My name is Phoebe Wright and right now I am heading Tokyo with my assistant Masion Fay a spirit medium in training.Why you ask? In truth we are going to Tokyo to defend a personal friend of mine Kazuki Takahashi. He is the creator of a tv show that I liked as a kid. I was a weird kid who was obsessed with anime so I was picked on a lot. However, there are a few things that you should know about me. I have blue eyes, long black hair, my blood type is B positive, I have a tendency to get annoyed easily and the most important thing about me is that I am a defense attorney traveling to Tokyo to defend Kazuki Takahashi himself and to think that out of all the lawyers in the world he chose me.

It is strange to say that this will be my second time meeting him. You see the first time I met him was at a duel monster tornement and first prize was meeting Kazuki Takahashi himself. Funnily enough, I tried teaching Masion Duel Monsters but he kept on ranting on about how the game was long and complicated.

"Hey Masion, there is Tokyo Tower." I said trying to peel his eyes off of his iPad. Little did I know, however, was that my pleasant plane ride to Japan was going to turn into one hellish nightmare and to think that it all started with a terroist attack. Luckily no one was hurt and everyone including myself as well as Masion was able to get out of the plane safely. Sadly I was still in hot water because somehow I was blamed for the incident because for some reason all of the evidence was pointed towards me making it look as though I did it. I knew that I didn't do it because I was with Masion the whole time but that didn't stop the local authorities to lock me up in prison.

Surprisingly the jail cell I was in was quit comftoratable and ironically my cell mate just so happened to be Kazuki Takahashi. As I was in my cell I finally knew what it was like to be on the other side. I then imagined one of my previous clients feeling scared because that was what I was feeling right now. Although at the same time I thought that it was a little strange that my cell mate was male instead of female. I was silently prayed to myself hoping that he wasn't getting any ideas.

"So what are you in for?" The elder man asked and I felt my spine shiver because of the way he looked at me.

(Ok Phoebe, calm down. Maybe this man is just trying to be friendly.)

"Ha ha, I can't believe that I managed to scare you so easily. You know what, I like you kid. My name is Kazuki Takahashi what's yours?"

"M-my n-name is P-Phoebe W-Wright. I think that I am supposed to be you attorney." I knew that I was not supposed to be afraid of this man but the way he was looking at me freaked me out.

"I see, sorry that you have come all this way for nothing. I have already got myself another attorney."

"I don't blame you Takahashi-san. No one wants to have an attorney who is accused of being a terrorist but I didn't do it if that is what you are thinking." I sighed knowing that what I said was true.

"I believe you which is why I have decided to send you to another world and I hate to say it because even if you do get a not guilty verdict people will hate you for the rest of your life thinking that you have gotten away with being a terroist." (Can't argue with that logic.)"So that is why I am going to send you to another wold." ( I have actually been to a world full of magical talking ponies.)

"Well that is true, that plane did just crash into Tokyo Tower after all." I said trying to be reasonable.

"Agreed, though I know that look, you probably think that I am just a crazy old man who is just blathering nonsense."

"I don't think that at all!" I said as I felt as though the hairs on my head were sticking out due to fear as I felt my entire body turn white. However, before I could even protest even further, I started to shake after seeing the man perform black magic. It was that moment that made me officially afraid of what was yet to come. I passed out after that but when I woke up, the next thing I knew was that I heard someone saying,"Phoebe, wait up you know that I can't run as fast as you." I was surprised to see a familiar face, however it wasn't just any familiar face.

In fact I was in for a surprise to see that it was Yugi Muto himself. I was in complete denial thinking that it was probably some guy that looked like Yugi. Although considering my track record with the weird and supernatural I decided that this really was Yugi. Out of confusion I looked at him weirdly when he said,"I know that you want to get to school on time but I think that you should at least try to be careful. I warned you that you are going to hurt yourself one of these days and you did."

I then felt like a complete idiot because all I could do at the moment was stare at him. However what made me feel even more uncomfortable was when he stared at me with those big purple eyes of his.

(Wait, why am I wearing a school girl's uniform? This is completely messed up because the last time I checked, I am an adult not some high school girl.) I was lost in thought thinking about how abnormal the situation was. I immediatly thought that I was going crazy so I said,"I'm Phoebe Wright and I'm fine!"

"Phoebe-chan you are not fine and I know that you are lying because you are doing that sweating thing you do whenever you are nervous. I know that you are not feeling well so I am going to take you to the nurses office once we get to the school." I then knew here and now that this was not normal and out of character for the baby panda. Not only that, but I was also surprised to see that Yugi actaclly had a tight grip when he started to literally drag me to school.

"That's Ushio from the Public Moral Commitee." I thought outloud as Yugi dragged me to the nearest hiding spot. I then got the surprise of a life time when Yugi sai,"We better be carful, I don't want Ushio to find out about your amnesia." I then scratched my in though not knowing what was going on and it wasn't until then that I noticed that Yugi didn't have the millinium puzzle. My face paled realizing that I was in the forbidden season 0.

