Sweet Cute Green Obsession

Soo, good morning/ afternoon/ night for everyone who is reading this. Umm, first story on Boku no Hero Academia. I warn you, the characters may diverse greatly from the originals due to lewd things. this huge mess popped on my mind inspired by a certain doujinshi where our dear Quirk Inheritor was born with a Quirk, one that lead to the formation of a harem, as you may or may not be used to, depending on how much schoolar life animes you had seen before. That said, rated M for obvious reason, don't own nothing related to Boku no Hero Academia except for this fic, just the usual. Forgive me in advance for any errors you may find in the text, not natural language, still working on it.

It all starts with a thought

U.A. High School. The number one college for those who seek the most popular and viewed profession in the world: a Hero. Since the appearance of the first baby with a Quirk, the world changed completely, with more and more people manifesting those unique characteristics. This, of course, caused major problems, the biggest of them all being a huge increase in criminality, but with that also came the age of the heroes, people willing to use their Quirks to help others and make the world a better place. Such was the greatness of these changes, the heroic acts became a profession itself, just like a fireman, a medic or a professor, and with that came some benefits and also some rules. Thus, in order to prepare the next generations for the great responsibilities of having others trusting their lives on them, the Hero Course was created, and it quickly became the most popular among all the girls and boys.

And in the middle of this huge wave stood Midoriya Izuku, a very shy and recluse teen, once quirkless, but now the inheritor of the Quirk of the number one hero, All Might: One For All. Due to his previous lack of quirk, Izuku never had many friends. In fact, his condition lead to what one could call a miserable childhood, being constantly bullied by his 'friend', Bakugou Katsuki. But despite all that, Izuku grew up with a dream that one day he would be a cool hero that saved people with a big smile on his face, just like his idol.

The first step was having a Quirk, check. Then, enter in the best Hero Course, the one his idol and mentor went by, check. Now he had to learn how to control his new power without breaking every bone on his body, in progress. And due to the lack of social skills, he had to work on interacting with people in order to be a suitable successor of the Symbol of Peace, also in progress.

Despite his introverted personality, his mumbling habits and his maybe, probably, just a little bit exacerbated adoration for All Might, he was a kind boy with a heart of gold and a will strong as steel. You just had to give him some time and then he would show the best of him. Yes, Midoriya Izuku was without a shade of doubt someone you could count on. And Uraraka Ochako knew that pretty well.

Ochako was also a very kind girl with a bubbly, warm and bright nature, as her name suggested. They met at the entrance of the U.A. and even went through the admission test together. She would not admit it, not even to herself, but she fell in love with the guy as fast as her other friend Iida Tenya could run. But that was back then. Right now she had other conflicts on her head to solve.

Ochako's POV

This is bad, really bad. I did it again, and the worst part is that I'm starting to not care about it, as if it was something normal. Am I a lost case? Well, it doesn't matter right now, as in right right now, because I am thinking of him so forget the rest, I'll worry about my morals tomorrow. This is so more important.

Deku-kun, you are really a bad boy, you know it? No one should be so adorable and cute and nice and smart and so damn sexy at the same time. Just thinking about you makes me get hot. It was easier back then when I just got flustered, but every time you come to my mind I get so, so hot. I can't resist the urge. Damnit, Deku-kun, you are making me a needy girl, you know it? Of course you don't, but that's my fault. You are such a pure person that you probably won't look at me in other was beside a friend. But I want to be more to you, I need to be more to you. I need you so bad I think I'll go crazy at some point.

Wow, tone down Ochako, he surely won't like a crazy and needy girl glued on him, right? But, what if someone else catch his attention? Ugh, the simple thought of some random bitch seducing my Deku-kun makes me want to puke. Oh my, am I turning into some kind of yandere? Aah, Deku-kun, I need you so much, so so much, and you don't even know it! I wish I could just go and tell you right away, but I can't. What if I say something wrong? And if you just say no? What if you end hating me?! No, no, that can't happen! Deku-kun hating me?! What would I do then?! Ah! Deku-kun, you make me so wet… (A/N: yes, she is doing what it seems she is doing)

It was way past midnight, everyone was sleeping in the Heights Alliance, except for a certain Uraraka Ochako. In the darkness of her room, alone with a picture of Midoriya doing his workouts at the gym, the strange angle giving out that said person didn't exactly allowed her to take this photo with her phone. Ochako stopped counting how many times she touched herself while thinking about her dear green haired boy around the number seventy four, and ultimately she wasn't worrying much about it either. She had her mouth muffled by her pillow, because her moaning could get her into a embarrassing situation with the other girls, one of the downsides of the dorms system. Seriously, sometimes she forgot to lock the door and one of them just HAD to enter almost without warning, not that she spent all of her free time doing it, just jn the times she 'started early'. By so, she decided to always double check the lock and start after midnight. This proved to be a difficult choice because Ochako wasn't getting any additional hours of sleep, but seeing Midoriya's face every day worked as a mental recharge.

