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Chapter 8

The next morning Harry awoke to hear the noise of bird song in the orchard that Ginny's open bedroom window overlooked. A warm morning breeze gently blew the pink curtains that adorned the windows. They swayed in the breeze allowing the sun to creep into the bedroom, offering a soft glow. The sun reflected on the Holyhead Harpies and Weird Sisters posters that hung on the pink walls. The clock on the wall said it was 6.15am. With a yawn, Harry shifted his position in the bed to free his arm, which was slightly numb from being wrapped around Ginny protectively all night. As he moved, Ginny stirred and awoke from her slumber. Hey eyes had claimed back more of their warmness and her complexion looked a lot better. She smiled sleepily at Harry and snuggled into him, her long red hair cascading all over Harry's chest. 'Morning, handsome,' she said. 'I feel a bit better today, Dad's healing spell really helped.'

'That's great, Ginny,' replied Harry as he kissed the top of her head. He proceeded to chastely kiss her forehead, followed by both her cheeks, the tip and her nose and finally her lips. Ginny giggled happily and kissed him back. She then sat up and Harry noticed that she winced as she moved. 'You're still sore aren't you?', he asked sadly.

'A bit', replied Ginny, 'but honestly it's nowhere near as bad as last night.' She lifted her pyjama top up to reveal her tummy which had a very thick, bright red scar. 'Cool!', she exclaimed. 'Now I can join in the Weasley sibling family tradition. George has a missing ear from the same curse that got me, Ron has scars on his leg from When Padfoot bit his leg, Bill is covered in scars from Greyback and Charlie has his fair share of scars from all the dragons he's worked with. I was starting to feel left out of the Weasley Scar Club!'

'The Weasley Scar Club?', repeated Harry, 'it's not a laughing matter though, Gin.' Despite his concern, he couldn't hide his grin at seeing Ginny looking so animated and full of life again. 'No, it's not,' said Ginny. 'But there are two ways to think of my scar. I can choose to resent it and hate my body, or I can choose to accept it as part of me and embrace being in The Weasley Scar Club! I can't wait to show them!'

'You amaze me, Ginny,' said Harry as Ginny pulled her pyjama top back down. 'You are always so brave and look to the bright side of things.' He kissed the top of her head again and Ginny cuddled back into Harry. 'I suppose having six big brothers has toughened me up,' she said, 'and Mum always encouraged me to think positively.' They lay together for a short while longer as Harry told her in more detail of the developments from the night before. 'I've got to head into the Ministry first thing today to arrange the plan to take them down and rescue the hostages.' He looked at the clock, it was now 6.45. 'I should head downstairs for breakfast now, Ginny. The sooner I get to the Ministry, the sooner we plan and execute the mission and I can come back home to you.' Ginny sat up and looked at Harry. Her stare was blazing and her eyes burned through him. 'Please promise me you'll stay safe, Harry. I know this is going to be your job full time soon and I am very proud of you. But every time you leave for a mission like this I have to acknowledge that there's always a risk you won't make it back to me.' Her usual strong, determined demeanour wavered slightly as her lips trembled and a single, solitary tear shed her eye. Harry wrapped his arms around her and held her close to his chest. 'Ginny, I give you my word I'll come back to you. I will always come back to you. I am not going into this lightly; we'll make sure that we cover all the bases to ensure our safety and I'll have the added protection of the Cloak, too.' Ginny nodded and after one more hug and a chaste kiss, they got out of bed. Harry put his t shirt on and left the bedroom to allow Ginny to get ready.

Upon arriving in the kitchen he found Mrs Mr and Mrs Weasley in the kitchen. Mr Weasley was sat at the dining table. He was reading the Daily Prophet as Mrs Weasley busied herself cooking breakfast. 'Good morning, Harry dear!', she said as she grabbed him by the shoulders and eased him into one of the chairs. The next thing Harry knew, he had a full breakfast of bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and toast thrust in front of him, along with a steaming mug of tea. 'Thanks, Mrs Weasley!' Harry was famished and he tucked into breakfast, savouring in the taste of Mrs Weasley's amazing home cooking. 'You're welcome, dear,' she replied. 'Now tell me, Harry - how did Ginny sleep last night?' Harry spluttered his tea everywhere as he looked at Mrs Weasley. He was very aware that Ginny had many big brothers who wouldn't take kindly to finding out he shared her bed last night, no matter how innocent it was. 'Ginny?', he replied quickly. 'She er, she slept...that's to say she...erm.'

