Saturday, September 2010

Dear Journal,

DJ is here! Mom was able to find him and they both came back last night. More good news, after mom and DJ arrived, my dad came outside and tried to force his way back inside the house, but DJ opened the door and punched him right in the face! It was weird seeing DJ do that, because he never gets angry much, but I have to admit, it was pretty awesome, and he deserved it. There are army soldiers here in my grandparent's neighborhood now, protecting us from the virus, and last night after some of them witnessed what happened between my brother and my dad, they led my dad away from us. Seeing that was so satisfying.

Even more good news, the power is back on now. I was outside with my family when it happened, and it was fun seeing all the other people outside excited/happy about it. I really hope that whatever this virus is, that it will go away soon and hopefully there's actually a cure for it. No one will talk to me about what's going on. Not even DJ will tell me anything. I'm guessing my mom made DJ swear not to tell me anything. I know DJ went through some stuff yesterday when he was trying to get here, though. My aunt Lisa hasn't made it here yet, and she was supposed to be on her way here as soon as she could leave work. Mom told me that aunt Lisa warned us to get out of town after she saw infected people at the hospital, doing crazy things. I can't imagine what she saw because like I said, I'm clueless about everything. Eventually I'll finally find out what the hell is happening. Goodnight.

Thursday, September 2010

Dear Journal,

Today was a decent day. My mom, DJ, and I helped grandma and grandpa do chores around the house, which wasn't exactly fun, but for some reason I didn't mind doing them. I finished another Nancy Drew book that I luckily didn't forget to bring with me from home, and wish I had another book from the series to read, it's quite addicting and I used to hate reading. It's been almost a week now since everything happened, and I wonder how much longer it's gonna take before life gets back to normal. It has been nice not having to go to school, but I miss my friend Maddy, and I'm curious with how she is dealing with all this, same with the other kids I know from school, and teachers too. It sucks that I can't use my phone to call Maddy. My mom and grandparents are worried sick about aunt Lisa, since they haven't been able to reach her at all, obviously. I'm afraid to admit it, but what if Maddy and aunt Lisa got infected from the virus?! That's something I don't even what to think about at all. I wanna doubt that they are infected because I still don't freaking know how serious this all is. I get that I'm just a kid, but I swear I get treated differently because I am different. My family doesn't understand me and they never will. Just because I have autism and anxiety, it doesn't mean that I'm fragile and will literally die from it. They "baby" me too much. I know I've complained before about autism and anxiety, in this journal, but clearly not enough. Maybe I will complain some more again when I have the energy to, or when the next embarrassing thing happens to me, because of my stupidity whenever I get anxious. Anyway, on a more positive mood, I think DJ has a girlfriend. I see him hang out with that girl Heather, who lives across the street and he always goes to her house, late at night. So good for him. Goodnight.

Monday, September 2010

Dear Journal,

The reason why I didn't write anything yesterday, was because I was in shock... and kind of depressed. A couple nights ago, my dad came back... again. I saw my dad get shot in the head by one of the army people. My dad is dead. I don't know why that army guy just killed him like that, I mean... my dad wasn't the greatest person ever, but murdering someone isn't right. That's all I wanna say about that.

I said I was also depressed. I don't think everything is improving. It seems like it's going to get worse before it gets better. News broadcasts aren't even happening anymore. Only the army can update us on what's going on, but they've been busy lately.

The power went out again. I was relieved that I could still watch stuff on TV using a DVD player, and that I could play games on the computer, but now I can't do that anymore, and I'm pretty bored. I feel stupid complaining about that after seeing what happened to my dad, and the fact that the world is in deep trouble. Goodnight.