Alright, everyone! I have been a fan of this show since it came out in 2005. God... that makes me sound old, doesn't it? To be fair I was like 11 when Supernatural first came out, anyways... This is my first attempt at a Supernatural Fanfic, so if you are to offer some critiques feel free however please do so constructively. I appreciate and will hear out anyone's opinion, unless of course you're flat out rude about it.

The timing of the story starts way, way back in season 1 and, I believe Hell House was episode 17.

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Chapter 1: Hell House

"C'mon! Get up! What're you waiting for? An invitation?" A rough voice sounded in Kate's ears one that she dimly recognized. She heard the thunderous sounds of footsteps, feeling them reverberating through the unsteady floors underneath her. Everything was hazy- her vision was blurry around the edges, and her body was sore. What the hell happened to me? She asked herself. Her head was throbbing with pain.

"Wha-?" She asked feeling strong hands grip her upper arms and yank her up from her horizontal position over the hardwood floor. Hardwood floor? She thought to herself as a bigger guy yanked her with him out of the darkened house. She heard inhumane screaming sounding from somewhere behind them.

"Go Dean! Go!" She heard someone else shout from behind them. Katie barely turned her head to focus on the tall man, who was racing to catch up. The guy yanking her along slammed through the door taking the brunt of the hit, wood pieces rained down around her. She barely noticed two scared looking guys before her that had cameras attached to their heads, and hands.

"Get that damn thing outta my face." The guy ahead of her growled as he pulled her along into the surrounding woods. Kate was having a hard time keeping up- she was more confused than anything else at the moment. Her body just radiating pain.

Finally, after leaving the seemingly haunted house half a mile back the guy stopped at a sleek, black Chevy Impala. "No way." She breathed out as it clicked in her head. The guy that had all but dragged her here turned around as the taller man came in through the brush behind her.

"Oh, my god." She muttered again. The pair before her looked identical to the one she was just watching on the tv. She must've fallen asleep. She rationalized. This has to be a dream. She thought her eyes glancing between the two men before her. She ran her hand through her long, chestnut colored locks stressfully. Her body hurt. A lot.

"What the hell were you doing in that house?" The person she knew to be Dean asked her in a gruff voice. The three of them were still trying to catch their breath.

"Dean." Sam said coming up from behind her, "Take it easy."

"No, Sam." Dean snapped his gaze focused back on her, what're you doing? Trying to get yourself killed?" He asked her his eyes narrowing in on her. Katie simply stared trying to figure out what to say.

Well, if this is a dream I might as well run with it. "Actually, I'm a hunter, you jackass." She responded her blue eyes glaring daggers at him with his attitude. She was not appreciative of Dean's tone towards her in this dream. Clearly this is the wrong type of dream. She thought to herself with an eye roll. "I-." She started only to be cut off.

"Yeah. Okay." He said with an eye roll of his own. "What's your method of hunting, sweetheart? Getting knocked unconscious? How's that workin' so far?" He pressed on.

"Dean." Sam tried reasoning with his brother with just a look. Dean must've understood and took a breath before turning to get in the car, shaking his head all the while.

"Sorry about my brother. Are-are you okay?" Sam asked his concerned eyes trailing over her banged up body. She looked like she'd been thrown around by whatever was chasing them out of the house. Katie just nodded with a shrug, but winced at the pain it caused her shoulders.

"C'mon. We'll drop you off where you came from." Sam offered. Katie hesitated, her mind drawing a blank.

"Uhh… I-I just got into town tonight actually. I haven't had time to…" She trailed off.

"Alright, well we can give you a lift to our hotel, how 'bout you get a room there…" He said. Katie nodded in response before moving quickly into the back seat. As she sat she was distracted with trying to take in everything she could- this dream seemed so real. She almost felt as though she were actually in the car. The smell of leather-among other smells- the boys definitely needed showers. She needed one at that- her body was dirty from lying on the floor of where ever she was.

"You got a name?" Dean asked from the driver's seat.

"Kate. Well, Kaydence, but I'm not a fan of the name so…" She trailed off distracted as her blue eyes stared into the rearview mirror at his reflection. She was definitely what was considered a Dean girl- I mean who didn't think the man was good-looking, although Sam was good-looking in his own right as well. Kate was distracted with thoughts she'd rather not say out loud as the guys drove in silence. The ride was awkward as they pulled into the Wyeth's Western Inn that they stayed in. Kate reached in her denim jacket to find car keys. They jingled in her hand as she took them out.