'It's ok, Harry,' said Mrs Weasley gently. 'Arthur and I know everything that goes on in this house. Heavens, raising six boys we had to make it our business to know what goes on. We both know you would never take advantage of our daughter and we know Ginny would never enter into anything she isn't ready for. Isn't that right, Arthur dear?'

'Oh yes, Molly, quite right,' replied Arthur absently, not taking his eyes off the article he was reading. Harry's face went beetroot as he looked down at his breakfast. Suddenly he wasn't feeling very hungry. This was the last thing he expected to be talking about with Ginny's parents and he didn't know the best way to explain last night. 'Ginny and I...we just slept, Mrs Weasley. She needed me and I promise we just slept. I'm not ready for anything more just yet and I don't think she is either to be honest. There's too much going on to focus on anything else.' Mrs Weasley smiled at Harry. 'Thank you for your honesty, dear. Now finish your breakfast, you've a long day ahead of you!' Harry didn't need telling twice, he focussed his full attention on the remainder of his breakfast, using it as a welcome distraction from the uncomfortable conversation. A short while Ginny walked into the kitchen and sat down next to Harry to tuck into breakfast. Mrs Weasley didn't waste any time fussing over her. 'Oh my darling, how are you? Are you in any pain? Do you need anything? Maybe I should take a look at Madeline Wilson's book One Thousand and One Household Remedies for Illnesses and Ailments -'

'Mum, I'm fine, honestly,' said Ginny who was squirming as Mrs Weasley's hand was now pressed on her forehead to check her temperature. 'You gave us quite a scare, Ginny,' said Mr Weasley. 'But I'm glad to see you up and about.' He stood up from his seat and walked over to Ginny to kiss the top of her head, before turning to Mrs Weasley. 'I won't be home for dinner, Molly dear. I've volunteered to help with the paperwork after Harry and the other Aurors return to the Ministry after their mission. The Ministry needs all the help it can get right now, and we need to keep this mission quiet to avoid word getting out.'

An hour later, Harry arrived in the Ministry with Mr Weasley. 'You don't need to do your usual wand check today, Harry,' said Mr Weasley. 'You're getting added to the register as staff today anyway. We're both on floor two, my department is right next to yours, Harry. If you need any help or advice, you only ever need to ask.'

'Thanks, Mr Weasley, that means a lot,' replied Harry. They entered the lift along with everyone else who was standing in line. No one spoke, but Harry could feel their eyes piercing into him, staring at his scar. Floor two arrived and as Harry and Mr Weasley stepped out, the unmistakable whispers of 'that was Harry Potter!', could be heard. Mr Weasley noticed too and, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder he said, 'It's ok Harry, I'm going to make sure that everyone respects your privacy here. You should be able to do your job without worrying about being gawped at and whispered about every two seconds.' Harry smiled at Mr Weasley and offered his thanks, although he knew it would do no good. His time at Hogwarts was enough to tell him that. 'Well, this is me, Harry,' said Mr Weasley he stopped outside an ornately carved wooden door. A large golden sign was fixed to the door which read: Improper Use Of Magic Office. Mr Weasley pointed to his left. 'The Auror department is that way, you can't miss it. I'll see you later, Harry.' Mr Weasley left to start his day's work and Harry walked along the second floor corridor. He soon found a similar designed wooden door and noticed the sign written on it: Auror Headquarters. Harry stepped through it and was greeted by a huge, dome-like room. Wanted posters were spellotaped to just about every inch of spare space of the white walls. Harry recognised some of the people in the posters. The grim faces of Lucious and Draco Malfoy were plastered on the posters closest to him. Their smug, pure-blood superiority evident on both of their long, pail and pointy faces. There was so much more for Harry's eyes to take in. The places where there were no wanted posters, there were individual offices. Some of the office doors were opened and upon taking a peek inside some of them, Harry saw very large filing cabinets that fit from floor to ceiling, filled to bursting point. Witches and wizards sat huddled in meetings, or were writing reports on long strips of parchment. Memos fluttered around everywhere Harry looked, searching for their recipients. As Harry walked further into the department, he heard bits and pieces of different conversations.

'Make sure you have that report on my desk by 5pm sharp, Francis! And sort me an appointment at St Mungos! I need to speak to the victim again about how he came into possession of the Venomous Tentacular!'

'Yes I know Mr Drake was wearing Dragon-hide gloves,' came another voice. 'But that doesn't explain how his hands burst into unstoppable flames!'

