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Chapter 1: Brand New World

"Get ready to die Frieza!" Vegeta yelled as he prepared to kill Frieza. Frieza began to get desperate as he began to think for every possible way to save himself while killing the monkeys in the process. He saw Vegeta prepare to hit him with his attack so he did the first thing he could think of.

"I will not be killed again! Die monkeys!" Frieza yelled as he began striking the Earth with Repeating Death Beams. Vegeta tried to stop him, but was unable to as the planet began shaking underneath their feet. A Death Beam struck the distracted saiyan who immediately brought his hand to the spot the attack struck. Goku's eyes widened as he tried to stop Frieza only to flinch and groan from the injury he obtained thanks to Sorbet's sneak attack on him.

Goku cursed himself for not killing Frieza earlier when he had the chance. If it wasn't for his stupid saiyan love of fighting than he would have killed Frieza a lot quicker and this wouldn't be happening at the moment.

"No! Frieza!" Goku yelled as blood spewed out of his mouth while forcing himself to stand. He flew at Frieza, but had to stop so he could dodge a Death Beam shot at him by Frieza who immediately went back to striking the Earth. Goku could only watch as the planet shined and then blew.

The last thing Goku saw was Whis moving his staff around and a light surrounding the current area as the planet blew. Than everything went dark with the last thing Goku heard being "Goku!" coming from his friends.

Goku didn't know what was going on exactly. He clearly was not dead seeing as how he never appeared in Otherworld, but he was no longer on Earth since that was destroyed by Frieza. The thought got Goku's blood boiling. He knew how dangerous Frieza could be yet he once again did not go all out and kill Frieza when he could or get Vegeta to help him.

He began thinking back to everyone he let down. Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, Bulma, etc. He began thinking of his sons and than he began thinking of Chi-Chi. This caused him to remember the previous months before he began training with Whis.


"Goku! Where are you going?!" Chi-Chi yelled angrily as she spotted Goku getting ready to leave. Goku looked over his shoulder in fear at Chi-Chi who just glared him down wanting an answer immediately while holding her frying pan. Goku began to fidget before finally deciding to just tell her knowing how mad she'll get.

"I was about to leave for awhile to go train with Whis-sama now that I have this god ki. I need to learn how to use it and master it. Vegeta is coming with me," Goku explained to Chi-Chi with a sheepish Son smile on his face. This did not have the effect he was hoping as he instantly saw the vein throbbing on her forehead.

"I can't stand this anymore Goku! All you do is go off and train! You stay home for a few months or years and then you leave us to go and train. You've missed like half of your sons' lives thanks to this! Do you not care about your sons?! Do you not care about me?!" Chi-Chi yelled in anger with tears beginning to sprout in her eyes.

Goku's eyes widened in shock before narrowing as he nodded his head. "Of course I care about you all. I love Gohan, Goten, and you Chi-Chi. I only leave to train because we are constantly in danger from new threats aiming to kill us and destroy Earth. I would have loved to be here more with you all, but I need to protect Earth plus it's in my blood to train," Goku told her as he placed his hands on her shoulders. Chi-Chi just continued glaring up at him.

"I know you have to protect Earth, but that doesn't change how I feel. You have to decide Goku. Us or training? If you pick training then I'm sorry, but I'm leaving you Goku," Chi-Chi told her as she felt feelings she had sealed away for decades come flooding out of her. Goku just stared at her in shock before looking away as he realized what he was about to say was going to change his life.

"I'm sorry Chi-Chi, but this training is important and necessary to me to keep Earth and you all safe. I choose it," Goku told her as he looked away. Chi-Chi felt tears begin pouring out of her eyes. She knew deep down what he would choose. Thanks to living with him for so long and being married to him, she knew.

"Then I guess this is it. We are officially divorced Goku and since I know you don't understand marriage terms, that means we are officially no long married. When you come back from training, I will no longer be living here. I don't know about Goten yet. I guess you will find out when you come back," Chi-Chi told him as she wiped her eyes and walked back in the house, slamming the door behind her.

