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Okay, a few things need to be explained… Or at least I think they need to be. Peter is 15, I see him as the Tom Holland Spiderman but *shrugs* whoever your favorite is you can have them be that person. The events of Civil War didn't include Peter, and Homecoming never happened. Peter has the suit from homecoming, minus the cool tec part. Because I love the design and the sweatshirt costume is god awful. May passed away in a car accident, Peter was right behind her. Alright all caught up I think. If you're reading this that wOw thanks. I'm writing this at three cause wtf is sleep right? Tell me if there are mistakes. 3 Okay i'll shut up.

The winter this year had hit New York hard. On this cold winter evening snow fell down to the city that never sleeps relentlessly. Peter curled up on the cardboard box, his layers of clothing doing nothing to protect him from the layers of snow and freezing rain. He shivered helplessly reciting the periodic table to distract him from the debilitating cold.

"Palladium, Gold, Mercury, Thallium," Peter was cut off by a familiar voice.

"Hey kid, gotcha some papers." Peter quickly sat up and saw his new buddy, Albert. A 71 year old man with missing teeth and a kind heart. Mr. Albert was the only person who Peter let him call him 'Kid'.

"No Mr. Albert, I'm alright. You need them more than I do."

The old man chuckled, "Kid if you keep that kind of attitude out here you won't survive the month." And tossed Peter a pile of newspapers. Peter was happy to see Mr. Albert kept some for himself at least.

"Why don't ya head back home kid? It's not worth staying' out here." Mr. Albert didn't know that Peter no longer had any family left. His parents died when he was young, then his Uncle Ben, and now Aunt May.

"I don't think they would want to see me." Peter said truthfully. He blamed himself for the deaths of all his family. He was a plague. Everywhere he went death followed.

"Kid, I'm worried 'bout ya. You can't be older than 16, ya skinnier than a stick and ya out in the cold," Mr. Albert said.

"I can take care of myself." Peter said, even if what the older man said was true. Peter was built skinny, but after being on the street for over 3 months Peter was truly skin and bone. His 'Other' activities didn't help that.

His fast metabolism burning up any fat and muscle in Peters body, making it harder and harder to be the friendly neighborhood hero. He was lucky to get out once a week now. Recovering from injured took longer, his super healing stunted. Peter hadn't gone out in 17 days, which made him awful, but he had gotten beaten pretty bad which included being stabbed twice, and was still healing.

Mr. Albert smiled, a crooked yellow smile and said, "I got 5 big ones. How's about I treat us to a warm drink?" He dug through his pockets and pulled out a five dollar bill. Peter shook his head, "No thank you sir,"

"If you don't come with me i'll just leave it here. Come on, don't make an old man beg." Mr. Albert insisted.

Peter took a deep breath, "Okay sure." reaching his thin arm out to help the older man walk. They traveled to a nearby diner.

Peters eyes traveled over the menu. He knew what he wanted, hot chocolate. He knew this place used the stuff he liked, the stuff his aunt used to make. But it cost 3 dollars, more than half of the money they had.

The olderman ordered, tea, only a dollar, and told Peter if he didn't order what he wanted it would be wasting his money. So Peter gave into the older mans request for the second time that night.

Mr. Albert looked to Peter and said, "Kid, listen, I know what it's like to be you. I might be old, but my brain works jus' fine. Ya keep ya distance from everyone. I don't pretend to know the challenges your facing, but jus' now in here if you need someone to talk ta."

Peter gave a weak smile. His heart raced, yes he missed having people to talk to. He missed Ned and Michelle. He missed his Aunt more than his heart could handle.

The elder man continued, "Ya know my father was a poor immigrant. He taught me that when your livin on your knees you gotta rise up. So that's what I'm doin'. I'm not hiddin' from my issues. I'm face'n them. That includes my addiction. Kid, imma get help. I hope you do to."

Peter smiled, "That's amazing Mr. Albert!" Patting the elder on the arm, "Thank you."

There drinks were placed in front of them, and Peter folded his hands over the warm drink. He sipped off of it slowly, not only because he was trying to buy more time inside the warm diner, but also because he enjoyed spending time with Mr. Albert.

Peters stomach was full and Peter felt warm and sleepy. "Thank you so much Mr. Albert. See you tomorrow night! I'll treat you when I can."

Which caused the elder rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever, goodnight' kid."

Peter traveled back to the park, finding a new place in the park to sleep. Just off a mostly unknown jogging path. He sat under a tree, trying seek shelter under the bare branches. The cold creeping through the layers and straight to his bone.

"Lead, Bismuth, Polonium," No matter the weather Peter was a inhanced teenadger. He needs sleep.


"Another backpack Peter? How the hell are you blowing through so many in a year?" May asked as we left the restaurant.

"Uh yeah, it, uh, split from my books." Peter said. Suddenly his spidey sense buzzed. He looked around to see where it was coming from, stopping at the curb. Aunt May turned to grab Peters hand and signal for him to cross with her.

He watches her get hit over and over again. He watched as she got flung across the street and hit the ground. He watches as he races to her side and watched her take her last breath, and smile up at her nephew.

Saying, "I love you." Before the light in her eyes dim.

Peter watches this every night. Ever since the accident. He hasn't been able to stop them.

Each time peter wakes up with tears on his face and his heart pumping face, like its about to break all over again. But can you break whats already broken?


After waking up traumatized and covered in a layer of snow, grateful for the layer of newspapers to keep most of the liquid away from his jacket, Peter walked to a store. He pulled out the 93 cents he had and bought a sandwich. If you could even call it that.

The man at the deli felt bad for Peter so he would take a slice of bread cut it in half, than layer whatever extra meat he had leftover from the day before and stuffed the sandwich full of of the meat.

The man however needed to run a business. So he only allowed this once a week. He handed Peter the food, and let the Peter stay inside to eat it. He and the kid almost never talk. He just saw the kid one day and told him that if he came once a week he would give him food.

Every Tuesday the kid would come, sometimes he would stay and eat silently other times he seemed to want to leave as soon as he walked in. Today the kid stuck around. He sat shivering in the store, and stripped off his jacket and placed it in front of a heater.

The teen had more layer on under, but without the larger jacket, you could truly see every bone in the kids body. The man felt guilty, and made another sandwich. He tossed it in the kids direction half expecting it to hit Peter on the head, from not paying attention, but Peter caught it without looking up.

Only after Peter caught it did he actually figure out what if was. "I'm sorry sir, I can't pay for this." In a voice that shocked the man, he remembered it being lower. No this was a kids voice. The man just mumbled, "On the house." Than turned back, pretending to be busy behind the counter, and sneaking peeks at the kid.

Peter finished both, feeling really full. His stomach had shrunk, so filling up on the food wasn't hard. He grabbed his almost dry jacket and put it on, zipping it up and pulling up the hood. He gave a small wave to the man behind the counter. And left.

He was planning on going back to the tree he slept at, keeping his head down when walking, when Peter fell hit something crashing backwards. He didn't land great, his head smacking against the ground.

"Oh god, sorry soldier. You good?"


That's it! Chapter one down. Sorry is so dang short but you can't blame me its 4 am and I think I'm dying. I will update as soon as I can. I don't have much to do over summer so they prob will com fast. Please tell me ideas, errors, suggestions and criticism. I need to get better and my english teachers never actually teach. SoOo help. I didn't edit this at all. Because again it's 4am but also why? So go at it. BYE

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