"You-uh- walked to the hell house all the way from here?" Sam asked her suspiciously as Dean parked the Impala in a spot.

"I-uh- I guess so." She replied distractedly as she slid out of the backseat and hit the unlock button on her set of keys. She heard the boys muttering to each other as she exited, but paid them no mind. A cherry red, '69 Pontiac Grand Prix flashed it's headlights, and unlocked it's doors. Kate stood there, her mouth agape- this was not her car. Guess it's just a perk of the dream. She thought with a smirk as she moved forwards and clambered in the driver's seat. Quickly unlocking the center console, she found her wallet hidden inside, just the way she remembered doing it in her car; in her actual waking life, back home. Everything within it was the same as it was every time she opened it to pay a bill, right down to her address. Well, alright then. I can work with this. She thought with a grin.

"Hey, so seeing as how we're both working on figuring out the mystery that is the hell house, you think you wanna get a room and join up? Three heads are better than two, you know." Sam pointed out standing beside her open door. "Why don't you stop by room 6 tomorrow morning, we'll see if we can't put our heads together and figure this thing out?" He finished.

"Ye-yeah. Sure." Kate said with a nod. Snatching up her wallet and keys she followed him towards the main office. She caught Dean subtly overlooking the muscle car she was walking away from with appreciation in his eyes. Turning into the office with Sam, she quickly booked room 5 using one of the many credit cards she found in her wallet. Her room was right next door and with that she headed out to her car. Opening the trunk she was surprised to find weapons- all very similar to that of the Winchester's in their trunk. A shiver ran up her spine thinking how detailed this dream was. Quickly tucking her long dark hair behind her ears she leaned down and lifted the machete from the mass pile of sawed off shotguns, and pistols, and other weaponry she had in her trunk. Her fingers seemed to fit around the handle comfortably- it were as if she'd handled theses things regularly, with ease. Almost like it fit with her.

Kate shook her head quickly dropping it before slamming, and locking the trunk and snatched up the two duffle bags she found along her backseat, carrying them into the room she was greeted with a king size bed. The whole room a western cowboy décor, the light browns and white seemed to blend in together to her. She groaned; her body physically hurting from the nights activities. She was so ready to wake up home, alone, in her own bed again. With that thought, she was quick to fall facedown into the scratchy flannel blanket littered with cowboys on horses, and closed her eyes allowing sleep to overtake her.

Groaning Kate rolled over onto her back- even though her body screamed in pain at the motion. She found herself still in the hideously decorated motel room. A knocking sounded- it must've been what pulled her from her sleep. Checking her phone she'd had in her pocket, she saw it was almost early afternoon now. 11:56. She felt severely jetlagged. It was like a hangover with out the fun parts of the night before.

What the hell? She asked herself looking around the room, at the duffle bags still next to the door where she'd dropped it before passing out- with the hopes to wake up at home. The knocking sounded again from the door- it pulled her from her inside panic. She moved quickly still in her socks and pulled the door open only to be greeted by a rather tall Winchester, he greeted her with a grin.

"Coffee?" He asked holding out a small plastic cup. "It's- uh- just motel coffee, but I figured you might need it given how beat up you looked last night, ya know?" Kate nodded.

"Uhm. hey." She greeted shyly as she took the cup offered to her. Sam had made a move to turn away, but paused at her soft voice. "Thanks." She muttered. "Just-just let me grab my shoes." She said as she slipped her boots she wore last night back over her feet. "Alright, we're- uh- doing some research now. I don't know what you've found out in your time here, but-." She was still mulling over how she was still dreaming, but the growing hunger in her gut told her that this may not just all be in her head.

"Okay." She said cutting him off and following Sam over to his room, as she entered she looked to see Dean lounging on his bed, legs stretched out and crossed over as he sketched out an all too familiar symbol. Well, I suppose this is the episode I fell asleep to. She thought, trying to write off her presence here still. She sipped her from her too hot coffee, jerking the cup away from herself.

