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Chapter 4

It's been a couple of weeks since Goku has winged Uzume and life has been peaceful...well as peaceful as life can be with Uzume as your sekirei. Every morning, Goku wakes up with Miya and Uzume sleeping with him which he doesn't mind, but then later Uzume tries and drag him to the bath with her which he's okay with since he knows that he needs to bathe, but for some reason Miya always punished both of them and he got a cut on breakfast.

Goku has also been training as hard as he could on a nearby planet with oxygen and no life. His power has now raised a little more than it was when he fought Frieza so now he is as strong as Frieza in his Golden form without having to wait for Frieza to lose power.

Something has been nagging him though. Far, far off, he has felt something. A small ki signature that has been closer to his current location, but it's still a few galaxies away so he shouldn't have anything to worry about at the moment. Goku has also been training the sekirei in the inn, even Matsu, so they can be ready for when other sekirei that might be stronger than them show up to fight. While it took a few days, Goku was finally able to convince Matsu to learn martial arts just in case a physical sekirei gets to her so she agreed.

Miya also decided to train with Goku. While she might already be the strongest sekirei on the planet, she is far from being the strongest being on the planet. Goku happily agreed and had private training sessions with her at night which lasted until she was ready to collapse to the ground. Thankfully, Matsu was able to cancel all MBI satellites that were posed to spy on the inn so they wouldn't see what the sekirei and Goku were doing. Goku had also discovered something interesting.

After winging Uzume, the television in the living room came on the next day and a strange man that oddly made him think of a Captain Ginyu thanks to the guy's crazy antics appeared. Goku could instantly sense the anger and killing intent from every sekirei in the inn with the most coming from Miya. The man explained that he was a lucky man since he has winged Uzume and apparently he has winged Miya as well which Goku just nodded to answer the question. The man then went on to explain about something called the Sekirei Plan. Apparently, the sekirei were going to battle each other until only one was left with their ashikabi and this was apparently all for this guy's amusement even though he didn't exactly say that.

Goku frowned as he remembers the guy's happy attitude as he talked about the sekirei being broken up from the people they were destined to be with. He might not understand love as well as the sekirei or other humans, but he did know that it is very important. After the man left the screen, Miya began to walk away while the other sekireis began to go and do their own thing except for Uzume who walked over to Goku and hugged him from the side.

"Go-kun, I think you should go talk to Miya-san. She might need some comfort. We all hate that man, but Miya-san's hatred for him is on a different level," Uzume told Goku who looked at her before nodding. He pulled Uzume into a hug which caused a blush to spread out across her face before following Miya. He walked into the kitchen and saw her scrubbing the dishes; however, he could tell her demeanor was different from normal. He walked over to her and slowly wrapped his arms around her causing her to tense for a second before relaxing.

"Oh Goku-kun, what do you need?" she asked him as she turned around in his embrace and smiled up at him. Goku looked down at her with a worried expression. He might be dense, but even he can feel that something was wrong with her. He brought his hand to her cheek and began to rub it like how Chi-Chi use to do whenever he was upset about something. This caused Miya to freeze before tears began to leak from her eyes and she tightened her hug on Goku while burying her face in his chest. Goku then held her as she cried.

Goku rubbed her back as she continued crying and soon he felt another pair of arms wrap around him from the front causing him to lift his head from Miya's to see Uzume was hugging Miya as well causing him to smile at this. His new family was very loving which really made the saiyan happy. After a few minutes, Miya finally began to calm down and just started sniffling. She raised her head and smiled at Goku before turning to Uzume and smiling as well.

"I'm sorry Goku-kun. L-Let me tell you what happened with my late husband," Miya told Goku who nodded before leading her to the living room where they sat down on the couch with Uzume sitting down on Miya's other side. Goku then listened to Miya as she began to explain the story of how her husband died and how it was caused by that man, Minaka Hiroto, and another sekirei, but she didn't tell Goku the name of them. While he had trouble understanding everything that happened in it because it concerned a lot of highly scientific things, he did understand just how devastated Miya was when she found out and how outraged she was as well. Goku closed his eyes before making up his mind.

"Miya-san, Uzume-san, I have decided on what I want to do before I get back to my universe," Goku started after Miya finished her story surprising them since they thought he was going to say something about Miya's story. They looked at him as he stood up and his eyes changed color to blue while his hair shot up in its traditional spiky blue fashion while he was surrounded in his blue ki. The girls looked at him in shock. While Miya saw this in his memories, seeing it in person was completely different. Uzume was just shocked altogether. She heard about it from his stories, but she was just as shocked as Miya.

