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5 Years Ago

The tomb was icy cold as Bill descended into the depths of the earth. This was not a tomb that was open to the public- in fact it was one not usually open to wizards either. Especially not wizards who were newly hired Curse-Breakers at Gringotts. But, considering he was the most talented of those working for them and after having to undergo a rather unusual-but-nonetheless rigorous test by the Egyptian Ministry, he had been given access to this long-lost place that only a few had entered.

The tomb was unusual for a number of reasons. It was relevant to what the Ministry referred to as the 'Shadow Era' of Egyptian History- an early period about 5000 years ago dating back to the early Dynastic period that was shrouded in several questions. Not much was known about this era and it was one that Bill had based his entire application for working in Egypt on. The paper had been panned within the modern world but the Egyptian Ministry had been intrigued and had invited him for a test that Bill wasn't entirely sure how he had passed. The first few stages had been simple- prove his skills as a Curse breaker, his abilities in general magic, his studies of Muggle archaeology and knowledge of local languages and dialects. Then things had gotten stranger: how far was he willing to go to keep a secret, how well did he tell lies and what did he usually lie about? And then one bizarre test where he had been forced to sit in a room filled with dark, whispering shadows until a little girl, clearly native to the country had approached him with a smile and said that he had passed. Passed what, Bill was still unsure, but he hadn't questioned it.

And now, here he was, descending into the tomb of an ancient Princess of a neighbouring kingdom to see what her tomb could tell him of the mysterious period of Egyptian History. Her name had been Haphiri, and there were more curses on the tomb than that of Pharaoh Set's. It was odd- the curses were numerous but Bill didn't need to disable them. In fact, they almost seemed to ignore him altogether. Bill was relieved that it was easier than he had expected but also ill at ease. Why were they ignoring him and why was he being allowed this far into the tomb? He didn't even have a guide.

Reaching another inner chamber and, at the other end, he was facing a doorway covered in gold leaf and stamped with various hieroglyphs. While he couldn't read them from here, Bill could almost feel that this was the burial chamber. He was so close

There was a far away groan, and the whole room shook ominously. The light from his wand flickered and died, leaving no light but that of an eerie glow somewhere high up above him. There must be a hole leading to the surface Bill thought as he desperately muttered "Lumos!". Except, nothing was happening and the shadows seemed to loom ever closer. Bill had never been particularly scared of the dark but there was something oppressive about these shadows. Something that reeked of Dark Magic, of a kind that Bill very much did not want to interact with. Silently cursing the fact that magic was clearly not going to work down here, Bill did the next best thing and dived for the wall just as the tomb shook again. There was a loud grinding noise from behind him and then a dull thud as some kind of door, triggered by a trap that Bill had unknowingly stepped into, sealed off the way he had come in. And with that, he was trapped, alone, in the darkness.

Swallowing, Bill reached out to carefully brush against the wall he knew was to his left. There was technically nothing between him and the door except… except the whispering was back again. It was faint at first- too faint to be made out in fact. And then, almost as if something had slithered down his back, they were almost as loud as if his younger brothers were there screaming at each other. Shuddering off the horrific feeling, Bill tried to make out what they were saying but it was either indecipherable, or some kind of language that he could not understand.

Whatever it was, he did not want to meet what else was in these shadows.

Why won't my wand work? Bill thought desperately to himself as he staggered forward, one shadow in front of him seeming to shift in the dank murky light, screeching in that odd tongue as it went. Why would the tomb let me this far only to stop me right now? Unless… unless it's not the Burial Chamber that they want me to go to. That thought pulled him up short and, as he took a step backwards, the shadows seemed to slither away a bit, the cold dread that had settled in his stomach easing a bit. Clearly, something or someone wanted him to go somewhere in this tomb. But not into its most sacred chambers. An oddity, considering it was the Egyptians who revered this part of the ceremony the most, despite the fact that this tomb was built during a time of prolific pyramid builders. Not that it truly mattered- tombs from the Shadow Era were designed to prevent people from getting into them, with only a certain select few even knowing their locations. And if the Egyptian government had tested him in such a way to prove that he was worthy of entering these tombs then he must give them some evidence to back that up with. And so, against all advice his father had ever given him, he straightened up and prepared to enter into the jaws of whatever was about to throw itself at him.