Harry was beginning to wonder if he would ever find his way to the right spot, when he noticed Shaun, the head Auror walking up to him. 'Good to see you, Harry!', he said as he shook Harry's hand. Your office is this way, I'll show you around. Shaun walked Harry further into the Auror headquarters, until they got to a part that was a little quieter. There were still wanted posters and memos flying everywhere, but instead of several offices, there were instead stalls stacked next to each other. Each stall had a small oak desk, complete with an office chair and a filing cabinet. The walls were plain white, the floor was carpeted in dark grey and there were no windows. 'This is where your career begins, Harry,' Shaun said. 'Some people didn't agree with me by putting you here where all Aurors start their careers. I don't do special treatment though. You'll earn promotions which will see you move up the ranks.' Harry's respect for Shaun increased massively. 'I don't want nor expect any special treatment, Shaun. I am here to do my job same as everyone else and I want to earn my right to be here.' Shaun smiled at Harry. 'That settles it then. Oh you'll be needing this, too.' Shaun reached into his robes and pulled out some rolled up parchment and a small golden Auror badge which read, Harry Potter: Trainee Auror. 'Your contract and your Auror badge, Harry. Your Apparition licence is in there, too. I'll give you a little while to get settled in your new office. Please fill in your contract and have it on my desk in half an hour so we can begin the planning stages of the mission. I'm just along the corridor there, four offices down.' With a curt nod, Shaun left Harry to get settled into his office. Harry felt exhilarated. He did it, he was finally beginning his career as an Auror! He pinned his badge proudly to his robes and sat down to look at his contract. It stated his normal contractual hours would be Monday to Friday, nine to five. A clause was written underneath however stating that because of the nature of the job, there would often be field work that would exceed the hours. This didn't surprise Harry at all; he knew the kind of life he was entering into, the life he had already led since he was eleven years old. He signed the contract with his quill, rejoicing in starting this new chapter of his life.

A few hours later Harry was sat at a conference table in Shaun's office. Along with Harry and Shaun, sat Kingsley, Ryan and Sharon. There were a few more junior and senior Aurors among them too. As Rockwood said there were two Death Eaters and seven hostages under the Imperious curse, they needed to ensure there were enough Aurors in the field. Shaun's office was large and much the same as the corridors outside. Every inch was covered in wanted posters, filing cabinets, documents and bits of parchment. Following their planning meeting, the conference table was littered with all sorts of things. Most notable were maps outlining the coastline of Devon and the locations of all the caves. Luckily for them, the caves were all close to each other, which would make it easier for Harry and the others to find them. Harry explained to Shaun and the others of the times he used polyjuice potion with Ron and Hermione when they did field work during their time on the run. They all agreed that using the potion would be an added advantage. To the unknowing eye they would just look like a group of tourists enjoying the south west British coastline. Also among the bits and pieces on the table were a few of Fred and George's inventions: Extendable ears, decoy detonators, invisibility cloaks, Peruvian instant darkness powder, the hand of glory and shield hats and gloves made the perfect arsenal for them to complete their mission. They had planned to apparate a mile away from the caves, under the protection of the polyjuice potion and walk the rest of the way. The extra Aurors stationed in would act as sentries to keep watch of the situation, as Harry, Kingsley, Shaun, Ryan and Sharon did the practical work. In an ideal world, the plan was follow that they would discreetly stun the hostages under the Imperious curse while they kept lookout under the control of the Death Eaters. That would leave the open to entering the caves safely and take out Rockwood and Dolohov who had no idea of what was in store for them.

'If everyone is happy with the plan, I say we should take the polyjuice potion now and apparate to the rendezvous point,' said Kingsley. They all nodded and stood up, each grabbing an array of gadgets and a vial of polyjuice potion, already laced with hairs of unsuspecting muggles.

Harry apparated to the spot they agreed upon and was greeted by lush green fields and meadows. The coastline was visible in the distance and the beautiful blue waves rocked back and forth, reflecting the late afternoon sunlight that beamed down. It was hard to believe that evil was lurking in such beautiful surroundings. Harry and the others were undisturbed as they walked the short distance to the where the caves began. The only things they passed were the occasional sheep and seagulls. It really was quite picturesque. Shaun used hand signals to direct the extra Aurors, outlining where he wanted them to stand and keep watch. The Aurors walked to their spots and popped on their invisibility cloaks, aiding their advantage as a secret look-out. Harry, Kingsley, Shaun, Ryan and Sharon used the thick bushes and trees near the cliffs to hide. Sure enough as expected, Harry saw three male hostages exiting one of the caves. Using the extendable ears, Harry heard the hostages were talking to each other about the best way to hunt their latest catch. Harry waited until they walked to the optimal spot, and with a non verbal stunning spell, he effortlessly took out one of the hostages. Shaun and Sharon took out the other two. Kingsley and Ryan quickly ran out, covered by their invisibility cloaks and pulled the hostages behind the bushes out of harm's way.