"I will stop that bastard's plans so no one has to lose someone special to them like you did. After I stop him, I will head back home, and I hope you two come with me," Goku told them with a determined, serious look on his face as he looked at both of them. They both turned bright red before tears sprung in their eyes and they tackled him to the ground which caught the saiyan offguard. They nodded their heads happily before taking turns kissing him which made their wings shoot out.

Goku smiled before realizing their power increased a little more than normal. He noticed a distinction in the increase. It felt like God ki. "Did they absorb some of my ki?" Goku thought to himself before shrugging and wrapping his arms around both of the girls while they snuggled closer to him. He don't know what it was about suddenly being an ashikabi, but he felt a lot more affectionate and more human-like than he did before arriving on this Earth.

Goku and his sekirei lied on the ground until he heard their soft breathing making him smile as he slowly rose to his feet. He then lifted Uzume into his arms bridal style and walked to their room, where he lied her in the futon. He then repeated the process with Miya before walking to the backyard. He breathed in deeply before shooting into the sky and began doing some katas while also unleashing some ki. He knew he had to keep training for more threats in the future. Who knew what was going to be back in his universe when he returned.

Goku yawned as he rose from the futon only to be brought back down by an arm who clearly belonged to someone who didn't want to lose their body pillow just yet. Goku looked over and chuckled as he saw Uzume holding onto him tightly with a smile on her face. Goku brought his free hand up and rubbed her head before applying enough strength to get free of her grip and got up. He then walked over to the closet and put on his new gi that Miya made him since he only had the one that he arrived with.

The gi looked like the old one except Whis's symbol was now on the back of his shirt while its old location was replaced by the sekirei symbol which made him chuckle. He headed into the kitchen and saw Miya cooking breakfast. "Hey Miya-san!" he yelled happily as he walked over to the table and sat down.

"Why hello Goku-kun. I see you're ready for breakfast," she told him as she turned around and smiled. Goku gave her his 'Son' smile before relaxing in his chair. Soon the rest of the sekirei joined them, including Matsu who has been leaving her room more and more since she began training with Goku and the others. Uzume also walked in and headed to Goku's right seat, kissing his cheek as she sat down and then laying her head on his shoulder. Miya placed the food on the table and took the seat on Goku's left also kissing his cheek as she sat down. Goku smiled at the kiss and the food.

He gently shrugged his shoulder to get Uzume to sit up before he began to dig in. As he ate, he decided to listen in on the conversation that Homura started. "So it seems the plan has finally began," Homura said catching everyone, but Goku and Miya's immediate attention.

"So are you going to start your routes?" Matsu asked him. He just nodded his head as he placed a piece of food in his mouth.

"Do you need any help?" Goku said as he paid more attention to the conversation. Homura began thinking before slowly shaking his head.

"No I'll be okay," Homura told him; however, Goku just looked up at him and narrowed his eyes. "Homura-san, I know you are going to need my help. There are several other sekirei that can fight you one-on-one or overpower you. So let me help besides even if you say no, my saiyan blood will not accept that as an answer," Goku said with a fire burning in his eyes. Homura sighed before nodding his head in acceptance while mentally acknowledging that with Goku's help, they can easily prevent tons of forced wingings.

Goku smiled before finishing another ten plates of food, patting his stomach causing everyone to chuckle, and then leaving to go and train, but not without telling Homura that he'd be back at around seven so they can began their rounds. Homura nodded his head and continued his breakfast. Goku arrived on the planet using his instant transmission and used the Multi-form technique to create another him. Both Gokus stretched before going Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

"I'm going to enjoy this!" Both Gokus happily announced before they began fighting. Each collision between sent shockwaves throughout the galaxy. People on Earth wondered what happened as each time one hit, the ground shook like a small earthquake. The residents of Maison Izumo knew the real cause of each shake though, and they were still amazed at just how strong Goku was. The scientists at MBI were scrambling around trying to make sense of what was going on while Minaka was sitting in his office with a smirk on his face.

Goku flew at his clone and did a roundhouse kick in midair, but it was blocked by his clone who proceeded to grab Goku's ankle, swing him around, and toss him across the planet's surface. Goku quickly jumped to his feet and blocked a punch with both of his arms. Goku then headbutted the clone making it flinch back before being punched across the face and sent to the ground.

