Author's Note 1: This is a sequel/continuation of 'Hindsight is Not Perfect' and 'The Dangers of Foresight'. If you haven't read those, this probably won't make a lot of sense. Both can be found under my stories

AN 2: Because it has been requested, here is a timeline for the 'Hindsight' series. The following is in chronological order:

'Hindsight is Not Perfect' – 32 BBY

'The Dangers of Foresight' – 32-31 BBY

'Sharing Outsight' – Aprox 2 weeks after DoF ends

'Warmth of Resight'Early 30 BBY, aprox 1 month before IoO begins.

'The Inevitability of Oversight' – Begins in 30 BBY (aprox 10 Galactic Standard months after DoF ends).

AN 3: Also, Anakin turned 10 not long after he reached the Temple, so he's 11 1/2, approaching the age of 12 right now. Well, physically.


Chapter 1

Jedi Knight Nuun Hutchik stood in front of the Jedi Council calmly, not allowing his lekku to so much as twitch. The fact that he didn't know why he'd been called before the High Council would have had him straining to hide the curling of his lekku only a few short years ago, but he'd been working on his control for a while and could now reap the reward of not looking like a nervous padawan in front of some of the most intimidating Jedi in the universe.

At least he hadn't been the only one called, although he couldn't really find a pattern judging from those others he knew, up to and including Master Jocasta Nu. She was one of the oldest historians and archivists in the Order, true, but Nuun himself specialized in sociology, especially those of the inner core. He gathered information about the political climate and ideals of the general populace in worlds where a Jedi had been requested most often. Although, as both a member of the order and the EduCorps, he'd also gone on his share of missions. He'd joined the EduCorps after he'd gone through his trials to become a knight and hadn't regretted the decision. However, some of the other people who had been called, other members of the EduCorps, didn't hold a Jedi rank as he and Master Nu (and a few others here) did. So it couldn't be a mission they'd been called for. No, he had the feeling that whatever the reason for the summons, it would require a lot of studying, searching and reading.

But then, why hadn't Master Nu, the lead archivist and the head of the EduCorps, called them and explained what they were to do? Why the High Council? What could the EduCorps have that the High Council needed? And why so many? The people here weren't fighters or defenders or negotiators or ambassadors. They were scholars and researchers in their specific fields – which varied greatly.

Over on the end of the line those called had organized themselves into, stood two people, both of which he knew. Ruoda Ooak, a duros specialist who had been reassigned at the age of thirteen and did not hold a Jedi rank, specialized in cultures of the Mid Rim. With her near-photographic memory for almost anything she'd been told, she was one of the most revered EduCorps members for her age. The older human she spoke to was a Jedi Master, Tedrick Slilt who specialized in general Galactic history. Next to him, thoughtfully staring into space, stood Kishta Maat, a rare EduCorps torgruta who specialized in studying inter-planetary relationships.

Nuun repressed a sigh. He really had no idea what was going on, but he supposed that he was about to find out as it looked like the Council would finally address them.

"Thank you all for coming today." It took him a moment to realize that neither Master Yoda nor Master Windu had spoken, but Master Koon. That was... unusual.

"We have asked you here to give you an assignment that may dictate the future of the Jedi Order."


"Everyone here has specialized in an area that will be beneficial to this project."

Nuun blinked again and surreptitiously glanced down the line of Force users again. Nope, still not seeing a connection.

"Each of you will be assigned a partner and then a topic to study. You will then research and present your findings in the form of an argument both for and against a change to be made to the base operation of the Jedi Order."

This time, Nuun was sure he wasn't the only one whose eyes had widened, and despite his best effort, his lekku curled for a moment before he managed to release his emotions to the force, which in turn, allowed them to relax. Blast it. But base operations? How base were they talking? Like the code base? Was this more or less an internal audit of the entire Order? He glanced to either side of him and realized that, yes, those called made much more sense after hearing that. Now if he could only get his mind to wrap itself around the idea.

