it twas a normal night in Salem when the mafia decided to kill everyone in that night.

''ok'' the godafhter said as he stared at all his maf rfiends. ''we are here to kill everyone tonigth. why should we wait every day when we can killl them ALL at once?''

all the mafia then praised the godfather for bein very smart. the godfather was very happy with his mafia and gave all of them a prOMOshEn. (its very important to be a high rank in the mafia) an then the godfather looked at the mafioso in the eye.''i want u to kill... eDWARd BIsHOP!''

''but sir'' the mafioso said protesting an he looketh de godfather in teh eye ''hes de veteran''

''ya go figure'' and then the godfather pressed the button do send ze mafiosio to DEATH!

''sir lpease'' the mafioso pleaded frfor his life.

''we got no time foro dis'' the godfather said an he den turned to zeconsort. ''ok now u go seduce some ppl to deth''

''sure'' the consort said and then stopped an she expertly asked ''hoe should i do it?''

''just do what u usually do'' the godfatter said irirtated. ''like what you dId tO ME!''

''ok then'' so den the consort went her way to the ppls houses to KILL! and seDUCt!

''next'' the godfather said an he turned to the blackmailer. ''ok now in need u to humiliate everyone to death u got the pics?''

''yes'' the bloackmailer said confidantly and producted some very not nice pictures. the godfather did not twant to look at the pictures (he was scared of bein affected as well, the blickmailers pics were POwERful and hedid not need to see it.)

''ok go now'' an thhen the blackmalier left an the godfather standed there staring at the desk. ''ah my mafia'' he said really hapilly. he was gonna conquer dis town1!