Chapter 2

One Win Isn't Enough

Rumors of Sarutobi beating Inugami in the exams spread like fire. It's like the talk of the subject just when school started. And the smart brunette is happy to hear them talk about it, but to be honest, she feels that this is a bit boring. Beating her in exams is her number one priority and to gain popularity, however, something doesn't feel right. It seems that Inugami is just not reacting the way she wanted her to when she beat her. She's either too stupid to realize it or just so cheerful and happy that it really doesn't matter. Whatever the case is, Sarutobi is not going to let that one slide. She needs something…something that would make Inugami feel lost and admit defeat for real.

This morning, Inugami sits by her desk when Nezu comes along, standing next to her.

"Seems you're quite popular even though you were placed second," she says softly.

"Ahhhh, it's just second place. I'm second best, no biggie~" Inugami shrugs. "Besides, I still passed. That's all that matters."

"Sure. But I bet the people around you treated it like it was competition," Nezu says. "They're really surprised though that you two pulled it off like that."


Just then, Sarutobi walks in the room and the girls turn to her and then at Inugami. The dog-like girl turns and just gives a happy wave, making Sarutobi blush a little, but then, closes her eyes and walks to her desk. The girls start to whisper some comments left and right.

"Sarutobi-san's serious as usual."

"You think scoring higher than Inugami-san is even worth it?"

"Beats me."

"Those two look good together, though."

"Oh, you think so?"

Nezu hears this and whispers to her classmate. "Now they're talking about you two being a couple or something."

"Really? A couple, you say~?" Inugami brightens. "This just makes my day even better!" She turns toward the monkey-like girl and waves. "Sarutobi-san! I like you very much!"

"Eh!?" Sarutobi's glasses nearly fall of from the shock. "D-don't say such nonsense! I never even said I liked you!"

"Awwww, it's clear everyone ships the two of us~!" Inugami says. "Say, let's go talk alone shall we? Possibly everyone's bound to ask us overwhelming questions if we say it here."

"N-no way!" Sarutobi shakes her head. "I'm so not interested!"

Inugami doesn't care and just stands up and takes her wrist. "We're going! See ya later everyone!"

The two go outside of the school and stand in the middle of the entrance. Sarutobi crosses her arms while tapping her foot impatiently.

"Look I don't have time for this," she says.

"Oh, don't worry! This will only take a moment~" Inugami approaches the smart girl, slowly raises her hands to cup her cheeks and stare into her golden eyes.

"I-Inugami-san!?" Sarutobi doesn't know what to say or do at this point. Her face is tomato red right now and Inugami is leaning in closer and closer. And then, her lips connect to her forehead. Once she pulls away, Sarutobi puts her hand on the spot where she kissed her. "H-huh?"

"I figured you weren't ready for a full on kiss~" Inugami says. "You'd faint on the spot if I did anyways. Ehehe! But this is just a friendly kiss, okay~?"


"Welp, I'll see you later, Sarutobi-san~" But when she's about to turn to leave, she slightly turns her head. "Oh! How about coming over to my house again? Having you sleepover was a blast!"

"Uhhh…o-okay…" With that smile of Inugami's, she just can't say no. She almost forgot what she came here for in the first place, so she decides to settle it when they get to Inugami's home.

**Inugami's House**

Apparently, Inugami has bought some new manga and wanted to sort them out a little so she can put them on the shelf. Sarutobi has some of her own reading to do that's not manga related. She lies on her side, elbow on the floor while reading her latest novel she checked out at the library while Inugami is in the process of organizing. And then, when she's finished, she starts to take some of the books to put on the shelf when she sees Sarutobi just lying there in front of the book shelf.

"What are you doing all the way over there?" she questions. "You're welcome to use my bed if you wish."

"Nah, it's fine," Sarutobi says. "You were using it just to organize your books. Don't mind me, really."

"Hm…okay." Without hesitation, she steps over Sarutobi and puts the books on the shelf.

