The time traveler

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed or any of its characters.

Timeline: Season five's "Oh my Goddess". This story won't follow the canon. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Summary: Chris travels to the past to change the future and save his family. What he doesn't know is that Wyatt followed him to the past.

Chapter one

Halliwell Manor


Unchanged future

Piper drew a triquetra on the wall, as Chris chanted the spell to go back in time. They smiled at each other, as a portal to the past opened.

"Go!" Piper said softly. "Go and save our family!"

Chris nodded. "I promise! I'll find out what turned Wyatt evil. I'll stop this mess from happening!"

Piper enveloped him in a hug. "Take care of yourself!"

When Chris was about to step through the portal, a demon shimmered in and attacked Piper.

Chris formed an energy ball in his hand. "Leave her alone!" he ordered.

"She's a traitor, just like you," the demon said, pressing an athame against Piper's throat.

"She's Wyatt's mother!" Chris argued. "You can't hurt her!"

"He didn't care about her anymore," the demon laughed. "Wyatt is one of us, he turned completely and nothing can change that."

Piper closed her eyes in horror. The demon wasn't lying. Her son was the new Source, he didn't care about his family.

She summoned all the strength she had and managed to free herself from the demon's grasp.

Chris threw the energy ball against the demon, but he managed to avoid it. "Nice try, Chris!" the demon laughed, waving his hand and sending Chris against the wall.

"No!" Piper cried and Piper raised her hand to tried to blow him up, but he reconstituted himself.

The demon held up a dagger. "End of game, Piper Halliwell!" he said, throwing the dagger against her.

Chris let out a cry, as Piper was hit in the chest. He formed another energy ball and threw it against the demon. "You evil son of a bitch!" he yelled, throwing another energy ball and another.

The demon was vanquished.

"Chris…" Piper muttered.

"Aunt Piper," he knelt before her. "Let me try to help you…" he said, placing his hand over her wound.

"It's okay, peanut," Piper said softly.

Chris shook his head, as nothing happened. "I… I…"

"You need to go," she let out in a whisper.

"I can't let you…" he said, a single tear fell down his face.

Piper breathed hard. "You need to change the past… Please…" she said and closed her eyes.

Chris closed his eyes and kissed her forehead. "I am so sorry," he whispered. He never managed to heal people by himself. Paige told him that he would eventually learn to access the power on his own. But it never happened.

He sighed heavily, then recomposed himself.

No time for tears.

Piper would be okay, exactly like Paige and Phoebe.

And his mother, his father, his cousins…

He would save them all.

One last chance.

Chris looked at the portal and crossed it.

A few seconds later, Wyatt appeared in the attic in black orbs. He looked at Piper's dead body on the ground and let out a small cry. His mother. Once he loved her the most, but she betrayed him. She joined the resistance, believing they could stop him.

Big mistake.

He looked at the Book of Shadows. "To go back in time…" he muttered. So, it was truth. Chris and Piper were planning to go back in time.

Wyatt smiled.

A trip to the past.

It could be really interesting. He could change things in his own way.