

all might clenches his shirt tighter.

all might: pathetic…

midoriya is shaking and standing now in what seems to be an empty void.

midoriya: do your best! i'm sorry! i'm so sorry!

everyone starting to worried as two of the character beat themselves

"this is not good. both of them blaming themselves for their reason." ozpin said.

All Might holds the poll tighter, getting mad at himself.

all might: pathetic!

the villain is shown, Bakugou is still fighting against it.

midoriya: help will arrive soon…

all might look down.

all might: pathetic!

Midoriya is standing in his void again.

midoriya: someone… a hero… will soon…

Bakugou fights against the villain and turns toward the crowd. His nose and everything below that is covered in the sludge.

"HE GONNA DYING! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!" jaune shout pointing at bakugo as he and the other gaps to see him dying

midoriya stares in shock, his hands over his mouth finally realizing who the captured person was.

Bakugou opens his eyes and the villain opens his mouth at the same time.

Midoriya gasps as his notebook fall to the ground. Suddenly he bursts from the crowd making all might and the heroes gasp.

music play: You Say Run (a/n: here it goes! one of my favorite scene!)

Midoriya is gasping and crying out as he runs towards the villain even with panic in his face

not just them who suprise, but the other in the room too as they gasp and eyes widen by what midoriya doing.

"midoriya, what are you doing!?" ruby said as she suprise

"that idiot! what in the world did he thinking!" weiss yell

" if he just going there with no plan, he just asking for death!" pyrrha said

Death Arm's calls out to him.

death arms: idiot! stop! stop!

he ignore it and just run toward the villain. and the villain himself looks at him.

slime villain: that brat…

Bakugou open his eye just enough to see who it is.

bakugo: deku…

Midoriya is battling himself as he run

midoriya: why did i run out? what am i doing? why?!

they more suprise by what he tought. 'd-did he really not knowing why he running!?' thought of them with suprise

he keep asking and his face showing that he confuse as well. the sludge villain moves to attack him.

slime villain: die in an explosion!

"watch out, midoriya!" everyone shout

Midoriya is still running towards the villain, he looks terrified but he can't make his body move back.

midoriya: what do i do? what do i do at a time like this?

Suddenly he remember his notebook as it pops up on screen before opening up and zooming in on a certain line reading: Pre-emptive Binding Lacquered Chain Prison: Quickly stretch out arms (vines) to make the opponent flinch back, and then use that opening to restrain them.

midoriya: page 25!

"he using his fanboy analysis!" nora cheered

"so he using his knowledge in the situation just in time?" glynda said as she impressed by how fast he thinking

the villain look surprised as Midoriya take off his backpack and throw it at him.

midoriya: take that!

all of midoriya's things fall out of his bag and onto the villain, one of his notebook hit the villain in the eye making him flinch back. In that moment Bakugou is momentarily able to get free enough to breath.

midoriya keeps moving forward and yells out terrified.

midoriya: kacchan!

Midoriya starts frantically ripping at the sludge villain to try and get Bakugou free, but it does nothing.

bakugo: why are you here?!

midoriya yells back.

midoriya: my legs moved on their own! i don't know why though!

his answer suprise them again. especially ozpin who almost loose his mug. 'did his body really just moving like that? then that mean..." ozpin thought as he watch again

as Midoriya trying to rips at the villain Bakugou's face gets swallowed up again. Time suddenly seems to slow down.

narrating midoriya: i think there were various reasons.

an image of Midoriya running as he did before is shown as flashback after flashback goes by.

you should probably give it up.

it's my fault…

how can you even stand in the same ring as me?

he's so cool!

unless i try…


it's been my goal…

i'll do my best!

he saves everyone with a smile…

the other feel tense as they remember his memories. the music make it more since it's remind them about heroic. even though they heard the possibility answer, but they still not sure. right now, they still have one question. 'why? why he do a risk choice?' the thought of them in unison

the screen then goes black.

narrating midoriya: but in that moment…

Then the camera suddenly zoom in showing Midoriya face. sweating, shaking, and look terrified, but he forces to make huge smile on his face.

