Hank Anderson is seen outside his house waiting for Connor to come back with results. As far as he knows, his partner has started to show empathy, even to the point that he's purposely failing his capture or kill of the deviant androids. Well, except for the JB300 android that has turned deviant.

Just then, he saw a car coming in front of him.

"Just in fucking time," he looked at his watch before approaching the vehicle as its car opened to show Connor leaving. "Where the fuck have you been?"

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant," the android apologized, although he spoke with no emotion. "Got a little sidetracked from my mission in stopping the deviants."

"Hey, we're friends now, so just call me Hank," the middle-aged detective said in assurance, then he started to realize something. "Wait a minute."

"What is it, Lieutenant?"

"You... You're not who I think you are."

"That's right, Lieutenant," the fake Connor pulls out a gun in front of Hank. "Better not pick a fight with me. After all, I'm stronger than you since I'm an android, and you're just a human being."

Realizing the situation he's in, Hank has no choice but to do what he tells him to do. In fact, he raises his hands as a sign of surrendering.

"Good. Get in the car," the double ordered.

During the drive to the CyberLife Tower under his orders, a conversation would take place.

"Where is my partner?" Hank demanded.

"Oh, he's fine. Deviant fine," the fake Connor responded in a simple tone, making the human beside him understood what this means. Hank couldn't be more prouder of his partner for going rogue on CyberLife. The double noticed on his feelings about it. "What's with you, Lieutenant? I thought you hated androids."

"You're right, you plastic sack of shit," he couldn't deny this, but there's something more to that. "I may hated androids, but only the ones who don't show empathy like you."

"You're lucky I'm not going to kill you. Well, that depends on your partner."

As the drive to the tower is complete, the fake Connor forces Hank to go to the other elevator at gunpoint where they will find the deviant Connor, the same Connor that Hank knows of infiltrating the tower to convert the androids there for Markus' protest.

Author's Note: Just a short story of how did Hank got into trouble with the fake Connor as shown in the Battle of Detroit when the real Connor becomes a deviant and infiltrated the CyberLife Tower to convert the androids there.