Title: Ripples in the Water

Author: Evidence

Chapter: 11

Rating: PG-13

Author's Notes: Thank you again for reading and reviewing.  Alas this is the end of this story.  I really enjoyed writing it because I felt it "meant" something.  Hope you enjoy.

The chair was that uncomfortable leather that looked good but made you feel like your bum was forever attached to glue.  Grissom shifted in the seat some more.  He was uncomfortable enough as it was without having a chair bothering him.

Dr. St. John was dark haired and haggard looking; giving the appearance that life hadn't been kind to him.  Grissom smiled as he thought letting Sara slip away probably created St. John's current physical state.

"Gil, tell me more about your father."

Grissom sighed.  "There isn't much to tell.  He wasn't in my life.  He left when I was just a kid."

"Why did he leave?"

"I don't know.  He said he had to but…"

"You do know.  Think about it."  St. John bore green eyes that were hypnotic in nature.

Rubbing his forehead, Grissom willed himself to think.  Why had he gone?  Because mom was deaf?  Because he wasn't happy?  Because I was there?  "He left…he left because of me."  His heart began thundering in his ears.


"I…I was different.  I had no friends.  I didn't play sports.  I wanted to spend all my time alone reading and looking at bugs.  I preferred the deaf world and he couldn't stand it.  I'm the reason he left."  A shudder went through him.

Dr. St. John nodded.  "So you were special.  Like Dylan is special."

"Well, no, I had no learning disabilities."

"But was life easy for you?  Did you mature as your peers?"

"Well, no…"

"Then you and Dylan are the same.  Dylan is good with people, right?"  Grissom shook his head.  "You lack social skills.  Dylan has learning disabilities.  You have people disabilities."


Dr. St. John smiled.  "Gil, as Dylan can't read, you can't talk to others.  You fear letting them in.  You don't know how to approach them.  You are disabled in that way."

Grissom reflected on what the doctor had just said.  Was his personality a cause of problems?  Well, it did hurt his marriage and he wouldn't have Sara if she hadn't knocked some sense into him.

"What do I do Doctor?"

St. John sighed.  "I can continue to see you and make sure I pull some information out of you whether you like it or not.  Then we have to come up with a plan to help you.  Sort of like Dylan's IEP.  There will be goals to be set."

Grissom chuckled.  "I'm like Dylan, I think I like that. I want to change, I want to keep Sara and my son in my life."

"That is the first step."

He bought a nice piece of haddock from Wilson's Fish Market that afternoon and brought it home for their supper meal.  He could sense Sara was curious to how the session went but with Dylan munching at the table the topic was closed for discussion.

Grissom read a Dr. Seuss story to Dylan after he had tucked him in.  A baseball adorned room for a kid who would never play the game.  Grissom shook his head.  He had to stop dwelling on the negative concerning Dylan, all it did was make Grissom feel worse.

"I'm turning in," Sara popped in her head and spoke in a whisper.

Grissom met her in the hall.  "I better be off to work before everyone wonders where I am."

"Yeah," she started.

"When the shift is done, I'll make us some breakfast."  Grissom smiled warmly.

"I may sleep in late," Sara bent her head so he couldn't look into her eyes.

"Then I'll go to bed first- breakfast can wait."

"I'll save you your space."  Sara smiled back.

Sara was physically not ready to progress their relationship any further but they felt so close just lying beside each other.

Grissom grabbed his coat and started out the door.  He stopped suddenly realizing he hadn't told Sara about the session with Eric St. John.  "Oh, everything went well. Eric is very smart and nice."

"Great," Sara said.

"Yeah, he thinks I'm disabled."

"What?"  Sara's head shot up.

Grissom nodded.  "My lack of people skills.  I think with Eric's help and your…" he stopped short of saying love, "I'm be okay."

"I always thought you were better than okay."

"Thank you for saying that.  I'm going to change Sara, and then I'm going to make this relationship last."

Sara felt her pulse quicken.  "I don't want you to change, just open up more.  I want this to last, too."  She closed the space between them.  "I love Gil Grissom no matter what's wrong with him."  The smirk lingered on her face for a moment until it was replaced by Grissom's lips wetting hers.

They kissed gently with passion ebbing underneath.

Grissom smiled after he pulled away.  "I would only change for Sara Sidle."

"Ah, correction, Sara Sidle Grissom."

"I stand corrected."  He left then, the taste of Sara's lips making him warm as a light rain drizzled.

The sessions had gone well.  Grissom had learned to meditate on his bitterness over his father's disappearance from his life, the reasons he secluded himself from others and the difficulties that abounded with a special needs child.  He had felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.  He no longer felt the pressure to bite his tongue when talking to someone.  He wanted to invest in the physical, environmental, and social worlds, not just the world of science and books. 

Grissom had always found science easy, not just because of his uber-intelligence but science was fact, it could be proven, there was no guesswork involved in the final result.  Life on the other hand was full of unpredictable events, a roller coaster with highs and lows.  It was scary and uncontrollable.  Grissom though was finally ready to embrace life and the roadblocks formed in the way.  He didn't want to retreat anymore to the security of fact, of science.  He was willing to explore what life had in store for him; he was willing to lose some control.

