It didn't take long for the older knight to put it all together. "You Fell."

Anakin closed his eyes for several seconds as he seemed to gather himself. Then he looked up at Obi-wan and nodded.

"Yes. I did."

Obi-wan didn't know what to say to Anakin's confession. He looked over at their other two selves, Master and Padawan, taking on the problems presented to them like a well-oiled machine. Not perfect – not by any stretch of the imagination – but competent and caring… and he just couldn't see it.

"How?" was all he could seem to voice.

Anakin looked down again, back to resigned. He nodded his head and then gestured to their surroundings again. The planet they found themselves on was barren and red. The dirt, the sky, the light; everything. It was… more than a little disconcerting.

"Where is this?"

"Korriban," Anakin answered tiredly. "You may know it as Moraband."

Obi-wan stepped away, the incredulous horror snapping back to him. "What?" he asked. Then he looked at the four pairs of Jedi interacting on the planet's surface. "But… you're all Padawans! Why would we take Padawans to an ancient Sith planet?"

Anakin snorted. "I have my suspicions… although Omega was there, too. The whole situation was… just one giant set up, I think. I couldn't tell you who all orchestrated it, not definitively. I only have conjecture."

But it was obvious he had his suspicions… Ones he didn't share.

Obi-wan decided not to push instead turning his attention back to the memory. He watched as the Masters and Apprentices split up, each heading for their own mission. He watched as the Apprentices came together while the knights and Masters went to confront what they deemed the more dangerous. How a scientist neither he nor Anakin seemed to care for – Jenna Zan Arbor – came into the picture and the kind of dangerous information she and Omega were after. He watched the Padawans have problems among themselves and then how, at the end and during a showdown, Anakin's now grown-up friend, Darra, died. Anakin's other friend, Tru, blamed him, and to a point rightfully so, but only to a point. He was still a Padawan, and putting a death like that on the shoulders of even a senior apprentice… That was not entirely fair.

He watched as Ferrus left the order…

He saw how heartbroken Siri was about it.

It struck him, then, how much Siri cared for Ferrus. Not that he hadn't believed Anakin before, but seeing it drove it home.

"Everything was so different after that," Anakin muttered.

Obi-wan blinked over at him both in worry and confusion.

He must have sensed it somehow because he glanced over. "Just little things… but it made all the difference. I was an outcast again with few or no friends, you… just never knew how to help me when it came to things like that, I think. Siri… didn't handle it well and went on several solo missions after that, throwing herself into work. Sound familiar? Little things… but they added up to something enormous once you consider their impact."

He didn't seem to really be consciously aware of what he'd said, but Obi-wan didn't want to interrupt him.

And then the scene changed again and they were watching Anakin sit in front of the Chancellor. Obi-wan frowned, because shouldn't he be out of office at this point? Anakin had to be eighteen… maybe even nineteen. Even if he got reelected… well, he supposed it could be at the end of Palpatine's term… but there was still something off about the situation and he couldn't put his finger on it.

It took him several moments to realize that Anakin left the meeting with a smile, but it faded to a troubled frown once the boy got into the halls of the Senate building.

Finally, he decided to speak up and swallowed, despite knowing he didn't have a body that necessitated that action.

"Did you… often leave his office troubled?"

Anakin snorted. "In the later years, yes."

The scene switched to another view of him and Anakin riding in an elevator, bantering back and forth half-seriously. At the top, they met Padmé, dressed in finery but without any of her royal makeup. Obi-wan hadn't been expecting that.

The knight learned she had an assassin after her and the Chancellor wanted her protected. She hated that, but eventually capitulated on the condition that they assigned her guards she already knew and so Obi-wan and Anakin ended up chasing a plot all over the universe. Eventually, they split up so the older Jedi could track the assassin down and the younger could protect Padmé (Naboo's newest senator, apparently). Obi-wan didn't know what happened on his side, but… he did see what happened with two young adults who were both very good at their chosen field as they tried to awkwardly get to know each other again.

It was honestly almost painful to watch the not-courtship as it… progressed? Even the Anakin standing next to Obi-wan groaned and hid his face more than once.

The other Anakin and Padmé ended up on Naboo, which seemed like a poor choice of hideout to Obi-wan, but then left for Tatooine because of dreams?