midoriya: you looked like you were asking for help…

All Might seems utterly floored by this. shocked by hearing what he said

not only him, but the other from remnant too. shocked by his simply answer, but showing some meaning behind it.

ozpin grip his mug so tight. unable to hide his grin. 'this is really answer i never heard again. not expecting from someone who young than me.' he thought as he still grinning. that reason is not just for hunter, but far than that.

it's the reason for hero

the other not seem any different. they still disbelief as they thought the reason midoriya doing that is one of those reason. they even doubt that their answer gonna one of them if they in that situation.

ruby don't know why, her chest and face feeling warm and she can't help but smilling warming and at midoriya. look at midoriya with admirable. 'he really... like a hero.'

jaune body seem shaking. as his hair shadowing his eyes, he grit his teeth and grip his hand so tight. he stand up as everyone look at him.

"COME ON! MIDORIYA!" jaune don't know why, he just yelled with excited. he feel like he really need to yelled to cheer him even he don't know. the other smilling and grinning as they cheered with him

bakugou's eyes are rolling to the back of his head.

bakugo: stop it…!

all might's voice suddenly grows deeper and steam begins to emit from All Might as his muscles start to grow.

all might: pathetic! pathetic!

'he still push himself even when he already at his limit!?' they thought as suprise with this

The villain seems happy and raise his hand to hit Midoriya away.

slime villain: just a little longer. don't get in my way!

all of the heroes suddenly rush forward.

death arms: he'll die in vain! is he suicidal?!

Suddenly there is the sound of something moving very fast and an explosion, the scene is covered in smoke.

"no! midoriya!" ruby shouting worry at the young boy

"wait hold on! did you see that? something or someone is moving at midoriya before he take the blast." blake said as she pointing at the screen where the scene is filled with smoke.

"wait don't tell me..." weiss hold her word as she watch again

music stop

Midoriya has his eyes closed and his hand over his head when he heard a voice.

all might: i really am pathetic.

and the music playing again

midoriya stares up in shock. all might was standing in front of him, he had taken the blast for him and was covered in the villains sticky parts.

midoriya: all might…

midoriya answer her guess. but still can't help but suprise as they watch the number 1 hero took the blast that can destroying the building around it. 'just how strong is he' weiss thought wordered

All Might stays in the same position as he talk to him.

all might: even though i admonished you, i wasn't putting what i said into practice!

all might raise his hand forcely to breaks free from the villain and Midoriya look at him in awe. all might grab onto both his and Bakugou's hand. He yell as blood spraying out of his mouth.

all might: pros are always risking their lives!

"why he saying that anyway?" ren ask wondered as the other student too

"because he remember what he saying, and that because midoriya remind him by action." ozpin say as the other look at him who sip his coffee. but it just to hide his grin. "do you not see? young midoriya, just risking his lives." ozpin said. the other then blinking in suprise. now they realize it

The villain raise his hand trying to hit all might.

sludge villain: all might!

all might eyes seem glowing as punches at the villain.

all might: detroit smash!

the villain in blown away due to the air pressure, Midoriya and Bakugou are not blown away only because All Might is holding both of their hands.

all the heroes are crowded around the civilians and mt. lady blocking the wind pressure trying to make sure no one gets blown away. even though the wind is looked still hard to blocked

the camera then show the area from far away and it looks like there is a tornado where they are.

everyone in the room suprise to see that the hero just made a tornado, by his punch! they have same thing in mind, 'just how powerful this hero?'.

'yep! i'm gonna be dead.' yang symply thought as she thinking back when she using her semblance to face apl might power. just thinking about the first smash she don't know if she can survive. but NOW she really SURE that not just she not survive but she gonna loss her head even if her aura protect her. just thinking about it make her shivering. she glad that all might is a hero

ozpin have different thought. 'this power, can be even more powerful than maiden in physical. if only he in our world, maybe we can win this 'war' agains 'her'!' ozpin thought as he watch the power from all might

when the tornado finally stops the camera zooms in on all might, he is kneeling on the floor panting and his hand seem to steaming. everyone stare at him in awe even the heroes and the sky start to darken. It start to rain, a person in the crowd speaks.

-: Rain?

bakugou and midoriya are shown passed out on the ground.