The smart girl can't help but look up and clearly see Inugami's panties under her school skirt, making her blush in embarrassment, but sees this as an opportunity to at least embarrass her a little.

"Your panties are showing~" she says.

"Oh, really? You like them~?" Inugami asks as she lifts up her skirt. "Those are my favorite actually~"

"Eh!?" Sarutobi slams her book closed upon hearing that reaction. "You're not even fazed by what I said!?"

"Why wouldn't I? I don't mind people seeing down there~" Inugami points out. "Besides, did you like what you saw~? Did it make you get…turned on perhaps~?"

"No! No way!" Sarutobi stands up abruptly. "Mou! You're such a pervert!"

"And I love being that way~" the dog-like girl giggles. "I buy ecchi manga all the time~"

"I-I see…"

"Would you mind if I saw down there-"


Unbeknownst to the girls, Inugami's mother is hearing this just by accident and giggles to herself.

"So cute how they get along so well~" she says and then walks away.

Sarutobi pants heavily from shouting and takes a few deep breaths. "Okay, listen. This is all pointless trying to be all friendly with me when I clearly beat you in the exams. Well, you know what? I can't let that slide."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Inugami tilts her head in confusion. "You're still going on about it? I told you, your hard work paid off. Just let it go."

"J-just one win isn't enough!" Sarutobi shouts. "I'll have you know that I can beat you in other subjects if you wish. I've worked hard on those as well."

"You want to compete against me that badly?" Inugami puts her finger to her chin. "Hmmm…well if you say so. How about…P.E? One of my best subjects."

"P.E, huh? You think I can beat you in that one?"

"Well, why not?" Inugami shrugs. "I mean, heck, you clearly are focused on studying and reading anyways, so beating you should be a snap."

Sarutobi just smiles and crosses her arms. "You really think I'm just a nerd? Oh, I'm going to show you I'm way more than that. Heh, you're going to admit defeat for sure after going through some of those tests tomorrow."

"Okay, I'll be waiting~"

"Wait." Sarutobi holds her hand up. "Another thing. Our usual gym uniforms are old school. For this contest, I want us to wear something more…interesting."

"Huh? What's wrong with just a plain old T-shirt and shorts?"

"Like I said, those are old school. I don't want to look like a fool while competing against you like that."

"Hmmm…what are we going to wear then?" Inugami inquires.

**Next Day**

"Wow~!" Inugami exclaims as she looks down at the new uniform she's wearing, consisting of a white T-shirt and red bloomers. "I look really sexy in this outfit~!"

"Heh, this is just the beginning," Sarutobi says as she steps out of the locker room, wearing the same outfit. "We still have those tests. Think you can beat me now while wearing that?"

"Honestly, I don't see any point in making this any better by wearing these," Inugami says. "But on the other hand, this is going to be awesome regardless!"

Sarutobi sweat drops at this. No reaction at all either? she thinks. Geez, Inugami-san sure has some kind of barrier of some sort. But just you wait. I can be as athletic as you, only better.

When everyone is gathered for the tests, the first one is shot put. Sarutobi volunteered to go first and takes the ball. With correct posture and aim, she throws it in the air and the ball goes flying for a good 10 seconds before landing at a very far distance. She threw it at least 60 meters away. Inugami just applauds while whistling. Sarutobi flips her hair and walks away, thinking that there's no way Inugami is able to throw it as far as she did. The dog-like girl throws the ball next. Not quite as far as Sarutobi's but, when it lands, it seems a bit close to where the smart girl threw it. Almost about 57 meters away. Not too bad. Inugami turns toward the brunette and gives a thumbs up and a wink. Sarutobi just huffs as they move on to the next test.