A twinge of something dark had Obi-wan turning to his companion, puzzled. He opened his mouth to ask if the other man was alright, but was met with a raised hand and a single pointer finger. Anakin didn't even look at him – couldn't, from what the knight could sense. Not without yelling or screaming… or worse.

Swallowing, Obi-wan turned back and watched as the Padawan Anakin had tracked down his mother, unwisely leaving Padmé with the step-father he'd never met before while he went out after his kidnapped family member.

He found her.

She died. In his arms. From torture.

Unsurprisingly, the young Jedi didn't take that well.

The older Anakin by Obi-wan's side, looked away. The red-head found he couldn't.

Padawan Anakin slaughtered the entire camp, leaving none alive, before picking up his mother's body, wrapping it carefully and then taking off back to the Lars' homestead.

"I never noticed it before," older Anakin whispered, mostly to himself from his tone. "How could I not notice that he was there? Qui-gon was trying to get me to stop."

Obi-wan, still reeling from what he'd just seen, blinked and stepped back as if to take the whole of Anakin in.

"Didn't you hear him?" the taller man asked, eyes tired. Then he sighed. "He must not be able to enter this… whatever it is. Vision? Private conversation, I suppose."

A jolt of pain shot through Obi-wan at the idea that his Mentor could be here now, but wasn't. Then he reminded himself that Qui-gon couldn't be here… because he was dead. He didn't know whether his companion could sense the depth of his emotions, read his mind or could just see the anguish on Obi-wan's face, but his voice quieted considerably when he spoke next, although he remained just as firm as ever.

"He is one with the Force. That does not mean he is gone or lost to you," Anakin said tersely, but his fatigue seemed to have taken any edge off of his tone.

Obi-wan… didn't know what to say to that. Because Anakin believed it. He could tell, but he wasn't sure if he could bring himself to believe that right now. It still hurt too much.

He looked back at the scene playing out to see Padawan Anakin confessing his crime to Padmé. She just comforted him…

The red-head wasn't sure if that was the right answer in that situation or not (his first instinct would have been to correct bad action), but realized he also probably had no room to judge.

"My mother died because you wouldn't let me go and check on her," Anakin said, the anger beginning to override his slump.



That… that explained quite a bit, actually. Young Anakin's anger towards him (if he had these memories all along), his mixed signals of friendship and animosity, his strange knowledge and maturity. Although… Obi-wan hadn't brushed Anakin's worries off. The Obi-wan that had had taken Anakin as a student, not Ferus Olin.

And yet…

"You don't want an apology," he observed. In front of him, the Lars family, Anakin and Padmé held a funeral for Shmi Lars.

And that quickly, all the anger that had been building in the other man vanished, leaving him looking even more exhausted than before.

"No, I suppose I don't."

Neither of them spoke for several seconds. Then Obi-wan dared to venture quietly…

"What… do you want?"

The older man (who should be younger) snorted wryly. Despite that, there was no amusement in his expression or the emotions that Obi-wan could sense. Then he shook his head.

"I don't really know. Acknowledgment, perhaps? A way to handle the pain and guilt of losing her and not being there and then my… reaction." He let out a low breath. "I suppose it doesn't matter. I don't want it from you… I wanted it from him," he said as he gestured to the small holoprojection of the older Obi-wan Kenobi that Anakin and Padmé were watching as they rerouted the message to the Council on Coruscant.

"But I could never get it from him because I refused to tell him." Anakin scoffed and shook his head again. "No wonder I was always just as angry at myself as I was at him…"

He faded off, but Obi-wan couldn't leave it like that. Every fiber in his being screamed for him to do something. So he opened his mouth. "I… will listen to my Padawans," he said. "I won't brush them off. I will do my best to do right by them, I promise."

For several seconds, Obi-wan wasn't even sure the older man had heard him, but then he gave the red-head a bittersweet smile. "Thank you."

But the knight could sense the other's dejection.

"It's not enough," he pointed out, at a complete loss of what to do.

That made the other man's smile brighten just a bit. "No, but it is something, and I, of all people, can appreciate that – and hopefully, work with it. So thank you nonetheless."

Obi-wan was about to say something, but the memory kept playing and he saw Anakin and Padmé leaving Tatooine to rescue the other him, mainly on Padmé's insistence.

"This… won't go well, will it," he heard himself say and decided to run with the change of topic.

Anakin snorted. "No."