-: don't tell me it's from the wind pressure just now?

death arms: An updraft developed and…

Death Arms gasps and looks at All Might.

death arms: he made… clouds…?

the other disbelieve too. first he made a tornado, and it's temperature is enough to make a rain? now they can see one reason why he been called number one hero.

all might wipe blood away from his mouth before standing.

All Might's theme begins to play.

-: hey, hey, hey, hey!

Everyone begins cheering.

-: with just his right fist, he changed the weather!

-: That's amazing! That's All Might for ya!

All Might begins to raise his hand and almost falls but is able to catch and study himself before raising his hand all the way to show the victory.

they can't hold it anymore. the student began to cheering. even weiss, blake and ren too.

"now that is smash!"

"the victory for justice!"

"that is him! the hero!"

"that's we want to become!"

the teacher just can watch their student with smile. x was right, this really good for their youth to learn

All Might is still smiling when he turns his head to see Midoriya still passed out on the ground.

the scene shifts to show the police putting tons of bags into a police car and the heroes is taking an interview

narrating midoriya: after this, heroes collected the scattered sludge, and safely delivered it to the police.

the scene shifts to show All Might being interviewed personally. Then to Midoriya who is kneeling on the ground being scolded.

death arms: jeez, there's a limit to how rash you can be!

Death Arms and Kamui are shown to be the ones scolding him, they seem mad and irritated.

death arms: there was absolutely no reason for you to put yourself in danger!

The camera then pans out to show Bakugou getting praised.

narrating midoriya: i got majorly scolded by the heroes, but Kacchan was praised.

The camera zooms in on Bakugou, a hero is taking two him but he doesn't seem to be paying attention and is just upset.

-: That was amazing toughness! Once you're a pro, please come to my agency! You'll definitely be an excellent sidekick!

Bakugou just ignore what they say and look over to where Midoriya is.

the rest look at the hero with a face 'seriously' and 'WTF' look.

"huh! what the hell!?"

"why he's the one getting scolded!? i want justice!"

"are you blind!"

"do you want me to break your legs!? oh i don't need permission! i'll do myself!"

"look back at how midoriya do! and look! that asshole not even care!"

the teacher sighed for their student reaction. but they can't blame them to protest.

"student, please calm down. i know you mad but please be calm down." glynda said as the student calm down

"but, prof-"

"i know it's unfair. even i admit it." peach said to cut the young nikos word. "but no matter how heroic young midoriya doing, it's not gonna change what they see, that what midoriya did just reckless and dangerous." she continue telling

"not just that, but they gonna be more focus on the victim and the way how successful the rescue than what midoriya did. we know it."port said and sighed. knowing the ironic behind each news they hide or not caring

The screen goes black before opening up of the city. People are watching the news of the attack on TVs.

The scene finally shifts to Midoriya walking down a path. He sighs.

midoriya: i wanted to apologize to All Might, but he was still getting interviewed…

The camera zooms in on him as he walks, he seems depressed.

midoriya: i'll try sending him a message on his website when I get home.

"hero have a website?" weiss ask confuse at how unlikely the hero from the movie she watch

"well, hero also a human. so having something to amuse them, and talking to other people from the other side of world using global tool is normal. even we have our own website." ozpin said as he and the other teacher showing their scroll

'beacon-best-icon88' they read it out loud

"what the heck!"

bakugo: deku!

Midoriya look up and turn around to see bakugo running toward him

midoriya: kacchan…?

" you again!? now what you want!? better something useful like apologize or giving thanks" yang said as she glaring at the guy

He stop in front of him breathing heavily. after getting a breath, he speak.

bakugo: i never asked you for help!

Bakugou seems to be shaking in anger.

bakugo: and you didn't help me! Got it?! I was fine by myself. You're a Quirkless failure playing without a full deck! Don't think you can look down on me! Are you trying to make me owe you?! Don't look down on me! You damn nerd!

With that Bakugou turn around and start stomping away. Midoriya sweat drops.

midoriya: "toughness"...

they sweatdrop as well. he just yell at someone who tried save his life. can he be grateful just one time?

"uh huh. really toughness."blake said sarcastic

"of course he not gonna apologize. what am i thinking?" yang said as she sighed. sure, bakugo pride remind her to herself but she still can be grateful and friendly to other.

