Chapter 1.

Caroline just stands there in horror. The mighty Charmed Ones the most powerful witches of all time. Are trapped in stone. And her best friend vanquished his soul destined to be reincarnated into a new life at the same age he died. All Caroline knows is that according to an Angel of Destiny it is now her responsibility to make sure no matter what it takes to make sure the Hollow and Isaac's current reincarnation or future reincarnation are merged together as one permanently.

"What am I going to do?" Caroline asks herself. None of this was supposed to happen. Isaac was supposed to grow old perhaps have children one day. Instead, Isaac's life was cut short. Caroline no longer able to stand the sight of this failed mission. Orbs out in black orbs back to her home an small abandoned house. Not long after Caroline left the site. Wyatt and Chris returned. It pains them more than someone could possibly know to see their mother and aunts trapped in stone. While their younger brother has been reincarnated into a new life the same age as he was when he was vanquished by his mother and aunts unintentionally.

"Prey that these potions will work," Chris said as he and Wyatt threw some potions they made at their mother and aunts. But sadly nothing happened the potions turned out to be ineffective against the spell the Hollow cast.

"That didn't work we might need a spell," Wyatt suggested.

"Halliwell flesh turned to stone." Chris started to chant.

"We ask our ancestors to power this spell." Wyatt chants.

"Reverse this cruel spell bring back the Halliwell three." Chris and Wyatt finish chanting their spell in unison. But again they fail it turns out their collective magic isn't strong enough to counter the Hollow's spell.

"There has to be a spell or potion. We've haven't tried that will work." Chris says.

"There has to be or we're screwed we should take Mom, Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Paige home," Wyatt responds. Before the two orb back to the Halliwell manor with their mom and aunts.

End of chapter 1.