Obi-wan watched as they landed on another desert planet, then sneaked into the facilities they found there. Anakin lost his lightsaber (again – even Obi-wan hadn't been that bad with his lightsabers as a Padawan) and Padmé almost got killed via molten metal. Fortunately, they were both rescued and then subsequently caught by the population of insect-like sapients running the droid factories. Unfortunately, that turned out to not be much better as they were reunited with Obi-wan in an arena where they would be executed.

(Not before they pronounced their love for each other, just as awkwardly as ever… and honestly, Obi-wan couldn't really blame them this time as they were about to potentially be killed, but still…)

That was when he learned that Count Dooku, of all people, was involved. Count Dooku. As in his Master's Master… Just what had happened in those ten years?! Well… to people besides himself and Anakin.

The next several minutes consisted of the three of them – Anakin, Padmé and Obi-wan – doing everything they could to stay alive.

Then, for some reason Obi-wan couldn't fathom, dozens of Jedi entered the arena to stop the execution. Why would so many come to help them? There had to be something he was missing…

"I… don't understand. Why did so many Jedi come to rescue us?"

"You… the other you, I suppose," Anakin said thoughtfully, "found a planet with a population of cloners creating a clone army ordered for the Jedi by one Syfo-Dias, who had died several years earlier. You held a good deal of information and had personally seen proof of a coalition of planets joining together to break off from the Republic. This was… more than disturbing enough for the Council to come to get us. It also offered the chance to confront Dooku, which the Council wanted to do.

"In the end, though…"

Obi-wan watched in horror as many, many Jedi died in the subsequent shoot-out as battle droids of all kinds surrounded them. Dooku even stopped the fight and offered them a deal (that Mace Windu didn't take, because of course he didn't) when Master Yoda showed up with… well, an army.

The result was chaos, but at least the rest of the Jedi (and Padmé, somehow) survived.

Obi-wan, Padmé and Anakin chased Dooku, but Padmé got knocked out of their air car. Anakin didn't like that and it took the older Obi-wan quite a bit of desperate persuasion to get Anakin to help him take on Dooku instead of going back for her.

Unfortunately, Anakin rushed into the fight too quickly and was thrown out of the battle with force lightning. Obi-wan had heard of force lightning, but while it could be used by light-wielders, it… was difficult to do at best, and somehow he was pretty sure that hadn't been a light technique.

He had a very bad feeling about this.

He was proven right when he watched himself get soundly defeated with a wince. Anakin tried to save him, but he lost an arm for his trouble.

Fortunately, the day seemed to be one continuous last-minute save after another as Master Yoda showed up, yet again, and fought his former Padawan to a draw in a display that Obi-wan had never seen from the Grandmaster, even during his rare public duels. It was… awe inspiring.

Unfortunately, Dooku managed to distract him by using the Force to pull stone pillars down on top of an injured Obi-wan (obviously trying not to move and either draw attention or make his wounds worse) and a very much in shock Anakin. Yoda turned his attention to saving them and the former Jedi escaped.

And that started an entire galactic war. Planets would choose to stay with the corrupted Republic or they would choose to go with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, aka Seperatists.

Obi-wan frowned. "I don't understand. If they wanted to leave the Republic, why not simply let them?"

"The Senate was too afraid they would become a military power and turn on the Republic. The following war did little to disabuse them of the notion."

And Obi-wan could see that. He didn't necessarily agree with it, but…

He didn't know how long he watched battle after battle after battle fought between these 'clones' and the droids, but somehow it seemed as if the fighting would never end. Was this why Anakin Fell? He didn't think so… especially not after getting knighted at such a young age and then gaining a Padawan of his own.

This was, of course, after he'd married Padmé in secret.

Oh, Force.

He watched as the Jedi became closer to their commanders – how Rex and Cody (as they called themselves) became valuable members of Obi-wan and Anakin's circle of friends. He watched as Siri died in his arms and Satine Kryze, of all people, showed back up in his life. He watched as Jedi broke and Fell all around them – people Obi-wan had thought would always be rooted in the light, like Depa Balliba and Pong Krell. And still the fighting didn't stop.

Then the Council allowed Anakin's Padawan to be tried by the Senate. For a crime against the Jedi Temple specifically with circumstantial evidence at best.


Anakin had to go behind the Council's back to find the evidence that cleared the young Togruta's name. He succeeded, thankfully, but Obi-wan was unsurprised when she still left the Order.

And then it got worse.

