See the fears, emotions and thoughts of an autistic child who was already intimidated of the pre-apocalyptic world, let alone the new challenges of surviving and contributing in the post-apocalyptic world.

Written by someone who fully understands autism and lives with it.

The following is written by Brooke Decker, and consists of journal entries kept by an 11 year old girl, with high functioning autism and social anxiety, while surviving in a zombie apocalyptic world, and based from another Walking Dead spin-off, Above The Dead (click this Author's link (MikeDecker74) for Above The Dead)

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Renee's Journal

Thursday, September 2010

Dear Journal,

Today was fine I guess. There weren't that many kids at school today, which was pretty weird. Apparently, something is going around that's making a lot of people sick. So that's why my friend Maddy and lots of other kids were gone. School was boring without Maddy but those kids who I don't like, Kylie and Logan were gone too and that was nice.

My mom made her famous spaghetti for dinner and DJ watched some Spongebob with me before he had to go to work. So that was basically my day. Goodnight.

Friday, September 2010

Dear Journal,

I'm currently writing to you in my mom's car right now. We're on our way to my grandparent's house. My mom let me miss school today since so many kids are absent anyways, plus she doesn't want me to get sick. Something really strange is happening though. My mom seemed kind of panicked when we were getting ready to leave, and she wouldn't tell me what's going on, which scares me. But at the same time, she doesn't think I can handle it, which I guess frustrates me a bit, but maybe I won't be able to handle it, because of my anxiety. I think it has to do with why so many people are getting sick. That's why me and mom are going to my grandparent's house, because my mom said we'll be safer there. DJ is supposed to meet us there later. I've always loved going there. I have great memories being up there. When me and DJ were younger, we would go to my grandparent's all the time and have fun. They would set up a swimming pool in their backyard, in the summertime, and take us out on walks with their dogs, Buford and Zoey. Both dogs passed away a few years ago. R.I.P Buford and Zoey. I've always wanted a dog but my mom can't afford it, which sucks. My hand is cramping up so I'm gonna stop writing now. Bye.

Well… we made it to my grandparent's house a while ago. But it's now night time and the electricity isn't working. Before the electricity went out, we heard on the news that there is a virus going around that is making people go crazy. My mom didn't want me to watch the news anymore, after horrible and strange things were being shown, so she sent me upstairs for a while. I'm pretty freaked out right now, because terrorists might have caused this virus to happen, at least that's what I heard grandpa say. I heard him and grandma also talk about 9/11 and how much that effected the world, like how this virus is doing right now but it's even worse so far. My brother also isn't here yet. He was supposed to meet us here but like I said, he's not here. My mom left to go look for him and hopefully she finds him, and they both get here soon. That's all I have to say for now.

My dad is back. He arrived here sometime after my mom left. I know I never talked or wrote about my dad much. I don't like to talk about him, it's too hard to. I've only been around my dad a few times, and it was never pleasant, because he was always drinking and fighting with my mom, and even my brother. My dad came here because of the virus, and he's inside my grandparent's house right now, probably just drinking like he always does. I wish he would just leave and we would never have to see him again. I'm sitting outside with my grandparents, using a lantern to help me see what I'm writing. I can't believe everything that is happening… It all feels like a messed up dream that's taking me forever to wake up from.

(There are actual episodes of this story, a season and a half so far, posted here at fanfiction) above the dead . com