"We know this is unexpected, and we do not expect a lot to change, but some things have been brought to our attention and we cannot continue without examining these issues. Each pair will be looking at the history of the Order and why each policy came into being, what the social and political climate of the time period was and why such policies had not been implemented before that point. You will then compare that to the current social and political climate and how each topic benefits or doesn't benefit the Order today. Any other points we as a Council need to consider should be included as well."

Nuun was staring in open shock, just barely keeping his jaw from dropping open at this point. Were they serious? Well, that was a dumb question, this was the Council, but still...

"Master Tedrick Slilt, your partner will be Specialist Kishta Maat, and you will be researching the reasons behind the age limit of initiates." The older human and torgruta both stepped forward and received the data pad Master Gallia handed out.

Two by two, they were each called forward and asked to research things Nuun wouldn't have thought the Council would ever question. Two were assigned the reason why Masters only took one padawan at a time, and the effect that had on the current Order. Two were assigned to research the Jedi Service Corps and the policy of reassigning children who did not gain the attention of a master by the age of 13 (they were to focus on the reassigning and why people got reassigned, not the reasons behind the age limit, although they could work with Master Slilt and Specialist Naat if they so wished). Two were assigned the Jedi Order in relation to other Force sensitive groups and organizations in the galaxy. Master Nu herself and one of the other oldest, most respected EduCorps leaders, a rodian named Deerokko Ketu (who specialized in the study of wars and the prevention thereof), were assigned the Code itself as well as the 'no attachment' rule. One pair was even given the assignment of researching weaknesses enemies of the Order, both past and present (they specifically mentioned Sith for some reason that Nuun didn't want to think about), could exploit.

Nuun was given Ruoda as a partner and they were assigned to research the Jedi Order's relation to the non-Force-sensitive population in the galaxy. How the two groups interact, what each side expected of the other and how people viewed the Order in the past as compared to now. They also were asked for the possible side effects of the current standings.

Needless to say, he wasn't the only one who walked out of there in a sort of shocked daze.


Anakin raced down the hall towards Siri's quarters. His mind still hadn't really digested the information he'd just received. He just... couldn't seem to really wrap his head around this new development. It was shock, he recognized. He had quite literally gone into a mild shock.

He made a token gesture of knocking on Siri's door, sensing to make sure that she was there and alone (both were true, thank the Force), before he stormed inside. The blond woman was pacing nervously back and forth at one end of the apartment. So either she'd heard, or Anakin's emotions were affecting her again.

At the sound of the door opening, she looked over at him and he wasn't sure exactly what expression crossed her face, but eventually she settled on a sort of tired resignation that Anakin thought didn't suit her at all.

"Obi-wan took Ferus Olin as a padawan!" he blurted out as soon as the door closed.

"I heard," she said softly and looked away.

His own gaze lost focus as he, almost frantically, tried to figure this out, mind racing and tuning out the world around him. It didn't help.

"Anakin," he heard her say firmly and looked back at her. "What are you feeling right now?"

That actually snapped him out of the daze and put him into analytical mode, for which he was grateful. It seemed all of the practice he'd had with Girth these last several months (had it really already been almost a year that he'd been going to therapy?) had given him that, at least.

"Shocked," he responded immediately.

Siri snorted and waved her hand through the air. "You're not the only one."

Anakin managed a weak smile for a moment before he felt it vanish, and he went back to analyzing what he felt.

"A little... betrayed, I think."

She came and sat down on the couch, gesturing for Anakin to take a seat as well. "Why?"

Anakin thought hard about that. Why was he feeling betrayed over someone who hadn't really been part of his life in this timeline? He'd known that, gone over it again and again both by himself and with his mind-healers. And yet...

"I... think I always wanted to believe that Obi-wan – our Obi-wan – would have chosen me, even if he hadn't been forced to by Qui-gon's promise." Yes, that definitely felt right. There was more to it, but that was a huge chunk of it. "I guess this proves he wouldn't have." He let out a humorless chuckle. "Maybe that's why I always had issues with Ferus. He really does make a better padawan for Obi-wan than I ever did."