Goku then shot into the sky and pulled a book out of Vegeta's book and began sending a barrage of ki blasts down at the clone who dodged as many as it could before shooting up at Goku with its fist pulled back and charged with ki. Goku noticed the pose the clone was in so he pulled his arm back and charged a Kamehameha wave in a span of ten seconds before shooting it at the clone who at the same moment unleashed the Dragon Fist.

The two attacks collided and began pushing against each other. The clone then charged a Kamehameha with its feet and shot forward applying more power to the Dragon Fist which caught Goku offguard. The Dragon Fist smashed into him and caused a massive amount of damage to him which surprised Goku since he didn't think his clone had this much power. Goku continued floating in the air; however, the top of his ki was blown off with wounds on his chest. He chuckled before charging his ki.

"Good job!" Goku congratulated his clone who smirked back and nodded before charging his ki as well. The two then fazed out of sight as they began an instant transmission battle before Goku was able to catch his clone offguard with a kick to the face sending it to the ground. Goku then charged a Kamehameha wave and shot it at the clone who stood up and brought his arms up to block as much of the attack as he could. The attack collided with the clone, sending it to its knees, but it remained in existence making Goku smirk.

The clone was in pretty much the same shape as Goku now and it charged him as soon as it stood up. Goku quickly brought his arm up to block a quick strike from the clone. Goku then fell back and did an upwards kick making the clone shoot back a few feet before coming down with a strong punch which hit Goku in the stomach making him spit up blood. Goku spun in the air and shot at the clone both catching each other and began a struggle to see who was stronger. Goku and the clone clenched their teeth and glared at each other as they realized they were equal in strength. They then shot back and began trading ki blasts only for each ki blast to cancel out another.

Goku then charged the clone and got him in a headlock and began tightening his hold; however, the clone bit Goku's arm making him let go in pain and look at his clone with an angry glare only to be punch in the face. Goku caught the clone's fist before he was sent flying which made the clone travel with him. Goku then spun and threw the clone at the ground making it collide with the hard, hard ground. Goku then brought his hands up to his face and waited until the clone stood up. As soon as it did and looked up to Goku, Goku yelled out, "Solar Flare!" followed by a large light shining out. The clone yelled in pain as it began rubbing its eyes not noticing Goku behind it. Goku then charged up one final Kamehameha wave and shot it at the clone. After the wave diminshed, the clone was unconscious on the ground. Goku then released the Multi form technique allowing the clone to disappear and his ki to return to him.

Goku sighed as he released his transformation and fell onto his back while breathing hard. "Man what a work out! I can't wait to get back to my dimension. I wonder how strong Vegeta will be by the time I return!" he said happily before remembering that Frieza had blown up the Earth and killed everyone.

"Oh yeah, Vegeta died. Hm, I'm sure that since he's a good guy now, Yemma let him keep his body, and I know that Vegeta wouldn't stop training even in death so I know he'll be extremely strong by the time I return!" Goku yelled out happily before standing back on his feet to get ready for more training. As he was about to use the Multi form technique again, he sensed that ki signature again which caused his eyes to widen.

"Oh no, what is Frieza doing here!" Goku yelled before bringing his fingers up to his forehead and disappeared.

Another part of the universe

"That damn saiyan is in this universe too huh?" a short figure said as he continued to fly through space. This figure was Frieza. Apparently, when he blew up Earth, Frieza was sucked into a portal to the same dimension as Goku, but to another section of the universe. When Frieza arrived, he was ready to begin to conquer this universe too until he felt that miserable saiyan's ki appear in a very far off galaxy. Frieza had to wait a few weeks to finish healing since he no longer had a rejuvenation chamber. As soon as he thought he was healed enough, he instantly shot off through the universe in the direction he could sense Goku's ki.

"When I find him, I'm going to kill him. Then I'm going to kill anyone he knows here. Then I'm going to take over the universe in this dimension as well. Finally, I'll return to my dimension and finish conquering the universe there as well!" Frieza yelled angrily as he kept flying before Goku appeared in front of him with an angry look in his eyes. Frieza felt a shiver go down his spine as memories of Namek clouded his mind before he felt anger over take him which got rid of any feeling of fear he felt.

"Frieza! How did you arrive in this dimension?!" Goku yelled angrily as he shot back into his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form. He knew he was going to need it especially since he is so exhausted. Frieza glared at Goku and brought his finger up, shooting a death beam at him only for Goku to dodge it with ease.

