Was she exaggerating?

Probably yes. She knew that he was terribly tired. He couldn't even talk about the mission.

Everything he had said was 'We have to get out of here immediately'.

And that seemed very serious. Aerrow hated to abandon or postpone any mission.

That's another reason that could be causing his bad mood.

She shouldn't be mad at him. Didn't seem right. She was desperate for him to be alive not many time ago.

She grew soft on that thought.

It might be better just wait for him to rest. He deserves that. None of them knew what he has been through. And judging by the time he took to come back, and his reaction when he arrived, doesn't seem any good.

Things stayed calm during the day. Everyone tried not to bring chaos. Surprisingly, even Finn.

The night fell.

Although this being the first time she felt relaxed in ages, she couldn't sleep an entire night so easily.

After hours trying, she finaly gave up and decided to look for something to eat. There wasn't much actually, but they could still have some sandcakes in the kitchen.

The air outside her room was fresh and calm. Maybe a walk around the deck would be a better idea.

And actually, it was. The sky was incredible. She coudn't tell if it was the calm after all the storm they faced, or if it was breathless by itself.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Asked a voice behind her.

She took some time to assimilate. It's not like she couldn't recognize the voice, but the tone used and the voice behind it just didn't fit.

She narrowed her eyes for a moment to find him in a dark part of the deck.

"May I ask you the same?"

"Well, I slept almost the entire day." He said getting close and taking place next to her.

She watched him, trying to figure out what was wrong.

She only realized that he was waiting for an answer when he got her looking at him.

"I-I haven't been able to sleep."

He raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

In another moment, it would be easier to say she was worried that he would not come back.

After all, those scenes of concern that Aerrow had shown during the war made her pay attention to other occasions they've been through. She was wondering if something deeper was growing between them.

But he didn't look as receptive as before. He was not like that even in his worst days.

Aerrow had the great ability to be irritated by things he considered unfair, that was true.

Or when he was jealous.

Could it be that? No, there wasn't reasons for it.

Something happened. As much as he had been in a bad mood a few times before, he had never acted like that with her. Not without a reason.

She caught him staring at her clothes.

"You don't usually walk around the Condor dressed like that."

She could not help frowning.


He pretended not to notice her sharp thone.

"I'm saying that it's not common you walk around wearing nothing but your underwear."

And if there was a limit, Aerrow had just passed.

"How much time do you intend to act this way?"

"Which way? I'm just trying to understand why my First mate is walking undressed around an open deck of a ship that have only men on board." he was growing aggressive.

"I'm not undressed, I'm in my pajamas!"

He looked away from her and turned, looking up at the sky again.

She felt naked after this. But she was not going to show the effect caused by his indiscreet and unnecessary comment.

"Would you like me to wear uniform during the night too?" She asked provoking him. "Alright, Captain."

She turned away to leave.

Had they ever fought like that before?

No. Never.

He had never put her just as his 'first mate'. He had never offended her this much.

Whatever was causing this damn bad mood, she wouldn't try to talk to him anymore. Something was clearly wrong, but after being treated like that she decided not to handle it face to face.

"Piper" He called.

She thought twice before deciding whether or not to pay attention in him after what had just happened.


"You look beautiful."

Now really... that was unexpected.

He stood looking away, his back to her.

"I'm sorry." He added. And then was silent.

He was leaning against the iron wall of the porch. Lifting one of his hands, he covered his face.

This touched her.

What was happening to him?

She slowly approached and put her hand on his shoulder.

Just when the contact happend, he pulled away groaning.

He looked at her.

Why is he like this?

Piper's interior screamed. As if her bond with him knew something she didnt't realized yet.

"Aerrow, what's happening with you?"


Then she approached again. His eyes... seemed to be lost in hers.

She tried to touch him again, putting her hand gently on his arm.

And then he grabed her wrist.

Not too hard, but enough to scare her.

He turned her back to the wall and pushed her against the cold metal.

She screamed at the sudden contact.

He simply looked at her, firmly. He released her wrist slowly and rested his arms on the wall, surrounding her.

He was too close.

"Aerrow..." She tried to continue, but not knowing what to say.

"You really look beautiful, Piper."

They were looking deeply to each other.

He touched her waist. His fingers moving softly until he grabbed her.

And when her hands touched his chest, he stiffened and stepped away.

He gasped. He was...

Something stirred inside her.

He started to look pale.

The bond. She was feeling something through the bond.

The expression he made...

Damn it!

He was wounded.

"Aerrow?!" She called, but he was already fainting.


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