"Stop it," Siri growled. "This is no time for self pity. We've already changed enough in this timeline that comparing this Obi-wan's experiences to our Obi-wan is nothing short of an exercise in futility. Besides, you're immensely different here as well." She sighed and slumped a little on her couch.

"Do you feel anything else?"

Anakin paused. Even after this long, sharing his emotions wasn't... easy. He wasn't sure it ever would be, but it had helped, more than he'd thought it could. A lot more. And he was getting pretty good at it, if he did say so himself.

"Sad... I guess. I mean, part of me still balks at the idea of becoming his padawan again, but part of me – a large part of me – wants what we had back. He told me I was his brother. That he loved me. I was too angry and power-drunk at the time to really believe him then, but... I do now. And now that I do believe it..." He shook his head. "We don't know what we have until it's gone, I suppose. I... just never thought..." He never thought that he and Obi-wan wouldn't eventually be a team. Part of him still held out some kind of hope, but he tried to squash it.

Siri sat forward, speaking in a soft, reassuring voice. "Just because Obi-wan has taken Ferus doesn't mean you can't still be close. You and Obi-wan are still on good terms, and maybe if you become his padawan's friend you can help Ferus be a little less..." she paused, looking for the right word.

"Stuck up?" Anakin asked with a smirk.

The blond shot him a withering glare, but didn't dispute it. Then she took a deep breath and let it out again.

"You know," she said after a moment, her voice soft and nostalgic again, "before you showed up, he came by to tell me about his new padawan. I asked him why he'd taken Ferus and he told me that mainly he didn't want to see another kid, 'far more talented than' him – his words, not mine – hit the age of 13 and be sent to the Service Corps. Then he said, 'The Force didn't say "no" when I asked.'"

Anakin blinked. He hadn't known that Obi-wan had almost aged out. Obi-wan told him that he and Qui-gon had had a rocky start, but he hadn't realized it had been that bad.

Siri shook her head and stood up, heading over to the kitchen area and grabbing some tea cups. "I think he's still having problems dealing with... well, everything. I know it's been almost a year, but he's still hurting. He's also healing. This really is a good development."

Well, Anakin had to concede that point. This Obi-wan was still grieving, and him taking a padawan was actually a very positive step forward that spoke well of his own emotional progress. So why did it sound like Siri was trying to convince herself just as much as she was trying to convince Anakin?

"Also, he told me he's going to learn Soresu, 'so that his padawan will never have to lose his master the way I lost mine'."

They sat in silence for a minute while Anakin digested that. Then he shook his head. "I still think he needed mind-healing just as much as we did. Still do, I guess."

"No argument there," Siri replied. "But he's still being stubborn and won't go see one unless he gets an order from the Council." A charged silence fell as Siri continued to work in the kitchen. Then she stilled and Anakin turned to see her standing there, staring at the water she'd just begun to warm.


"I also asked him about you," she said softly. "He... looked so shocked when I asked why he'd taken Ferus and not you. The utter surprise on his face... You know how he is. There are times when he's just so open that you can't help but know he's being completely honest. That it hasn't even crossed his mind to lie. With one of those expressions, he said that he never really considered it because he thought I was going to take you on once I got knighted."

Anakin blinked. The shock from before returned with a vengeance.

Siri went on. "I didn't think you and I had been spending that much time together, but from what I understand, he isn't the only one who thinks that."

The former Sith looked down as his mind raced. It had to be the lightsaber practice they did more or less every other day. He'd long-since surpassed all of the classes remotely close to his age, and Siri had taken to coming in and teaching him during saber class. It had earned him a few mild glares from some of the other students that he didn't know well. He tried to help out with the class whenever he could, however, so he didn't feel nearly as ostracized as last time. Also, he'd seen a great improvement in his little group of 'friends', as well. Hik'te and Coira were easily the head of the rest of their class, Hale wasn't far behind, Thoran had improved markedly, and even Maelee had risen from her position of last place. He liked to think his tutelage had a lot to do with it.