The girls have to do side to side jumps without stopping before the timer runs out. Most of them do about 30 or more points while others are a bit slow. When it's Sarutobi's turn, she goes as fast as the speed of light, almost as if there's two of her at the same time. Everyone is amazed by her incredible athletic ability. Eventually, the timer stops and so does Sarutobi. She got 98 points. Inugami applauds and volunteers next. She does the side step test and she's just as fast as Sarutobi. However, she only gets 81 points. It's not so bad, at least for Inugami.

Throughout all the tests, Sarutobi takes the lead in all the records. Better yet, she's broken almost all the records for the P.E tests that she took. And as for Inugami, she's gets a little close to her broken record, but she doesn't mind one bit. To her, she thinks she's getting better than she did last year she took those tests. Maybe it's because Sarutobi's motivating her much more or is it something else? Whatever it is, Sarutobi has one final test in order to have Inugami admit defeat once and for all.

The one and final test is the 100 meter dash. As far as she knows, Inugami loves to run, which means that Sarutobi will have to win this one. She's sure that it will make Inugami lose confidence. The two of them have volunteered to take this test. They get on the track and get in their ready positions. When the teacher gives the signal, both of them start to run. At first, they are at a pretty even match until Inugami's legs start to go faster and faster, much to Sarutobi's surprise. She is right about Inugami loving to run so much. She has trained her legs to be nice and strong so that she can be very fast. And thus, Inugami has broken the school record for the 100 meter dash. Sarutobi drops to her knees, panting heavily.

"Impossible…!" she says.

Inugami wipes the sweat from her forehead, walks over toward Sarutobi and holds out her hand. "What a great contest! It was fun while it lasted. Great run, Sarutobi-san~"

Sarutobi blushes, but turns her head away and stands up. "Inugami-san…you may have won this one, but I won more tests than you. Which means, I claim my prize on what I choose. What I mean is that the loser faces a punishment."

"Punishment? Meaning what?" Inugami tilts her head in confusion. "Sexual harassment?" She then brightens and clasps her hands together. "Ohhhh, please tell me it's one of those punishments!"

"Stupid dog!" Sarutobi shouts. "Do you really think I'm that cruel!? No, it's not!"

"Then what is it~?"

**Inugami's House**

"Ummmm….I dunno if you call this…a punishment…" Inugami says as she looks down at the skimpy micro bikini she's wearing. "But this fits so nicely~!"

"I got more here," Sarutobi tosses her a blue small one-piece competition swimsuit. "Try that on."

"Okey dokey~"

After taking off the micro bikini, she tries on the small blue one piece competition swimsuit. The rubber makes some noise while trying it on and sure enough, it is tight on her, her medium sized breasts standing out from it all. She feels a bit uncomfortable wearing this type of thing, but Sarutobi just smirks.

"Having trouble, Inugami-san~?" she says.

"It's a bit…tight on me," the dog-like girl says. "But I like the color~"

"There's more if you'd like," Sarutobi gestures her hand towards a small box of swimsuits. "Sling bikinis, floss bikinis, anything you choose."

"Ahaha~! You know, I'll take a break from that for now," Inugami says. "This is rarely a punishment, Sarutobi-san. I'm just a dress-up doll."

"That's part of the punishment," Sarutobi says, holding up one finger. "I just wanted to mess with you, Inugami-san."

"Ehhhhh?" the dog-like girl sweat drops. "So this….dress up doll thing is all for nothing then?"

"Partially. Besides, the second part of the punishment will start shortly. Come with me please."

**Maid Cafe**

As if time passed by in a flash, Inugami just finds herself wearing a skimpy maid's outfit. The skirt being really short while the top is super revealing and wearing black thigh high stockings and black high heels.

"I'm doing…a part time job?" Inugami asks.

"That's correct," Sarutobi replies. "Surely you can handle this sort of thing, right?"

"Well, if you requested it since you won, then it's only fair, right~? I'll try my very best!"

Sarutobi sighs softly. Even though she's won this contest and chosen a punishment for Inugami to take part in, it seems like the dog-like girl is still having fun. Nothing will get past this super cheerful girl at all.