Vampire Hunter D: Face the Truth


"Please...let us leave my lady... he will come soon, and -"
The pale woman sitting in a grand chair hushes the desperate man, her fingers touch his lips to silence him before returning to the arm rest.

"Let him come...if he wishes to take me. What chance would I have?"
Her servant knelt on his knees trying to coax her to safety, pleading with all his heart.

"My lady, you have been good to me, to all my family and indeed the whole village. You have protected us from the vampires and creatures that stalk us in the night, and now we all want to protect you!"

His eyes glaze over as tears wash over his face.
"Please! Come with me! I will take you to a safe house, he will never find you!"

"But... that is the problem isn't it..." She whispers, her long slim fingers brushing her straight, lengthy ebony hair.
"He will find me, where ever I go... I will never escape his wrath..."

"Very well..." The woman says standing up from her chair.
With that, she follows her beloved servant down the long corridors of her mansion that overlooks the village she had protected.
Passed the blanked out windows and silken drapes that hang in their place.
Passed many paintings that hang on the dusty walls, so old with time the paint itself feeling its age.

The servant leads her to the back door in the kitchens and he opens them, looking carefully outside before letting his mistress step out.
It was dark but clear that night. No clouds quilted the night's sky and it left the air cold and crisp.
The moon was full and its rays reflected the almost white skin of the woman, her ebony hair barely brushed the floor behind her and her crimson gown covered by a black cloak contrasted her paleness...

"This way, quickly My Lady!"
He ushers her into a ready couch, the two black steeds snort outwards, steam gushing from their android nostrils.
She steps in quietly and closes the door behind her, looking out of the carriage window to thank the servant, her friend.

"'Tis nothing my Lady, just be safe!"
And with that the man jumps into the drivers seat and whips the metallic stallions as a signal to go. The couch springs to life, the stallions rearing with beastly power before galloping away into the night...