He and Siri had also benefited from the arrangement and had seen obvious improvements. In all honesty, Anakin still felt frustrated by his lack of saber ability, but found himself pleased with his progress. It was a... new state of being for him. He wasn't used to feeling pleased about anything he did unless other people praised or acknowledged him. But he'd begun to learn that he needed to compare himself to himself, not to others (and not to his future self either). As long as he was better today than he was yesterday, then it was an accomplishment he could be proud of. It was still a... strange idea to him, but one he was getting used to. Sort of. He still hated to duel a master or even advanced knights as they tended to wipe the floor with him even now, but it was something he was slowly learning to accept. He had value no matter what he did, and as long as he progressed, that was enough.

There were still days he didn't believe that though. He wondered if that would ever change, if the bad times would just slowly disappear as more days where he believed the healthier train of thought crowded out the days where he reverted to his initial slave mentality. He hoped so.

Siri cleared her throat, drawing Anakin out of his musings. Then she spoke. "The Council says they will send me through the trials, traditionally this time. Someone else must have gotten the under-cover mission to take out Krayn. I guess I was considered too emotionally unstable." She snorted again, some of her old humor coming back. A little coma and only two months of questioning my reality, and they thought I would be too compromised."

She still sounded a bit off. He supposed he could understand that... and relate.

The former Sith cocked his head, a little worried. "Are you upset you didn't get the mission?"

She sighed. "No, not really. I hated and always felt guilty about what I had to do under that man. I still have to constantly release my guilt and anger from that time to the Force, although it's gotten much better lately."

Anakin's eyes widened. Right. As an undercover agent, she would have more or less had to completely subject herself to the slaver she'd been investigating. She'd become little better than a slave herself, in all actuality. He hadn't realized before that she understood where Anakin was coming from, albeit to a much lesser degree. She'd also had a noble, idealistic cause behind her actions, but still.

"I... took Ferus as a padawan fairly soon after my original Knighting," she continued. "I'm having a difficult time picturing my future without him there."

The former Sith nodded. He could relate.

"You're a Jedi. You'll figure it out," he muttered, trying to be more supportive. It had been yet another thing he and his mind-healers had been working on. According to them, when you focus on helping other people through their problems, you often find a way through your own. He wasn't quite sure he believed that as thoroughly as they insisted upon it, but even their small suggestions had really been helping him, so he'd begun to get into the habit. Besides, he'd always liked helping others – well, when he hadn't been completely subservient to the dark side.

"Ferus and Obi-wan will make a good team," he said a little louder, still trying not to feel hurt about that. He hadn't realized just how much his relationship with Obi-wan meant to him, baggage or not. Without the idea of Obi-wan there he felt kind of... lost. As much as he hated to admit it.

Siri hummed thoughtfully. "Yes, they will."

He could sense sadness and loss from her too. She wasn't hiding it from him or herself like she'd tended to after they'd first come back, and that had to be a positive development. She continued to let the tea steep and came back into the room, taking her previous seat.

"I... think Ferus was protecting Leia," Anakin said, thinking over his later encounters with the man. "In the future, I mean. Well, the other future."

"What?" his blond companion asked, surprised. "What makes you think that?"

Anakin returned her bewilderment. "You... don't remember?"

She frowned. "Remember what?"

A sick feeling started climbing up his esophagus. He felt his fists clench and tried to control the apprehension rising within him. "How he died," he said slowly.

Silence fell as Siri wracked her memory for that.

"No... I don't."

Trying not to make it look abrupt, Anakin rose. "I see. Well, we'll have to discuss that at a different time. I must be going to class."

It was a blatant lie. He didn't have class for another hour at least. But they'd just gotten to a point where they were amiable, friends even. He didn't want to have what they'd tentatively built torn down, and he really didn't want to see the defensive, distrusting Siri from a year ago return.

Too bad he'd never been diplomatic. Even he almost winced at the obviousness of his words as soon as they'd come out of his mouth.

"You killed him, didn't you." Anakin froze. After a very pregnant pause in which Anakin didn't move, Siri continued, "I know he survived Order 66 because he wasn't a Jedi. I know he almost went dark... because he hated you. He... knew, didn't he?"