"you running from nowhere and loss your breath just to yell at him!? give me back my precious twenty second you just stole!" nora shout with protest

'is this what people call, 'bark of the loser?'' ruby thought wondering

Midoriya sigh and gives a small sad smile, his eyes glistening.

midoriya: it's just as Kacchan said. It's not like I accomplished anything, or changed anything.

midoriya look down, his hair covering his eyes. He turn and start walking away.

midoriya: but, I'm glad. Now I can think of a realistic future…

"no don't think that! midoriya!" but before ruby said anything than that...

play all might theme

suddenly All Might appears from around the corner. Midoriya jumps back in shock.

all might: i am here!

midoriya: a-all might?! why are you here?

the people from remnant jump back too as they saw all might just appear suddenly.

"woah! where he come from?" yang said as she suprise by all might appear

"and i thought he just been interview a moment ago." ren said

"remember he can jump so high and far than other hero and save midoriya just in time?" pyrrha saidas they remember at how all might been so fast to help midoriya frim episode 1 and 2.

"i remember that. but what with that pose!?" weiss pointing at the pose all might do

"heroic pose i think?" jaune said and shrugged. he kinda like that pose

Midoriya starts looking around.

midoriya: you were surrounded by reporters until just now…

All Might just laughs loudly

all might: getting away from them was a piece of cake. why?

all might begins flexing.

all might: because i am all migh—

Abruptly the music stop and All Might shrinks back to him normal form. He is spitting out blood, Midoriya screams.

this caught all of them off guard. the student screaming with horror and shock as they saw all might coughing blood again

All Might start coughing, and quickly wipe the blood away with the back of his hand.

all might: young man. i come with thanks, a correction, and a suggestion.

Midoriya's face goes blank.

midoriya: huh?

all might: if you hadn't been there… If you hadn't told me about your life… I would've turned into a guy in a bodysuit who was all talk. Thank you.

Midoriya starts fidgeting nervously.

midoriya: that can't be… It was my fault in the first place. I got in the way of your work. And I said all those impertinent things even though I'm quirkless…

"oh for the love of god! can you stop feel sorry for yourself!" yang yell frustrated

"yang, when someone feel bad because something horrible happening because of them, it's gonna make them feel down. really really down. so i'm not suprise he still think it's his fault." x said and yang sit back at the sofa feel defeated because he right.

all might: that's right.

the camera shift to All Might's face.

all might: it was because it was none other than the timid, Quirkless you at the scene that I was able to act.

Music begins to play: You know the one, You Can Become a Hero

Midoriya look suprise then look up

all might: top heroes have stories about them from their school days. Most of their stories have one thing in common:

"is that what bakugo said last episode?" jaune ask

"it is. wonder what this gonna lead." pyrrha said wondered

then a flashback where Midoriya running out to the villain to save bakugo showed up.

all might: their bodies moved before they had a chance to think.

the teacher smile by what the hero say because it's true. it may sound naive, but from other side of meaning it really some truth that can't be hide

the student stunned by this. their eyes widen and shining by suprise and awe. they not realize it until now, that midoriya just do what it's like...

"the soul of hero." ruby whisper still in awe but everyone can hear her as they nodded.

"indeed. the soul of hero." ozpin said as he smile at the green haired boy. this young man really a something

Midoriya eyes widen and shine, before tears start to form. Sakura petals begin to fall. Midoriya look down and tried to hold in the tears, but can't.

narrating midoriya: for some reason, I remembered my mother's words.

midoriya mom: i'm sorry, izuku! i'm sorry, i'm sorry!

"guh! this feeling again!" nora whimpering

"please stop! it's still two episode and i don't know how many time i crying." jaune begged as everyone eyes began to bring out tear again

midoriya clutches at his shirt eyes brimming with tears. all might continues talking.

all might: that was true for you, too, wasn't it?