"Hello? I know that there's someone here with me," he started, shuddering as the feeling of being watched, which had been a constant niggling sensation throughout his entire time in the tomb even if it had only been pushed to the back of his mind, intensified. "I won't enter the Burial Chamber if you don't want me to. But I need to know where you want… where you need me to go." The silence stretched on, as if this thing was waiting for something. But what else was there? And then… of course, Bill thought. Egyptian style tomb- it will want the most important thing to have power over me. "My name is William Weasley," Bill said, pushing the shakiness from his voice, despite how bone chillingly terrifying this experience was and praying to every known deity that this wouldn't backfire. "Everyone calls me Bill though."

Giggle. Bill blinked as, suddenly and without warning, the torches mounted on the walls lit up, bathing the room in light and revealing exactly who had been watching him. Blood red lips turned up into a wicked smile as the girl from the ministry peeked around her waist, giggling like some great joke had just been said. And then those terrifying lips parted, the words cold as the air in the room.

"Well, well, Bill Weasley. Has no one told you what power a name can have?"

Present Day

His parents were arguing again. Bill internally sighed as he leaned back against the wall, waiting it out while the others were doing their best to subtly stay in the room. It wasn't as if it was an argument he hadn't heard before- as one of only three of his siblings of age, and the only one currently at the Order headquarters, he was used to being used as the reasoning why the others should be able to sit in on order meetings. Not that Bill was particularly bothered by these meetings- his adventures in Egypt had shown him far more terrifying dangers than even the threat of Lord Voldemort. And while he had sympathy for Harry and his friends, he was also tasked with something completely different than what his parents actually knew.

Something that he just knew was going to come back to haunt him soon enough by the sound of the conversation in the corner.

Turning away from the current argument he tuned in slowly to the whisperings between Severus and the Headmaster in the corner. Bill had a new level of respect for the Potion's Master- after that first terrifying meeting with her and a rigorous crash course in mental protections he had been banished back to his country to 'seek out the man with the best mental fortifications that she had seen in 5000 years'. After the first initial contact and what he had thought was a discreet letter, he had been summoned back into the Potion Master's presence, dressed down on inept use of secret letters and a lecture on not being a complete dunderhead in the presence of 5000 year old half Akkadian princesses, and then sat down into an even more intense series of lessons on Occlumency. After that, Bill wouldn't have called them friends but he was certainly on more even ground with Snape than many of the other Order members.

"I don't think that is a good idea Headmaster," Snape was saying, eyes flitting over to Bill for a moment before returning to watching the others. If Dumbledore noticed, he didn't say anything but Bill was sure that Snape at least knew he was listening.

"Come now, Severus. You must see the benefits, especially considering that there will be others who will be new," Dumbledore said, tone reasonable but Bill could hear the slight manipulation underneath it. Something he hadn't heard, or been blind to, during his time at Hogwarts. Snape seemed to have heard it too as his lip curled.

"Perhaps you would be better off consulting those who know them better than I." Snape looked as if he wished to be anywhere else as Dumbledore just smiled genially.

"Ah, yes, but I want you to be aware in case any of them end up in your house…" Snape merely scowled all the harder, eyes hard.

"And if they don't agree?" There was silence at their end of the kitchen as Sirius finally managed to soothe his younger siblings into leaving with underhanded promises to share some information with them and loudly stating to his mother that they ought to know the essentials, even if they didn't divulge all details of the meetings. His father looked as if he wanted to agree but was also afraid of what his wife's opinion might be while his mother turned her rage on Sirius instead.

"Why would they not agree? All children are fascinated by magic," Dumbledore said quietly, a twinkle in his eye. Snape shot him a slightly disgusted look.

"Not those that have lived in such a technological country, they won't." Ah, that was what they were talking about. The attacks in Japan. Dumbledore had suggested, some meetings ago around the time that Hermione had arrived, that the four teenagers that had been attacked would be invited to Hogwarts for their 'protection' while they investigated what exactly it had been that Voldemort was looking for there. Alongside this, he had suggested that one of the teen's older sister come to help teach Divination as he could not convince her to teach DADA. Most of the others had been all for it while Bill had internally bashed his head against the table after seeing the list. He had dealt with the Ishtar's very briefly before- his posting rarely dealt with them after their father had been cut off and Marik's antics had pretty much distanced them further from the rest of their people until recently- but the name on the list that would be the most difficult, would be Seto Kaiba.