"You okay?" Sam asked as Dean glanced at her from his bed. She nodded staring down at the cup with an odd expression. I thought pain was supposed to wake you up? Or at the very least you didn't feel pain in dreams. She asked herself only to be distracted by Sam's voice, "Alright so, the legend of the house as we know says that Mordechai only goes after-." Sam moved to his computer after handing Dean his own coffee. Kate noted that Sam had already had his own cup sitting next to his laptop.

"Chicks." Dean cut in with a glance up to Kate. "Which would explain you two, but I still don't get why he went after me…" He said scratching at the back of his head.

"Ha." Sam laughed sarcastically as he pulled up what Kate remembered to be their dad's journal. "Hilarious." He muttered as he took his recently vacated seat at the desk. God, this is definitely season one. She thought with a smirk. Her eyes slowly moving over Sam's hair. She'd been a fan of the show since it's debut- Dean's good looks originally sucked her in, but she soon fell in love with the storyline.

"Legend also said the Mordechai hung himself, but did you-."

"See the slit wrists? Yeah, it makes no sense." Kate cut in as she sat on what she assumed to be was Sam's bed. She remembered this episode, vaguely. She couldn't remember watching it though- she must've already been asleep by the time it came on. She figured she should play along- she assumed the sooner they solve the case the sooner she'd wake up.

"And, the axe too." Sam cut in, clearly trying to mull things over. They were stumped by the ghost changing up his game plan. "I mean ghosts are usually pretty strict, right? Following the same pattern over, and over again."

"But this mook keeps changing." Dean said clearly deep in thought over his symbol. Kate leaned forwards slightly trying to get a look at it. She was still debating how- or even, if she should fill the boys in on her real identity, but she thought better of it- back in season one alternate dimensions would probably seem just too crazy. Not too mention the irritation she recalled once the boys figure out their entire lives were made into a novel series.

"Hold on, Somebody added a new posting to the Hell hounds site." Sam said as both Kate and Dean turned their heads in his direction. "Listen to this, They say Mordechai Murdoch was really a Satanist who chopped up his victims with an axe, before eventually slitting his own wrists now he's imprisoned in that house for eternity."

"Blue Oyster Cult obsession?" Kate asked Dean as he paused in his drawing to look up at her. Sam was muttering to himself still about the legend of Mr. Murdoch.

"What?" He asked before she watched him sit up with an 'a-ha' expression on his face.

"Where the hell is this going?" Sam asked himself his eyes fixed on the computer screen.

"I don't know, but I think I might've just figured out where it all started." He said sending a wink to Kate as his mood brightened. "Thanks for the help." With that she watched him move to stand.

"Wait, where're you going?" She asked them.

"C'mon." Dean said as he grabbed up his leather jacket before heading out. Kate sighed idly thinking how weird of a dream this was turning into, but followed them all the same. Dean pulled up along a record shop- she remembered what happened now. The kid that worked here- and, his cousin set up the whole legend of Mordechai. They used a symbol that was then posted on the Hell hounds website for millions, and millions of people to think about him on- and, bring the ever changing legend to life.

Kate opened her mouth to blurt it all out, but she had no idea how she was going to explain her knowledge of things to the guys without telling them their lives were a freaking tv show. She wanted to avoid that at all costs. With that tucked away in her head she stood up from the car stretching.

"You met this kid yet?" Dean asked coming around the trunk of the car, he was wearing the smirk she loved seeing across his face on her tv at home- it was even more knee-weakening in person. She bit her lip to prevent from squealing.

"Craig?" She asked pulling his name from her memory. "No, he was my next stop. I-I'd only just rolled into town last night. Was kind of scoping the place out last night when you guys- and Mordechai found me." Dean chuckled as he moved into the shop, Kate and Sam following behind.

"Hey Craig, remember us?" Dean's voice rang out.

"Guys, look I-I-I I'm really not in the mood to answer anymore of your question, okay?" The teenager said tiredly as he turned around. His eyes landed on Kate, and she saw the curiosity sparked in them.

"Who're you?" He questioned suddenly.


"She's with us- one of our experts we brought with us to go take a look at that house." Dean interrupted. He quickly turned flipping through the nearest bin before pulling out an album, and passing it along to her.

