A woman was strolling under the light of the Earth as she walked along the moon. Her blank gaze along her lonely, empty smile which could pierce souls fell to the impure, blue orb in the sky.

Her name was Junko, a type of divine spirit whose purity matched nothing, she was also has the purest of furies which led to her grudge of Chang'e which also led her to be the enemy of the moon. Her plan of invading the moon to kill her sworn enemy was foiled as the people of moon overcame their fear of the impurity of life and death and sought the help of the Hakurei Sheine Maiden, whom also foiled the invasive Lunarians of the Purification of Gensokyo which would lead to deaths of thousands, averted thanks to the help of the exiled Brain of the Moon, Eirin Yagokoro's information. As the Incident came to a close, the divine spirit finally released her trump card in the form of Hecatia Lapislazuli, Greek Goddess of Hells and magic to aid in trapping the Lunarians in the Dream World. It failed as the Shrine Maiden once again averted her plans.

So she took her time basking in the Earthlight as she pondered what to do. Suddenly her vision was black as she was to be summoned for the Fate of Sixty Years, the magic ritual to grant the wishes of Master and Servant, Heaven's Feel.

Junko Stats

Bio: A woman who has held a grudge against a man known to be the legendary Hou Yi, the famed archer who shot down the 9 suns. Unfortunately one of thise suns crashed onto Junko's son, killing him. This led her to hold a grudge on Hou Yi and eventually his wife, Chang'e. She purified and refined her rage and body to the point were she no longer felt anything else. She killed Hou Yi but was unable to kill Chang'e as she was transported to the moon for drinking the Hourai Elixir, the elixir of immortality which was created by the Eirin Yagokoro with the aid of the Eternal Princess of the Moon, Kaguya Houraisan, also known in Japanese folktales as Kaguya-hime.

Class: Berserker/Caster

True Name:N/A

Title: N/A

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Female

Species: a type of Divine Spirit

Strength: A

Endurance: C

Agility: B

Magic: EX

Luck: C

Class Skill:

Magic Resistance: EX

As Magecraft and Magic in these days are incredibly diluted, she can resist all Magecraft cast at her.

Mad Enhancement: EX

She possesses a rage so pure and unquellable that she no longer appears to be angry but uses the most efficient and sufficient way on destroying her opponents.

Independent Action: EX

She has no need for a Master as Servants are unnatural, however as she is purified to absolutely true godly primordial state. To the point where Gaia can't comprehend her existence.

Purity Outside of Comprehension: EX

Thanks to her pure nature. She cannot be comprehended by looking at her stats.

Personal Skills:

Danmaku: A

A play that involves shooting a person's essence of power in the form of patterned bullets and dodging, this play is utilised for fun and play that can be altered to be lethal as she wishes. Only the most experted can dodge her random attacks not to have fun, but to kill.

Purification: EX

An ability that could give birth to the Age of Gods, to remove taints or destroy them. However she can also purify things to their primordial state, or in other words she can make you stronger by removing or destroying impurities or turn you into the most basic state, nothingness. She can make it lethal or non lethal as she wishes as she can convert you into pure prana as anything that's not Magic Circuits or Od are contaminants to Prana, or she can strengthen by removing impurities.

Noble Phantasm:

The Impure Army of Which That Conquered the Moon: EX (Anti-Army):

An army of hell fairies purified by Junko to conquer the Lunar Capital. Can use lethal hard-to-dodge danmaku. Led by Clownpiece, a Lampad and servant of Hecatia Lapislazuli, she has a torch that can make any life form that glances into its light go berserk. Since their fairies, as long as Earth exists, they can come back.