Day 27, Wednesday, October 2010

Dear Journal,

There's so much to talk about... and no, we're still not at the compound, yet. So, yesterday morning, we left Blair and Aiden's house, and Aiden decided to join us. We were all just walking in foggy weather, and we hid when we saw some guy with a hatchet, kill a mother deer and her baby fawn. I've seen people die now, in this new, messed up world, but I really hated seeing those two animals die, it hit me really hard. Anyway, we were later walking in the creepy, foggy woods when we saw Sam run towards 3 people, who were approaching us. Those people were Sam's family! It was Zane, (Sam's cousin who she talked about a lot) Dakota, (Sam's other cousin and Zane's sister) and Cleo, (Dakota's girlfriend). Everything was going so great at that moment, watching Sam reunite with them, and the rest of us getting to meet them. I felt nothing but hope and excitement... until Aiden was struck with a hatchet... Aiden's dead. It was the same man with the same hatchet, we saw earlier, who killed Aiden. Him and a bunch of guys in prisoner outfits, completely surrounded us. We were screwed, so my hope and excitement was now gone.

All of us (including the prisoners) heard Zane warn the compound people into his radio, about our situation and possibly having to go to war, to bring Sam back to the compound. We were led away by the prisoners, to their camp. On the way there though, me and Sam saw Bailey up a tree, behind us. Sam assured me that he would follow us, like he always does. I was worried that Bailey would get too close, for the prisoners to see him and that guy with the hatchet would kill him, so that they could eat him or something. Thank God that didn't happen! I just remembered the last thing Aiden ever did before he died, was that he handed Bailey over to Sam. It kills me thinking about his wife Blair, because she has no idea her husband is dead.

So, we got to their camp, (Camp Glenwood) and they put us in a detention camp, which is basically a jail cell. Sam showed Zane, Dakota, and Cleo her letter, that never got left behind back at the treehouse. It was a good thing she had the letter in her pocket, because our belongings were taken from the prisoners. That's why I couldn't write in this journal yesterday, because it was in my pack. There was a seemingly, nice dude who was going to let us go free, but then he was stabbed in the back, by that jerk face leader of this place, Swish. We already met Swish when we were first captured and he was annoying as hell! He has no soul and people like him need to go! Especially in this new world, he's freaking dangerous. Man, I hate that guy so much! Anyway, we keep hearing the name Grover. Apparently, Grover is actually the true leader of this place, but he's not here, he's somewhere else. I don't know much, so that's all I have to say about that.

Later, we saw that Zane was talking to the guy who killed Aiden. Zane told us that the call he made into his radio was fake, and that he told hatchet guy (Stix) the same thing, because he thinks that he actually wants to help us. He made the fake call to make the prisoners nervous. Stix came back to us, with Swish, because he told him about the fake radio call. Swish, aka jerk face, said that Sam, Eli and I were free to join the rest of their camp, while the adults stay in the DC. There was no way I was going to leave without DJ, but then jerk face said everyone except Zane, Dakota and Cleo can go. We didn't go... at first, we choose to stay. Afterwards, we overheard Eli apologizing to Zane, about him taking Sam's letter. Eli was actually crying, too, which was weird to see. I mean not bad weird, it's just the way he is, how he's usually Mr. tough guy. I heard he used to have anxiety before the apocalypse, which is hard for me to believe. His anxiety probably wasn't as bad as mine, so that's why he was able to quickly grow out of it.

Earlier today, we shared stories of our adventures with Dakota and Cleo, while Zane was talking to an Australian woman, named Pepsi. Yes, that is her name, well nickname actually. I don't know her real name, she never told us. I'll get back to her in a minute. So, when we were sharing our stories, someone, I think it was Marlana, said that Sam was quite the storyteller in her letter. That led to Dakota asking me about my writing, since Sam mentioned it in her letter. It was one of those moments where I didn't like being in the spotlight, so of course I gave her an awkward response. I told her that it was just a journal that that I write in, and that it wasn't funny like Sam's letter. I feel like I need to be somewhat more cheerful when I talk to people, because I realized that I sounded depressed when I said that, which made it more awkward. Anyway, Pepsi, the woman who Zane was talking to, she and her son Coke (Yes, his nickname is coke) made friends with Bailey outside their cabin! She said that those of us who were offered out of the DC, can stay with her there. So then, Zane let us know that he knows someone here, who is a true friend, and they can help us get back to the compound! Oh yeah, so when we got to meet Pepsi, and this is hilarious, I never ever wanna forget this. Cleo, being the funny, sarcastic person, she is, she said something like this to Pepsi, "Hi Pepsi, I'm Root Beer, and this is my girlfriend, Dr. Pepper. She's not a doctor, but she's full of pep." She pretty much said it exactly like that, in those exact words, and I couldn't hold my laughter in! It totally sounded like something Chandler from Friends would say! Because he was always sarcastic. Man, I miss watching Friends... and drinking Cherry Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, I used to like Root Beer, but not as much anymore. Anyway, Pepsi laughed and responded back pretty well to Cleo, she said some funny stuff too.

We, (The Mt. Hood crew) decided to leave the DC, so that Pepsi could lead us to where she saw Bailey. We found him up in a tree! We wanted to catch him, but we weren't able to. We had to rush back through the main gates, when ruckus started going on. It turned out, that an endless crowd of huffs are taking over the highway. Now we're screwed again, we can't go out on the road, with the huffs out there. Later, we got settled in Pepsi's cabin. We were able to get our stuff/packs back, except our weapons. Eli complained about not having his precious bat, like I figured he would. I obviously got my journal back and have been writing in you for a long time now. Wow, I can't believe how much I just wrote, it's ridiculous. I didn't think I was gonna be able to write everything down I wanted to before bed time. I guess the more I write, the faster I can do it, which is cool. Finally, I'm saying goodnight, so... goodnight.