The man was a business tycoon and Bill had had to deal with him once and only once. A member of the corporation had come up to him and his charge, asking them to discreetly meet with his boss and after going they had been forced into signing several agreements that had left him with a headache and his charge in a bad mood. From what he remembered, he would be the least accepting of anything that he couldn't prove with science. Magic probably didn't exist in his vocabulary. The other two names on the list Bill was less familiar with. Bakura was a name he had heard in the muggle archaeology circuit, but he had never met the man and so hadn't even known he had a son living in Japan, and he had never really heard of Yugi Mutou until recently and it had been, of all things, about his hair. He wondered if the others had pictures of it- if not they would be in for a surprise that was for sure.

Snape and Dumbledore never got to finish their argument as the meeting began but it was clear that both he and Snape were outvoted. Although, by the sounds of it, he had even more people in mind to invite although why he had yet to figure out. And in the presence of the others, he couldn't exactly ask Snape.

"I believe now that we are all here, we may start?" Dumbledore said, standing up and cutting through Mum and Sirius' argument, not answering Snape's question. Or ignoring it as the case may seem. Mum started, while Sirius merely looked slightly abashed- but never apologetic. It was something that Bill had noticed in the man; he could be cowed but never ashamed, probably some leftovers from his time growing up in this house. It was a very Slytherin reaction, not helped by the fact that, by the sounds of it, Dumbledore had never truly punished the man for his past misdeeds. He got that he wasn't guilty of killing Harry's parents, but other stories that he had gathered from a variety of sources (some even from Snape although he took those with a pinch of salt) led him to believe that Snape did have quite a few reasons to not be fond of the man. It truly didn't help that Sirius had had nothing but his past to use to get through Azkaban and seemed to be stuck somewhere between still acting like a man in his twenties just out of school and the more grown up and responsible man he should have matured into. A fault not his own, but one that he just wasn't getting past and used riling up his old rival as some form of release of tension, an old fallback exacerbated by the memories brought up by the house they were in.

Another reason that Bill found to find issues with Dumbledore's reasonings of locking Sirius up here. There were plenty of places the man could have been hidden than his old house that would worsen his mental state rather than help it.

"Now that we are here, I have a small announcement. As of tonight, I have sent out some Order members to retrieve Harry from his Aunt and Uncle's house due to his upcoming Hearing with the Ministry." Bill started at that, blinking as the rest of the table erupted. It explained why some of the core members were missing, or at the least delayed, from this meeting. Once Dumbledore had calmed the table a little, he continued. "He was attacked by two Dementors and the Ministry and, therefore Cornelius attempted to expel Harry for performing the Patronus in the presence of his cousin in order to fend them off." Bill frowned as the table exploded again into noise. Even if the Ministry didn't accept that the Dementors were there- something that they should be easily able to find out- that it was done in the presence of his cousin wouldn't involve expulsion. Since they were family, exceptions were made to magic, accidental or otherwise, to magic in their presence but would result in some form of punishment. And none at all if Harry could prove that they were there at all.

"But is Harry alright?" Mum asked, over everyone else. Bill smiled, happy that out of all the things that she could be worried about, it was Harry's health. Typical Mum. Dumbledore gave her an assuring smile, nodding and waving away the rest of the questions.

"Yes, yes, Harry is fine. And Moody will ensure he gets here safely." The Headmaster then turned serious again, face grave. "However, there has been another attack. Death Eaters were spotted in Egypt." Bill's blood ran cold and suddenly that attack in Japan made more sense, if Voldemort had found out about the Shadow Era. The Ishtar's had owned two Millennium Items and he had heard rumours of a third falling in Bakura's hands and given to his son. He wasn't sure what Kaiba or the Mutou boy had to do with this, but if they attacked where he thought they had, he would be in trouble when he returned.