Goku was shocked, but he slowly looked down as he felt a part of his heart break. "I'm sorry Chi-Chi," Goku whispered before bringing his fingers to his forehead and leaving to train with Whis.

Flashback end

Goku felt waves of sadness envelop him from this memory as the last thing he whispered back then entered his mind again before he lost consciousness.

Outside Shinto Teito

A small portal opened in the night sky and a small object shot out, charging straight at the ground outside of the city at high speeds. It smashed into the ground and caused a large earthquake to shake the city for a few seconds.

A crater had formed at the impact location and the object that shot out of the portal which had closed as soon as it had appeared began to stir.

"Man, my head is killing me...I could go for something to eat," Goku said as he stood up while rubbing the back of his head. He looked around and noticed the strange scenery he was in. Goku shot off into the sky as he began to look around and was surprised to see that this place looked exactly like Earth.

"Wait...Frieza destroyed Earth so this couldn't possibly be it...but this place looks and feels like Earth," Goku mumbled to himself as he began to search for Dende's energy; however, he didn't pick anything up. Goku began thinking before looking over at the city that he was near.

"I guess I could go ask someone about this place and see if I'm on Earth," Goku's stomach began grumbling, "Plus I could go for some food ehehe." Goku chuckled as he began flying towards the city while making sure to hide behind the clouds so no one spotted him.

If he had stayed any longer than he might've noticed the many cars and soldiers who appeared at the crater he made when he smashed into the ground.

"Sir, whatever formed this has disappeared, what do you want us to do?" one of the men told their boss over their phones. After a few moments, the man looked at the other soldiers and instructed them to head back to the city.

As they began to head back, the man could have sworn he saw a man flying through the skies heading toward the city, but he decided that he was just seeing things.

Maison Izumo

Miya sighed as she stood outside the inn sweeping the porch. "It won't be long until Minaka's awful game begins," she muttered to herself as she continued sweeping. Suddenly, she heard someone walk up behind her.

"Yes Uzume-san?" Miya asked without even turning around.

"Um Miya-san, are you okay? You've been acting weird for the past hour. We're getting worried about you," Uzume told her with worry lacing her tone. Miya sighed at the fact that her birds were worrying about her.

What Uzume said though was true. For the past hour, Miya has felt a strange foreign feeling invade her chest and every now and then, her face would turn red and then fade away as if nothing happened.

Miya smiled as she turned around towards Uzume as she nodded her head. "Yes Uzume-san, i am perfectly okay. Do not worry about me. You can head back to bed if you want. I just need to finish some more chores and then I will head to my room as well," Miya told Uzume who just nodded with a concerned expression on her face.

"Oh and Uzume-san," Miya started which caused Uzume who felt a cold shiver head up her spine to stop. "What have I said about walking around the inn in your underwear?" Miya question Uzume while her hannya mask shot out from behind her. Uzume quickly ran to her room in fear making Miya giggle.

"Oh Takehito, I'm so happy you taught me how to do that," Miya mumbled while looking up into the night sky with a happy expression on her face. Suddenly, Miya felt weak and she fell to her knees while holding onto her broom to keep herself from fully falling.

"What is happening to me? My chest is burning and I feel like my heart is reaching out to something," she mumbled before her eyes widened. She began shaking her head to try and rid herself of this feeling, but it was simply too strong for her to fight.

"I couldn't be reacting to someone. I'm the pillar of the sekirei...Takehito," she said sadly before seeing a tall, muscular man with black hair shooting out in separate ways running towards her.

"Hey miss! Are you okay?" the man asked as he got closer to her and fell to his knees while picking her up bridal style. Miya began blushing even harder as she realized that this was the man she was reacting to. She didn't even know who he was and she was reacting to him this intensely. Something was definitely different about him.

