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Well, I said I was going to keep this to 2 points of view, Sev and Harry. I guess I lied.

I do not intend the magic presented in this scene to represent any tradition or methodology of magic. I basically made it up as I went along. I am operating on the theory that wands are not the only way to work magic. We have no glimpses from JKR of what group spells would be like, or how Runes are used in the wizarding world. Therefore, while not canonical, it is not really non-canonical either. Not that that really matters now does it…

Ron stood in his place, forcing himself to remember to breathe. He stood within a group of symbols near the wall. He glanced at the parchment in his hand again 'San Garit Ru.' His throat was dry, he tried to swallow.

His eyes drifted again to the roll of parchment at his feet. He wondered again what was written there. Professor McGonagall had led him carefully to this very spot, pointed to the parchment and said it was for him if they needed it. Then she said she hoped they didn't need it. Awfully cryptic, that.

"Harry?" Dumbledore's voice sounded very loud in the huge room. "Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes." Harry replied.

Ron wondered with just a touch of panic how his friend could sound so sure of himself. He calmed himself by reading his line to himself again. 'San Garit Ru.'

Hermione spoke first. Her voice was clear and steady, although Ron could not understand a word she was saying. She began to glow blue, faintly at first, but growing brighter as she continued.

Then she stopped, looked over at him and met his eyes. He stood looking at her for a moment. Her eyes widened expectantly, and then she frowned and jerked her chin towards Professor McGonagall.

Ron looked at Professor McGonagall, who nodded as soon as he met her eye.

Ron blushed and read his line from the parchment in his hand.

"San Garit Ru." His voice was loud and strong, at least he hoped it was.

Professor Snape spoke next, glowing a deep, clean red. Ron did not miss his cue again.

"San Garit Ru."

Professor McGonagall was next. Her mossy green aura meeting first Hermione's blue then Snape's red.

"San Garit Ru."

Professor Dumbledore spoke last. At first it seemed to Ron that he was not glowing like the rest of them. Then, he noticed that the air around Dumbledore was shimmering and swirling as it reached out to touch all three of the others. It settled out, as Dumbledore finished speaking and Ron saw it was pale yellow like early dawn.

"San Garit Ru."

The four anchors spoke together and their glowing half-sphere settled into the flat plane of the floor. Then it disappeared from view.

Harry pulled the sheet from the lumpy figure of Goyle. Ron was slightly surprised to see, not his classmate, but a man that could only be his father.

"Ennervate" Harry said, pointing his wand at Goyle. The corpse like figure jerked and groaned. Harry seized his arm and activated the Dark Mark that was there. Ron could not quite see how it was done.

A moment later, he no longer wondered, his attention was taken by the Death Eaters who had appeared in their midst.

Lupin said one single word and all of the shadowy figures were frozen in place.

The four anchors spoke in unison again and Ron heard his cue again.

"San Garit Ru."

The half-sphere blazed back to life, obscuring Ron's view.

Time stretched on as he heard Harry speak to the Death Eaters one by one. Later, Ron would have no clear memory of how many there were or how long it took. It seemed to be forever and a single instant all at once.

Then Harry fell silent and Lupin took over once again.

Ron spoke his line three more times for Lupin, and then the brightness of the circle began to fade. The anchors spoke again, Hermione first. As soon as he had spoken his line, her blue glow winked out completely, and she collapsed onto the ground.

Ron wanted to run to her, but Professor McGonagall's quick head shake and the combined power still shimmering in front of him stopped him.

As Professor Snape spoke, Ron realized he couldn't see either Harry or Professor Lupin.

Ron spoke his line and watched incredulously as Professor Snape collapsed as well.

He was followed into unconsciousness by Professor McGonagall and then, most incredibly of all by Professor Dumbledore.

After Dumbledore's power had faded, Ron realized that there was still a silvery dome of power in the center of the room. It was opaque, Ron could not see through it.

Ron looked around the room numbly. He was the only one standing. He stared blankly down at the scrap of parchment in his hand. What should he do now?

Then he remembered the scroll at his feet. He reached out for it, careful not to move his feet from where Professor McGonagall had placed them.

He unrolled the parchment slowly and was relived to see Professor McGonagall's familiar handwriting.

Ronald Weasley,

Since you have opened this, I will assume that the other teachers and I are incapacitated. Please follow these instructions carefully.

With your foot, rub out the symbols surrounding you. Then, working your way around the circle, not through it, do the same for the lines bit not the symbols of the outer circle.

You and anyone else available should transport the unconscious to the alcove at the back of the room. I enabled the lift this afternoon. It will take us up to the second floor bedrooms. Please make us as comfortable as possible.

Use Mobilicorpus if possible, or Wingardium Leviosa, if necessary, although that may cause some distortion of the spell.

Under no circumstances are you to disturb the spell in the center of the room. When you are finished, seal the alcove and the door with this symbol.

Yours trustingly,

Minerva McGonagall

Ron swallowed and began following her instructions.

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