"Hmph you stupid monkey. I arrived in this dimension the very same way you did. I thought I was alone here and that I'd be able to conquer it without any stupid monkeys standing in my way. I was so happy, but just the other day I sensed something that made me furious. You want to know what that was?! It was you! Why must you be everywhere I am?!" Frieza yelled angrily as he transformed into his Golden form. Goku narrowed his eyes before charging Frieza who did the same with both of them colliding. Goku disappeared, reappeared, and grabbed Frieza's tail. Before Frieza could do something, Goku spun around and threw him into an oncoming meteorite destroying it. Frieza came flying back out and shot multiple mini Death Balls at Goku who dodged some and smacked others away.

Goku blasted a quick Kamehameha at Frieza before Instant Transmissioning behind Frieza. He was about to attack Frieza when Frieza easily blocked the energy wave while wrapping his tail around Goku's neck and choking him like their fight on Namek. Frieza then spun and threw Goku away from him.

Goku stopped himself only to get struck in multiple spots by ki blasts from Frieza in a similar fashion to Piccolo's defeat on Namek by 3rd form Frieza. "Hah take that you damn monkey!" Frieza yelled happily before Goku vanished revealing that it was an afterimage. Before Frieza could say anything he was punched and sent sprawling away. Goku gritted his teeth as he exited his transformation because he didn't have the ki left to hold it. Frieza smirked as he saw this and began charging a large Death Ball even larger than the one he used to destroy Namek.

Goku got ready to defend against it even though he didn't have the strength to survive, but he had to try for everyone back on his Earth and the ones on this Earth. As soon as he thought of that he remembered something crucial. "The bond that's formed lasts forever and the sekirei dies when the ashikabi dies unless they are terminated before then." Miya's voice rang throughout Goku's mind as he remembered. Suddenly, flashes of Miya and Uzume flew through his mind.

"I'm not just fighting with my life on line. I'm fighting with Miya's and Uzume's life on the line too. If it was just me I'd stay and fight, but I can't risk it while I'm in this shape," Goku thought before doing the one thing he could think of. He brought his hands up and yelled to Frieza which caught the other's attention.

"Solar Flare!" Goku yelled blinding Frieza long enough for Goku to use instant transmission and head back to Earth. After the light diminished and Frieza could see, he began yelling out loud profanities before trying to sense out Goku's ki.

"Mark my words you accursed monkey! I will find you and I will kill you!" Frieza yelled before shooting off through space once again.

Back on Earth

Miya smiled as she sweeped the porch of the inn. It was getting to be around seven which meant that Goku was going to be back soon. Ah Goku how she just loved him. She's so happy that she gets to experience what being winged is like. As she continued to sweep Uzume walked out and stretched having just finished a nap. "Ahhhh, hey Miya-san. Is Go-kun home yet? I wouldn't mind snuggling with him for awhile," Uzume said while giggling at the end as her mind began to go off into naughty fantasies involving her and him...until Miya hit her on the head with her broom making Uzume cry anime tears.

"Anytime now Uzume-san. It's around seven after all," Miya replied as she began to walk into the living room to place the broom in the closest. They heard the sound of something fazing into existence coming from the backyard making them smile. They quickly ran to the backyard to greet him only to gasp in shock as they saw a beaten, bleeding, and bruised Goku lying face down on the ground unconscious. "Goku-kun/Go-kun!" they yelled as they ran to his side.

Miya and Uzume began shaking him to try and get a response out of him, but they didn't get anything so Miya lifted Goku over her shoulder and walked into the living room where she gently lied him on the couch. She told Uzume to go get a wet wash cloth. While Uzume ran off to get the wash cloth, Miya brought her hand up to Goku's cheek and looked down at him sadly. "Who could have done this to you?" she muttered out as she ran her hand down his bruised cheek.

Uzume ran back in and handed Miya the cloth and watched as Miya wiped the blood off Goku before tossing the cloth in the nearby trash can. She then told Uzume to go get him a blanket while she got some bandages from the bathroom that she just remembered they had. They both ran back in at the same time and began doctoring him. After approximately ten minutes, Goku was bandaged up and sleeping peacefully on the couch with the blanket over him.