"Come closer," Miya said weakly. The man looked at her with a confused expression before shrugging and leaning in. Miya knew she would deal with the repercussions later, but she shook that thought away as she leaned her head up and caught the man's lips in a sudden kiss.

Suddenly, a large set of purple wings shot out of Miya's back and they lit up the night sky. "Sekirei, no.1, Miya is yours my Ashikabi-sama," she whispered before falling asleep in the man's arms.

The man just looked at her in surprise not understanding what happened.

"Uh...I just came here to ask for some food," the man said to no one in particular as he headed to the door of what looked to be an inn. He opened the door and laid Miya on the couch.

"Now lets see," the man muttered as he closed his eyes before heading down the hallway and finding the closest door. He knocked on it and waited before a man with grayish white hair slid the door open.

"Yes Mi-Who are you?" the man asked him suspiciously. The man who brought Miya into the inn just gave a familiar looking smile as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Um I'm Son Goku. I was walking down this way looking for a place with food when I saw a woman sweeping collapse. I just wanted to let someone know that she's in here on the couch," Goku told the man who lived here. The man's eyes widened before he pushed Goku out of the way and ran into the living room.

Goku just shrugged before smelling something good making his mouth water. "Mmm...food," Goku mumbled to himself as he snuck into the kitchen while the other guy was checking on Miya.

Goku looked around and spotted some leftovers from their supper. "I'm sure they wouldn't miss just a little food," Goku whispered to himself before grabbing the food and eating it. In less than a minute, all of the leftovers were gone and Goku was still holding his stomach which was grumbling.

"Geez I'm starving," Goku mumbled before deciding to wait until the owner of the house told him he could have anymore food. He walked into the room only for the guy that he talked to earlier to grab his collar and pull him down to his height.

"What did you do to Miya-san?" the guy said angrily only for Goku to calmly grab the guy's wrist and pull it off him.

"I did nothing to Miya-san other than help her in the house. However, she did kiss me which caused these wings to appear out of her back. I'm not sure what that was," Goku told the guy causing his eyes to widen in shock.

"Wait, Miya-san was winged...I didn't think that she could be winged. Listen, stay here and watch over Miya-san. I have to go call someone," the guy told Goku before walking back to his room. Goku just watched him before looking back down at Miya.

He sat down on the couch he laid here on and placed her head in his lap. When he did this, Miya began smiling in her sleep which brought a smile to his face.

"I don't know why, but seeing her smile fills me with happiness. I really need information about where I'm at though. I guess I'll ask Miya-san after she wakes up. Then maybe I can get some food from her," Goku said as he began drooling again.

He leaned back on the couch as he began thinking about what he was going to do. He was in a place that was very familiar to Earth while at the same time it was different in several ways, and he had no idea how to get back home or if there was even a home to go back to.

This last thought caused his anger to spike and his hair to turn blue for a few seconds which caused the inn to tremble under his strength. This anger spike seemed to affect Miya as a few moments later, her eyes opened and she looked up to Goku.

"What's wrong ashikabi-sama?" Miya asked him knocking Goku out of his anger as he looked down at her. Miya placed her hand on Goku's cheek and began to gently rub it.

"What do you mean, ashikabi? I'm Son Goku," Goku told her before showing her one of his Son smiles making her blush brightly as continued to rub his cheek. She sat up and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Oh, I'm Miya Asama, widow of Takehito Asama," Miya told him with a sad smile appearing on her face as she felt happiness to be with her ashikabi while sadness of remembering Takehito.

"Oh I'm sorry for your loss. I was divorced a few months ago from my wife. We had been married for a couple of decades," Goku told her while sadly remembering Chi-Chi's angry tear-stained face.

"A couple of decades? If you don't mind me asking, how old are you Goku-kun?" Miya asked him while studying him. Goku looked at her confused before looking over at a nearby mirror and noticing something. He looked younger...like early 20s younger.