'Three down, four more hostages to go,' said Shaun quietly. This way. Harry and the others followed Shaun into the entrance of the cave. Harry hoped the rest of the mission would go as smoothly as the start, but his past experiences had taught him that these things rarely did go to plan without something getting in the way. The further they walked into the caves, the darker it got as the sunlight struggled to penetrate the damp, dark walls. 'Lumos!', whispered Harry. His wand light guided the way for the others as they made their way through the cave. They watched their step, as the cave floor was rough, jagged and uneven. A little further into the cave, they came to a two way fork. This was one of the potential problems discussed in their mission plans and they split up into two separate teams. Harry took the left fork with Kingsley and Sharon. Shaun and Ryan took the right fork.

Harry, Kingsley and Shaun followed the left curve of the cave and followed the path cautiously. In the distance there was a sharp left bend. Coming from the other side of that bend, came the noise of two women talking to one another.

'Dolohov ordered me to cook dinner when the hunters return,' came one voice.

'I was ordered to entertain Micnair earlier,' came another voice.

Harry's stomach churned. It didn't take a genius to realise the Death Eaters were taking advantage of the women in every way imaginable. He walked extremely slowly with the others, taking great care to be as quiet as possible. They reached the bend just as one of the woman was walking towards it too. They bumped into each other at the crest of the bend. The woman's sunken, haggard eyes went wide with shock. She gasped as she reached inside her robes for her wand, the imperious curse taking control of her weakened body. Kingsley was too quick for her though; a quick non verbal stunning spell knocked her to the cave floor. Sharon made quick work of the second lady and Harry carefully hid them in an alcove. 'Only two more hostages left, guys!'. whispered Sharon.

Onward they walked, the cave was pitch black by this point. If it wasn't for the soft lighting emanating from their wands, they wouldn't have been able to see their outstretched hands. In the distance they heard footsteps. Kingsley put his finger upon his lips, prompting them Harry and Sharon to remain quiet as they continued on. The steps grew louder with each passing stride they took. Harry knew that if he could hear them, they'd be able to hear him. Their wands were raised as they got within inches of the oncoming people. Harry, ready to strike at any minute, held his wand out wide trying to see what was coming. His heart was racing, he felt like it was beating outside his chest as the adrenalin raced through his veins. He stopped abruptly however as right in front of him now were Shaun and Ryan.

'We thought you were the Death Eaters!', whispered Shaun in relief.

'As did we, Shaun,' replied Kingsley in relief, at the same time wiping the sweat from his brow.

'We took out two male hostages on the way up here,' said Ryan. 'They're hidden away safely until we take down Dolohov and Micnair.'

'We took out two female hostages too,' replied Sharon. 'That means the only people left to find are Dolohov and Micnair.'

'Ok everyone,' said Shaun in an urgent whisper. 'No more splitting up now. We stay together and we cover each other. Stick to the plan and be on your guard at all times!'

Harry turned with the others and carefully walked in the direction of the cave, which by this point had developed a slight incline. Holding his wand aloft, Harry had to use his left hand to trace the outline of the cave walls. It was so dark and dank that even the soft glow of his wand could barely cut through the blackness. Onwards they went, until the familiar sounds of Dolohov and Micnair began to ring through, echoing ominously throughout the cave. With precision, they crept like mice until they could see an opening and a large round hollow space inside the cave. Shadows danced about the walls, brought about by a small fire crackling in centre of the dark space. The firelight lit up the far side of the cave wall, in which there were several shackles attached and the harsh smell of fresh and dried blood plastered all over the walls. Kingsley silently threw extendable ears into the earshot of their conversation.

'How long does it take for the mudbloods to hunt our bleedin' meal?', Harry heard Dolohov complain.

'It'll give us a reason to have some fun with them, I do so enjoy hearing them scream,' replied Micnair.

Harry snuck up closer and closer, keeping as quiet as possible. His wand was aimed at Dolohov, ready to strike, when suddenly a deafening noise surrounded them. It sounded like a herd of elephants stampeding through the cave right where they were standing. Harry's turned to the others in shock. They matched his thoughts. The Death Eaters had set up wards to protect against intruders! This put the Aurors at a disadvantage now, their surprise attack was rumbled.


