Chapter 3: Meeting some new people

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(3rd PoV) (A Day later...)

It's been a whole day since Issei had entered in this new world with high dense magic in the air. We noticed that Komo our new friend hatchling who resembles a younger version of Albion can appear out from the Sacred Gear anytime he wants and has a habit of saying 'Aye' every so often which was kind of weird to hear the dragonling to say aye every time instead of making a sentence, according to Ddraig hatchlings usually start talking around six months after their hatched.

However, Komo was able to speak but only saying one word and Ddraig stated he is only a day old which was rare to see and judging by this the Red Dragon believed that this hatchling could be as strong as High Tier Dragons to Low-Tier Dragon King which is surprising. We began walking through the forest while I was thinking the possiblities of this world and why I was here. "Did someone brought me after I died if so...why and what does that mean? Is there only one person or are there many people working behind the scenes that brought him here? Couldn't they help him against Trihexa? But most impor-"

["Issei, we have arrived."] Ddraig who unknowingly interrupted his thoughts to look at the current location. The Town appears to be in the medieval era mixed with some modern houses he saw when he was in Europe during his fights against Qlippoth as he walks towards to the beautiful town the first thing to start his search is by asking the locals and the first person he laid his eyes on was a blunette and what appeared to be two people accompanying her.

The girl appears to be a young, petite teenage girl of a slender build who stands at a rather below-average height for her age with large brown eyes that shows how intelligent she is. Her shoulder-length blue hair, which has eyebrow-length bangs, is normally tied up with a colorful bandana around her head. She also appears to be wearing a cyan blue vest which is revealing skin with a small yellow bra donned a white pants that reached to her knees with a brown belt at her right hand she has a book what appears to be a novel of some kind and on her left shoulder blade appears to be a tattoo.

The first companion is a slim, young man of average height with orange hair, kept jutting backwards at the sides of his head. He has a sharp face, a prominent, flat and defined nose pointing downwards, and distinctive teeth, with a protruding, sharp, triangular-shaped upper molar complemented by a chipped portion on the lower row, something which allows him to close his teeth completely despite such a peculiar physical irregularity along with an open, light-brown coat with yellowish fur trimmings on its edges and sleeves, which reached down below his elbows. Below it was a high-collared purple shirt, with its collar mostly left open, which was sometimes seen left hanging over the checkered belt below it, with a rectangular buckle, and others tucked inside the baggy dark pants, in turn tucked inside dark boots with a bracelet composed of thin ropes around his right wrist, and a watch around his left. The most distinctive piece of his attire is probably the fancy, extremely high hat matching his coat, with a large brim and fur trimmings over its entire length, at regular intervals, plus a large furry ball on its top.

The second companion is a slim, tall young man with black hair kept in an unusual, distinctive hairstyle, with a tuft of hair on top of his head jutting upwards and then curving frontwards, being reminiscent of a plant's stem. His hair extends in a rounded form on his forehead, and was cut on both sides of his head in a spiraling motif and he has dark eyes and thin dark eyebrows pointing downwards at their outer edges; his rectangular-shaped face sported sharp features, with prominent cheekbones. His outfit consisted of a simple white shirt, green checkered pants, and dark shoes with lighter soles. He also sported a pair of distinctive belts crossing his chest, each passing over one of his shoulders and for some reason Issei felt some magic in there it might be some kind of small magic bombs or something.

"Excuse me, miss." The blue haired girl turned around to see a young man well-toned body wearing a red T-shirt underneath his open dress shirt and blazer, and wears blue and white sneakers in place of dress shoes with short spiky brown hair, with two short locks of hair behind his head, and light brown eyes. "Yes? Is there something I could you need?" She asked in caution posture same goes with her companions who also appears to be ready to defend his friend(?) if needed which made the current Red Dragon Emperor sweat drop. "Relax you three...I am not here to fight I am just looking for information."

"What kind of information?" Said the blue haired girl as she narrowed her brown eyes at the young man. " see I am new here as I just arrived here from the west to start my new life and I am not so sure where am I as I kinda lost my map by a thief not too long ago before I arrived this place." Said Issei who is mentally hoping she would buy his false background. "From the West? You are from Alvarez Empire?" She asked raising her eyebrow which made Issei mentally relieved as she bought his story. "Yes, this is my first time traveling that is not in Alvarez."

"I see...So what do you need to"

"Hyoudou, Issei Hyoudou but you can call me Issei."

"Well Issei-san, I'm Levy McGarden but my friends calls me Levy and these two are my team mates Jet and Droy." She said as she points at the slim male and the tall male Jet and Droy respectively.