"Uh well I am officially 35, but I...well I'm somehow in my earlier twenties again," Goku told her as he began studying himself in the mirror. Miya was confused at what he said, but decided to ignore it for now.

"Anyway, what exactly is an ashikabi?" Goku asked Miya, remembering what she called him.

"An ashikabi is a sekirei's destined one. The person they are fated to be with. I am a sekirei. Sekirei No.1, the pillar of the sekirei in the city. Sekirei are an alien race that arrived on Earth long ago. We are an alien race that wings ourselves to our respective ashikabis. The power of the bond between the sekirei and ashikabi, the power of the love between them, is what makes a sekirei stronger. The bond that's formed lasts forever and the sekirei dies when the ashikabi dies unless they are terminated before then. I had originally thought I couldn't be winged since I am different from the other sekirei in that aspect, but I guess I was wrong. I found my ashikabi, you Goku," Miya said happily as she snuggled into Goku's side on the couch. In true Goku fashion however, nearly everything she said went over his head.

"So an ashikabi is someone you have to be if you're a sekirei which I am guessing is a kind of alien since your energy is the highest on this planet other than mine," Goku said causing her to look at him in shock and confusion.

"Wait Goku-kun, what do you mean when you say that. Humans aren't that strong compared to Sekirei who are physically stronger than humans and have interesting powers," Miya told him not believing him when he mentioned he was stronger than her.

"Trust me Miya-san, if I told you everything that has happened to me in my life you probably wouldn't believe me, but I will show you what has recently happened to me since it seems that we will be together for awhile," Goku told Miya as he could feel the strength of the bond they formed. He put his hands on Miya's head and began remembering the recent events that has happened.

As it happened, Miya was shocked by everything she saw especially when she somehow got access to more of his memories by accident and saw everything that has happened to Goku from meeting Bulma, to his own death during the fight against Raditz, to Krillin's death on Namek which led to him becoming a Super Saiyan under awful circumstances, his near death from the heart virus during the Android's assault on Earth, to his sacrifice against Cell plus the fight against Broly just before that, the whole Buu fight, and then the recent Beerus fight plus Frieza thing as well as his 'fight' with Chi-Chi.

Miya felt tears enter her eyes as she immediately hugged the shocked Goku. "So many awful and hard events have happened to you. You've died and sacrificed so much Goku-kun," Miya told him as she buried her face in his chest shocking Goku.

"Wait how much did you see Miya-san?" Goku asked her. She just looked up at him with tears still streaming down her face.

"Everything, your father cared so much for you Goku even if you don't think so," Miya told him shocking Goku even further. She saw things that he couldn't even remember. This bond must've done something when he was letting her see what recently happened to him.

"Well this is a surprise, but you know what's happened to me right?" she nods her head, "So is this Earth and if it is then have you ever heard of Saiyans?" he asked her. Miya sadly shook her head no.

"No, you're the first saiyan I've met Goku-kun and yes this is Earth, but apparently not the one you're from Goku-kun," Miya told him. Goku just nodded as he looked away to begin thinking about how to get back to his Earth.

Goku stood up and stretched his arms and legs. "Miya-san it seems late. Do you mind if I train a little outside and then sleep over tonight?" he asked her. Miya just smiled as she walked over to him and pulled his face down to hers, kissing him causing her wings to appear again.

"You're my ashikabi. Of course you can. Just come to my room when you're done training. It's the last room on the right of this hallway," she told him after pulling back from the kiss while Goku still had his eyes closed from the kiss. When he noticed, he opened his eyes and looked away with a slight blush appearing on his face making her blush.

"Night Goku-kun," Miya told him as she headed off to bed. Goku waved to her before heading out to begin a light workout so he wouldn't alert anybody of his powers.

"I need to get home soon," Goku mumbled to himself before his stomach grumbled. "Dang it, I forgot to ask for some food," Goku whined to himself as he collapsed to the ground sadly.

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