"I couldn't figure out what this symbol was, and then I realized, it doesn't mean anything. It's just a logo for the blue oyster cult." Dean spoke he moved in closer towards Craig now standing up higher on the steps deeper into the store. Kate glanced down at the album in her hand and noted the exact symbol Dean had drawn. Well, thankful for Dean's love of 80s mullet rock otherwise, they'd never have solved the case. Kate thought with a smirk as she passed the album off to Sammy and came up besides Dean. "So, tell me Craig, you in to B.O.C? Or just scaring the hell out of people?" Dean questioned with a smirk over his face as though he solved world hunger.

Craig's face fell, his head hung down in shame.

"Now, why don't you tell us about that house, without lying through your ass this time." Dean suggested as Sam came up handing Craig the Blue Oyster Cult album Dean had pulled from the bin.

"Alright," Craig sighed. "My cousin, Dana was on break from TCU. I don't know, I guess we were just bored- just looking for something to do. So I showed her this abandoned dump I found- we thought it'd be funny to make it look like it was haunted- so we painted symbols on the walls. Some from-."

"Albums." Kate stated an perfectly sculpted eyebrow arched in suspicion.

"Yeah, yeah, albums, and some from Dana's theology textbooks." He continued after clearing his throat nervously. "And, then we found out this guy Murdoch used to live there, so we- we made up some story to go along with that too." He paused taking a breath as the Kate waited for him to continue- he was clearly broken up about the death of the girl who'd recently died.

"So they told people, who told other people. Then… these two guys, put it on their stupid website. Everything just took on a life of it's own." Kate could see the façade falling away from Craig suddenly. "I mean, I-I-I thought it was funny at first, but… I mean now that girl's dead." He paused collecting himself now. "It was just a joke, you know? None of it was real. I mean- we-we made the whole thing up. I swear." Kate watched as his voice broke at the last statement. She sympathized with the kid, but it was still a dumb move on his part.

"Alright." Dean said softly. Kate glanced away from the kid- slightly surprised at Dean's understanding tone. They turned and headed back to the car with the Winchester's, "If none of it was real, how the hell do you explain Mordechai?" Kate asked them once they got outside.

"I don't know… We'll have to do some research back at the hotel." Sam said thoughtfully. Kate was antsy to get back to the motel. Her dream she was having was so surreal that she could even feel how much she needed a shower. So, once back at her motel room she showered, changed into some jeans, simple black tank and a red flannel topping it off with the denim jacket she wore at the hell house the previous night. Slipping her boots on she began to head out to the car- hunger still gnawing at her stomach. Which that fact alone was enough to weird her out.

She was beginning to doubt she was dreaming- the feelings were too concrete, too solid. She shook it off and moved out to her Pontiac, she'd been itching to drive it since she saw where the key in her hand led her too. Sliding into the driver's seat she jumped at Dean's appearance beside her.

"Hm. Nice car." He trailed off his eyes moving over the bright red paint job.

"Same to you." She acknowledged her eyes moving swiftly over the Impala. It was practically it's own character on the tv show she'd grown so accustomed to. If the episode didn't feature her in someway it felt incomplete. "67 was one of the best years for Impalas. It's a classic, and in great condition. I see you take care of her well."

"Yeah." He said with a small smirk over his very fanfiction-esk pink lips. "You good with cars?" He asked suddenly looking slightly surprised at her interest.

"Eh, sorta. I-uh worked with my dad a lot when I was younger. Well, assisted anyways. He worked in a garage, and I was 7. One of the things he and I would do together so…" She trailed off painful memories of her real life flashed in her mind. Unfortunately , her dad died when she was 9. Leaving her to fend for herself in the state system before growing into her independence in college which was where she was at today. Or, yesterday? Or whatever it was when she was awake in her life last. She lived a rather lonely existence, so this communication with the guys meant more to her than she'd realized- even if, it were just a dream.

"Huh." Dean said sensing her going somewhere in her mind. "Well, we're headed out to eat. You-uh you want to join us?" He asked.

Kate stared at him trying to read his face, last night she'd thought Dean was a flat out dick with the way he'd snapped at her, but today she saw a slightly different side of him. "Sure. We're working together on this now, right?" She asked him. He nodded as Sam came out of their room.

"Hey Kate. You joining us?"

She nodded as she hollered that she'd follow them before closing her door, and heading off behind them to some takeout breakfast place. She'd sat down as Dean made a move to grab coffee for everyone. She watched Sam shifting around uncomfortably in his seat as he opened his laptop.

