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Bob has reappeared at the front of the cinema with a circular shape in his hands. "Okay, guys. I got some bad news for all of ya'll."

"Well, spill the beans, Bob." Nora saluted proudly.

"Here's the dooey: like I said before, I got a VERY detailed schedule of clips about your alternate timelines where I keep track of what's up on the agenda Now, the issue is that the next clip I'm supposed to show you is…"

Bob rolls out a few inches of film tape from the canister to show to the audience that they've been chewed on.

"…yeah. I got dimensional rats chewing on."

"There's a thing call 'dimensional rats'?" Glynda provoked with curiosity.

Bob gave a brief puff of the chest in frustration. "Yeah… it kind of puts the immunity my Dimensional Cinema is supposed to grant to shame, doesn't it?

But don't worry!" He made an attempt to lighten up the situation by nullifying its seriousness. "I'll just get a new one while I'll have a spare clip from my storage playing to keep everyone entertained."

"So, what's this other clip going to be about?" Sun asked with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms, slouching in his seat.

The host gave the monkey boy a shrug. "No idea. I don't have time to check what I've just put into the dimensional movie player cause like I said before, we're on a tight schedule so… have fun!"

Immediately, the boy snapped its right hand's fingers and disappeared into a mist of smoke with the broken film. The Cinema Screen lit up white for a second before it immediately turned black.

At least there was a title card presented to introduce the film.

[RWBY: The Silver – Eye Warrior]

[Intro Cinematic]

"Ooo, speaking of which, I need to ask Ozpin after this film about my eyes…" Ruby thought, looking off into the distance.

"'Intro Cinematic'?" Yang commented with a look of interest. "But I want to see more of this, especially if it's about my little sister."

Ruby went ditzy with her blushed face. "Aww Yang..."

"Can you please keep it down?" Arthur demanded with vigor, drawing a scowl on his eyebrows.

[Play: Warframe Soundtrack – Umbra]

An ominous low bass bloomed as the sound of neck-cooling footsteps spoke in the dark. When the darkness faded to clear up the scene, a red-cloaked figure suddenly collapsed onto the Grimm-carved ground, gasping for breath in a wispy manner. Only its right arm was out to keep it from letting the head lick the corrupted floor.

The sky was a misty dark red with the shattered moon of Remnant just peering over the horizon.

The figure then pulled its left arm out from behind, revealing an all-too-familiar red-and-black mechanical scythe, and planted the blade end and the handle/hilt of the weapon were planted into the ground, enough that it would still stay upright.

"That's me!" Ruby exclaimed in her mind with a surprised face.

But her emotions finally chose to color itself black as her face faded into a pale white as the clip continued. "Wait, wh- "

When Ruby set the scythe down, she observed shakingly, and of horror, that her left hand was covered – nay, her left forearm was drenched in blood.

The white seat council, the grey seat gang, and a select few from the black seat syndicate could not help it but give the choppy, red-tipped hair a quick glance - some looked at her for longer.

"No," Yang retorted mentally, distraught stained on her face. "There is no way she could have done this!"

Regardless, it only piled on the stack of remote, but still present, guilt for Ruby. Even if it wasn't actually 'her', she could not help herself from feeling despair as she cowered lower than the seat in front of her.

Ruby panned towards her left shoulder, looking at her dripping hand. Then, she looked to her right hand, which she later lifted up as she gradually sat up, and it seemed it has met the same fate as its opposite.

Her hands were shaking as her face was in disbelief, building up briefly. In a great climax of furious anger, she pulled her fists back, puffed out her chest, and gave a great sonorous roar that was intoxicated with a deeper and lower pitch.


Team RWBY and JNPR flinched at the shriek with terrified looks - they never heard the little angel mourn so vividly.

Cinder reflected back to that night during the Fall of Beacon. Surely she's seen Ruby howling for Pyrrha's death with her silver eyes, but it was nothing like what the screen exaggerated as she watched on intrigued with her eyes more open.

Ruby's silver eyes were consumed in a white light that fired outwards – its volume was clearly defined like a lighthouse's flood light.

In front of her was a dead tree composed of nothing natural but Grimm.

But more interestingly, all around her were the corpses of various weapons –all were either shattered or snapped, either in pieces or halves – that were, too, tainted with blood.

In the white seats, there were several gasps and, later on, chants that called for their destroyed souls from Team RWBY and Team JNPR.

Ruby had buried herself under her little hood, sweating beads down her face. She seemed that she doesn't want to believe if she's the cause of their symbolized 'deaths'.

The warrior finally stopped its roar and it craned back to the ground with heavy heaves of exhaustion.

"Please," Ruby cried in her thoughts, still looking timid under the seats. "Don't make me responsible for-"

A voice that echoed in the realm firmly forced Ruby to turn her cloaked head around, revealing her current state. Dried up tears below her eyelids, clots of a large cut that intersected diagonally across her lips, and remnants of blood from her forehead on the right side all cumulatively defined Ruby's desperate state. Her shrunken pupils only added power to the grim mood.