"Where?" he asked, masking the majority of the worry in his voice. Please don't be where I think it is, please don't be where I think it is…

"A site somewhere around the ancient city of Hierakonpolis," Dumbledore said and Bill's fragile hope drained away. "The attack was centered on a group of local magicians there, but they managed to fend them off long enough for help to come." You mean they feigned being weak so you could sort out your own mess because by the Gods, they will not get involved. "They have agreed to send two young envoys to Hogwarts to learn of our magic and help with our research into what Voldemort is looking for." Bill could see the confusion in the others' faces and hoped no one looked at him too closely. Snape was watching him and he had no doubt that, had they been alone, he would be interrogated about what he knew; not that Bill could say anything and at the very least Snape would understand that. Especially with his own job. It was at this point that Sirius seemed to remember that Snape was supposed to be a spy.

"And why can't Snivellus just tell us? Since he's in You-Know-Who's inner circle." It was said with a sneer towards the Potion's Master and Bill winced but was glad for the distraction, wondering how he was going to get out of this. Because there were only two people within the Clans who were of age to be these envoys and he had the feeling that neither Dumbledore, nor anyone in the Ministry had any idea of the trouble they were about to dump themselves in. Snape's face twitched and he looked just as irritated by the attention as he always was.

"Because the Dark Lord has not deigned to explain to any of his followers what it is he is looking for. Except that it is something made of gold with the Eye of Wedjet on it," he snapped back at Sirius. Well, he's not completely right but it won't take him long to figure it out if he's attacking all the right places… There was a flicker in the corner of the kitchen and Bill narrowed his eyes at it. For a brief moment, he thought that he had glimpsed a small figure in white but it couldn't be…

He was snapped out of his thoughts at the loud thump from the hallway and the screaming of Sirius' mother. A moment later and Harry, looking as scruffy as he ever did in the muggle clothing provided to him by his family, stumbled into the kitchen. For a kid recently attacked by Dementors and now dragged to a strange house with a screaming portrait, he didn't seem anymore affected than perhaps bafflement as to why he was here rather than at the Burrow. And then he spotted Bill and confusion flitted across his face.

"Uh… hi Bill," he said awkwardly and Bill smiled warmly at him. They had barely spoken to each other, only having met the year before at the Quidditch World Cup briefly. And while he had heard all of Ron's stories about Harry and the fun they had at Hogwarts, he was sure that Harry had probably heard far fewer about him, other than perhaps his official job as a curse-breaker in Egypt.

"Hello Harry," he replied, gesturing for him to sit down. "They'll probably get her to stop shouting soon." Harry blinked, sat and then frowned.

"Where are we?" he asked, although the tone suggested he truly wanted to say why are we here?

"Grimmauld Place, the Headquarters of the Order of the Pheonix," Bill told him, not caring for his mother's stern rules about information regarding the Order and its activities. "Well, technically it's Sirius' parents' house, but while he's hiding out here he offered to Dumbledore to make this the headquarters when he wanted to revive the Order with Voldemort's return." Harry's mouth opened in an 'oh' just as his mother walked back into the room, eyes flashing in such a way that meant she had heard every word Bill had said.

"And that's quite enough of that!" she snapped at him and Bill shrank back in his seat. It wasn't often these days that he earnt his mother's ire, but it was just as intense as when he had been much younger. The younger boys might argue back but Bill was the eldest and therefore, had been given the harshest punishments since he was the one that was supposed to be the role model. "Harry's much too young to be any part of the Order!" She then turned to Harry, scowl dissolving into a sad smile as she looked over Harry critically, bustling around the kitchen preparing a meal for him. "Oh, look at you! Much too thin, what are those people feeding you?" she stated, piling food onto a plate. Harry didn't seem to mind, just starting to scarf the food down as quick as he could. Bill deducted that the answer to that was not much.

"Mum, it's not exactly as if we're discussing anything too important," Bill pointed out. Well, to them they weren't. "Besides I'm sure that Ron and Hermione will be telling him about the new students soon enough." His mother shot him a scathing look but Harry, mouth full of food, turned to look at him questioningly. Bill shrugged nonchalantly, fiddling with his wand. "For their safety apparently. Hermione probably knows more than I do- she's been investigating them like mad," he said with a grin. Well, if Kaiba did end up coming she would have a challenge in someone just as intelligent as her, if not more so. The man was a child genius billionaire after all, and it would be interesting to hear how he interacted with Malfoy. Harry blinked a couple of times and then smiled between bites, clearly thinking of his friend, before it fell a bit. Bill wondered at that, but the white flash caught his eyes once again. The had definitely not been his imagination.