Anakin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing his fear to the Force, and then he sat back down as calmly as he could. "Yes. To this day I am not entirely sure how he figured it out, but he did. I suspect he had some connection with Obi-wan, but I never found the proof. Perhaps he simply joined the rebellion, but he'd disappeared beforehand. For years. I think I always knew he wasn't dead, but when he confronted me... " He let out a slow breath. "It was a distraction. I know the Princess... Leia, was there, but his efforts let her escape me. I am grateful now, as I may not have let her live had she fallen into my custody at that point." Had that been before or after he'd found out about Luke? He couldn't remember.

That blasted heavy silence returned as he awaited her verdict on his actions.

"I would be lying if I said that didn't upset me," she said finally. "But, I don't feel surprised, so I think I already knew." Either that, or she just wasn't shocked that, as a Sith, he'd killed someone very dear to her. It had been something he'd done to people on a fairly regular basis during that period of his life.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry," Anakin muttered, amazed at how easily he could say that now. Say it and mean it, too.

Siri closed her eyes and took a deep breath, obviously releasing her emotions to the Force. "I know you are, Anakin. I haven't doubted that for a while now."

The admission warmed his heart, and he couldn't help but feel as if a weight had lifted off his chest at her words. "Thank you," he said softly, but sincerely.

The quiet that followed felt more companionable than anything as she went back into the kitchen and fetched the tea.

"So," he ventured hesitantly as his mind went over their conversation. "Are you planning on taking me as a padawan?"

She sighed as she walked back into the room and put a cup down in front of him. Milk, no sugar, no cream, just as he liked it. Maybe they really had been spending too much time together.

"I don't know. I guess that would depend on whether it would help our plans or not. I mean, it isn't like you need me trying to teach you or anything."

"True," Anakin conceded easily. He thought about that for a moment, then shook his head. "No, not right now," he said. "It could disrupt a few too many plans we've already put in place." Such as the Ambassador program. That entire situation had surprised them greatly as Palpatine hadn't taken any of the Jedi children as an aid. Somehow, Anakin couldn't help but think that this had something to do with Dooku's acceptance of Sidious' offer. That might also explain why the program had changed from one month stints to three month stints regarding how each initiate and they didn't work in pairs. Sidious wasn't trying to go through every child as quickly as possible to find an ideal candidate anymore.

Still, their third 'shuffling', as they'd begun to call the process of changing padawans and the senators they aided, would be happening soon, and it seemed Palpatine might actually ask for someone this time.

Surprisingly, his time at the Senate hadn't been much of a strain on his, or any of the other Initiates' schedules. They were, for all intents and purposes, glorified gophers for a few hours a week. Truthfully, Anakin wasn't too upset about that. The job didn't have a whole lot of responsibility attached to it and many often forgot that the initiates were even there. He'd still managed to catch and point out a few things when the senators and their aides had been researching, but had come across nothing of note – well, to him.

His first assignment had been to Hisket Borra, a torgruta from a colony world in the mid-rim. His second had been, surprisingly enough, to Bail Antilles of Alderaan.

He was pretty sure he'd been able to hide the awkwardness he'd felt in that assignment for the first few weeks. That man's child had adopted Anakin's daughter. Anakin had held said daughter back while their planet was destroyed. Antilles had initially supported Padmé's vote of no confidence in the other timeline and was a pretty staunch supporter of Palpatine now – The Chancellor who wore the mask of a saint.

Anakin had little doubt that Antilles was a good person. He was also a good politician and thus, Anakin couldn't help but be wary of him, even if they had parted on good terms.

His third appointment had been to that of Je'crie'mo from a Mid Rim planet called Parthor. He didn't remember anything about the senator or the planet when he'd initially heard of them and that hadn't changed much. In honesty, they seemed like fence-sitters: people who didn't choose a side until one obviously won. Needless to say, Anakin hadn't been impressed, but they had still been average people whom he hadn't had issues being around.