Tail, Yang, and Qrow nearly jumped out of their seats, Raven thought it was justice that Ruby has finally saw the dark 'reality', and Weiss and Blake were trying to physically keep the sisters in-check in terms of self-control.

They, who have been mentioned previously, would have spoken immediately about Ruby's state if it wasn't for that vocal sound that turned all of their heads.

…specifically who it was that was speaking…

"Howl all you want...

To Ruby's great fear was Ozpin, coated in the shadows and leaning against a slab of purple crystals in the Grimm underworld (or wherever it's located)

With his cane in his right hand and his left hand behind his back, he stepped out into the red light with sympathetically raised eyebrows.

"…, it won't bring them back."

Now it was Ozpin's turn to hold the burden Ruby once held as EVERYONE looked at him, shocked expressions meeting his gaze just as he halted his cup of coffee before his lips. His wide eyes did not expected this to come.

"Oz," Qrow cawed, a scowl drawn on him. "Would you-"

"Qrow, I know what you're about to ask," He replied, with great sincerity, as he placed his coffee mug back into the cup holder. "but let me be clear: I have no ill intention to harm Ruby, or any of her friends." His lack of friendliness showed no sign of weakness in him being frank with everyone in the cinema.

"... that's all I needed to know." The crow leaned back into his chair as he took another swig of the bottle.

As Ozpin continued to step forward, a pair of black puddles were spawning a total of six Grimm Beowolves from the ground. Black goo dripped from their bodies as the monstrosities were finalized in form, ready to gnaw the silver-eye warrior into nothing but bones.

Ruby quickly picked up her Crescent Rose from behind, and parried a pounce from the first pursuer before she quickly caused a collateral damage with the first three pawns all thanks to a swing of her scythe. She then followed up with another three swipes, insta-killing the remaining Beowolves, before she deployed Crescent Rose to the ground, angling it so that her weapon was aimed for Ozpin.

Much of the white seats were cowering in fear, hoping that the 'good guy' will somehow survive. A few of them even took it to the extremity, questioning Ozpin's real allegiance back in the original timeline in their heads.

The heroine, mad with fury, was trying to pull the trigger, but there was a red aura surrounding her trigger finger. She was gritting her teeth, her silver eyes was illuminating, and she had an exotic death-stare during her struggle.

Ozpin looked down at her without a sign of fear. Strangely, his eyes glowed a luminescent red. Despite that his mouth never moved, fascinatingly, he was yet able to speak with a deep echo in his tone.

"The silver-eyes give you strength, Ruby…"

The world for Ruby flashed black and gradually tinted red before her vision was restored to normal. But her mind was not so kind. Immediately, she felt upon a great phantom stab within it and she pulsed back, stumbling away, grunting in pain with both hands on the side of her head as the silver-eyes waned in power.

Team RWBY and JNPR winced, especially Ruby, but Cinder was secretly hiding a smirk behind her façade. The same could be said for Emerald and Mercury.

Roman, strangely enough, frowned in great concern for Little Red as he leaned closer until his elbows were on his knees, supporting his head from collapsing. His companion tilted her head, wondering where did he suddenly acquire sympathy for Ruby, as she tapped his shoulder.

"Wha- oh." Roman said as he was shook from the touch. "It's just that… I know what it feels to be played... like that." Neo's mouth made an 'oh' as she leaned back into her chair, satisfied.

She recovered, though weakly with her limp arms and dragging head, and retrieved her weapon to place close to her guard. A stare of spite, at least, was aimed accurately at Ozpin.

Just as fitting that the scythe-sniper would have fine accuracy if she couldn't fire really anything.

Quickly, however, did those loathing eyes shrink and cower before its maker as Ozpin finished his quote, through actual tone.

"…, but you cannot defy your creators."

Behind Ozpin was the back of the malevolent Queen of Grimm, Salem, approaching in levitation towards the candle in the wind.

"Even we make mistakes, like you."

Qrow and the rest of the Beacon staffs became unsettled with Ozpin's previous retort. It's one thing to murder your nieces, but it's another to turn out to be a backstabber.

At least that's what he hoped wasn't true. Sure, whatever was shown on-screen was an alternate version of their reality, but it doesn't ease the thought that there could be similar characteristics driving between the timelines.

To ensure his position on the matter, Ozpin gave his team a meaningful glare with a shake of the head. The staffs of Beacon Academy (ft. Ironwood) nodded back in understanding. On the contrary, Tai didn't seem to get the message as he continued to apprehensively look back at the headmaster - he was on the edge of deciding whether to cool off or blow up.

