"Hey Little Weed?"

"What do you want Headphones?"

"What does your SQUIP look like?" Rich's eyes shot open.

"Oh, I, um... Well, you see... it's, uh," he stuttered through, cringing. Michael glanced over at him and laughed. Rich was blushing, or at least it looked like it. The air was still thick with smoke and Michael couldn't really see. Which could have always been caused by the drugs.

"Man, you don't have to tell me." Michael heard Rich sigh in relief. "But if it's a gay porn star, I will find out." Rich made another offended noise and threw a pillow at Michael.

"No, dude, it's not a porn star!" Rich said. Though he had to admit, that would be a pretty cool SQUIP. Distracting, but cool. "It's, ah... It'sevilkermitfromtheMuppetmovie." Michael frowned, not quite catching the answer.

"What was that, Little Weed?"

"I said it was evil Kermit, alright?" Rich said with a sigh. Michael snorted, trying to hold back his laugh but failing miserably. "It's not funny!" Rich exclaimed as he threw a pillow at Michael. The other boy dodged it easily, letting it fall to the floor.

"Alright, alright. Anyway, time for the real fun to begin." Michael reached over to his bag and pulled something out of it, hiding the thing from Rich. The smaller boy raised an eyebrow, curious.

"If it's more drugs, I'm sorry man but I have to decline. I have hit my limit. How do you even do this all the time?" Rich shook his head, leaning against the wall behind him.

"No, it's not more drugs," Michael said. He grinned as he revealed what was in his hands. A small black box with the words-

"Cards Against Humanity? Dude, how did you get your hands on that?" Rich said as he reached towards the box. Michael handed it to him, smiling proudly.

"Moms bought it a while ago and I stole it." He shrugged as if it were nothing. "Now, you are usually supposed to play with three or more people, but we can do it with two. Or just have fun." Rich nodded, grinning too.

"Let's do this," he said as he opened the box. He started dealing the cards out, seven white cards each. Both boys looked over their cards and chuckled.

"Wait, I have to look something up," Michael said, grabbing his phone. He typed something into the device, and almost choked on air. "Okay, well, um... Yeah. I'm ready," he finally said. Rich nodded and flipped over the first card.

"Daddy, why is mommy crying?" Rich read aloud. Both boys started flipping through their cards, trying to find the right ones they wanted to use. Finally, both boys had their answers. They laid them face down. Rich grabbed them both and turned them over to read. He reread the black card again, before moving to their answers. "Daddy, why is mommy crying? Men," he said as he read his own answer aloud. He then moved on to Michaels. "Daddy, why is mommy crying? Flying sex snakes." He snorted, and Michael grinned.

"I guess I won that round."

"Definitely." Michael grabbed the black card and set it by his leg. The both of them drew new white cards and continued on to the next black card. And then the next, and then the next. By the time they ran out of black cards, they had laughed and cried through many hard decisions, like-

"What never fails to liven up a party? Giving birth to the antichrist."

"For my next trick, I will be pulling Robert Downey Jr. out of 72 virgins."

"What is JFK thinking about right now? Men."

In the end, when they counted out the black cards, Rich beat Michael by seven cards. Michael, or course, complained.

"How did you win? I mean, I get that you did, but seriously! How?"

"I have a much dirtier mind then you originally thought, obviously." Rich winked at the other boy, then laughed.

"Sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Little Weed." Michael started putting the game away.

"Aw, thanks Headphones," Rich responded, stacking up the cards to help. "You're so sweet to me." Michael laughed as they finished up cleaning up the game.

"Anytime, Little Weed."

I am so sorry for not updating! I have just been really stressed lately and I haven't been able to write as much as I wish I could! So here is a half chapter! I know I promised the next one would be worth the wait, but you are going to have to wait a bit longer. The next chapter is hard to write because I keep making my anxiety spike with it, so please just give me a bit of time. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! The Cards Against Humanity is actually based off of when me and my best friend played it. I beat her twice, and neither of us are really sure how. And then thank you to my partner for the Little Weed nickname! I forgot to give you credit last chapter, but I am now!

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