Harry, Kingsley, Shaun, Ryan and Sharon didn't waste any more time. They ran inside the entrance of the large, dark space, yelling defensive spells to provide cover, and shield them from the dark forces inside the cave walls.






Each of their defensive spells were easily blocked by Dolohov who at the same time bellowed, 'PROTEGO!'

Harry and his team had to dive for cover as their own spells rebounded on them, blasting off the cave wall behind them in a magnificent array of bangs and colours. Harry quickly crawled to his knees and saw the others were ok. His heart skipped a beat however, when he looked back towards the Death Eaters. A lot of things were happening at once. Dolohov was stood next to a spot of the cave wall, frantically muttering spells at the wall. The wall glowed with a deep blue light and Dolohov reached into his robes and pulled out a small pocket knife. He pressed the blade to the palm of his hand and sliced it open, drawing blood. He pressed his bloody hand against the cave wall and in an instant there was revealed a huge, open archway. 'Come on, Micnair! Quickly!' Dolohov yelled.

At the same time Micnair was stood at the opposite end of the cave, but he wasn't alone. There was a huge mountain troll tied up to the wall with massive chains attached to his very large wrists. He stood about twelve feet tall and looked extremely agitated at the drama that was unfolding before him. His heavy lidded eyes stared confusingly at Harry and the Aurors and a massive, green bogey hung precariously from his very large and crooked nose. He had several missing teeth that were yellow and rotted. From his mouth there erupted a humungous roar. His clothes were baggy and ripped in many places and his large, hairy feet were bare on the cave floor.

'Diffindo!', yelled Micnair. Harry watched as the huge shackles keeping the troll tied up cracked open and fell to the floor, releasing their prisoner. The troll bent down to pick up his enormous wooden club and immediately ran towards Harry. No one had time to stop Micnair as he ran towards Dolohov. They were all too preoccupied trying to stay away from the troll. The two Death Eaters made a quick escape through the archway. As soon as they stepped over the threshold the archway sealed itself, leaving Harry and the Aurors alone with the troll.

'FORM A CIRCLE AROUND THE TROLL, QUICKLY!', bellowed Kingsley. The five of them quickly formed a circle to enclose the troll who, rejoicing in his new found freedom, took very unsteady steps which boomed off the cave floor. The vibrations of the its steps caused loose rocks to fall from the cave walls. At the same time the troll wildly swung his club around in a mad rage at his bid for freedom. The club almost smacked Harry across the face and he had to dive to the left, crashing onto the floor with a loud thud. He quickly stood up and joined the others in trying to contain the troll. They all tried a number of stunning spells and jinxes, but nothing they sent the troll's way was strong enough to penetrate the its thick, strong skin. The troll finally made its mark when the club collided with Sharon's lower back. She was thrown several feet in the air and landed with a sickening crack against the cave wall.

'SHARON!', yelled Ryan. In the chaos. He ran towards her, bent down and yelled 'rennervate!' Harry's heart soared when he saw Sharon's eyes flutter open and she slowly stood up, one hand rubbing her head and the other hand clutching onto Ryan's shoulder to support her balance.

'I'm ok, guys!', she said. 'But we can't continue like this! None of our plans involved being ambushed by a mountain troll!'

'Does anyone have any ideas?', asked Shaun.

'I have one idea, but its mad!', yelled Harry.

'Go for it!', shouted Kingsley.

'Ok, run towards the exit everyone and be prepared to make a quick getaway!', ordered Harry. He ran to the opening leading back the way they came, and the others stood behind him, waiting for what he had planned.. Harry looked back towards the troll who roared at him once again, making staggered steps towards him, his humungous club wandering dangerously close to knocking Harry off his feet. 'Here goes nothing,' said Harry. He exhaled, his wand pointing at the cave ceiling directly above the troll as he shouted 'BOMBARDA!' The result was instantaneous. With a deafening blast the sound of cannons going off, the cave ceiling directly above the troll combusted into huge chunks of rock. They fell to the ground with the force of one hundred angry bludgers. The troll was knocked out in an instant as a huge boulder burst from the ceiling and cracked off the top of its head. The troll's eyes rolled upwards; its balance was knocked precariously and it collapsed to the floor with almighty BANG.

'They must've put that troll there after you caught Rockwood, Harry. He never said anything about a troll when we gave him veritaserum,' said Shaun. Harry nodded at him, thinking of how close a call that was.

'That was amazing, Harry!', cried Ryan.

'You did it, Harry!', yelled Sarah.

