Breaking up the boy

Warnings/notes : (Schuldich x Yohji), Yohji x Omi, songfic, Schuldich pov

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'Breaking up the girl' belongs to Garbage (lyrics slightly altered [as you can see from the title]).

written at 9th march 2003, by Misura


//In a modern culture

My friend you must be careful

They've a million ways to kill you

In this dangerous world

There's an art to growing old//

From where I'm sitting, I have a perfect view on the blue-eyed boy sitting in a quiet corner -as far as any spot can be called quiet around here- looking completely out of place.

Omi Tsukiyono may be judged old enough to be an assassin, he's far too young to be in a place like this. Come to think of it, if I had any say in the matter, he wouldn't be a killer either.

But no one asked me anything of course and it's too late anyway.

He finally notices me looking at him and scowls. I smile and raise my glass in reply. The Bombay kitten is cute by nature, even if he tries to show teeth and claws.

It's ironic I'm the one to notice a thing like that.

The only reason he's here is to take my lover away from me after all. That's the single reason that cold icicle who calls himself Aya allowed him to tag along with us tonight.

He seems to think I have a bad influence on Balinese and that Omi can cure that.

//Taking chances

Magic happens

One mistake's all it takes

And your life has come undone//

It's almost funny. You'd say that after spending so many years living with the man, he'd know Yohji's just Yohji ; nothing more to corrupt for someone like me there.

But no, he insists on thinking that if he manages to drag us apart, Yohji will magically stop drinking and dating. Well, most of the dating-stuff anyway. That's where Omi comes in.

Sweet, innocent Omi. I could hate Aya for doing this to him. Can't he see a boy like Omi, even if he's thousand times an assassin and a hacker and God knows what more, does not belong here?

In a public place like this, you can't just kill someone who annoys you.

There are rules to follow, and yes, maybe the rules are a bit easier on you when you are tall, strong and good-looking. Like I am, like Yohji is and like Omi is *not*.

//I walk away cause you're breaking up the boy

It's a drag

I know it's hard//

"Schuldich? What ya looking at?" A slurred voice asks. Ah yes, Yohji. Can you believe I almost forgot he was there? Seems he's a bit ahead of me in the drinks-department.

No matter, I'll catch up with him later.

"At a Bombay kitten." I reply, keeping my eyes on Omi. Someone seems to be trying to get a conversation going with him. Without much success.

"Huh? Oh, you mean Oooomi!" He starts to giggle a bit. Apparently he's really drunk, even if it's still a bit early for that. Aya, no doubt, would blame me for it.

I feel sick suddenly.

A small commotion erupts as Omi screams all of a sudden and shoves the guy who was talking to him earlier violently away from him. I suppose I should have expected it to happen sooner or later. Only a moron like Aya wouldn't.

//But you're tearing him apart

I walk away cause you're breaking up the boy//

I grab Yohji's arm and drag him along, heading in Omi's general direction.

"Come on, we're leaving."

"But I wanna stay!"

Yohji can be so tiring when he's drunk. That's why I always try to leave before he gets above his limits. Plus, he doesn't allow anyone else to drive his car and I prefer to be driven home by someone who is, at least in part, sober.

Omi looks up at me. His eyes are still swimming with the emotions ; fear, relief, embarrassment.

"We're getting out of here." I inform him. He nods then starts to look guilty.

"Not your fault ; it's just that Yohji's had his tax of alcohol tonight." I reassure him, pointing at Yohji, who immediately starts to mumble a denial.

Of course, Aya decides it's my fault Omi nearly got molested and Yohji's passed out as soon as he touches the couch, dead-drunk as he is. I hadn't expected anything else.

//I am afraid that there's much to be afraid of

Here today and gone tomorrow//

A few days later, I walk into Omi in the mall. Nagi had sent me for some stuff for his PC, writing down what he wanted exactly to make sure I wouldn't bring the wrong things home.

I'm not stupid, but really, the names some of those things have ....

"Are... are those for Nagi?" A shy voice asks, as I try to puzzle out what on earth I just bought.

I turn around, coming face to face with Omi. Who doesn't quite look his usual cheerful self.

"Yeah. Only he's too busy to come and buy them himself."

He tries a smile and nods. I wonder what's bothering him. I *could* read his mind of course.

And then I find out just why Aya sent Omi and not Ken to come along with us on our date.

I swear you, I'll kill that ice-cube one day.

~to be concluded in the next part~