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Harold Zidler paced back and forth in front of the fireplace, a weary Marie watching him with dispassionate eyes. "I don't like this," Harry said worriedly.

Marie smiled coolly. "Neither do I, but as Sandrine has said, it is the only real choice we have that has any real chance of working. You know it and I know it."

Harry frowned. "She should not have to do this. Just returned to us and she is already being forced to do things that Satine fought to ensure she would never have to do again."

"She hasn't been forced to do anything," Marie snapped impatiently. "This was her idea if you remember. Sandrine is willing to help get the Moulin Rouge back, that is all that should matter!"

"Yes, but-" Harry responded.

"You can't have been willing to sacrifice Satine's happiness in order to keep the Moulin Rouge, and not be willing to do the same with Sandrine to get it back," Marie said angrily.

"Yes, but I realized my mistake...albeit to late, but I at least realized that such a thing could not be asked of Satine," Harry defended.

"How nice for you Harry. You can at least die with a clear conscience, now can't you?" Marie asked sarcastically.

Before Harry could respond, the door beside the small sitting room opened, Nini and several other Moulin Rouge girls walking in, followed closely by a tall figure, dressed in sparkling blue.

Sandrine smiled over at Harry and Marie, a smile any other normal person would have thought was natural. However, there wasn't a person in the room that didn't know that her smile was a smile used by every girl in their line of work...employed to seduce, and a clever disguise for the real emotions playing through Sandrine's head.

"How do I look?" Sandrine asked huskily, turning slowly, so that they all could see her form fitted snuggly into the dress, and white gloved arms.

Harry smiled sadly. "You look...beautiful. Like a sapphire."

Sandrine smiled. "Then that is what I will be...the Diamond is gone, and all that is left is me."

Marie stood up and walked to Sandrine, sweat on her upper lip belying her emotionless face. She handed Sandrine a small cup of a clear liquid. "For your health."

Sandrine raised a brow, but swallowed every drop of the drink, knowing full well what Marie meant. Glancing around the room a final time, she grabbed a long jacket from the stand at the door of the room, and opened the door.

"Sandrine," Harry called out urgently.

Sandrine paused from leaving the run, but kept her back to them. "Yes Harry?"

"You don't have to do this," Harry told her fearfully.

Sandrine looked back. "You are wrong Harry. I must do this. I really must." Her fingers on the door tightened slightly, but her smile widened. "Soon, the Moulin Rouge will be as it should be."

Without another word, she left, closing the door softly behind her.


Sandrine walked several paces until she stood inside her room and strolled to the end of the bed. Her daughter's small form lay on it, asleep, and at peace, oblivious to everything that was about to happen. Sandrine removed the jacket from around her body and sat on the bed, laying her body beside her daughters. Gently, so as not to wake her, she caressed Saline's cheek, moving hair out of her face. Placing a soft kiss on her daughter's forehead, she rose, replaced the jacket on her shoulders and marched determinedly out.


The night was at it's peak, but with all the hustle and bustle around the streets, had you not looked at the sky, you would not have known it. People danced around the streets, selling things, buying things, the dark underworld alive with black fantasies. Sandrine made her way back toward the Moulin Rouge and the Duke's "palace". When the towers of the Duke's territory came into view, Sandrine stopped, and took a deep breath. She resisted the unbecoming urge to be sick, and straightened to her full height. With renewed confidence, she headed straight for the massive doors to the large home, and banged the metal knockers loudly.


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