This night, thought, was totally different. On the classroom of yesterday(A/N: since is past midnight) they went through a rescue training, and she happened to be one of the victims. She was tied by hopes over a fake pit of acid, and the rope would be cut down in some minutes, the time the hero had to defeat the villain, save her, or do both if he/she could. And Midoriya did it so perfectly, at least in her eyes. He was against Kirishima and Iida, not exactly the most perfect combination, but each one was pretty hard to deal with. But Midoriya being Midoriya used one of his best powers: his mind; to think of a plan to get through the barrier and save the hostage. At the end he used Kirishima as an unmoving object against Iida's unstoppable force, and the result was catastrophic for the red head and the running teen. Using his Full Cowl he saved Ochako at the very last second, catching her mid air bridal style after the rope was cut, a true hero save scene. And while in Midoriya's head he was freaking out about holding his not so secret crush like a bride, in Uraraka's head there was a whole list of what they would do and try at the night of their honeymoon. Heck, she had to hold herself in order to not wet her hero costume.

And with that event in mind Ochako could not wait to midnight to come. She had to release her tension, but due to what happened it didn't seem the same as usual. She came four times already and was still feeling hot. Hot? Was really it? Maybe it was frustration. Yeah, she was frustrated for a lot of reasons. For one she didn't have the courage or the nerve to ask her crush out, not even to a simple outing between friends, let alone a date. Second, she noticed it before but now it was clear to her that simple pictures of Midoriya would not satisfy her needs. The ones she had weren't erotic in the slightest. This one where Midoriya had his arms exposed and a very small portion of his abs showing was the closest thing she had. Third, and maybe most important, her fingers and imagination had a limit, a very high limit, but a limit nonetheless. The waves of pleasure coming from her inwards didn't have the same effect of the first times. She was very ashamed of herself for doing it, thinking about Midoriya above all things, but now it was just a good feeling.

She fell on the routine, and to get out of it and release her tension, she would need to reach new levels, go beyond. But the question was how. How to get a closer feeling of her dear Deku-kun? She could try these 'toys' she heard about some times, but it would be too risky to leave possible 'crime proofs' in her room. Then something clicked on her light head. The best way to get 'closer' to Deku-kun was having the real deal.

Ochako's POV

I… I… I can't do it… He's… he's too beautiful, too perfect, too pure. Do this to him would maculate his very image. I feel guilty of being playing with myself having him on my head. Not that this will stop me. I can get over this low level of guilt.

Ah… Deku-kun… if only I could have you for a single moment, one minute to memorize your everything. Umm… Deku-kun's curly hair, his cute freckles, his bright eyes… Deku-kun's strong arms… his toned abs that I know he has, his defined chest. Deku-kun's… his… his ~mentally screaming~ DEKU-KUN'S DICK?!

Whaa, Ochako, what the hell are you thinking?! What are you? A bitch?! Get yourself together, I can't give up to the temptation! Even if it is… Deku-kun's virginity… Wait, what if he has already done it…? No, he isn't that type of guy. Ah, just lay on your bed and sleep, Ochako, that won't happen, not today, not tomorrow, probably never happen. Yes, stay on the bed, today is saturday after all.

She was telling herself that, but she already on the balcony of her room. There, in the middle of night, she took a deep breath as she pondered what she was about to do. Looking up at the starry sky, she thought about all the consequences that could come from that idea, both for her and Midoriya. A gentle cold breeze blew by, brushing her hair. It also sent shivers down there because she was hot and wet. She has set her mind.

Using her Quirk to make herself lighter, she jumped from her balcony and started climbing up to the roof, as silent as she could, to reach the boys' side. She climbed one balcony after another, her cheeks puffed as she was fighting her sickness of using her power. Impressive how a turn on could help so much, she had to see it better later, maybe. She finally reached her destination, releasing her zero gravity effect.