"Bill, where are you going? The meeting isn't over!" Mum asked, looking slightly alarmed as he stood. He smiled at her, grabbing his wizard's robes from behind him.

"Sorry Mum, I've got to be getting back. Especially after the latest news. I'll be needed to make sure everything's in the right place!" He rounded the table to give his mother a goodbye hug and winked at Harry who was watching him curiously and obviously thinking he was being covert about it. "Tomb Robbers are an issue even in this day and age." He felt his mother relax in his arms slightly, probably thinking that he was going to reveal something to Harry that she deemed inappropriate. He'd leave that to Sirius.

After saying similar goodbyes to his father he slipped out of the front door of the building and, after turning the corner and making sure no one was around, he was about to disapparate when a pale hand tapped his arm. He turned to see Snape, hood pulled over his head, Death Eater mask in hand and clearly on his way to another meeting, standing in the shadows of an alley. Had this been five years ago he would have been freaking out but he had seen worse than this. He allowed himself to be pulled into the alleyway, knowing that Snape would not have done this if he thought they would be seen.

"You know what it is the Dark lord is looking for." It was not a question and Bill wasn't surprised.

"You know who the envoys are." Snape raised an eyebrow and merely nodded so Bill continued. "It's ancient magic and it won't give him anything like immortality. People have had their souls stripped from them for less. It doesn't help that the Princesses are on edge- Haphiri has been muttering about some travelling… person rising his head again." Bill wasn't entirely sure what to make of that. He had no idea what exactly she had called the man (when he had figured that that was what she was talking about)- the word she spoke was in her native tongue of early Coptic and all he had gotten from her sister was that it roughly translated to 'stranger from across the seas'. Whatever could scare her like that though, was not something that Bill wanted to meet. Snape didn't seem to either but he accepted without being told that that was all Bill could tell him.

"Akhefia Kheti and Atem Menes." There was the signature crack as Snape disapparated and Bill allowed his head to fall into his hand. Looks like I'll be going back to Hogwarts after all.

So... hope you enjoyed that! A few notes:

1) Historically Egypt has actually been floating around for about 5000 years, as the earliest date for the 'first' Pharaoh of the First Dynasty, Narmer, is dated to be around 3100 BC. So in that thought, Atem would be placed within these first formative years, which is fine because we don't have many names for early kings. Alongside this, there was only really one other major civilisation at the time in early Mesopotamia and while the Akkadian Empire (yes, that was a real thing) wasn't properly established this early, it falls within 500 years which in archaeological terms is within the acceptable range of uncertainty (allowing for 500 years each way of 3000BC). So I may have fudged history a bit but, Yugioh does too because it doesn't particularly work whether you use 5000 or 3000 years, looking at the timelines, location and attitudes.

2) I didn't intentionally start out to make Dumbledore manipulative but within this fic there is a greater emphasis on the political machinations of the wizarding world. This is something that I find interesting because, honestly, Dumbledore has done a number of shady things, including the use of Sirius and Snape. For example, psychologically, putting Sirius back in a house he was (theorectically because JK Rowling never goes into detail) abused and then eventually kicked out of and keeping him there for so long, is not good. And Snape... well, Snape is interesting because Rowling supposedly wrote him as heartless but if you look at his actions he really isn't- more a man who has lived a pretty terrible life and has to constantly hide behind a mask of what people think he is like, so we don't really know what Snape is like behind that. And Snape, out of all the Order, is going to be the one with the most political knowledge (and Bill but this is explained later).

3) Yes, yes I did use two names of Pharaohs for the Thief King and Atem's surnames. And yes, I used the fanon name for the Thief King with a small change in spelling but, then again, Atem is actually the name of an early Egyptian god from the early Dynasties (also spelled as Atum and is an offshoot of Ra). So, I took creative license with it.

4) My apologies for any Harry Potter continuity errors. As you can tell I have kind of re-written Bill's backstory/job and he is a bit OOC but, since we don't see Bill a lot in the books, I took creative license with him too. And for those interested, in terms of Yugioh this is set just before the Waking the Dragons Arc in case you missed the mini-hint ;) And yes, Dartz will turn up in this story. Later, but still there.

Anyways, pls read and review and I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of things to come. And my apologies that it starts off so slow.