"You okay?" She asked him. Her dark eyebrow arching in his direction, he nodded with a grimace moving about in his seat again as it hit her. This episode was the prank war between him and, Dean. Dean had just poured itching powder in Sam's underwear. She tried to hide her smirk as Dean handed her a coffee.

"Dude, what's your problem?" Dean asked as he sat in his chair.

"Nothing." Sam responded rather defensively with a look before diving back onto his laptop.

"So, keep going. You were saying… about these Tulpas?" Dean said catching Kate's eye and smiling widely, he noticed she caught on to it.

"Yeah, so, there was this incident in Tibet in 1915. A group of Monks visualize a golem in their head's; they meditate on it so hard. They bring the thing to life. Out of thin air."

"So?" Dean asked nonchalantly.

Sam scoffed shaking his head. "And, that was only twenty monks." Kate cut in glancing between the two. "Can you imagine what twenty thousand web surfers could do?" She asked Sam. He blinked at her as though she'd just given away the punchline to his joke.

"…Sorry, I was looking into the hell hounds website this morning after I got back to the hotel. I noticed the symbol from the wall- I image searched the photo of it and, it came up as a match to some theology symbol. I'm thinking that the people are going on, thinking about the legends they read on Mordechai and that's what's bringing him to life."

"Exactly." Sam smiled at her. Kate brought her coffee up to her mouth knowing she was lying- memories of the episode came back to her- that was how she knew. To be fair she knew what the road was for the boys for the next ten years. She really was an avid fan. Shame she was simply dreaming, if she could, she would attempt to spare them some of the heartache, some of the pain. Save their dad, Save Dean from hell- which would inadvertently stop the apocalypse from ever happening. She wondered how their lives would play out if their character's knew what was coming to them.

Dean's voice cut into her thoughts, "Wait, so you're saying that just because people believe in Mordechai, he's real? People believe in Santa Claus, how come I'm not getting hooked up every Christmas?"

"Because you're a bad person." Sam answered him sarcastically as he moved about in his seat uncomfortably. Kate stifled her laughter by sipping down more coffee. She'd had to put more sugar in it- Dean was one for black coffee apparently. Kate figured Sam would have to explain this one in detail to Dean, as he had in the show.

"This is the symbol, Kate just mentioned, more specifically it's a Tibetan spirit sigil. Craig did say he and his cousin were painting things from her theology textbook- maybe they painted this without even knowing what was?" Sam suggested.

"That's what I'm thinking," Kate agreed with a shrug. "When I was looking it up it said that it concentrates meditative thoughts- almost like a magnifying glass. So when people are looking at it thinking about Mordechai-."

"It brings him to life." Dean stated sitting back in his chair, shocked by the news. Sam was still moving about in his seat uncomfortably as it settled over both of them. "How do we kill an idea?" Dean asked aloud.

Oh, the days when things like this was your biggest problem. Kate thought to herself with a smirk. "Change the legend. Isn't it obvious? Change the legend, change the ghost." She pointed out. "I'm just not sure how you're going to change the legend via a website run by some guys that are probably broadcasting out of their mother's basement." The boys looked at each other with a smirks.

Dean chuckled then as he stood suddenly. "Oh, I've got a few ideas. You'll come in handy, c'mon."

"Where're you going?" Sam asked him as Kate and Sam stared at one another with confused expressions. Sam was quick to packing up his laptop.

"Gotta find a copier." Dean said. Kate stood and began to follow Dean as Sam muttered to himself.

"Man, I-I think I'm allergic to our soap or something." Dean's response was to lose it. He was cackling maniacally with amusement at Sam's pain. "You-? You did this? You're a friggin' jerk!" Sam called after them as she and Dean moved swiftly out of the takeout restaurant.

"Oh, yeah!" Dean agreed as the pair moved out to their cars.

After Sam had changed out of the itchy clothing he wore Kate followed the boys to the local library where they tracked down a look-a-like death certificate, Dean forged it to look like Mordechai Murdoch. He was changing it to turn the legend into something killable. Something they could take down.

He walked out with a wide grin as he held the paper in his hand- clearly pleased with himself. Kate glanced up at Sam. "I imagine he's always like this? Pats himself on the back for every little thing he does?"