Maul (how was he even alive?!) and his brother (what the actual…) killed Satine in front of Obi-wan and… even after all of that, he had to continue to fight. More battles, more deaths, little sleep and food… and why was this even all happening? Why were they fighting with an army they clearly did not make? That was made for them! This… this made so little sense.

Somehow, it all accumulated at once. Even though she'd left the order, Ahsoka ended up fighting Maul on Mandalore in a terrifying battle. Meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-wan were recalled to Coruscant to save the Chancellor who had been kidnapped, but Obi-wan was knocked out and Palpatine told Anakin to kill Dooku after they'd defeated him and cut off his hands (No! He's defenseless!) and then they'd crashed the ship onto Coruscant (how many people had that killed?!)…

And Padmé was pregnant.

Anakin kept having terrible dreams.

And Obi-wan knew where this was going.

It just kept building and the red-head could only watch as Anakin broke under so much pressure; from the Chancellor to the Council to his wife who was fighting battles of her own in the Senate because Palpatine had taken far too much power due to the war and…


A horrible thought occurred to Obi-wan.

But… it couldn't be…

Could it?

"You've figured it out, I see," Anakin's deep voice asked as the older man stared at Obi-wan, face unreadable.

"But… that can't be…" Obi-wan said.

"Hmm," was all the Older Anakin replied with before turning to look at his younger self… no, he looked about the same age now. Regardless, the Anakin from the memories spoke with Palpatine as they watched the Mon Calamari Ballet…

The Chancellor spoke of 'Darth Plageus the Wise' and…

Oh, Force

The other Obi-wan had already been sent off planet and Anakin went with this information to the Council, but requested that Palpatine be merely arrested because he needed the man's knowledge to keep someone (Padmé) alive. Anakin disobeyed direct orders, followed the Council members and walked into the Chancellor's office to see three of the four Jedi Masters dead while Mace Windu cornered Palpatine in front of the large window in the room. He had his lightsaber raised, ready to strike the Chancellor down and Obi-wan closed his eyes as Anakin acted. He opened them again just in time to see Mace Windu's handless body disappear into the Coruscant traffic.

Memory Anakin seemed to realize what he'd just done and didn't seem to know how to process it, so when Palpatine offered him the knowledge he so desperately desired if Anakin served him…

Obi-wan was sick.

"I've never actually spoken of what happened that day… to anyone."

The Jedi Knight turned to see that the older Anakin had gone very, very pale. If Obi-wan looked closely, he could see the man shaking.

"Oh… Anakin…" Obi-wan whispered and reached out to put a comforting arm on his shoulder, but the man's cold glare stopped him.

"Don't. I don't deserve it. Not with what came next." He nodded at the scene as the younger Anakin – newly named Vader – marched up the steps of the Jedi Temple, hundreds – if not thousands – of clones behind him.

Obi-wan actually threw up twice (it had to be psychosomatic – the vomit disappeared before it hit anything) during the following slaughter of the Jedi and the fall of the Temple – the execution of Order 66. Any sapient he came across up to and including the sick and their attendees (he couldn't watch as Anakin personally cut Bant down as she tried to protect her patients)… no one was safe from Anakin's – from Vader's blade.

The current Anakin spoke, voice barely audible. "While this was going on, the Clones (who all had chips implanted in their brains that, when activated, made them little more than robots with no autonomy of their own) all turned on their Jedi commanders – some while in the middle of battle – and destroyed them, one by one.

"Few survived. You," Anakin looked at Obi-wan, face still pale and gaunt, "were one of them."

"How?" Obi-wan croaked out, trying not to shake himself.

Anakin shook his head shortly. "I don't know, but I can't say I'm surprised. You… had a habit of surviving the unsurvivable."

His fondness almost chased the pain and disgust out of his voice. Almost.

Meanwhile, the younger Anakin – no Vader was sent to destroy the Separatist leaders because he and Obi-wan already killed Dooku and Grievous. But that brought up another question.

"How did Palpatine know where the Separatist Leaders were?" Obi-wan managed to force himself to ask.

"He orchestrated the entire thing," Anakin replied. He seemed to have retreated behind a stony mask of indifference, but Obi-wan could sense his raging emotions beneath the surface. He didn't know what to do about it or if he could do anything about it… or if he should even try…

"He ran both sides of the war from behind the scenes and played everyone for fools. And everyone else was just too blind to see it."