Luckily the glass door was open, so it was easy to get in. Once inside the room dark room, she laid her eyes on her dear Deku-kun, the bluish white light of the moon illuminating his tranquil face. Ochako didn't knew how much longer she had been staring at his sleepy form but she shook her head and cleared her mind. This was the last time to consider things, there was no turning back after that. Her deep thought wandered to lewd things so quickly that all the restrictions she had put for herself went flying through the imaginary window. Hell, she was drooling a little.

Ochako's POV

(A/N: just to make things clear, in this part the normal text is one 'voice' in Uraraka's head and the italic is another 'voice')

Deku-kun is sleeping, I shouldn't do it. I feel like a sinner for disturbing his sleep. But when will I have such a good opportunity? But what will he think of me? What if he hates me? i just have to make sure he enjoys it so much he will ask for more! No! Deku-kun isn't like that! He is such a great person! He surely is but I want to see how great he really is… no comment? No, me too.

His sleepy form is so beautiful. Forgive me Deku-kun, but I must do it. I cannot resist you any longer!

Uraraka reached for his blanket and removed in a swift motion, and for her most happiness, he was sleeping without shirt, only using boxers. No lost opportunities, she took some good shots with her phone. Sitting at the end of the bed, she leaned over his legs, reaching for his boxers and carefully removing them. After that hard task she allowed herself to appreciate her 'hard work', Deku-kun's exposed inner regions. Her breath immediately became irregular as she was getting excited. Her head hovered over her target, but centimeters away from jt she heard something, something that would change her life.

"Mmm… Uraraka… not here… they are looking…"

"My name! He said my name! Deku-kun is dreaming with me!"

She felt in heaven, so much that she didn't even consider what kind of context she was on his dream. That aside, she became so aroused and love blind that her mind focused on a single thing. If he was awake, Midoriya would see pink hearts on Uraraka's bright eyes and a kind of menacing and lustful aura around her.

"Just wait, Deku-kun, you are going to feel amazing! I promise!"

And with that she took hold of the sleepy boy's member and started jerking off at a slow pace at first, the increasing the speed until it became hard. Uraraka had to cover her mouth not to let out her gasp when she saw his erect member. Her eyes were big like saucers. And then came the final blow to the girl's unstable mind: Midoriya let out a small moan.

"YES! Deku-kun moaned! I am all yours Deku-kun! Take as much of me as you want!"

Without second thought she put her tongue out and licked the tip of his dick, then licked along the entire thing, enjoying herself the taste of her loved one. It was unusual, different, but wonderful in a way she could not describe in words. The more she licked the more she wanted. Opening her mouth, she started sucking it while using her tongue to lick the tip inside her mouth. With her now free hand she removed her panties and started fingering herself. Indeed this was a whole new level of pleasure. It was totally worth the risk.

She could feel his body tensing, his dick getting even harder as she sucked in, and it only made her hornier. Ochako dared to go beyond and tried to put his entire dick inside her mouth but she gagged when it reached her throat, making her back off and gasp for air.

"Deku-kun… so… big… heh, heheh…"

She tried again and again until she finally managed to touch the base of his dick with her lips. She had to focus completely on this in order to not choke on this huge boner, and waited some time like that to get used to the feeling. Once her lungs could not wait any more for air she backed off again, breathing heavily.

"Right! I think I got it. Be ready Deku-kun, Uraraka Ochako will make you cum tonight!"

With this… unique motivation Uraraka dived back at the cock of her loved one, determined to give him the best night of his life so far, even if he was sleeping. She started sucking again, this time with much more… technique? She had a fast pace and was stroking the base of his member while sucking the rest. From time to time Midoriya would involuntarily let out a low moan, which only encouraged the brunette to keep going on. Uraraka herself was enjoying it so much she came by herself, but she kept sucking and stroking him anyway.

Then something got her attention. His body was becoming more stiff, which she supposed to be the signal that he was close. Perfect! A chance to taste Midoriya's 'juices'. She sped up a bit and felt his member twitching inside her mouth. It was the time. She shoved as much of his dick as she could inside her mouth and sucked it with all her strength. Sparks started to form around the green haired boy's body and he squeezed his eyes shut, and then he came out.

Now, Uraraka heard about those hentai animes where there was a massive jet of cum all over the place and she was smart enough to know it was impossible to happen, which was the main reason why she got so surprised the massive stream that exploded inside her mouth. It went straight to her throat, some going down right away and the rest filling her mouth. She had to back off, but not before making sure of suck every drip of it. She finally made it and lifted her head, her cheeks full with semen while she took slow gulps of the thick liquid. With her mouth finally free she allowed herself to gasp for air.