Sam chuckled softly. "Eh, only when it pleases him." He was leaning against the side of the Impala, while Kate stood before him, arms crossed on the sidewalk. Dean finally made his way over.

"Give it here, let's see how realistic this thing actually looks."

"So, here's where you come in handy- we'll tell you where to go, and I want you to deliver the news to the guys- make sure you go in and have them post it before you leave." Dean told her.

"Me?" Kate asked flabbergasted. This was not the way the episode had played out, but then again… Her mere presence would change somethings. "Why me?" She asked.

"There's no easy way to say this, but the two guys we met that run the website are nerds- and, not in the adorable Sammy kind of way. The geeked out, computer nerd that probably hasn't heard a girl's voice since they graduated high school." Dean told her, "So… just work your womanly charm. They'll post anything you ask with enough persuasion." He finished with a smirk.

"'persuasion'?" She asked him, confused. "What the hell do you think I'm gonna do? Flash them?" She cried outraged as his suggestion dawned on her. "Why can't you two go?"

Sam opened his mouth from the look on his face, Katie could assume he was making a defense case for Katie, but Dean cut him off. "Look, when we met the geek squad, we-. Well, I for one wasn't very nice. They-they just kept getting in the way, and weren't helping the investigation along at all."

"Imagine that." Kate stated sarcastically, recalling the attitude he gave her when she'd met them last night.

Sam laughed aloud at her calling Dean out on it. His eyes hardened as he stared at Kate, "I get it. I'm not the nicest when you first meet me, but to be fair- you were lying knocked out on the floor of the hell house. You can't be that great of a hunter if-."

"The ghost wasn't actually a ghost at all! Nothing I had on me even worked that night. So, tell me how is it my fault if I wasn't prepared given that we had no idea thoughts could manifest themselves into reality."

"She does have a point, Dean. We were running that night."

"Yeah, yeah, shut up." He told his brother as he snatched back the death certificate and handed it off to Kate. "You ready or what?"

Kate rolled her eyes, but listened to the directions before getting in her car and making her way into what looked like a trailer park. Kate wandered along the rows until she spotted the trailer Dean had described- he'd come here earlier in the day looking around for their trailer which would leave Kate able to pinpoint where the soon to be ghost facers were. She remembered the boys from the show and their few and far between run ins with Sam and Dean. She smirked thinking about how funny they were. Walking up to the trailer she paused rolling her eyes before unbuttoning the top two buttons on her flannel shirt revealing an unnecessary amount of cleavage on the off hand Dean's suggestion was right. As much as it pained her to think it- Dean may have had a point, not to mention she wanted to get home as soon as possible which she assumed meant solving the case.

Kate paused as she heard the guys in unison muttering, 'what would Buffy do?' together. She stifled her laughter as she heard Harry say, "I know, but, Ed, she's stronger then me."

With a huff Kate knocked on the metal door, scaring the two inside. "Who is it?" Harry asked.

"My name's Kaydence- I- Look, I just wanna talk, okay?" She asked unsure what the hell to say to these guys. Their door swung open slowly, and she watched Ed zero in on her chest after giving her a once over.

"Hi." She said sheepishly.

"Are you at the right place-?" Harry began before Ed cut him off

"Can- uh Can we help you?" Ed asked her with his eyebrows raised.

"Yeah." Kate said as she pulled the faked death certificate from her back pocket. "You two run a website? Called Hell hounds lair, yeah?"

Ed nodded as he took a step out of the trailer with some over confidence, "Yes. Yes, we are." He told her with some exaggerated swagger in his step.

"I'm such a fan of you guys." Kate said with some added enthusiasm. She was allowing herself to fan girl- over the wrong characters of course, but they were a part of the show in someway or another.

The two guys before her grinned suddenly lighting up. "You are?"

"Oh yeah, I read what I can on your website. I've even been to the hell house a few times myself. I-I've even gone on my own to do some research on it and what not, during the day of course…." Kate continued crossing her arms over herself just the right way.

She watched their eyes shift downwards for a few seconds. Ed was rather blatant about checking her out in comparison to his darker haired counter part.

"You-you have?" Harry asked her his eyebrows knitting together suddenly.

"Yeah!" Kate told them excitedly as she unfolded the paper Dean had copied and forged from the library earlier that day. "I went into the library to get some more information on Mordechai Murdoch and, this- this is what I found…" She trailed off leaning forwards to hand over the death certificate. She was hoping between her cleavage, and the new information she provided they'd be too overjoyed to question it.

