Hi. I am trying out a new style where I choose a show and write a fanfic that goes with the show's canon. I have chosen Steven Universe as my first one. Also, no this fanfic is not from a dream prospective. I just needed a cool name. My OC has the first name Raven just cuz I'm obsessed with it. (Past names I've been obsessed with include: Crystal, Ashley, and Cynthia.) I'm also gonna start out with her being Raven, then switching to Aqua just for the purposes of this fanfic.

Also this prologue takes place two weeks before Gem Glow, so yeah. Also this story revolves around my OC while still being Steven Centered.


Steven ran down the beach, to the Big Donut. He tried to get there right as it opened, so he could get a Cookie Cat and the first donut of the day.

"Sadie! Are the donuts ready yet?" Steven asked.

"Patients, Steven! Not even Lars is here yet!" Sadie chuckled, "Why don't you get a Cookie Cat in the meantime. I'll get you your donut. Now, what would you like?"

"Chocolate with pink icing and sprinkles!" Steven exclaimed, taking a Cookie Cat from the freezer.

"Roger!" Sadie said playfully, while giving a salute.

-/ Time skip brought to you by: The Big Donut buy three for three sale. Jk, I made that up! /-

Steven walked home with his bag in hand when he noticed a dark shape on the beach. Curious, he got closer only to reveal a girl not much older than him with pink and blue hair. She was sleeping in the sand as if someone dropped her there.

"Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl! There's someone on the beach, and I think their in trouble!" Steven yelled up to the house. Garnet walked out the door. "What's the matter Steven?" She asked.

"There's a girl that was possibly abandoned here, and I think she might be a gem with that hair," he said, half to himself.

-/ Time skip brought to you by: My OC being the girl on the beach. :) /-

Raven woke up on a be with multiple drawings taped to the wall. Am I dreaming? Those look like the drawings that Steven made in the first season!

"Guys she's awake!" Steven yelled, scaring Raven half to death. She screamed, "What in the name of monkey milk?", sending Steven giggling and Amethyst laughing.

Raven blushed, she was only awake for a minute and was already embarrassed!

"Um, where am I?" She asked.

"Your in my bedroom. We found you asleep on the beach. My name's Steven Universe, what's yours?" He said.

"My name is Raven Aqua Diamond. Just call me Aqua, everybody does. My parents were weird changing their last name to Diamond, but I like it. It's unique!" Aqua replied.

When Aqua said Diamond, Pearl got up and ran to the warp pad. Everyone looked at her like she had two heads, but that couldn't be helped. Why was there a Diamond on Earth! And even if the name was a coincidence, why was she here? Pearl needed to get away from everyone for a bit, so she went to the Strawberry Battlefield to clear her head.

"Did I say something wrong?" Aqua asked.

"No, I think Pearl's just having a moment where she misses mom," Steven replied.

"Okay good. Now can anyone show me where the bathroom is? Also where's my bag?" She wondered. "I'll show you, and here. Amethyst wanted to snoop, but I wouldn't let go of it," he said, handing Aqua the bag. Steven led her to the bathroom, despite the fact that she already knew where it was. She went in and locked the door behind her.

How am I here? This is a cartoon! She looked into the mirror and nearly screamed. Her blond hair was now pink and blue and she had pink and green eyes with diamond shaped pupils. How is this possible?! She was wearing a sweater over her tank top and capris, and she changed into a cropped halter top and shorts. When she looked in the mirror again, she screamed.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF STANFORD PINES?!" She yelled. She had a pink diamond on her navel. Last time she checked, that wasn't there. Steven came to the door. "Is everything okay in there?" He asked. Aqua unlocked the door and shoes Steven the gem.

"Cool! Your a hybrid too!" He cheered, not noticing her discomfort.

"No I'm not. Last time I checked, I didn't have a gem on my naval!" By now, she was freaked out. Steven started to look confused. "Didn't you always look like that?" He asked.

"No! I'm supposed to have blond hair and brown eyes, not whatever this is!" She said. Steven now looked freaked out.

Garnet and Amethyst came over to see what was happening. When Garnet saw the gem, she began to get angry.

"That clod! Pink Diamond was shattered, yet somehow she's back!" Ruby said.

"I don't think it's her fault. She seems pretty confused and scared," Sapphire replied.

"Sappie, I love you, but this is our enemy! How can you be so calm?"

"No one is that good an actor. Even those tv people Steven watches can't fake being confused that much. You can tell their actors, that is no actor,"

"I hate it when your right,"