"Hello. Nice to meet you."
"Likewise." Said the Crimson Dragon. "So back to my question Levy-san, do you know where I am?"
"You are in Magnolia Town Home of many locals and Fairy Tail!" She said as she smiles when she mention her Guild. "Fairy Tail? What is that?" Issei asked the petite girl. "Fairy Tail is Home of Wizards who consider each other as family."

"Really?" Issei asked the the female wizard which in turn she nodded the Red Dragon came in with a conclusion about that this Fairy Tail and Gremory family might have a few things in common like treating everyone as family.

"Say why don't you join our guild?" Said Jet as he brought his left hand towards Issei much to the Red Dragon and Jet's teammates surprise. "Yeah...I mean you look like a good person and judging your appearance I say you are a great wizard you came from right? I'm sure your family will be happy to join our guild." Said the speedster. "Eh? That's not really true..." Issei said as he nervously scratched his index finger on his face.

While it's true he had gotten stronger for since he became a Devil he still could compare himself to beings like Crom Cruach, Sirzechs, Ajuka and other powerful beings from the Top 20 not only they have the Power but also skills and experience for over thousands of years that could topple almost every single beings all except one...they all died giving up their lives to seal Trihexa but only for a short period of time when 666 destroyed seal and killed all of them.

...And soon it was my friends and family

...And I was the last one

...Unable to save everyone he cared...

...He failed them-

"Hey are you ok?" Issei snapped out as he got back to reality as he saw the three people who were talking at him looking very worried at him. Then he realized as tears slides down on his face from his eyes. "S-sorry I just some dust got stuck in my eyes that's all." Issei lied while Jet looked apologetic at him. "I'm sorry for what giving you whatever horrible memory you have there just now..." "It's fine Jet."

"Umm...You don't mind me where is the nearest embassy here?" Issei asked the trio which was quickly answered by the bluenette. "It's at the left front your point of view then make a turn when you see a sign that says Apple North you should reach there within in five minutes from here...are you sure you are fine Issei-san?" which made Issei nodded slowly. "Well...if you need anything you can always go to Fairy Tail to find us and maybe you might like there." She said with a comfort smile towards the Crimson Dragon who in turn smiled slightly. "Thanks Levy, you two Jet and Droy." Which made them smiled glad they had helped a stranger despite making him remember something horrible.

"No problem, Issei."


This made the trio jumped in surprised to see something behind Issei or rather it. "Issei what is that?" Said Levy whom as well as her team eyes are wide as saucers. "It's my friend Komo a baby dragon or hatchlling if your prefer that." Issei just sweat dropped as why Komo wants appears now? "A Dragon?!" The Trio shouted causing a few people to look what was the commotion and needless to say they were surprised when they saw Komo flapping its wings right next Issei who noticed people having a look in their face when they are looking at Komo. "Yup, I only found him yesterday...welp I have to get going...Cya!" And with that he grabbed Komo and ran making the bystanders sweat dropped "I only wanted to pet that adorable thing..."

(A couple minutes later)

"Phew...that was close that looks from those people looked like they want to capture Komo." Said Issei as he walks inside the embassy with some wizards in patrolling around the area. "Why did you even appeared out there for? And more importantly why didn't Ddraig stop you?" He mentally asked both of the Dragons inside of his Sacred gear. [" see I didn't know he could perform 'that' prevent me to stop him."] "'That'? What's 'that'?"

["...You do not want to know"] [Aye!] which made the Crimson Dragon sweat drop. "I think I would not like to know what's 'that' is..."

"Excuse me, Sir?" Issei turned around to see a squad of mages looking at him sternly. "Is there something you need?' Issei asked what appears to be the leader of the squad that was behind him. "Are you the one called Issei Hyoudou?"

"Yes?" Issei confirmed but for some reason he felt dread in his heart but he didn't why. but before he could think the Squad Leader gave Issei poster and a package which is the size a tissue box. "I'm Dave Captain of the Fourth Platoon a stranger came here not too long ago asking us to give to a person named Issei Hyoudou and with this picture." Which the Leader now named Dave showed Issei a picture that looks exactly like him! "According to the stranger he said you dropped a job request and package you are suppose to deliver...please be more alert and focused at all time Hyoudou! You are a wizard one wrong step you might die! So please remember this or we will punish you severely is that clear." which made Issei nodded as the Dave and platoon begun walking out from the building.

"Who would give a package but more that stranger the one who brought me here?" He mentally talked to Ddraig. ["It's possible but we need to check what is this job request first I would assume it would be some kind of bounty then open the package after that."] "Alright." Issei looked at the Job description.