"Um, Yugi, how did I get amnesia? I asked him woridly as I started to sweat while I rubbed my hand against the back of my head. He didn't answer, but that was when I saw locks on Yugi, five black locks in fact. As a result I really wanted to break those locks. Imeadatly,the first thing I did was try and learn about myself once I had some free time. Apparently I am considered a cold hearted person who doesn't like to share feelings with others.

It didn't really bother me but what was bothering me were those locks around Yugi and it made me wonder what kind of relationship we have. Later I met Anzu and Miho and it seemed as thought that we are on good terms. I think that it is safe to say that we are friends, but Jounouchi on the other hand, seemed to hate my guts for some unknown reason. After that, I then decided to check up on Yugi was only to see him being bullied by Jounouchi.

"Jounouchi, stop it! It is not nice to pick on those who are weaker than you!" I said scholding him scaring him a little catching him of guard and I was glad to see that Hounda was at least keeping an eye on him so that he doesn't do anything stupid. Although I did jump a little when the blond glared daggers at me.

"Stay out of it. This is none of your concern because I am teaching Yugi how to be a man. Treasuring something like this, how pathetic." Strangely I wasn't surprised to see physic locks around the blond teen.

"I agree and I think that you shouldn't yell at Phoebe-chan like that only because you are still mad at her for having to rely on her for defending you in a school trial. A pretty lady like her should be apreaciated but she is not as beautiful as my lovely Miho-chan!" I was a little surprised because I never realized that Miho was with us. In the end I was just glad that Anzu was able to come to the rescue and she looked as though she was getting ready to punch Hounda for his perverted comment.

"Says the reject president of the clean up commitee." Jounouchi said glaring at Hounda and then at me. I then decided that this argument was going nowhere so in the end I just decided to tune them out since I thought that they were all being way too loud. Luckily my sudden objection finally got them to stop.

"Are you ok Yugi?" I asked out of concern.

"It's fine, I was just remembering the day we first met, but you probably don't remember." Yugi said with a sad look on his face.

"Don't worry about it, my memory will probably come back when it is ready, but why don't you tell me? I am actually quite interested myself." Yugi did not say a word to my dismay and once again those same black locks appeared. Obviously Yugi didn't want to talk about it.

"So Yugi, I managed to see what you brought to schoo, what was it? It looked like some kind of puzzle." I asked as an effort to make Yugi feel better.

"Well, I guess that I can show it to you since you are my friend." Yugi said perking up a bit and then he continued on by saying,"Well you know how my house is actually a game shop? You see, we actually have games and knickknacks from all over the world and this puzzle was one of the prized possessions of the person who owned the shop before my grandfather and I did. It was found in one of the ruins of Ancient Egypt so it's extremely rare." I then stared at the golden puzzle in amazement thinking how cool it was to see it in real life. Once school was over, I realized that I didn't know where I lived.

That was going be a bit of a problem. I was still bothered by those locks and the fact that Yugi doesn't want to talk about it didn't help at all. Yugi then offered to walk me home to my relief and as we were getting our things from our lockers, I was silently hoping that we wouldn't run into Ushio. To my dismay we still ran into him.

"Yugi, Phoebe, may I have a moment." Ushio said as I looked up at Ushio in fear afraid of what he might do.

(Don't make eye contact. Don't make eye contact. Too late, I already did and he looks angry.) "Why do you want to see us?" I finally asked. I then started to sweat due to while hunching over at the same time due to fear. In fact, for a moment I thought Ushio was angry and that didn't calm my nerves at all. When he gestured us to follow him, I horrified to see how badly beaten Jounouchi and Hounda was. I was expecting the gruesome scene freaked me out and that was saying something because I have seen even crime scenes that were bloodier than this.

"Why would you do this?" Yugi said horrified of the scene before him. I then realized right from the start that me being here has changed the story a little and that no matter what I do the story will eventually bounce right back to it's original story line. I also knew that attempting to change the story line would be very bad because even one little change could end up ruining other people's lives. I didn't want that but I knew that I needed to help out. However as I was thinking about what to do I heard Jounouchi say,"Phoebe, I knew that you would probably do something like this, but Yugi? Are you two satisfied."

"Objection!" I said shocking the blond as I pointed at Ushio forcing him to fall down."Jounouchi, you should know better that I would never harm an innocent and shame on you for thinking that Yugi would want this. I may not know what I did that made you think that I would do something like this but I think that there is a contradiction in that statement." It was now Jounouchi's turn to fall down.

"I knew that you would try to defend these two. It is just like you to do something like this, but Yugi this is your chance to get back at them for all of the bad things they did to you so punch and kick them to your hearts content." I didn't like this at all and Yugi seemed pretty angry as well.