Obi-wan felt as if his head would burst. He rarely found it difficult to wrap his mind around complex ideas, but this… This was just too much. And the destruction of the Jedi? By his own student?!

He wasn't sure he could take much more of this.

He had no idea how Anakin had taken it as well as he had. Even with foreknowledge – especially with foreknowledge, this would have broken Obi-wan. He already felt as if he were barely holding the pieces of his heart together, and this was only after viewing it, not living it.

Vader traveled to a lava-planet called Mustafar and found the Separatist leaders there. He cut them down much like he'd cut down the Jedi and then waited. For what, Obi-wan didn't know, but apparently he had instructions from Palpatine – Sidious. He had instructions from Sidious to wait there.

A day later, a still very pregnant Padmé showed up with all-too-true accusations about him, telling him about the fall of the Republic and how it had been turned into an Empire. She begged her husband to not continue down the path he seemed to have chosen, but Vader would hear none of it.

And then Obi-wan saw himself standing on the ramp to Padmé's ship.

What? How…?

He supposed it didn't matter how he had known, though. He was there as much as he knew his other self did not want to be. Vader accused Padmé of turning against him and used the Force to choke her – his pregnant wife – causing her to collapse once he turned his attention to his former Master. Then the two of them fought. Brutally. The younger Obi-wan found that once again, he couldn't look away as tears streamed down his face.

The entire fight ended with Anakin claiming he could best Obi-wan who had taken the high ground. Why the younger Anakin didn't just go for his old Master's feet, he didn't know, but the goading seemed to have worked and the boy took the leap he shouldn't have.

He ended up short his other three limbs as he slowly sank down the bank of rock and soot towards the lava. Obi-wan, who had defeated his former Padawan, could only watch as Vader caught fire, spouting vitriol the entire time.

Worse… his older self just left Anakin there. After he was defeated and…

What had that war done to them?

"And that…" the Older Anakin's voice choked and Obi-wan could tell the man was fighting a complete breakdown of his own. "That is why I do not deserve your pity or consideration. Because that was only the beginning of a long list of atrocities I willingly committed in the name of the Emperor's false peace."

Well… he wasn't wrong… and yet…

"How…" Obi-wan started, but had to swallow past a lump in his throat. "How did you become so strong?"

Anakin's head turned to him so quickly, Obi-wan was sure he would have gotten an injury had they been in their physical bodies. He didn't seem to have any words to convey his utter confusion at Obi-wan's inquiry, so the knight clarified.

"You came back from that! Just… how?!"

For several seconds, Anakin just stared, wide-eyed, at Obi-wan. The younger (older? So confusing) man didn't want to move as he waited for his answer.

And then Anakin laughed a sort of hysterical, disbelieving laugh.

"You really aren't him," he finally managed to say.

It was Obi-wan's turn to blink in confusion.

"You aren't my cynical, snarky, jaded, broken, old Master," Anakin continued, tears coming to the corner of his eyes, he was laughing so hard.

And then…

And then he was crying.

"So… why do I want you to be?"

Obi-wan sensed that he shouldn't open his mouth and thus kept it firmly closed as the other man went on.

"I was never good enough for him! But he would do everything in his power to help me. I did so many things that would have disappointed him, but he fought for me anyway. In the end, I didn't trust him.

"I should have. I should have."

Tears streamed down his cheeks now and Obi-wan could only watch in morbid fascination as this man broke.

Over him.

Or… well, over who he could be, he supposed.

And a situation that was much more complicated than he presented in those last sentences.

"I hate him so much! But I still love him too!

"Why did he do this to me?!" Anakin screamed. "And why didn't he follow me himself?! I can never see him again! I can never tell him how much I miss him! How much I would take that all back if I could! How… how sorry I am! How much I still love him."

And the man collapsed into a sobbing ball in the middle of what appeared to be emptiness. No more scenes played in the background.

Obi-wan vaguely realized that Anakin hadn't answered his question, but filed that away for later because his friend – his Padawan from another life – was in pain and he had to do something.

Hopefully something more helpful than before.

He was still reeling from revelations himself, but… Anakin needed him now.

He took a deep breath and steeled himself. Then he strode forward and crouched in front of the quivering form.

"You're right," he finally said softly, putting a hand on Anakin's shoulder. The other man flinched, but didn't pull away. Obi-wan took that as a win and continued. "I'm not him. Even if I could have been, I… don't think I ever will be now.