Uzume and Miya sighed in relief before looking at each other. "What could have done this to Go-kun. You know how strong he is. What could possibly have put him in this condition?" Uzume asked Miya with a sad eyes. Miya just shook her head with no idea since the only people with powers are Sekirei and there was none that are even close to his level of power. She began thinking of something or someone and she could only think of three people, all of who are from Goku's dimension: Beerus, Whis, and Frieza. It would make no sense if it was Beerus or Whis since one is helping him train and the other doesn't fight unless he's interested so...could Frieza be in this dimension to?

Uzume and Miya sat by Goku's side all day while waiting for him to wake up. When Homura came down and asked if Goku was home so they could go patroling, Miya told him that Goku was too tired from his training to go today. Right around midnight, Goku began opening his eyes and slowly sat up only to be pushed down by both of his Sekirei. "Go-kun, you need to rest," Uzume told him while pulling his blanket back over him. He sighed before nodding his head and resting it on the pillow.

"How did you end up like this Goku-kun?" Miya asked him. Goku froze for a second before looking at them and replying, "Sorry I trained way too hard and accidently hurt myself ehehehe." Goku sheepishly laughed while reaching to rub the back of his head before wincing in pain causing Miya to gently grab his wrist, pull his arm back down, and gently bop his head with Uzume following her example. Miya just looked at him before asking Uzume to put the bandages up. Uzume nodded and headed to the bathroom to put them up.

As soon as Uzume left the room Miya looked at Goku with a serious expression. "Goku-kun, I don't know why you are lying to us, but let me ask you one thing - Was it Frieza?" Miya asked him in a deathly serious tone of voice. Goku sighed before nodding his head.

"Yeah. He explained that he entered the dimension in a similar way that I did. I was tired from my training, but I knew I had to stop him so I started fighting him; however, he soon gained the upperhand when I lost my transformation. I was going to keep fighting before I remembered something important," Goku trailed off at the end. Miya looked at him with a look that screamed 'What was the reason?'

"I remembered what you said about the bond between sekirei and their ashikabi. I'm okay with dying if it's just me, but knowing that if I die you and Uzume-san would die. I will not allow that no matter what," Goku told her with a serious look. Miya just began to tear up before hugging him. All of a sudden Uzume shot out from where she was standing and hugged him too with tears in her eyes. Goku began gritting his teeth in pain, but he smiled at the show of affection.

"Listen Goku-kun, next time you fight please do not worry about us. While it was smart to leave since you weren't at your best at the moment next time please fight without being concerned about us," Miya told him while Uzume nodded in agreement. Goku sighed before smiling and nodding. Miya and Uzume smiled before leaning in and kissing his cheeks. They helped him off the couch and headed to their room. After entering the room, they laid Goku down and changed into their nightwear - Miya was wearing a lavender night gown and Uzume just took off her pants and shoes leaving herself in her shirt and panties. They laid on both sides of him and snuggled with him.

Goku wrapped his arms around them and pulled them close while they rested their heads on his chest. Goku smiled before he began thinking about Frieza and the Sekirei Plan. He had to stop both of them which would require him to get stronger. Strong enough that he can stop Golden Frieza in his base form. He heard his stomach grumble making him realize that he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast making him pout sadly, but he knew that right now he was in no condition to get up and go get something to eat.

"I guess I'll have to wait until breakfast," he mumbled before closing his eyes getting ready to be drifted off to the nice, nice luxury of sleep. As he had his eyes closed he could feel the energies of everybody in the city and could feel whenever a sekirei was lucky enough to be winged since their power spiked. This made him smile when his attention was brought to some more interesting powers farther away from the city which really interested him since they had a familiar aura to some things he met back on his planet as a kid.

"I wonder what those odd ki signatures are. Maybe I'll check them out later, but as long as they don't pose any threat to us I'll leave them alone," Goku muttered before closing his mouth because Miya and Uzume shifted in their sleep. Goku smiled before deciding that he needed to get some sleep so his wounds could heal, and he could get to training. Goku slowly felt his consciousness leave him while he felt sleep overtake him. As he finally fell asleep, a pair of eyes stared down at the three of them from the ceiling with a lecherous smirk.

"Oh Goku-tan. Just wait until you're alone. Then we shall have a lot of 'fun' together shishishishi," the silhouette in the ceiling said before putting the ceiling tile back. All of a sudden, Goku felt a cold chill go down his spine which caused his body to shiver in his sleep. Luckily, Miya and Uzume moved closer to him and held onto him tightly to warm him up

(To be continued)