"Objection!" It was now my turn to be shocked and it surprised me to see that Yugi was imitating my pointing as well."Ushio, this is wrong! Did you ever try and consider listening to their side of the story!" I was surprised to hear him say something like this because not only this was out of character for Yugi, but it looks as though that I left a big impression on Yugi.

"Hold it!" I said after recovering from my shock."Listen to Yugi Ushio, you really need stop before it gets out of hand. One of these days, your bullying will catch up to you." All of a sudden one of the Public Moral guys started to attack me and I was surprised to see how well my reflexes were. I managed to fight most of them but the last one punched me in the stomach causing me to collapse.

"You are so naive Phoebe, trying to reason with someone is pointless and the only way to get someone to do what you want is letting your fists do the talking so I suggest that you should learn it. By the way Yugi from now on I will be your bodyguard my fee for protecting you and your friend there is 20,00 yen."

"20,000 yen." Yugi said too shocked to even notice my pitiful state. However, after the incident Yugi took me home and apparently I am staying at his house for some reason. At first I wanted to learn more about my memories but I was more worried about Yugi so I suggested that we should work on the puzzle. As we were doing this, I instantly thought of Professor Layton thinking that he would want to work on the puzzle as well. I knew that the Professor would not be able to help me with a puzzle this time but if anyone could help Yugi with his money problems it would be the Pharaoh himself. Unfortualtly, just as we made it to the last piece of the puzzle, I remembered the Jounouchi stole a piece and I mentally cursed myself for not paying attention.

(Uh oh, we don't have anymore pieces. I better think of something quick.)

"Have a look! I guess that we ran out of pieces." I said as I laughed nervously."Hang on! I think that we might have left it at the school. Yugi wait right there, I'll go and get the piece."

"Objection! Phoebe, it's to dangerous with Ushio around guarding the place. I'm coming with you." Again I was shocked to see Yugi out of character. I knew that going alone was a bad idea and I was right when I told Yugi that Ushio would be there expecting money. In the end we were both beaten pretty badly and I knew that the last time that I lost this mush blood was when I was in the underworld defending their overlord. Fortunately I saw that both, Jounouchi and Hounda came to the rescue. It caught Ushio off guard and I managed to trip him giving Yugi just enough time to finish the millinium puzzle.

I then saw Yami take over once the puzzle was finished and when he saw me my face paled when he said,"You weren't supposed to see me."

"I know." I said trying to sound confident while in reality I was scared out of my mind.

"Who are you?" The Pharaoh demanded.

I then tried to put on a brave face and said,"I am Phoebe Wright and I'm fine!" Yami now seemed more amused than angry and it didn't help my nerves at all when he started to look at me funny.

"What a troublsome girl, perhaps I will ask you a few things after the game and I should have you know that I don't like secrets." Yami said as I started to pass out as a result. Once I woke up I was a bit surprised to see that he was still there. He then kneeled down at me as he stared at me with those violet eyes and said,"What do you know about locks and chains?"

"Locks and chains?" I asked confused but once I realized what he was asking me I said,"Oh you mean physic locks? Yeah those only appear when someomebody is telling a lie with my magatama and the only way that you could break them is by presenting the right evidence. I have no idea how you can see them but since I can't lie to you, I guess that I have no choice to tell you that I am actually an adult and in my world everyone here are supposed to be fictional characters so if you don't mind Yami, I would prefer it if you kept this a secret."

"I will, but on one condition, you can not under no circumstances tell Yugi or anyone else about me. Oh and I beleive that this is yours. I beleive that this what caused me to be able to see those physic locks you mentioned earlier and remember if you to tell I will take the magatama away too. Oh and I have one more question for you, why did you call me Yami?"

"Because that is what they call you in the show so it just felt natural for me to call you that."

"I like it and you can call me that from now on." The next day I was glad that everything was somewhat back to normal but I was glad that I had my magatama back wich sat proudly around my neck and to be fair I have always thought that it made a nice neckless. Aside from that I was happy to see that Jounouchi was in the halllway waiting for us knowing that he wouldn't bully Yugi anymore.

"Look like you are in a good mood today." I said half teasing him.

"Ha, ha, you know me and Yugi, I decided to follow your example and got myself a treasure. Wanna see?"

"Yeah." Yugi and I said filled with excitement but I knew what Jounouchi was trying to do.

"Too bad, the thing about my treasure is something that is that it's something that you can see but can't see."

"Let me guess, it's friendship." I said stealing Jounouchi's as I scratched my chin pleased with myself. I then knew that the blond would be a bit embarrassed about it so I couldn't help but laugh at him before he started to run down the hall. Although, Jounouchi ended up loosing his shoe and we had to chase after him.

Author's note: I hope that you are enjoying this story. For those who are new to Phoenix Wright, the parenthesis are Phoenix's thoughts. This is a crossover between Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorneny and Yugioh and it will be based on the manga. Please leave a review. I would like to hear your thoughts so that I may improve this story.