"Well… it doesn't taste… so bad…". She said in a low tone to herself.


After hearing that her whole body tensed. She slowly looked up and found Midoriya, half awake and looking at her with a puzzled face. She became like a statue. Maybe he could believe he was dreaming, right? But the progression from confusion to understanding and then panicking told her otherwise.

"U… U-U-Urara-"

"Shhh, shhh"

Uraraka quickly covered his mouth with her hand. Unfortunately, or not, she used the hand that was down there inside her, so it was covered with, you know, which only made the boy panic even more. Inside Midoriya's head was like a tornado. He was flustered that he had such a lewd dream with Uraraka and them when he woke up he was without pants and with Uraraka herself on top of him in a very suspicious position. Could it be the attack of a villain? No wait, why would a villain attack him like this? And at U.A. on top of everything. Another wait, could there be Quirks related to… well, sex? He never heard about it before so…

"Deku-kun". Uraraka whispered.


"You are mumbling again"

On the bright side it wasn't an attack, at least of a villain. On the dark, terrible side it really was Uraraka on top of him covering his mouth with a hand suspiciously wet. But before he could ask what the hell was happening, he saw something that completely threw him off. Uraraka was crying. Small tears formed in the corners of her beautiful eyes and rolled down her peachy cheeks. For a second he stopped to acknowledge just how precious she looked when in light of the moon.

"Sorry, Deku-kun, I did something unforgivable"

"What…? Uraraka- san, what happened?"

"I- I couldn't contain myself. I needed it so much that I- I…"

"What is it…? What did you have to do?"

"I sucked your dick…"

"Sorry, I didn't hear it"

"I sucked your-"

"Whah! there's no need to repeat, I thought I heard it wrong"

An odd minute of silence.

"Can… can I ask why?"

The two of the were a mess of blush and awkwardness, so Uraraka decided to throw what was left of her dignity away and tell him right away. There couldn't be ANY better time.

"Well, Deku-kun, it happens that… I love you. I really love you. So much that I cannot get you out of my head, and I got so, so horny that… whah, it's a shame to simply say it…"

"... You really… love me?"

"Huh? Yes, I really do. I love you, Deku-kun"

There was no way he could get any more red than now.

"Oh, I see… well, I-I-I l… you- I mean, umm… I love you too, Uraraka"

There was no way she could get any more red that now.

"You are not lying…?"

"No. Since the first time I saw you… I knew a loved you. I just never had the courage to say it. Sorry"

Midoriya was looking to anywhere but the girl on top of him but when he said it he had to face her, and he found her with tears on her eyes. He was about to go on his famous sequence of apologies but he was interrupted by a big smile forming and a deep passionate kiss from his crush. At first he was scared and lost, but soon he gave into the kiss, closing his eyes and enjoying it himself. He felt her soft and small hands caress his face and his hair, and he also allowed his hands to wander around her body as well. In other circumstances the fact that she was only wearing a long t-shirt would worry him, but now he was more interested in kissing the girl of his dreams than thinking.

So much that Uraraka easily held his hands and guided one of them to her private parts. When Midoriya felt a wet sensation, his brain restarted to function properly and he broke the kiss.

"U-Uraraka, what are you-"

"Shhh… please, let me enjoy it a little too…"

She guided his middle finger inside her as she went into bliss. Midoriya now could see the pink hearts on her eyes. By some reason he felt that he had to give this to her, maybe because of what she did to him earlier, so he went on and kept sliding his fingers in and out her wet hole. The small moans of the brunette completely turned him on, and he was liking the vision he was getting. He could see a small part of her breasts. Well, it got better because now she removed her shirt and shoved her breasts in his face.

"Deku-kun, can you suck them? Please?"

How could he say no? Uncertain at first, he started slowly, but Midoriya was a fast learner and soon he got the way of how to make her moan and tremble. He even used his other hand to caress her other breast alternating between them.

"Deku-kun… can you lick my… pussy…?"

Caught in the moment, he nodded a yes and so she lifted herself and put her wet hot hole in front of him, her face filled with expectation. He licked it and she felt a jolt of electricity course through her entire body, and when he stuck his tongue in she had to cover her mouth to stop herself from moaning too loud. Her eyes were starting to roll up and her insides were on fire. Midoriya ran his rough and scarred hands on her round butt and thighs, feeling her tremble as he did so. Uraraka played with her nipples, almost crying of happiness, after all she was being pleasured by the person she loved, and the best part, he loved her too. It was like all of her dreams becoming true at once, so much that she was afraid of being asleep, so she pinched her nipples, just to be sure. Ends out it aroused her even more.

