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Sequel to Breaking the Rules

Chapter 1

Eight years ago

She waited alone in the darkness of the driveway. What was she going to say? What would he say? Was she too late? Her thoughts rolled over and over in her head. Looking up, she saw Sian in his Batman costume come back out. She smiled at him and sighed as she walked over to his car.

"Thank you for doing this. I think the hardest part was just being here at the castle and every memory of Jay is here. You know, I just see him everywhere, even at the library." Lonnie took a breath and waited for him to open the car. "You know, I just need to tell him how I feel. Then we'll deal with everything else, right?"

Lonnie turned and looked at Sian. She didn't understand why he was just standing there and not unlocking the door. Frowning at him she took a step in his direction. "Sian? I need to find him, I need to tell him how I feel."

"You just did." Jay pulled the mask off his face and revealed himself to her. Lonnie felt a weight lift from her shoulders. Slowly, a smile came across her face. As she muffled her giggle with her hands. Running into his arms, she wrapped herself around him and kissed him with everything she had. Resting his forehead to hers, Jay smiled.

"I thought you were leaving today?" Lonnie asked running her fingers over his cheeks.

"Yeah, I was going to, but I needed to see you one last time. Then Sian came up and told me." Jay ran his thumbs over her jawline. "I couldn't leave it this way."

Lonnie smiled and saw Sian standing behind them as one by one their friends joined them.

"What about Triton Bay?" Lonnie asked softly.

Jay smirked softly, shrugging his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I don't wanna talk about that right now. I wanna know what it was you want to tell me?"

Lonnie sighed getting up her nerve. "Standing here in front of…" glancing over his shoulder was everyone watching them. "Everyone…. I'm telling you, I love you."

Jay relaxed and leaned closer to her, "and I love you."


The black and white car waited outside with it's light flashing, but no siren as the men finished at the door. It was the worst part of the job, but somebody had to do it. Lonnie just wished it wasn't her door they were at.

"I'm sorry ma'am. If we find anything else out, we'll notify you immediately." Those words repeated in her head. "If you hear from your brother, please have him call us."

Lonnie slumped down in the chair, her chest heavy as she processed what she had just been told. The glass she had in her hand dropped to the floor, shattering at her bare feet. She looked around the empty room. Photos of everyone that was important to her lined the mantle. One by one, she was losing each of them.

It wasn't an accident, they said. They found evidence of that the car had been tampered with. Who would've done this? They were the heroes of China. They protected their people, fought for what was right and now this. Lonnie stared blankly at the family photo in the middle of the mantle. All five of them with stupid smiles on their faces. It was the last time she saw them just a few weeks ago.

The picture on the end tucked back so she didn't have to see it everyday was the one that got her attention now. They had rode the motorcycle for hours just to get away from it all. It was when they stopped at the lighthouse when she took the selfie of the two of them. Back when they were happy before he broke her heart.

It had been five years since she heard Jay's voice, five long years since he held her and told her he would always be there if she needed him. Lonnie looked at the picture from right before he had decided to leave and bit back her sobs. She had handled it with her head held high. Jay never knew how much it killed her when he told her he was leaving. He promised to come back for her, but he never did.

He had been asked by Ben to return to Auradon and work as a trainer for the army he was building. Bringing kids from the Isle over was good, but the villains had their issues. It was huge for Jay and Lonnie refused to be the reason he walked away from it. It was Tritons Bay University all over again. Only this time there was no one helping to save them.

Loving each other had never been the problem. They found an apartment, jobs and struggled through school. Jay struggled more, the stress of juggling everything was a lot, but he just wanted her. He wanted to give her the world and more. But he was an Isle kid back then and his pride took a lot of hard hits at Tritons Bay. Lonnie saw it and tried to reassure him he didn't have to do any of it for her, but Jay's pride stood in his way.

So when the offer came, something he enjoyed and excelled at, Jay wanted it. He wanted her to come with him. Lonnie was making her way. She had a job she was good at, it wasn't her passion, but it paid the bills and she was holding her own. He told her he'd go get situated and as soon as possible they could be together again. That day never came. Jay didn't believe he could compete and she knew it. She tried to reassure him, but nothing worked, in the end she lost him to Ben's offer.

The royals that were around them, paid no thought to Jay and tried for Lonnie constantly. The calls, despite her telling them no, the flowers and gifts, Jay couldn't afford that she didn't accept, it was a knife in Jay's heart. This for Jay was hardest of all for him to see. Lonnie deserved the best he always told her and he couldn't give it to her. She never wanted any of it, only him.

She was alone at Tritons Bay for the last five years. Here in her mid twenties now and her heart broke because she still cried for him every night. The bed they once shared was cold and empty. She didn't date, she stayed to herself and rejected all the men who wanted her. Her heart was already taken, even though he didn't want it.

When she got the knock on her door in the middle of the night Lonnie went into shock. This was the worst news she could have gotten. Her father was gone. He had died upon impact and her mother was missing. They had tried Sian several times, but couldn't reach him. Lonnie was scared and alone, with Jay's last words to her from five years ago repeating in her head.

Her breathing was ragged and out of control. Her life just got turned upside down, what was she going to do now. Lonnie ran her fingers through her long dark hair and looked around the dark house. She was alone, no family to lean on for the first time in her life and had more than she could handle on her own. She felt her world was spinning out of control. She had too much at stake now to lose that control now. Lonnie knew her responsibility was higher than ever.