All in all, the whole program had been one pleasant surprise, more of a break than anything, really.

Somehow, though, he knew this was the calm before the storm. Eventually, he would have to face Palpatine. Xio, Girth and Siri were all still against it, but Anakin was adamant. If anyone had to face the Sith Lord, he would not let it be an inexperienced initiate.

"We may not have much of a choice if it takes too much longer to get any blackmail on Palpatine," Siri muttered, and Anakin had to backtrack. It took him a moment to realize that she was still stuck on the idea of him becoming a padawan. Right.

He considered her words and nodded. "True, but we have two years until I age out."

Siri didn't speak for several seconds, studying him again, an almost proud expression on her face.

"What?" Anakin asked, puzzled.

"The way you said that," she replied. "No fear – no negativity at all, really. You're just stating a fact. You sound like you truly don't care either way."

The younger Jedi considered that for a moment. "I don't," he finally replied. "I only care about taking out Palpatine. That's all that really matters at this point."

This time, Siri frowned.

He raised an eyebrow in question.

"Your future matters too, Anakin."

For several seconds, neither one of them spoke as Anakin considered that, even more confused. Why would his future matter? Except as it correlated to the universe and the survival thereof. It wasn't like he deserved a good future. Not after everything he'd done.

He'd told her that before, though, and simply couldn't fathom why she'd disagree. She said she'd forgiven him, but that didn't mean he'd made up for his past. He wasn't sure he ever could.

Sensing the old argument, and obviously not up to the challenge, Siri sighed. "We'll discuss it later."

"Very well," he replied, thankfully letting the matter drop.

"Anything from Dooku?" she asked, before continuing to sip her tea.

Anakin sighed and shook his head. He had gotten a few updates from the Count but nothing really concrete. Not that he'd expected otherwise. Apparently, neither had Siri. They'd told Yoda about him and their suspicions. The Grandmaster hadn't been happy about the whole thing, his ears had drooped further and further the more Anakin and Siri had told him. After they'd finished, he thanked them for their efforts on his padawan's behalf before shuffling sadly away. If only for the old troll's sake, he found himself holding out hope that Dooku was actually resisting, even if he knew better.

She sighed sadly and shook her head. "What about Fett?"

The former Sith felt his mouth thin. "I actually have heard from him recently. He wants to meet me."

Siri raised her eyebrows. "He what?"

"He wishes to meet me. I've already set up a time and place." He forced himself to speak as if he were stating a fact, hiding how uneasy the circumstances made him. He'd hadn't received confirmation regarding his updated slave list that he sent the man several months ago, although he'd reported mission success at least once a month, if not more, requesting new drop-off points and his payments.

When Anakin had sent it a second time with an explanation that he'd received word that these slaves were either already freed or dead, Fett had responded with an affirmative. Everything should be going fine now, so why would the bounty hunter want to meet up with him? Especially with how he'd worded the missive...

Fett wasn't happy with him, and Anakin didn't know why, but he felt he had to meet the man, if only to try and talk him down from turning any information about him over to Palpatine. Anakin had looked up the bounty on his head, and it wasn't insignificant.

"You shouldn't, then," Siri said, nervously. "He might try something."

Anakin shook his head again. "If I don't, he will try something. I worked with Boba Fett a lot under the Empire. Jango is old Mandalore and follows that code, albeit loosely, but he's still fairly predictable."

Siri snorted. "Of course he's predictable. He'll put a blaster to your head the moment your back is turned."

"While I can see why you would think that, I can guarantee you, he won't. At least not until we've spoken." The moment they finished their conversation, all bets could be off, but as long as Anakin went in knowing that, he didn't have a problem with it.

"Do you want backup?" Siri asked.

Anakin thought about that for a moment, then nodded. "That could be useful."

The woman sighed. "I'll make plans for it. When are you meeting him?"

"Three days from now, in the evening." It was the weekend day and thus, Anakin didn't have any classes.

Siri frowned. "I should be able to get out of previous engagements." She continued to think on that before nodding. "Yes, I'll be there. Meet you here at..." She faded off, shooting him an expectant look.