Salem, with a wide, menacing grin, pressed forward past her companion, and lifted her left arm that was charging up with red aura closing in to the palm of her hand. Ruby, fatigued and petrified, pressed her Crescent Rose close to her chest as a barrier in a final, desperate attempt to reduce the inevitable coming.

"No… no!" Ruby whimpered as she her eyes pleaded 'mercy'.

A red beam blasted outwards from Salem's hand as Ruby's silver eyes were triggered, consuming the scene in a white light and a dying scream.


Ruby felt herself as good as dead as she collapsed onto the floor with a pale face, leaving her seat to fly back into folded position.

Oscar and Weiss quickly fled down to Ruby in a courteous attempt to revive her shattered soul and bring her nonchalant body back to her seat.

As the light and the scream faded away, the scene was now focused back to the corpses of weapons... with Crescent Rose joining the casualties in the blowing wind before the tree of death.

The Dimensional Screen stopped and blanked out, signifying the end of a questionable clip.

It was a long, uncomfortable, and tense silence in the cinema like an unpinned grenade just waiting to go off…

… until it finally detonated as Taiyang pulled up Ozpin from his seat and thrusted him against the cinema wall, pressing for answers. His face full of rage with the shape of a bull wrinkled into his nose. "OZPIN, I'm going to beat it out of you if you won't say anything! Are you working with Salem?!"

"Tai, stop it!" Qrow shouted, looking cross and out of his usual drunken state. "He's not working for Salem."

"Maybe he is, Uncle Qrow!" Yang protested. Though she did not have her semblance, that did not dissipate how furious the dragon was. "Ozpin has been keeping us all in the dark! Hell, I think he's just waiting for the right time to turn his back on us!"

"Yang, I know you still have suspicions on Ozpin, but trust me. That, what you saw on the screen," Qrow stated as he pointed to the screen. "isn't Ozpin! Don't get them confused."

"Or what if it's symbolizing something?!" Jaune intercepted. Unlike the rest of them, he was clearly panicking. "What if Ozpin really is evil?!" A few gasps from the white seats began cultivating their ideas on whether the latter is true.

"Jaune…" Pyrrha squeaked with sad eyes.

"Jaune, that's enough!" Glynda commanded. She would have whipped her crop if it was in her possession, but for now she'll make due with her strict eyebrows and cement-like tone. "Ozpin is not affiliated with Salem in any way! That I can guarantee!"

Even if Glynda could still scare them all, it seemed that certain conditions has overridden the normal outcome.

"Can you?" Yang barked. "Ozpin has lived for thousands of years, nowhere near as yours, Miss Goodwitch. Even he could have been keeping you from the truth!"

"That still doesn't justify your reason, Miss Xiao Long," Oobleck retorted, eyebrows angled downwards yet still keeping his charm. "Please, I ask of you hunters and huntresses to let go of the assumption. You don't have any critical evidence to prove anything."

"It doesn't matter if we have the evidence!" Raven declared from her seat, outraged at the blasphemy. "I've seen the truth behind Ozpin! He IS working with Salem!"

"YOU'RE LYING, RAVEN!" Ironwood announced boldly from his seats with his finger pointed at Raven. He seemed tired, in an angry manner, of the ridiculous bickering. "Even to yourself, you're still delusional!"

As the flames grew brighter, Ruby looked at Ozpin ambivalently like a wilting puppy. "Ozpin? Could you…?"

The headmaster, too stunned by the reaction of the white seats, could only quiver his lips in response.

While the most audible members of the white seats were about ready to turn each other inside out, Roman and Neo were giving each other a puzzled look – unsure of what to make of this.

Fortunately and surprisingly, the black members were the most calm about this. All heads of the black syndicate simply turned their heads towards Salem in the back of the cinema with curious faces. Hell, even Adam Taurus was interested.

Reading their thoughts straight from looks, she gave a quick answer in her simple mien. "No. Ozpin is not a secret ally of ours."

"Then, should we explain that to… them?" Arthur asked, pointing his thumb to the white council with a raised eyebrow.

"No. Let them consume themselves to make up for our… ability to punish them, especially for Hazel." She glanced over to him, who was grinning in contempt of the situation.

In an honest opinion, the rest of them felt the same way knowing that their conflict will be self-resolved as they watch happily from a spectator view.

… if it wasn't for Bob...

About time the host finally materialized into existence on center stage with a new film canister in his hands.

"Alright! I'm back guys…." His voice droned out as he watched the white seats' fierce argument turn into a fist brawl (ft. Raven Branwen), jaw dropped in an ambivalent mix of awe, horror, and guilt.

"Oh shit."


Inspiration From: Warframe - The Sacrifice (Intro Cinematic)

So, yeah. I'm doing a spin-off of a story someone else has made because I like to have a fun-dump for my hobby aside from focusing on my main story, there's too many 'watch Jaune get into some shit' fanfics, and that I honestly think that Attlich's introduction transition into the cinema has been well executed - better than I can and better than what I've seen as of late.

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