Here we go, guys, the beginning of the first Underworld movie had begun. The plot will remain the same except for Logan being Selene's boyfriend. Other than that, not much else to say. Anyway, back to the story, guys.

It had been a few years since Logan and Selene confessed their love for each other. They had vowed to stand by each other's side forever and they had even pleasured each other for when they were really stressed out. Kraven was still trying to get Selene as his but Logan beat him down with Selene each time, much to each other's enjoyment. Viktor had long gone into hibernation and had left Kraven in charge in his absence, despite Logan's protests.

It was a rainy night and the immortal couple were standing on a balcony together, keeping an eye out for any Lycans. They looked at Rigel and he nodded to them. They looked down and saw 2 Lycans following a human. "Ready to kill some Lycans, Selene?" He asked.

"Always am, my love." She said with a smirk as they jumped from the balcony and landed on their feet. They followed the Lycans into the subway station and walked to a train stop. The human stopped and saw the couple, looking at them for a while before continuing on his way, with the one known as Raze following him before he stopped and turned around, seeing the Death Dealers as he shouted.

Raze pulled out his guns and started shooting at the vampires, making Selene, Logan and Rigel take cover behind the pillars before the other Lycan shot Rigel multiple times, making him fall and burn from the inside with a blue glow. "What the hell?" Logan asked.

"He's going to pay for that." Selene said as the 2 lovers pulled out their SMC guns and shot at the Lycan. Raze reloaded his gun and shot at Selene but Logan grabbed her and got her behind a pillar as the other Lycan shot a woman. The human saw this and rushed to her side to help her. The other Lycan ran to the human and grabbed him but Logan shot him in the shoulder, making him fall to the floor and run.

"Oh no. You're not getting away." Logan said as he ran after the Lycan through the train with Selene. They jumped out of the back door and continued to chase after the Lycan. They ran through the subway and found a silver bullet, possibly digged out of the Lycan. Logan saw the blood on the wall and found the entrance to a tunnel.

He opened the hatch. "Ladies first, Selene." Logan said.

"Always the gentleman, Logan." Selene said as she kissed her boyfriend and jumped into the tunnel, with Logan right behind her. Selene ducked out of the way of a bullet and shot the Lycan, making him fall to the ground. "Want to kill him together?" Selene asked.

"Indeed, babe." Logan said as they pinned down the Lycan and filled him full of bullets. When the Lycan was dead, Logan picked up his gun and took out the clip. "UVA. This is a very serious problem. We need to tell Khan about this." He said before he heard a roar, most likely Raze in his transformed state.

"I got this, Logan." Selene said as Raze jumped into the tunnel. Selene threw 4 Shrukens at Raze and they pierced his chest. They ran through the tunnels and a commotion in the tunnel. "I don't know how many Lycans are here, but we need to get back to the mansion now."

In another tunnel

Many Lycans were watching as 2 transformed Lycans were fighting, cutting each other as they heard a gunshot from none other than Lucian himself, thought to be dead by the vampire covens. He walked in as the 2 Lycans changed back into their human forms. "You're acting like a pack of rabid DOGS!" Lucian said. "And that, gentleman, simply will not do. Not if you expect to defeat the vampires on their own grounds, not if you expect to survive at all. Pierce, Taylor, put some clothes on, will you?" He asked as he walked out.


Logan and Selene had drove back to the mansion and were going to the weapons room where Khan was. Logan put the UV gun on his table. "We've got a very serious problem." Logan said.

Khan picked up the gun, took the clip out and looked at the UV bullet. "I'll have to run a few tests. It's definitely a radioactive fluid of some sort." He said.

"Don't bother. It's Ultraviolet ammunition." Selene said.

"Daylight, harnessed as a weapon?" Khan asked.

"You two expect me to believe that an animal came up with a bullet specifically for killing vampires?" Kraven asked as he walked in.

"No. I'm betting it's military. Something they stole. Some sort of high tech tracer round." Khan said.

"I don't care where they got these things. Rigel is dead, and Nathaniel could still be out there." Selene said.

"If he is, those Lycans may have killed him and taken him for their dinner by now." Logan said as he put a hand on Selene's shoulder.

"Maybe. But still, we should gather some death dealers and go back down there in force." Selene said, making her boyfriend smirk.

"I'm in. I'm always ready for a good hunt." Logan said.

"Absolutely not. Not for a random incursion. The Awakening is in a few days and this house is in a state of unrest as it is." Kraven said, making Logan growl.

"You idiot. They opened fire on us in the public's eye view. That doesn't seem random." Logan said.

"And from the commotion we heard in that tunnel- Selene said before Kraven cut her off.

"You 2 said yourself that you didn't actually see anything." He said.

"We know what we heard, you annoying son of a bitch. We also know that our guts are telling us that something is not right, and I am telling you that there could be dozens of Lycans down there. Maybe hundreds." Logan said.

"We've hunted them to the brink of extinction." Kraven said.

"Kraven's right, you two. There hasn't been a den of that magnitude for centuries. Not since the days of Lucian." Khan said.

"We know, Khan. But we'd rather have you prove us wrong by checking it out." Selene said.

"Alright." Kraven said looking at Khan. "Have your men prepared. I'll have Soren assemble a search team."