Midoriya gasps and cries out.

midoriya: yeah…

he can no longer hold back the tears and begin to crying.

narrating midoriya: that's not it Mom.

there is a flashback to his Mom hugging him tears on both their faces.

narrating midoriya: back then, what I wanted you to say…

Midoriya falls to his knees, the emotions too much to handle.

narrating midoriya: the words i wanted to hear were…

'please say it! please say something he wanted!' everyone thought as their eyes is full of tear. especially ruby who already sniffed

There is a close up of All Might, his eyes seem glowing and the wind making his hair swish, before the angle shifts to show Midoriya kneeling in front of him.

all might: you can become a hero.

they can't hold it anymore. the atmostphere really smack them up as thet began to crying. this time not for sadness, but happy and joy.

blake poke yang shoulder who look back at her. blake gesturing 'calm me down' to yang who rolling her eyes but still doing it by hug her.

nora sobbing on ren chest as he calm her down by patting her back. it's rare to see her like this. but it's not hiding that both of them happy too

weiss and pyrrha have no different. they crying as weiss sniff her nose with tissue and pyrrha hugging jaune who hug her back. jaune still look at midoriya with teary eyes. remembering him from the past now this boy finally have someone who trust him he can, and it's from his idol. he can't be that happy.

ruby can't hold her tear. not like she need to. she smilling at midoriya. she feel relief, happy, touched, all mixed into one. her heart feeling warm as she watch the green haired boy crying for happiness. she don't know why, but she wish she was in there so she can comfort him.

don't know where that come from

in the teacher side not so different. they also can't hold back tear. not care if their student saw it. there so much emotion from this scene, they can't help but touched by it.

glynda and peach wipe away their tear with tissue. port sniff his nose with his hand. obleck crying as well. hug his thermos, before drinking up every coffee in it then hug it back

'a young man with heroic soul.' ozpin thought smilling as he watch the other then wipe his tear. he can't believe it he finally crying for a year

after a few minutes, they finally calm down. and decide to continue the anime

Midoriya is sobbing now, unable to hold back any of his tears. He clenches his chest, his other hand studying him on the ground.

The camera zooms out and freezes on the image of Midoriya on his knees kneeling before All Might, the whole image is golden.

narrating midoriya: dreams can become reality.

weiss blinked as she hear the narrating midoriya say. did he just flip back what she saying? but x said don't underestimate him for a reason, maybe she finally realize it.

The camera finally zooms out to show the whole city, everything is golden thanks to the sunset.

narrating izuku: by the way, I forgot to mention that this is the story of how I became the greatest hero.

'wait, what!?'

everyone froze as they see that line. is it really are or their eyes just tricking them?

"di-did his future self just say...?" nora ask as she pointing her finger tobthe screen.

"i think so too." pyrrha said to her teammates

"but how!? i thought he quirkless!" ren said as he and the rest confuse as well then glance at x.

"oh well! i think it's not gonna be helped." x said and shrugged. "i told you that there's three reason why i brought you here. the last reason is to show you about the true heroic act." x began to explain. "it's like what blake said, that true about quirk more like a talent. if you have one, you can be what you want so easy even if it don't match. but what about someone who don't have talent?" x said and ask to everyone who beeing silence. "this anime (x already explain to them about anime) is inspire me to be someone better. it show me that hope still exist. even if they don't have talent, they still can be for what they dream. because 'dream can become reality'." x finished his explanation

the people from remnant be silent by this. it's true. the way midoriya did surpass their expectation from earlier. they think they already know about anything but actually not. they feel shame even the teachet feel it too.

"so... about midoriya become the greatest hero, is that true?" ruby ask to x. she really want to know about midoriya in the future. but unfortunately, x shake his head. she thought it's not true, until he spoke.

"it's true but i don't know how. the future is too far for link to see. but i believe he gonna be the greatest hero one day." x said bring back ruby spirit as she sighed in relief.

"but i'm still confuse, how can he be hero if he don't have quirk?" port say as he and everyone confuse as well. x just grinning.

"you gonna find out later, but all i can say is 'with hard work'." x said and everyone frown in confuse, but just shrugged as they gonna watch this anyway.

'this young man gonna be the great hunter if he in our world. now i feel jealous.' ozpin thought amused as he smilling. 'the greatest hero, huh? wonder what suprise he gonna show us.' he continue as he can't wait to see next episode

the legend is about to start

and cut!

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