As for Midoriya, well, he was surely having his time too. He never really thought seriously about having a girlfriend before, due to his focus on being a hero and also because of his low self-esteem, so when Uraraka said she loved him, he felt the best in the world. Also due to his lack of social skills and his pure nature, he never thought about doing what he was doing now. To be honest he never really understood why Kaminari and Mineta would always talk about this kind of topic. Well, now he did, but he was sure they didn't get anywhere near his actual level. Was it pride he was feeling? Well, he was happy that he had Uraraka for him but, it wasn't as if he was a thing for him to keep. There, he HAD Uraraka. Thinking simple about it it was a achievement for him, a great one, considering his shyness and clumsiness. Anyway, that was too much overthinking. But deep in the back of his mind, the last bit of his rational part considered making some 'research' on this topic. He felt that he had to make Uraraka feel as good as she made him feel. Speaking of which…

"Deku-kun... I'm… ah~ I'm about… aah~ I'm about to… cum… ah~"

He kind of knew what that meant, so he sped up a bit and tried to reach a little deep inside her. Uraraka was feeling sheer pleasure and was on her limit. None of the times she fingered herself could compare to what she was feeling now, by a huge difference. At her breaking point her whole body tensed and she thrusted her hips forth while holding Midoriya by his head, and then she came. She had to hold her breath to stop the screaming from coming out loud. She was shaking and her inwards were wet and hot as if they were on fire. A huge wave washed over her and she finally relaxed, all that while Midoriya tried to take in her juices without making a mess. Both were short breathed, but Uraraka had the most lustful face Midoriya has ever seen. None that he saw a great number anyways, his reference was a teen magazine with Midnight on the cover that he saw once when he was at the comics' stand. That view of Uraraka would be cauterized in the back of his eyes forever, he was sure of it.

The brunette then seemed to get back from lust land and looked endearingly at her green haired crush, that now was more than just a crush. She laid her naked body over his and rested her head on his chest.

"Deku-kun… did you like to touch my breasts…?"

"...umm, yes…"

"Deku-kun… did you like to touch me down there?"

"Umm, yeah…"

"Deku-kun… did you like to lick my pussy?"

"I, umm, I… yes, I did…"

"Deku-kun… forgive me for making you do it. I just-"

"Stop it. You didn't forced me, at least not after I woke up…"

"I feel very ashamed of doing it. Do you hate me? Do you think I am a-"

"Don't even say it, Uraraka. I would never hate you, and you are not a, well, you know, that kind of woman"

"You really mean it?"

"Yes, I do"

"Deku-kun… can I be your girlfriend?"

"Sure. Can I be your boyfriend?"


"Umm, can I… well…"

"Do you want my ass now?"

"What? No! Umm, can I call you by your first name?"

"Oh, sure, but it is better not tell the other right away. They would make a lot of noise… in a good way, I guess"

"Yeah, I was also thinking of that"

Ochako then locked her new boyfriend in another passionate kiss, the juices of each other mixing in a strange yet nice mess inside their mouths.

"You taste wonderful, Izuku"

"You… you to, O-Ochako"

Another glimpse of the pink hearts. Was he seeing things? Well, anyway, with that she playfully kissed his forehead and left the bed, picking up her shirt and moving to the balcony so she could go back to her room. Izuku got up and reach for something on his bed.

"Ochako, y-you forgot this"

"Oh, this? You can keep it as a memory of tonight, okay?" As she said it she winked playfully and jumped up while using her Quirk to make herself lighter.

And Izuku was left alone with her pink striped panties. Looking closer at it it was clear to him that she was wet way before she got here. "She must have been looking forward to it for a long time…". And while he resisted the urge to sniff this piece of clothing that his girlfriend was using moments ago, said girlfriend was hoping he would do so, after all she did get his underwear.

Well then, we have a lost Midoriya and a crazy yandere-like Uraraka. Not that it really matters but since Uraraka has this 'maximum determination' side of her, I ended thinking that she could fit the yandere role, was it an ecchi anime or something. I don't promise regular updates because I simply cannot, there are good days for writing and extremely bad weekes for it too. But I'll keep trying and this will get done. some day.

Anyway, see you all readers on the next chapter. I say bye, just the guyNumber23.