Help needed at RoseBerry Village!

Some unknown phenomenon has been occuring in the village
People in the Village claimed to see the dead to be walking and items of their belongings attacking them

Rank: S+
Reward: 2,500,000+ Jewels

" appears to be some investigation job about possible necromancy along with some other dark magic...not much information about the Village itself though." Said Issei. ["Indeed, and appears that these Jewels are this world's currency or perhaps this country's currency."] Said Ddraig as Issei hummed in agreement as he turned his head towards the mysterious package that says Ichiya's Ulimate Perfume for my Sweet whatever that is...

Issei opens up the package only to be hit with a small cloud of Perfume straight towards his nose...Something not pleasant.




(Meanwhile) (At Fairy Tail) (Evening)

"So is there anything new while you are gone Levy?" asked a short old man in a caring tone like any grandfather would be. the elderly person has black eyes and is growing bald with only the outer rims of his head containing white hair. He also has a thick white mustache. He has a black stamp of the Fairy Tail guild mark that covers his entire chest area. On his first appearance, he was shown dressed in a casual manner, with an attire consisting of a white shirt with a black Fairy Tail stamp in the middle under an orange hoodie. His attire was completed with matching orange shorts and an orange and blue striped jester hat. This person is Makarov Dreyar third Master of Fairy Tail as well as one of the ten Wizard Saints of Ishgar.

"Nothing much Master! After we finished our job I went to the bookstore and bought a book as usual." She said but suddenly she remembered something. "Actually, Master there is something I want to tell you." Which made the old master looked at Levy in interest of what she is about to say. "Well...there is boy...he felt strange." "Strange as in?"

"As in his Magic it feels enormous and primal...I never felt that type of power before...and his backstory doesn't make sense. He said he was robbed by a thief but his Aura alone should be able to scare him unless it was a very powerful wizard but isn't rare to see a powerful wizard stealing something small from a powerful person like him." She explains to Makarov. "Perhaps, maybe he has some valuable item that might caught that wizard's attention?"

"Maybe, I mean he did say this first time coming to Fiore from the West." As Levy stated that Makarov froze as processed what his child just said. "The West as in he is from Alvarez Empire?! Are you certain?!" He asked Levy what to be a very worried tone and looking pale which made her concern about the Master of Fairy Tail. "Yes, that what he said."

"I-I see..." Makarov couldn't believe it Alvarez having some balls to send in a spy after three years ago when they tried to invade only to be stopped by the Emperor and Fiore. "Have they beginning their first phase to get Fairy Heart?" "Umm...Master?" the Wizard Saint looked at Levy who was looking at him. "I was wondering do you know where Natsu is?"

This made Makarov raised an eyebrow as he rarely seen Levy talk to the Fire Dragon Slayer so why now? "Well, he found some leads about dragon sighting somewhere near here. Why?" "Well when the stranger was about to leave...a baby dragon popped out from nowhere was right next to him and he's name is Komo." This made Makarov widen in shock. "A dragon? How is that possible almost all dragons are extinct."

"I'm not sure but according to Issei he said that he found the dragon only yesterday but before I could ask for information he ran I do not why though..."

"So...He's name is Issei huh? I better tell Mest about it so he can investigate." The Third Master thought of a certain memory wizard.

"Dragon you say? Levy-chan?" Both Master and Levy heard a playful tone and turned around to see a young beautiful lady appears to be almost in her twenties with a long pink hair that reaches towards her waist with black eyes, She is buxom and has a curvaceous body and smile that says I'm kind to my friends and if you hurt my friends I will hurt you a thousand times over no matter who you are. For Clothing, she wears light blue tank top covering her large breasts along with a navy blue jacket and navy leggings that fits perfectly. She has a black pearl necklace around her neck.

"Nat-chan!" Levy exclaimed and hugged the latter who smiled back at the blue haired girl and return the hug. "What are you here?"

"I just came back from my mission and Eve decided to go back home first she did fight a lot of enemies for past few days." She said as she turned around to see Makarov and smiled at him and he just smiled. "Besides I overheard what you just said a person with dragon? That dragon might know where other dragons is!"

"But Issei said that he only found Komo yesterday." Levy protested but only her mouth closed when the young lady put her finger on her lips.

"Relax I know what I'm doing and that Dragon name is Komo? That's sounds interesting name for a Dragon." She said as her playful side suddenly took a serious look. "Besides I have an ability to for him to understand me and he may have answers that my brother and I would need to know our parents and I Natsumi Dragneel promised to see my family whole again!"

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