"Seventeen hundred hours. That will give us enough time to make a plan, don our disguises, and get into place."

"He'll have the same idea."


Siri rubbed the bridge of her nose and took a deep breath. "You still haven't told Master Yoda about this, have you."

Anakin shook his head, looking (and feeling) completely unrepentant. Actually, he'd only told Siri because she'd somehow managed to catch him sneaking out to race and insisted she at least tell him of his more shadow-based activities. Once she had realized she wouldn't be able to talk Anakin out of his personal crusade, she'd agreed to keep it a secret as long as she could accompany him and back him up when he needed it. Bleersh hadn't been too happy when he'd initially shown up with Siri in tow. He'd been convinced she'd turn them all in. But after a few times, he'd warmed up to her (as much as the bookie ever really could) and was even grateful for the extra protection she provided. He'd insisted that they never bring their lightsabers out – ever – but had been happy enough to provide them with some rather... illegal firearms and then encouraged them to protect themselves and him. She'd even agreed to race for Anakin when he couldn't make it.

All in all, she was very supportive. It was... weird.

"I still think you should tell him."

Right. Master Yoda. Anakin really needed to work on staying focused. It was harder, as of late, and he suspected more physical development of his childish brain. He knew such changes were positive and would help him in the future, but that didn't stop it from being frustrating now.

"No," Anakin said, voice firm. "It doesn't matter whether he knows about Fett or not, as I refuse to quit my quest to release slaves. I would prefer to not have to explain myself again. It is as simple as that."

"I think he already knows."

The former Sith blinked. "He... does?"

Siri nodded.

And just how did he know? Anakin gazed at her suspiciously, but she held her hands up and shook her head in the universal gesture of 'not me'. She seemed sincere enough that he accepted it and shrugged. "Then it is doubly as pointless to tell him anything."

She sighed.

"Are you still going on the Gathering next week?" she asked, changing the subject again as they'd agreed to disagree on the previous one.

"I do plan on it. Will you be covering for me in the racing circuit?"

"Yes," she said reluctantly.

He glanced at her and smiled. She didn't want to, but she was still supporting him. "Thank you."

She returned the smile, albeit a bit wryly.

"What about Ahsoka? Have you visited her recently?"

Anakin frowned. "I have had... little time."

Siri raised one unimpressed eyebrow.

After a few seconds, Anakin sighed. "Very well, I will visit her tonight."

"Good," Siri replied with a nod of her head and a smile. "And how is your friend doing? The one who's training under Master Xio?"

"Coira?" he paused and raised an eyebrow in Siri's direction. "I realize it has been a while since we simply talked, but since when did this become a catch-up conversation?"

She rolled her eyes fondly. "Since you needed to get your mind onto something else."

He actually chuckled. "I see. She is doing as well as can be expected. Her life hasn't as changed much as initial padawans lives can. Master Xio doesn't leave the Temple often, but she is enjoying the new courses on mind-healing."

Siri frowned. "I'm hearing a 'but' in there somewhere."

Anakin thought about that for a moment before nodding. "I think she's having trouble adjusting, despite the few changes she has. I am not sure as to why. Truthfully I do not believe she does either."

"That sounds frustrating, but every new padawan/master relationship has a period of discomfort and adjustment."

"True," Anakin conceded, thinking back to his own first few months with Obi-wan and then shuddering. So much for getting his mind off of the situation at hand.

After a moment, he put his cup down and looked over at Siri. "Would you join me for lightsaber practice?" If he really wanted to get his mind off of everything, that would be the best way.

Somehow, she looked like she'd been expecting that. "We've already practiced today."

"Another session won't hurt us."

She laughed. "I guess not. Give me a moment to get my saber and I'll be right there."


Four days later, Anakin received word: Palpatine had asked for a young Jedi Ambassador. It was official: Anakin would be working under Darth Sidious again.


AN: This does NOT mean that Obi-wan and Anakin are finished! They still have plenty of bonding coming up! Promise!

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