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RobStar Week Day 1: Falling

The power of flight has been within my grasp since a very early age. I honestly cannot recall a single day where I did not fly somewhere, whether it was above the deserts and jungles of Tamaran or the cities and oceans of Earth. Flight is a part of my life that I consider irreplaceable. And yet, sometimes I find myself pondering what it felt like to not be able to fly at all. I did lose my ability to fly whenever I felt sad or confused, but I never considered not flying at all. I wondered how humans could cope with the fact that they couldn't fly.

That is, until I saw him in the gym, one fateful evening.

We often rose from our beds early in the morning, to see the sunset together on the roof. And on that morning, he was late. Curious, I searched through the tower to find out the cause of his lateness. He was not in his room, so I went to the training room. And there he was. Robin. Swinging on a trapeze.

His moves were… so graceful. The way his limbs moved with effortless flow, the precise timing of his movements… it was a beautiful sight. Such feats of agility must have required years of training to perfect. His lean and toned form soared through the air, making flips and twists and turns with such ease as. As if he dared gravity to bring him down. And yet, none of that could compare to the bright smile that was on his face as he sailed through the air. It felt as if he was a different person entirely.

But that was broken when he made one mistake and fell on the net. The smile was long gone, replaced with an expression of utter sadness, until he just covered his face in his arms and sighed. That look… that expression of melancholy and disappointment remained in my mind for quite some time. At the time, I thought he beat himself up too much on a simple training regimen.

We were but best friends back then. And now that we are more than that, I know that there is more to his drive concerning acrobatics than just training.

It was a part of his past self, the one part that wasn't taken away from him. And it was a reminder of the moment that changed his life forever. A memory of his life before his crimefighting days that he could relive over and over. It was a memory of his days at the circus, when he trained with his deceased parents. And of the day they were taken from him.

For him, falling was a nightmare. Falling was what took the life of his parents. And he could not afford to fall or let anyone else fall. He promised to himself to always catch people when they fall.

I had suspected his obsession with not letting people fall when he kept catching me, helping me from danger. And the times he could not catch me or anyone else, he cursed himself for not being better.

For me, falling did not mean much. It was either a thrill when I would freefall from the sky, to feel the wind rushing through my hair, or it was either a sign of danger. But to him, falling meant everything. Falling was what he shared with his parents, what robbed him of them, what he wanted to keep me away from.

When he confided in me, it all made sense. And on that day, I made it my mission to catch him when he fell. To show him that he is not alone anymore.

Now that we are performing on the trapeze together, I could not feel more honored that he shared this experience with me, his deepest memory. I see that, whenever he falls, he simply sports a gentle smile and lets himself go, his past melancholy expression gone. He knows that I will be there to catch him. And that maybe, just maybe, he has another family to love and be loved from.

Such is our bond of trust in one another. For we are a family act. And we will always catch and help each other when we fall.