Aunty Blue?

Blue diamond walked into a lab the the gems ran around her in an effort to do work tthe lead gem in charge stood at attention she looked at all the homeworld projects that lined the wall.

"My diamond we have captured the child." the Peridot spoke as she offered up a object covered in blankets. The diamond took it into her proud hands and unwrapped it to reveal a tiny Human baby with a two dog tags that he happened to like chewing on the first tag she freed from the child's mouth read Steven the second that hung loosely read Universe.

"Does she know" the diamond boredly spoke as she walked past the test tubes and other lab equipment.

"Yes my diamond I made sure of it". the Peridot still stood totally still the perfect reflection of a homeworld gem and her perfect manners as Blue diamond gazed intently at her.

The baby gurgled in the Diamond arms she looked down at it and smiled a sinster smile. the Peridot stood and took the baby back.

"well done Blue Peridot when will the weapon be ready." The Gem holding the baby still checked the scanners the gem bowed with the baby at hand

"12 years my diamond," Peridot stammered as she looked scared and nervous at the prospect of displeasing her diamond.


Time Skip: 6 years

Steven grew and learned fast, so did Blue Diamond, she watched him and learned more about humans, she almost fell in love with them.

but then she remembered THEY killed "her" she just couldn't forget how pink was brutally shattered by the leader of the Crystal Gems so her hate for Earth remained.

But as Steven grew and she started to learn more and more she found she loved Steven... a lot to be honest the whole homeworld loved Steven he was known as pink diamonds last gift in time Blue diamond recognized Steven as her son.

Homeworld gems watched as the two almost never left each others side. During this time the diamond tought Steven history and other subjects around this time Yellow diamond stopped by to visit where as Blue diamond was never very strict with Steven, Yellow was .

When Steven came of age Blue Diamond notified him of his heritage she spoke fondly of his mother pink diamond and how they were such good Sisters she told stories on all the diamonds Steven memorized each of them, and grew to give his own titles to his aunts he called Yellow diamond Ms. Yellow on account of her strict nature and he played with blue diamonds name till he settled on a term his gem teachers had taught him "aunty" . ever since that day Steven promised to call her aunty Blue instead of her title when she asked he simply replied "you were mom's sister right". After that Blue diamond had no more complaints

A month after that day Steven trained he worked with many battle gems as they taught him all different styles, The other gems were glad to teach him their best fighting moves and weapons.

Stevan took an interest in the bow staff he liked how light it was and also how you didn't need to kill a opponent to use it however he was still pretty good with a sword, for his 7th birthday his aunt picked out a bo staff for him so he wouldn't waste his money on the most expensive one.

Blue Diamond was glad her sister left behind such a talented nephew for her to raise some days she was still sad when she read Pink Diamond last message Blue diamond had found it exploring the place pink was shattered that very place was where they found Steven.

It was almost like a code, the diamond couldn't figure out most of it despite it being a simple note maybe if they had the full note it would be easier to read but alas they had only found half of it.

It read instructions on how to take care of Steven along with Pink Diamond's dying wish. Blue diamond felt she owed her sister thus she found herself teaching, learning and watching Steven grow.

At first Blue diamond was angry she knew that Pink was trying to find a way to have kids every time she failed she got a little sadder. The first few months of having Steven Blue diamond blamed him for pinks death but slowly the more he opened up to her the more she opened up to him and thus Blue diamond one of the most fearsome gems in the universe fell in love with a Human baby.

Leaving homeworld confused how could a diamond care so much for a human boy it seemed impossible. But slowly homeworld grew to fully accept Steven as a gem warrior.

AN/ I thank you guys for reviewing I really want to stick with this story it is lightly inspired by abomination so if you like this one check that one out too.