"Like, I can't wait to get to that party!" Shaggy said from the back seat.

"It looks like it's gonna be fun! Right Scooby?" Velma asked.

"Ruh-huh!" Scooby said, nodding.

"Uh-oh gang! Hold that thought. We're almost out of gas." Fred said, looking at the fuel gauge.

"Like, why do we always run out of gas at the creepiest places?" Shaggy asked.

"Look! A helicopter just crashed there. Let's check it out!" Daphine said, pointing to the smoke where the chopper hit.

"Okay, gang! Looks like we got ourselves another mystery!" Fred said.

"Rho ray rin rell!" Scooby objected.

"Not even for a Scooby-Snack?" Velma asked, holding up a box of his beloved treats.

"Rod rammit! Rhokay." Scooby sighed, defeated.

"Like, don't I get one too?" Shaggy asked. His request was granted.

"Now let's go!" Fred said, getting out.

They approached the Spencer mansion. It was dark and gloomy. But the inside held more horrors.

"I never seen this place up close before." Velma said happily. "I read about this place. It was built by the late George Trevor in the early 60's for the founder of Umbrella. They make pharmaceutical products worldwide. Unfortunately, rumors began spreading about some biological super virus. Many protesters kept rallying about it, but no one believed them."

"So, like, are they good or bad?" Shaggy asked confused.

"Depends on what you want to believe." Velma replied.

"Well, let's check out this chopper crash." Fred said, sounding almost impatient.

An ominous moan, followed by gunshots and screams, was heard echoing throughout the forest.

"We're going in!" Fred said, reading to open the door.

"Like, no way man! Did you hear all that racket?" Shaggy laughed nervously.

"Rho rucking ray!" Scooby barked in agreement.

"Too, bad! We got to help who ever is in trouble!" Daphine said, getting near Fred.

"Like, sounds like we're a little late!" Shaggy said.

"Fine, you stay out here!" Fred said. Everyone else went in.

"Like, it's cold out here, ain't it?" Shaggy asked.

"Ruh huh." Scooby said solemnly.

They were quiet for a moment, when noise broke the silence. It seems the chopper pilot was in a bit of a pickle.

"GET AWAY FROM ME! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was all the two heard before demonic barking and ripping of flesh was heard.

"LIKE, WAIT FOR US MAN!" Shaggy said, running.

"Rhe Roo!" Scooby followed. The door slammed behind them, and that's when it began...