Day 23, Saturday, October 2010

Dear Journal,

Well, we left UPS today. Got to say goodbye to Todd and Sandy before we left, obviously. I really hope we get to see them both again someday. When we got onto German Town Road, there was a group of people on motorcycles who were behind us! They started shooting at our truck, but Sam, Eli and Marlana were able to take them all down! DJ and everyone else were all pumped up after that, just happened. They had excitement over surviving another attack from those damn people who kept trying to kill us, and were shouting in excitement that we're strong survivors. It was a great moment! It made me feel more confident that we'll definitely make it to the compound, and that we'll all survive!

While DJ was struggling with driving around abandoned cars, a huff must have fell off a building and it landed on top of the truck! That gave us a hell of a jump scare! We all screamed, and even Eli was scared. The huff rolled down the front window though. We saw some people hitchhiking on the road, but it would have been risky and we wouldn't have any room in the truck, even if we did pick up those people. Later, we had to abandon the UPS truck. So its gonna take a little longer now to get there. What happened was that we left the truck to go to the bathroom, but there were a lot of huffs coming our way, so we had to rush back into the truck and DJ kept trying to turn the key, to start the engine, but it failed. We had to grab all our stuff and run out the front door as soon as DJ was able to get all the huffs attention, to the back.

After running for a while, we sat down and rested under a tree. Somehow when we were talking, the topic of slurpees came up, and we all wanted one so bad. I miss going to 7/11, to get slurpees. The last time I did that was maybe a week or two before the apocalypse started, so it's been about a month, but it feels like forever ago. Everything before the apocalypse seems like it was forever ago, even though it's only been 3 weeks. At least when we get to the compound, we'll be safe and live somewhat normal lives. Sam has been telling us that we'll still be celebrating holidays and have other fun events there.

Bailey doesn't have his cat carrier anymore. DJ decided that Bailey should do his own walking, so that we don't have to take turns holding the carrier with Bailey in it. I wasn't thrilled with that idea at first, but that day when we left Benny's house on foot, we left the carrier and Bailey mostly did fine without it. He did good today too, and he was always keeping up with us. I swear that cat is a dog, I can't believe how calm he mostly is, and that he doesn't run away from us. He's totally following us like a dog would. We found a nice, quiet spot that has a large creek, to stay at for the night. We have to hike like 30 or 40 miles before we finally reach the compound. My legs are so tired from walking and I have to do it again tomorrow, but it's worth it. Goodnight.

Day 24, Sunday, October 2010

Dear Journal,

Arriving at the compound has been delayed, again. Eli sprained his ankle when he was running/skipping on rocks in a river, we stopped at to rest. When we were at the river, we heard the sound of vehicles coming from the highway. They were large semi-trucks, which made Sam believe that it was her family in the vehicles. She started running towards them, and that was when Eli hurt his ankle. We were able to find a house where friendly people live. They're letting us stay for a couple days so that Eli can soak his ankle. The people who live here are Blair and her husband Aiden, and Blair's grandparents. Blair's grandma has a cat named Maggers. I know, funny name but her name is actually Maggie and Maggers is just a funny nickname for her.

Sam thinks her family is already building new homes, which was why she thought the semi-trucks with all that wood we saw earlier, were her family. I actually can't wait to meet Sam's family, because she talks about how awesome they are, a lot. Of course, I'll be shy when meeting them at first, but I have a feeling that I'll warm up to them pretty quickly. Watching Bailey and Maggers interacting with each other made my day. Seeing those cats playing with each other reminded me of watching funny cat videos online. DJ suggested that Bailey should stay here until we come back to pick up Blair and everyone else. Sam said she was worried that Bailey could try to follow us and get lost looking for us, so he will come with us when we leave. I can't believe Bailey made it this far. I was so worried that there was no way in hell that he could survive this journey, but he has so far and it's amazing.

DJ went with Sam towards the road to see if Sam would see any of her family members, but she wasn't able to make out anybody that she saw. I wish so bad that we had a vehicle so that when we leave, it would only take like an hour to get to the compound. I mostly wish that those people with the semi-trucks are Sam's family, so that they could take us to the compound.

Anyway, I'm just glad that we get to sleep inside a house, because last night it was pretty chilly when we had to sleep outside. The weather is definitely getting a little colder. I'm also glad that the apocalypse didn't start in the winter, that would have made things so much harder because of snow and having to sleep outside in that freezing weather would kill us. Well, goodnight.

Day 25, Monday, October 2010

Dear Journal,

So the funniest thing happened today! There was a huff that was stuck in the river and DJ went to take care of it, but when DJ approached it, the huff fell forward, which made DJ scared and caused him to fall into the water. When the huff fell, its head hit a big rock, so it basically killed itself. We were all dying from laughter! The look on DJ's face was so hilarious when it happened!

Nothing else really happened today after DJ's famous moment with that huff. Well when I say nothing, I meant nothing major happened. Sam, Eli and I played a random game. We took turns talking about anything that was on our mind, we mostly shared random, funny stories with each other. Then DJ and everyone else joined in and shared their random, funny memories as well. DJ and I shared the story of when one time, we went camping with our grandparents, and when we were hanging out by the creek, DJ was jumping from rock to rock in the water, and he lost his balance. He was about to fall onto other rocks, but luckily, he had time to react, so he quickly leaned his body the other way, so that he could fall into the water instead. Me and my grandparents witnessed it and we laughed so hard! We we're all laughing really hard at that story because earlier today, DJ had that similar experience in the water with that huff! My brother can be pretty clumsy when he's in the water. Goodnight.