"Part of me… is very sorry for this because I see how much you wish to speak with him. I can tell how much he meant to you. I may share his face, but I cannot replace him."

Anakin just wept harder.

"If you want me to leave you alone so you can heal, then I will do it. If you want me to walk away and not look back, I will. But… I would much rather that we start over and build a new relationship – one that is free of the baggage from the past. If you're alright with that? I cannot be a father figure to you, but… maybe a friend? Or a brother?"

The other man's sobs died down and he looked up at Obi-wan incredulously.

"B-but why?"

Obi-wan blinked. "Why what?"

"I was a Sith. You saw me tear down the lives of everyone I'd ever come in contact with – slaughter children even. Why aren't you chasing me away?"

Well… fair question.

Obi-wan made sure to give it the thought it deserved.

After a couple of moments he smiled softly. "Because you are genuinely and truly sorry, striving to change everything you possibly can even to a point of your own detriment. You have proven time and time again that you mean what you say. I cannot, in good conscience, let such efforts go to waste.

"Besides," he managed a real smile and hoped Anakin could feel that, "if he wouldn't at least try to get to a point where he could forgive you, than he may not be someone I want to grow into. Doing anything else feels wrong.

"My only caveat is to just… make sure you don't do it again, yes?"

The short, hysterical laugh was back as Anakin stared at him incredulously.

Then he did something completely unexpected, lunging forward and throwing his arms around Obi-wan.

"I swear to you, on anything I have ever held dear that I will not."

Obi-wan clung to the man, needing the comfort his presence gave him as much as Anakin seemed to need his.

"I believe you."

Another half sob/half laugh left Anakin.

An unknown amount of time later, Anakin sat back, not looking at Obi-wan out of embarrassment.

"You're… not going to accept the Padawanship, are you," the knight said, only half joking. It wasn't a question.

Anakin scoff-laughed. "No. At this point, it would only be inviting trouble."

Obi-wan nodded, feeling a little relieved himself, but also sad at the lost potential. "Well, then, let's start over again. Hello, Anakin Skywalker. My name is Obi-wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

He held out his hand and smiled as brightly as he could.

Anakin's breathy laugh seemed more real than just about anything he'd seen from the man… boy… person. Then he took the offered appendage and shook it firmly.

"Hello, Obi-wan Kenobi. I am Anakin Skywalker, former slave, former Jedi, former Sith. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

They sat there for several seconds before Obi-wan broke down into a laugh of his own. "Even for a Force vision this is… surreal."

Anakin chuckled along with him, smile still bright on his face. It took years off of his projected age.

"I sense that now isn't the time, but… if you're alright with telling me, I'd still like to know how you came back from that." As the smile faded from the other's face, Obi-wan hurried to reassure him. "When you're ready, of course. If you're ready."

The older man looked down as if his gaze had become heavy. "Maybe someday. I would like to tell you. The short answer is… I found a reason that meant more to me than the power the darkness offered."

More silence as Obi-wan digested that.

"I… know I don't have any right to say this, but… I am so proud of you, Anakin. And if he is anything like me, then he would be too."

Anakin looked back up, tears in his eyes again.

"Thank you," he said. "I cannot express how much I appreciate that."

"Perhaps," Obi-wan finally said, "it is time for us to leave this… whatever it is. I think I can sense Healer Che panicking."

"Could be worse," Anakin said, sounding lighter than Obi-wan had ever heard him. "It could be Bant."

"You hold your tongue!" Obi-wan exclaimed in mock horror. "She'd never let me leave this place if she could!"

Anakin chuckled again, then took a breath.

"Thank you again, Obi-wan. I will see you there."

Obi-wan nodded and then watched as Anakin vanished. He could still sense the boy (man?) and just had to sit there for a minute and process.

He'd likely be 'processing' for a long while to come.

Realizing that the child he and his Master had found was actually living his second life – and what his first life had been like… it was mind-boggling.

He sat there for an unknown amount of time, just going through everything he'd seen and finally came to one conclusion. He could do nothing but move on and try to do right by the boy in this new life. For his other self's sake. For his own sake. For Anakin's sake…

Nodding, he decided to take a step back and come back to everything later. Right now, he needed to go and confront Healer Che.

Funny, he'd never thought he'd see such a confrontation as being an escape.

With that, he reached out and let himself return to consciousness.


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