"No. Logan and I want to lead the team ourselves." Selene said.

"Absolutely not. Soren will handle it." Kraven said looking at Logan "Hundreds, really?"

"Whiplash boy can go jerk off, you pathetic piece of shit." Logan said.

"Viktor would have believed us. Come on, Logan." Selene said walking out of the armory, while glaring at Kraven. They went to the Chamber of the Elders, where Viktor and Marcus slept in hibernation.

"Open the doors." Logan ordered the guard, who did just that. When the doors were opened, they looked at Viktor's tomb. "One day I'm going to kill that pathetic clown, and I don't give a damn what Viktor will think."

"He should have left you and I in charge. We could run this house far better than Kraven." Selene smirked.

"It's a waste of time, you two." Erika said walking to the couple.

"What is?" Selene asked.

"I don't think Viktor would want his greatest warriors freezing to death I here, staring at his tomb for hours on end."

"No. He'd want us and the other Death Dealers out there right now, scoring every inch of this city." Logan said.

"Come on, I need to get you two ready." Erika said.

"For what?" Logan asked.

"The party. Amelia's envoy will be here any minute." She said walking out of the room.

"Like hell I'm going to a party." Logan said.

"No way I'm going either, not if Kraven and his bitch Erika is there." Selene said as they went to her room. "Did you notice that the Lycan we killed was trying to drag that human that was helping that woman?"

"Yeah. They must have been following him. We need to find out where he is and get answers." Logan said as they entered the room.

Selene got on her computer and started looking for the human's address when Erika came in, wearing a dress and holding one in her hand. "Selene, you should definitely wear this one. It's perfect."

"So they were after you." Selene said as Erika came to her desk and looked at the screen.

"He's attractive for a human." She said.

"Who's attractive?" Kraven asked as he came into the room.

Erika walked out of the room as Kraven spoke again. "You know, I was planning on having you at my side this evening."

"Take your little bitch Erika. She's absolutely dying to be at your side." Logan said.

"You know, I think you two take this warrior business way to seriously. You can't undo the past, no matter how many you kill. Besides, what's the point of being immortal if you deny yourself the simple pleasures of life?" Kraven asked.

"You're definitely wrong about that one, dumbass. We have our own pleasures in life, and their far better than yours." Logan said, making Selene smirk.

"I really think that the Lycans are following this human, my love. Whatever the reason, it can't be good." Selene said.

Kraven looked out the window and saw that Amelia's envoy had arrived. "At last. You, put on something elegant. And you, put on something decent." He said walking out of the room.

"Hey, I'm serious. I think they're following him." Selene said.

"Other than food, why would Lycans stalk a human?" He asked as he closed the door. Logan took off his shirt and transformed into his hybrid form.

"I think I know where you're going, my love." Selene said as she got her trench coat and guns.

"Indeed. WIth that clown thinking we're actually going to the party, it gives us time to sneak out and take a look at our human's apartment, but I feel like flying there. Wanna go for a flight?" Logan asked with a smirk.

"Indeed, my love. I've always loved flying with you." Selene said as he picked her up bridal style. "When we get our answers and solve this little mystery, you're bringing me back here so I can give you one of the best blowjobs you've had in your life. Who knows, I might be ready to let myself go and let you fuck me." She said seductively.

"Oh, I'll look forward to that, babe. Since Viktor isn't going to be awake for another century, we can let our inner selves lose. I'm going to enjoy fucking that lovely pussy of yours when this is over." He said as he opened the window, jumped out of the window, sprouted his wings and flew off with Selene, much to her joy.

Meanwhile in the Lycan den

Raze had returned with the other Lycan. He had brought him back in case he was still alive. He laid him on the table in front of Lucian and Singe. "We were ambushed. 3 Death Dealers and Logan Shaw." He reported.

"And the candidate?" Lucian asked.

"We lost him."

"You lost him? Not very surprising, considering Logan was there." Lucian asked as Singe ripped the other Lycan's shirt.

"Look at this mess." Singe said.

"AG rounds, high content, prevented him from making the change." Raze said as Singe pull a bullet out of the other Lycan.

"No use in taking out the rest. Silver's penetrated his organs. Regeneration's impossible at this point. Let's take these out." Singe said as he got the device for taking out Shrukens and took one out of Raze.

"Logan and the vampires didn't realize that you were following a human, did they, Raze?" Lucian asked.

"No." He answered as Singe took out the second one. "I mean I don't think so."

"You don't think, or you don't know?"

"I'm not sure." He answered as Singe took out the 3rd one. Singe went to the lab and looked at the blood sample from a human, which was negative. He came back to Lucian and Raze.

"Negative. I really must have a look at this Michael." He said, taking off his gloves.

"Raze, put some clothes on and come with me. If Logan's going to be looking for Michael, I'll need your help with him." Lucian said as Raze took out the last Shrunken on his own and went to put some clothes on.

There you go, guys, the beginning of the first Underworld movie is complete. Next chapter will have Selene and Logan meeting and rescuing Michael and Logan and Selene will be letting their inner selves loose and mate like the beasts they are. Don't worry, Viktor will not see Selene's memory of it since she's not an Elder. Rate and review. Please review. I really want to know your opinions. See you soon, guys.