Going to the small table against the wall, she grabbed her phone to call the one person she had counted on to be there for her so many years ago. Lonnie had not called him in the five years since he left. She hesitated before she dialed the number. What if he had moved on? Would he even remember her? Would he come? She struggled not to lose it again. She had cried so much in the last hour in the dimly lit room, she didn't know if she could handle another round.

Lonnie took a long shaky breath and bit back the tears. Life sucks, she thought and pressed the button. She waited with tears in her eyes hoping he would pick it up. She hoped after all this time he still meant what he said all those years ago and would be there for her still. She had no one else to turn to.

When the most obnoxious ringtone blared through the dead silence of his bedroom Jay jumped. Fumbling for a light, he turned on the small one by his bed and cringed, his eyes squinting from the glare. Grabbing his phone, he didn't even look at the caller ID, the ringtone he didn't recognize as he placed the phone to his face.

"Hello?" His voice was scratchy and tired. Scratching his head, Jay looked at the clock, two am. No one called him this late anymore. If this was Tyler or Aziz playing one of their pranks again, he would kick their asses.

"Jay…" She couldn't get her breath for a moment. Jay felt his chest tightened, he recognized her voice immediately. "I'm sorry to call ….so late, but ….you said to call if..if.. if..I need you. ….I need you, Jay. …..I don't know .. what to do." Lonnie whispered in between heavy sobs.

Jay woke up as soon as she said his name. Pushing the covers back, he sat on the edge of the bed and held his breath. After all this time, she finally called. He thought he would never hear that beautiful voice again.

"Lon? Where are you?" Jay didn't care, it was her. The girl he had dreamed about for the last five years. He felt his heart pounding. He'd go to her, no matter where she was, he would drop everything and anything for her. Everything he felt for her flooded back at the sound of her voice.

"I'm at the I nev..never mo… moved. Jay, hur..hurry… pl ...please." Lonnie stuttered, she could barely get the words out, everything hurt so bad.

"I'm on my way. Just hold on, baby. I'm coming." Jay said jumping out of bed. Damn it, why did he choose to move three hours away from her, Jay thought. Grabbing his old gym bag he started packing as he continued to talk to her. "Lon, Are you alone?"

Lonnie shook her head while biting down on her lip. She glanced down the hall, "Yes... well, no… sort of… it's hard to explain."

Jay stopped, closing his eyes and felt his gut wrench, she moved on. Damn it, he lost her. Jay felt like he just got sucker punched in the gut. His body slouched against the dresser.

"Jay? I need you, you promised if I ever…" Lonnie couldn't stop the tears now as her sobbing increased.

"I'm coming, baby. Are you hurt?" Jay asked, if the guy hurt her, he'd kill em. His question was met with silence. He repeated the question when she didn't answer. "Lonnie, are you hurt?"

"No, I just… It's bad." Lonnie struggled to get the words out.

"I'm coming… just hold on for me." Jay said not knowing what he was walking into, but didn't care. Lonnie didn't cry, ever. If she was crying it was bad. "I'll be there soon."

Jay paused grabbing clothes from the drawer as soon as he saw the small velvet box. Picking it up, he squeezed it in his fist, then tossed it into his bag. He held on to it all this time, hoping she would forgive him. He hadn't talked to her in five years, yet all the feelings he felt for her back then, came flooding back as soon as she spoke. He sighed and ran his hand over his face. He broke her heart, yet she still called him. It had to be bad.

Four years ago

Jay stood nervously at the counter looking at everything under the glass. He had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was that he desperately missed the love of his life and wanted her back. No matter what. When the older women walked up she smiled politely at Jay and looked at the items he was admiring.

"Is there one in particular I can show you." She asked seeing as he looked a bit lost.

Jay shrugged and smiled at her, no matter what the age of the woman, he always had his charm with them. "I'm looking for my girlfriend. I want to propose, but… I never did this before."

"Ah well, let's see what we can find. Is there something special she likes hearts, diamonds, emeralds?" She asked.

Jay thought for a moment and smiled. "Rubies and can you customize the band. It's pretty specific."

"Of course. The dwarves can do pretty much anything. What were you thinking?" She could see a glow in Jay's eyes.

"A cobra and dragon linked." He smiled, it was perfect.


When he told her about the position Ben had offered him, he had been filled with excitement. They could go home. He could take care of her finally. Jay never considered that she didn't want to go. It hadn't occurred to him that she was happy there. Tritons Bay had been good for them, but he had been frustrated, beyond anything else.

Not being able to take care of her, to buy her even a decent ring drove him crazy. Lonnie had told him it didn't matter, she was happy having a simple life. She said this as princes and royal assholes tried to court her. Every one of them she turned down, ignored or returned gifts. Jay knew she deserved better. So he gave her the only thing he could, his heart and her freedom.

His bag packed he sent a quick text to Tyler. "Call in the boys. Heading to Tritons Bay now. Meet there ASAP." He didn't wait for a response. They would come, all of them and somehow, Jay thought, he would figure out how to win her back.

"Who were you talking to?" The girl asked softly, rubbing her eyes. Her big brown eyes still filled with sleep looked around the dimly lit room. Her long dark hair seriously messed from the bed. She was wearing one of Jay's old T-shirt for a nightgown.

"A friend, honey, go back to sleep." Lonnie brushed her hand over the little girls head and nudged her down the hall and back to bed.