'Well done, Harry,' said Kingsley.

Harry leaned his back against the wall for a moment, clutching his ribs and collecting his breath. 'Had...to act...fast,' he said between breaths. 'We need to get through that archway. We haven't come all this way just to let Dolohov and Micnair escape!' His voice grew stronger as he stood up straight, his eyes fixed upon the cave wall that had turned into an arch way. 'I went on a mission with Dumbledore in my sixth year at Hogwarts. We were in a cave of sorts and I saw something similar to this. All magic leaves a trace and I'd bet my firebolt that a second payment of blood would reopen the archway.' Harry's mind went back to the memories of finding the locket which would later transpire into Dumbledore's death.

'I cut my head when I was blasted off the wall,' said Sharon. 'We can use my blood.'

Harry began to walk carefully towards where the archway was hidden, making sure to watch out for anymore fragments of rock falling from the ceiling.

'Wait guys, are we sure this is the right play?', asked Shaun. He was frowning and he looked worried. 'We haven't planned for any of this, it could be a trap.'

'It could be,' said Harry. 'But I'm not willing to stand back and let them escape. We may never find them again if we let them go back into hiding. There's no telling what they may do next. I'm going in there regardless, you can either come with me or stay here. The choice is yours.'

Shaun gaped at Harry, his staff rarely spoke to him in that way but he agreed that it was the only plan they had.

'A poor plan is better than no plan at all,' he said. He turned to Sharon and Ryan as he said,' Sharon you'll open the archway for us, but as soon as that's done I want you to turn back and collect the hostages. Take them straight to St Mungos and while you're there get that cut on your head checked out. Ryan you go with her. I'll go into the archway with Kingsley and Harry.'

They all agreed on the plan and Sharon paid the wall with her blood. As they all expected the large archway appeared. Harry, Kingsley and Shaun stepped through it, leaving Sharon and Ryan behind. Harry felt an invisible force pull him violently as soon as his foot stepped over the threshold. He was transported very quickly through what he felt was a small, claustrophobic tunnel. Light bled through into the distance and Harry shielded his eyes as he was spat out the other side. He landed with a thud onto the ground which was covered in soil. Harry stood up, his body heaving as he took in his surroundings. It looked like they had been transported to a giant forest. The trees were thick but they allowed the sunlight to creep through, making the visibility so much better than the caves.

'Homenum revelio,' said Kingsley quietly. 'They went that way,' he finished, as he pointed in a north easterly direction. Harry, Kingsley and Shaun made their way in the direction of Dolohov and Micnair. Their pace was fast but they made sure to be as quiet as possible. They made their way through the trees, their eyes searching for any sign of activity. A loud rumble of birds flying from their nest startled them, but they composed themselves and continued on. Kingsley's wand began to vibrate. 'We're gaining on them,' he whispered. Sure enough, the unmistakable sound of Dolohov and Micnair hit Harry's ears once again.

'I hope the troll ripped them limb from limb!', came the voice of Micnair as he let out a harsh, evil laugh.

'We have achieved what the Dark Lord could not,' replied Dolohov. 'With Potter and those menacing Aurors gone, we can renew our efforts in taking this world by force again.'

'I say we start by -' What Micnair wanted to start with nobody knew, as Harry let out an non verbal stunning spell which him bluntly to the ground. With another flick of his wand, ropes ensnared around him and held him in place. Dolohov jumped in shock and immediately sent several killing curses their way. Harry, Kingsley and Shaun dodged them all and at the same time Harry bellowed 'expelliarmus!' Dolohov's wand flew out of his hand and arched in the air towards Harry who easily caught it. At the same time Kinsley shouted 'stupefy!, and Dolohov was blasted backwards and fell to the ground to accompany Micnair. Shaun cast ropes around him so that they were now both secured and unable to inflict anymore harm.

'A job well done, two arrests on your first day, Harry. Not many Aurors can hold that to their belts!', said Shaun as he bent down and took Micnair's wand which was lying in the grass.

Later that evening, after returning to the Ministry and leaving Shaun to lock away the Death Eaters ahead of their trial, Harry returned to the Burrow. Ginny was in her nightgown and launched herself at him. Harry was left carrying her in his arms in a huge bear hug as he revelled in her touch. Her beautiful strawberry scented hair reminded him so much of home as he held her and kissed her deeply.

'Thank goodness you're safe, Harry,' she said. 'I've been so worried!'

'Let's take a seat Ginny, and I'll tell you all about it. It's a long story,' replied Harry.

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