---Hey! It is I again. I finally wrote a sequel to "Legend of Blue Eyes". Good for me. This one is longer then the first one... A LOT longer. Good for you. Ok so no ones confused (well almost no one because there may some of you that don't read the author notes and just go on reading the fic, shame on you) this takes place back in the present shortly after battle city. Ok so I have seen about four episodes of Battle City, I do not know what happens in the end, and none of my facts may be truthful. But hey, IT IS MY FIC! Well on that good note let us start the ficcie...

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blah thinking

…Blah blah… Yami/hikari speak---

Chapter One

Malik's Letter

Laria was pacing around the waiting room of Kaiba Corp. Jeez people are slow here. She was there to speak with Kaiba, but he was extremely busy right now. At least that is what someone told her... an hour ago.

She stopped pacing and pulled a picture out of her pocket. It was a picture of Seto Kaiba and his little brother, Mokuba. She smiled, they looked so happy, and then she remembered when she first received the photo.


Laria was asleep. She was in Egypt and it was the first day of summer vacation. Beep... beep... beep. Damn alarm clock! Laria reached over to turn off the alarm but knocked it off the nightstand. It fell to the floor hard stone floor (why they had stone floors in the bedroom no one knows). Laria sat up and looked over the edge of the bed at the broken alarm clock on the floor. This had woken Yani, Laria's yami, up.

…I thought it was summer vacation why are you up so early?...

…I forgot to turn my alarm off last night…

…arg... What time is it?...

Laria looked over at the clock on the floor.


Yani, at this time had exited the Millennium Bangle and looked down at the broken clock.

"Again!" she said

"Oh calm down, Yani. It's the first one I've broken this month," Laria said raising from the bed and starching her arms.

"And you broke three last month!" Yani yelled to her hikari "I don't know what Malik was thinking leaving you here alone."

Laria walked over to the chest of drawers and grabbed a pair of clean clothes. The picked up the towel she had on the floor.

"You know Yani," Laria said, "He probably wouldn't of if you weren't here to keep everything safe."

"Yeah tell that to the alarm clocks..." Yani muttered

Laria just laughed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Once Laria was showered and dressed, she decided to head to the local mall. She really did not have any spending money but she liked to window shop, see if there was anything interesting. It was a beautiful day; Laria stepped outside, closed her eyes and tilted her head up. The hot Egyptian sun beat down on her, she soaked up the warmth.

After an hour or to of cruising the mall, Laria was bored and decided to head home. On her way home, she saw the mailman and remembered that Malik should be writing her back soon. She and Malik had been living together for about two years now. About a month ago, he left to go to Domino, Japan for a Duel Monsters tournament.

Laria was never interested in Duel Monsters and opted not to go with him. Therefore, they keep in touch by writing. However, in Malik's last letter he said he had found something that would really interested her, but also said he would go into more detail in the next letter. She was anxious to find out what he found.

When she got home, she cheeked the mailbox and sure enough, Malik had written back. She took all the mail inside she laid the other letters down on the coffee table and sat down on the couch ripping Malik's letter open. The first thing she noticed was a photo. She looked at it, it was two guys, one looked very familiar, but she had never seen either of them before. She pulled out the letter and read:

Hey Laria,

I bet you're confused about the picture enclosed, but this is what I was telling you about last time. I found him, his name is Seto Kaiba, and he's the older one in the picture. The first time I saw him I knew he was the one. I would have told you earlier but the tournament prevented me. Of course. Well anyway, he is the owner of a big company, Kaiba Corp. and has a younger brother, Mokuba. I'm sure I got the right guy this time. If you want, I can wire you some money so you can pay for a trip up here so you can meet him. Write back soon.


Laria looked back at the picture. Could he be the one, could Malik actually have found him?

---------------End Flashback---------------

Laria placed the picture back in her pocket. Well I'll find out soon enough. At this time, Kaiba's secretary came up to her.

"Are you the young lady who wants to speak to Mr. Kaiba?" she asked Laria.

"Yes," Laria answered "listen, can you tell me how much longer I have to wait this place is boring."

"Oh well, I just came out to tell you that he will see you now," she told Laria "follow me."

Thank Ra! Laria followed the secretary, if had to wait any longer I would have left, I don't care if he's what I'm looking for. They stopped out side his office.

"Here we are."

"Do I just go in?" Laria asked.

The secretary nodded and then left. Laria took a deep breath. This was it... now or never... no turning back... she opened the door. Seto looked up and gasped.

---well that is the end of chapter one.