"No way! He shot himself?" Harry asked looking up from the paper, as Ed snatched it from him to look over himself.

Kate nodded, "Yeah with a .45 pistol, to this day they say that he's terrified of them, but due to the nature of his death he's trapped in the house he killed himself in." She told them pulling back and crossing her arms again. Ed continued to look her up and down while Harry seemed distracted by this new bit of information.

"I've heard that if you shoot him with these consecrated iron bullets that you can kill off his ghost, so to speak." She tacked on that last statement as Harry looked up at her from the death certificate with a funny expression. She was worried that the guys before her would see it wasn't real, but even she had to admit. Dean was better at forgery then she had thought.

She thought Harry might squeal before he took off back into the RV trailer. "Did-did you wanna come check things out?" Ed offered. Kate smiled at his attempt, but she wanted to get back to the boys as quickly as possible. She just wanted to finish up this hunt and, go home, back to some sort of normalcy. The thought of taking on demons, and creatures of the supernatural sent her mind into a panic.

"I really appreciate the offer, but I unfortunately have to get to work. Not all of us can have a super cool job." She grinned at him. Ed chuckled- she could see he was nervous about chatting with a girl. "That could change if you want… Harry and, I have been discussing the possibility of having more people on." He took just one step too close for Kate's comfort before she backed up.

"Really? I-I may have to consider it." She laughed out, uneasily. "I'm sorry. I really do have to get going though."

"Well, you- you know where we are. Just swing by anytime! Maybe we could meet up sometime, hmm?" Kate was by her car when he called the last statement to her, she just smiled at him before getting in the driver's seat and pulling away as she dialed Dean's number.

"Did they take it?" Was what he greeted her with. Right, to the point then. She thought begrudgingly.

"I do believe they did. They practically ran back into their trailer post it- before I even left. Although I thought the other guy was gonna follow me into my car had I stayed any longer." She admitted.

Dean laughed, loudly at that. "Ha! I knew it! Alright, well why don't you meet us at the House Café? We can celebrate the murder of a thought form with beers. It's near the-."

"Library, yeah, I remember." She said turning to head into town from the trailer park which was kept on the outskirts. With that they hung up.

Kate met up with them taking a quick seat next to Dean. "Is it up yet?" She asked Sam who was currently eyeing his laptop.

"Yep." He said as he twisted the it around for her and Dean to see it.

"We have learned from reputable sources that Mordechai has a fetal fear of firearms- after choosing to end his life be means of suicide due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound." Dean read before going back to his burger.

"Hm. Guess it did work. I still think you two would have done just fine without using me for your dirty work." Kate said as the waitress suddenly appeared with her drink, and then took her order.

"Dirty work?" Dean asked her through his food. "Just wait until tonight, sweetheart. That's when the real dirty work happens." He told her while waggling his eyebrows suggestively. Kate rolled her eyes as she sipped down her beer.

"So, how long do you think until it takes?" Kate asked turning her head towards Sam.

He paused in cutting his salmon dinner to say, "Long enough for the new story to spread, and the legend to change. I'm thinking by nightfall iron rounds will work on the sucker." As Sam spoke he lifted his beer to propose a toast. Kate grabbed her glass bottle while Dean grabbed his, as they were drinking them down she heard Sam break out in laughter and she turned to find Dean attempting to shake off his bottle from his hand. She forgot entirely that Sam had superglued his glass bottle.

"You didn't." Dean said with a deadpanned expression to his brother.

"Oh, I did." Sam replied with barely contained laughter holding up the super glue. Kate began laughing along with Sam while Dean continued to try shake the bottle off his hand.

Soon enough, night had fallen, and the three of them were gearing up outside of the hell house. The boys had just returned from setting up a distraction of sorts for the remaining officers ordered to keep people from entering.

"Hey, you ready." Dean asked her from the trunk of his Impala.

"I've been waiting on you, boys." Kate replied before walking by them and into the house. She'd gotten to thinking that if this house was where she was dropped into whatever this world was, maybe solving the house was the key to getting her back home, and what with the new post spreading like lightening on the website she was confident in taking it down- she had taken a few lessons on firing guns. She was a single woman all alone going off to College in a big city- it was one of the things she'd been determined to do before heading on her own.

