The game started up with a phone call from...Sid! (yes, a Crosby Mii)

"Madison's look-alike, we have some tragic news here on Crazyplace Island."

There he stood, at a grave site, in front of a crowd of mourning Miis.

"Mario has passed away. We just don't know how we're going to move on without him."

Oh no, I thought. Don't kill yourselves, too!

That was just the beginning. The news was no less affected.

"This is Mii News for the 14th of July, Two-Thousand-Eighteen.", my Guentzel Mii said. A blue space on the bottom of the screen flashed in, saying:

"Local Beloved Mii Passes."

"A well-known and loved Mii, Mario L., has unfortunately passed away yesterday." They cut to a slideshow of the casket, the funeral, then the burial.

"We asked some islanders for their thoughts on the matter."

My Misty Mii said:

"This is all my fault!"

My Kessel (Phil) Mii said:

"Why? Just, why?!" It cut back to Jake.

"Thanks for watching. For your Mii News for July 14th, this is Jake Guentzel, signing off."

I went to the cafe. Same song and dance.

"I feel so bad for Mario's family. I hope they can accept it soon enough.", my Malkin Mii said.

"It's okay. As long as he's in that 'Great Igloo in the Sky'.", said my Brock Mii.