The End is here.

Not just the end to a conflict seven years in the making. Not only to a sacred tradition countless generations old. Not just the end to an order of Watchers as ancient as humanity itself, or the fall of a dark empire that dates back to the very beginnings of Time. This is the culmination of a tale of triumph and tragedy. Brotherhood and rivalry. Love and hate. The defining moments that bring out the very best and absolute worst of humanity.

Ironic, isn't it?

We have witnessed this struggle for seven long years, yet it is a struggle that has been taking place for eons. In distant times un-witnessed by human eyes, on countless worlds, in realms beyond our wildest imagination. It is a struggle that we need look no further than our own selves, within our own hearts, to find.

Right versus Wrong.

Good versus Evil.

Light versus Dark.

This is the end of a story of champions…

not only of the one girl in all the world known as the Chosen One…

or a Champion out to make amends for past misdeeds…

but many brave, unique souls, champions in their own right, who come forth as our last hope, the final barrier that stands between salvation and destruction, the only lifeline in the last, desperate battle between our world and the clutches of an evil as ancient as time itself. Between life…and eternal damnation.

But be forewarned; the cost of war is great. And for every victory, there is - there must be - a price to pay. Champions will rise, heroes shall fall, darkness shall descend, and our civilization as we know it shall be pushed to the brink of extinction.

Remember…war will never decide who is right…

only who is left.

Prepare, dear reader. And be afraid.

Omnium Finis Imminet.

The End of Days is here.

The End begins…


Bring Me To Life - A Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel Crossover Event