My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Over a Barrel

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The next day, the ponies of Appleloosa were positioned behind the barriers, armed with apple pies, and the buffalos were standing on a ridge, some distance from the barriers. The Mane Seven were watching with Spike, and they were all worried that this would end badly for both sides.

Both the Sheriff and the Chief were watching the town clock, which was clicking toward 12:00 pm, and Rainbow Dash was trying to come up with an idea or something to stop the fighting before it started.

"Come on, think!" said the blue pegasus, thumping her head with her hoof, but just then, the clock struck twelve times. "Think, think, think, think, think, think, think!" And she looked up at Chief Thunderhooves, who sighed when Little Strongheart gave him a pleading look. "He's not gonna do it!" she exclaimed, relieved.

Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie choose that moment to starting singing and dancing. "–what do you say? You gotta share. You gotta care. It's the right thing to do."

"Oh no, Pinkie!" Sunrise Blossom yelped and looked toward the buffalos, who were glaring down at the pink pony and Chief Thunderhooves was growling in anger. "This isn't going to end well."

"Chaaarge!" Chief Thunderhooves roared and he lead the charge down the ridge and toward the town. Soon they reached Pinkie Pie, who yelped when they tossed her aside like a rag doll, and they smashed through the first barrier.

Having expected this, Sheriff Silverstar gave his own command. "Ready… aim… fire!" he ordered and soon the ponies were launching pies at the buffalos, knocking them down and some were blinded by the pies, resulting them crashing into either the buildings or each other.

Several ponies retreated when the buffalos attacked the bales of hay – clang! - only to have one of them end up colliding with an anvil, and the ponies cheered. Unfortunately, the clock tower was destroyed and when Chief Thunderhooves spotted the Sheriff, who was ducking behind bales of hay while throwing apple pies, and charged after him.

Sheriff Silverstar saw the Chief charging for him and he was alarmed when he saw that he didn't have any pies left to throw. Resigned to fate, he took his hat off and shut his eyes, waiting for the end to come.

However, right before Chief Thunderhooves could take out the Sheriff, he got hit in the face with an apple pie mid-leap. "Nooo!" And he crashed to the ground, unmoving.

Fearing the worst, the Buffalos began crying, along with the ponies, and even Spike was crying.

Just then, some of the apple pie dropped into Chief Thunderhooves' open mouth, and the second it made contact, his eyes popped open. He jumped up and licked the rest of the pie off his face. "Yum!" he exclaimed with an excited expression on his face. "Hey, I've got a much better idea!"

After repairing the damage to Appleloosa, it wasn't long before the ponies were busy removing some of the apple trees, creating a path for the buffalos to run on, and when Applejack whistled, Rainbow Dash lead the way down the path with the buffalos racing right behind her.

"We… will allow the apple orchard to stay in exchange for a share of its fruit, heh…" said Chief Thunderhooves as his tribe collected freshly baked apple pies as they ran past the ponies. "Those… delicious apple pies!" And he shook hooves with Sheriff Silverstar before joining his fellow buffalos on their run.

Spike watched happily as the two groups got along better. "I'd rather eat turquoise any day of the week," he remarked while chomping on the turquoise he'd been given by the buffalos as a parting gift and a sign of friendship. "Auhh…!"

On a nearby hill, Applejack was beaming as she finished planting the newly recovered apple three. "Bloomberg, this is yer special day," she told the tree, smiling. "Mama's so proud of you!" And then she and Rainbow Dash joined the buffalo in their running after getting an invite from Little Strongheart.

Twilight Sparkle and Sunrise Blossom both smiled, happy that things had worked out between the buffalos and the ponies, and they wrote a letter to send to Princess Celestia once Spike was done eating. "Dear Princess Celestia, Friendship is a wondrous and powerful thing. Even the worst of enemies can become friends. You need understanding and compromise. You've got to share. You've got to care."

"Hey!" said Pinkie Pie, making the twins jump. "That's what I said!"

"We know, Pinkie, we know."

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