If someone had told him that his love for Sara would change him, he would've agreed.  He wouldn't have been able to know how much that love would do for him. 

Sara, meanwhile, had recovered nicely from the accident and subsequent surgery.  She moved around freely and was back hard at work.  She relished her new life with Grissom which she believed was better than at any time during their marriage.  He was more open and trusting.  They communicated at a deeper level.  Grissom had gotten rid of his apartment and moved all this things back into the ranch house.  They ate dinner, went to movies, kissed, laughed, and made love.  Somehow it seemed sweeter the second time around.

Dylan had progressed slightly in the months since his father moved back in.  He entered first grade and begun reading some simple words such as "I", "you", "it".  Even though it was only slight improvement his parents were quite proud.

"Dylan's the four presenter," Greg Sanders read off the blue information sheet.

Warrick shifted in the metal chair he was sitting in.  "Gosh, could they find a worst place to sit.  My back is already killing me."

"Stop whining," Catherine said with a laugh.

"Just everyone remember to tell the kid he did a great job, no matter how bad it is."

"Brass!"  Nick looked appalled.

"Well, he wrote this himself…how good can it be?"  Jim folded his arms.

Grissom and Sara took their seats then.  They had been in the back wishing Dylan good luck.

"How is he?" Catherine asked.

"Nervous."  Sara sighed.

"It's only first grade, no one's expecting Shakespeare."  Brass smiled.

"We don't even know what he wrote, he won't show it us," Grissom said placing his arm around Sara's shoulders.  "Oh, Tina, that's a nice blouse."

"Um…thanks," Tina replied looking at Nick.  Nick couldn't help but smile.  Grissom was really trying to be friendlier. 

The presentations went quickly and then it was Dylan's turn.  He was dressed in a blue shirt with navy slacks even though he had wanted to wear his favorite pair of jeans.  He slowly approached the center of the stage his face nearly white.  He swallowed hard and his parents held their breaths.

"I…I wrote this."  He looked at his parents and they smiled back warmly.  Dylan, gathering up his courage began, "Water is great.  It is blue.  If you throw a stone in the water, it moves.  My Uncle Nick says that is a ripple."

Nick beamed.

"Ripples always come back to you.  Just like my parents.  They always come back together. The end."

Applause came from everywhere but Dylan's little hybrid family.  They were surprised and elated at the same time.  Grissom patted Sara's shoulder and looked into her eyes.  "I'll always come back to you."

"I know," she said and clapped for her son.

Dylan bounded off the stage, smiling ear to ear.  He quickly took a seat in his father's lap.

"Well, I'm impressed," Brass said trying to hide an errant tear.

"Great job!"  Catherine touched his shoulder.

"I'm glad someone listens to me," Nick added.

"Honey, that was beautiful," Sara said pushing back his bangs.

"I had help from my teachers.'

"Okay, but who came up with the ripple idea?"  Grissom asked.

"I did."  Dylan pointed at Nick.  "Uncle Nick told me."

"But you related it to us…" Grissom looked at his son's quizzical expression.  "Never mind."

Grissom and Sara sat at home that night contemplating all that had occurred in their young marriage.  The fights, the false infidelity, Dylan's birth, the problems that he faced, the love always there no matter.  Sara had her head on Grissom's shoulder as they talked feeling the warmth of his body heat.

"Gil, there is something I need to tell you."

"Gil?  Did you just say "Gil"?"  Fear took over his heart.

She moved from her comfortable position.  "You know how medication can interfere with birth control pills?"


"Well, the medication I was on for my back did that."  She paused as she watched his eyes light up.  A smile formed on his face.  "So anyways I'm pregnant."

He kissed her, holding her even closer to him.  "Oh, Sara this is wonderful."  This time he truly met it.  He loved being a father and was ready to do a better job at it with this child.

"You know that this baby could be like Dylan or worse.  Especially seeing I got pregnant on birth control pills."  Sara sighed.  "There could be mental retardation, a malady of things."

Grissom nodded.  "I know but I wouldn't trade Dylan for anything.  If the worse happens we'll deal with it together."

"I just worry that this is going to break us up again if we face problems with this child.  Or what if the child is perfect and Dylan feels we love the baby more because he or she is more like us?"

"Don't worry.  No one knows what life will bring, it's how you deal with it that's important."  Grissom kissed her forehead.

"Yeah, I never thought we were going to get together the way things were going all those years ago."  Sara reflected on the memories.

Grissom pushed back her hair.  "Didn't our son just teach us that we are ripples in the water?  We will always come back to each other, Sara.  That's what happens with soul mates."

They kissed, Sara falling back on the couch with Grissom soon following.  Sara's charm bracelet made noise as her arm came around Grissom's body.  Above them Evan's painting stared down in it's brilliant glory.  A symbolization of hope, dreams and love reunited once again.

The end.