"Like where should we go first Scoob?" Shaggy asked, looking at the massive mansion.

"Rhy ron't rho. Raybe re ran rind rhe rothers." Scooby answered, sniffing the air.

"Like why all the foul-mouthed talking all the sudden?" Shaggy finally asked.

"Rhecause! Rhi rensed romething rhin rhe rair. Rhy ram rho rucking rared right rhow!" Scooby said.

"Like I'm scared too Scooby, but I'm not swearing up a storm." Shaggy said.

"Rhats recause rho rone runderstands rhe! Rhi ran rhay rhatrever Rhi rant, rand rot rhorry." Scooby said. "Rhesides, rhi'm rhuffer rhan Rhi ract rometimes!"

"So you just don't say that stuff around kids?"

"Rhope." Scooby replied. "Rhets rho rhind Red rand rhe rothers."

"Let's check out this dinning room." Shaggy said. He opened the door, and they walked in.

"Look Scoob! Like all this left over food is just going to waste!"

"Rhon't rheat rit! Rhi rhell romething rhon rit. Rhit's rinfected rho romething rad."

"You smell something infected? Like, works for me man. I ain't going to die. I'm too hungry to die!" Shaggy laughed.

Scooby sniffed near the door by the clock. "Rhere's rother reople rhere. Rhi ron't recognize rny rof rheese rents."

"Like there's others here too? I hope they're good."

"Rhey rmell riffrernt rhom rhe rest rhof rhe room. Rhey ren't rinfected, rhet."

"They're not infected yet? Infected with what?" Shaggy asked.

"Rhy rhon't rho. Rhut rhit's rhevile!" Scooby said, looking at the door.

"Like an evil resident! Resident Evil! Pretty catchy, don't you think?" Shaggy asked.

Scooby rolled his eyes, and stood up on his hind paws. He opened the door, and was taken aback by the decaying smell of dead flesh.


"What's wrong old buddy?" Shaggy asked, coming up to Scooby. He was shivering more than usual and seemed more afraid than ever.

Shaggy saw the sight and went pale. A man in a police uniform was on the floor. His guts had been ripped out, and his half eaten head was halfway across the room.

"Like let's get out of here!" Shaggy said.

"Rhy ragree!" Scooby answered. They ran past the body and into the next room. It had a birdcage with a dead raven, and another dead body in the corner.

"Like, this reminds me of that movie with the infected monkey killing everybody." Shaggy said.

Scooby looked at him with narrowed eyes. This was not the time to make jokes. Scooby seemed more serious than ever, and with good reason. He knows what's going on. His sixth sense told him that something was definitely wrong here, and it wasn't a pretty sight so far.