They all entered the rickety old house together, and began to investigate. "Well, do you think ol' Mordechai is home?" Dean asked after a pause in the air- they'd each gone through the first floor of the house. Kate really wasn't enthused about going into the basement, but that seemed to be the general direction they were heading in.

"I don't know," Sam muttered his eyes trained on the door.

"Me neither." came an all too familiar voice.

Kate, Sam and Dean spun around their guns trained on the two figures there. It was Ed, and Harry, they yelped out in fear at the sight of three barrels facing them.


"Hey!" They hollered in unison.

"You trying to get yourselves killed?!" Sam asked while Dean simply shook his head.

"Kay- Kaydence?" Ed's voice called out. She looked up at the pair before her. "Wha- what're you doing here? And, with- with them?"

She could hear the disappointment in his tone at her choice of company. Kate rolled her eyes, but turned around at the sound of the basement door moving, creaking.

Before she knew it Mordechai kicked it open and headed straight for them. The boys opened fire immediately- it took Kate a second longer to react.

Soon enough the spirit dissipated- leaving two relieved Hunter's and, two camera men shocked at the sight. "That should be it." Dean muttered as he and Sam went to pack up their bags. Kate wordlessly followed while Harry, and Ed questioned each other back and forth if it was gotten on camera.

Kate was waiting by the door when she heard the spirit attack again, what the hell? She asked herself. It should be gone what with the false story posted on the website. Kate was drawing a blank on why it wouldn't work until it hit her like a brick. "Fuck!" She cursed aloud now. She wasn't going home quite yet. She'd forgotten all about the hell hounds' site server crashing. She finally remembered how the episode ended- they set fire to the house.

She moved into the previous room just in time to hear Dean say, "S-So these guns don't work?"

"Yeah." She heard Ed reply in a breathless voice. She could see how visibly shook up the two guys were. Kate rolled her eyes livid at the scenario playing out before her. She moved quickly into the boys bag, not bothering to explain where she was going, or why.

She could hear Mordechai attacking again, only this time it was all four of the guys getting the brunt of it. She could feel her hands shaking from fear as she picked up the pace. She splattered a trail of lighter fluid through towards the exit, and moved back to the kitchen to find Dean with a spray paint can and his trusty lighter.

"Great minds think alike." He said with a small smirk as he moved to defend Sam from Mordechai. Kate waited to see the Winchester's both racing out towards the exit before quickly doing the same. Dean was quick to toss a book of matches to the floor, igniting the place.

The trio stood outside the house in the brush, "Th-that's your solution?" Sam asked clearly annoyed with his brother.

"Mordechai can't haunt a house, if there isn't a house to haunt." Kate defended.

"Besides, it's not like anyone's gonna be able to get in anymore." Dean pointed out with a shrug. Sam gave him an irritated look, but accepted it non the less. Kate, Sam, and Dean stood around awaiting the fire department to get there before moving on back to the hotel.

Kate wondered idly why she wasn't waking up, but she had already kinda figured that this wasn't a dream. Her last shred of hope was solving the case, thus ending it, but she knew it wasn't gonna be like that when she found herself still standing in the dark by her Pontiac.

"Hey." She heard a familiar voice call after her as she tiredly tossed her duffel over her shoulder. "Nice work back there, seriously." She turned to see Dean walking in closer to her. "Maybe we'll run into one another again sometime." He finished with a grin.

"I thought I sucked at hunting." She told him. "My method of getting knocked out didn't seem to work out too well," She finished with a small smirk.

"Yeah, well… I'm starting to see you in a different light, Katie." She looked him up and down unsure if he was paying her a genuine compliment, or just trying to get into her pants. She had to remind herself Dean was a bit of a manwhore in the first season.

"Well, thanks. See you 'round." She told him before turning to head back into her car. She breathed a sigh of relief as she drove quickly to her hotel room. Quickly dropped her bags and moved towards her computer. She spent the next 2 hours trying to research anything, and everything she could on alternate universes- but, everything she got was based in a fictional story, and it wasn't helpful. She knew this was gonna be tricky, but she'd have to open up to the two guys next door- the whole show revolved around them, maybe they were the key to sending her home.

Thanks all for reading! Your views are greatly appreciated.