Author's Notes:
-There's a part 2?! Well, it was inevitable really.
-I just like writing this stupid stuff
-Might not be as funny as the first part, but I hope it makes someone smile!

At roughly twenty-seven-ish minutes past three in the morning Robbie woke up. This whole 'waking up to the sound of screaming' thing was starting to get a little old by now. He dragged himself out of his chair to go and glower out of his periscope. There was no moon and he didn't have night vision on his periscope, which made it rather hard to see. Eventually, he came across the source of the screams. Sportaflop, still wearing his ever-flashing crystal, was attempting to resurrect his airship by blowing it up with the air from his lungs. Robbie felt his heart sink. The manic elf hadn't bothered to patch up the hole properly, instead choosing to cover it with sticky tape. He was screaming into a small gap left open in the haphazard mess of tape, and it was achieving precisely nothing. Being the determined creature he was, though, he would definitely be keeping this up all night. Robbie sighed and picked up his trusty ear defenders, then returned to his chair.

By morning, the airship was once again in the sky. Not that it looked particularly stable, as it seemed to be dipping slightly to the left and spinning in circles. Upon zooming in he could see that the sticky tape was starting to peel. For once, the sound of kids playing hadn't come echoing down into the lair, putting Robbie in a good mood straight away. He pushed the periscope away then ducked as it swung back round again, missing his head by millimetres. The sun was out, the sky was clear and there were no noisy kids to be seen. Perfect conditions for him to take a walk on the surface. The first thing he noticed after ascending the ladder and climbing out of the tunnel was the tranquillity of the world around him. There was a gentle breeze which carried to him the scent of flowers and freshly cut grass. The sunlight was warm and seeped through his clothes and gave him the hope that today would be better than the day before. As he approached the centre of town he noticed the Mayor wandering around aimlessly. The Mayor waved at him and said something. He made no sound as he spoke, so Robbie assumed that he'd finally forgotten how speaking worked.

The next thing he came across reached a new level of strange. There, in the middle of Lazy Park was a giant ball of bubble wrap. Not just any ball of bubble wrap, but one with a small head sticking out of it. He couldn't tell which child the head belonged to as it was almost entirely consumed by even more of the stuff. It seemed relatively content to lie there and wriggle in its plastic cocoon, so he left it to it. Further on he discovered that someone had made changes to the apple tree. The trunk was encased in packing foam and upon looking around, he realised that this was only one of many things that had been swaddled in some form of protective material. Gates, fence tops and whole walls were covered. Some areas of the ground had large sheets of foam spread over them which made the whole place look like a soft play area. A flash of blue caught his eye and disappeared behind a wall. He had a feeling that it wouldn't be very hard to identify the culprit here. Against his better judgement, he decided to follow the blue.

Sportaflop led him to the playground. The whole place had been transformed - Robbie couldn't see anything that wasn't foam or bubble wrap. The irony was that this would ordinarily be a good place for a few extra safety measures, but it felt more like the nest of some evil… foam monster… or something. All this packing material was probably absorbing all the ambient sound, which was why he couldn't hear anything. Or was it? His head did feel abnormally heavy today. He put his hand up to his head and realised that he was still wearing his ear defenders. He took them off and hung them around his neck for safe keeping. This allowed him to hear the crinkling noise coming from behind that was getting progressively louder. He spun around just in time to see Sportaflop flying at him from behind a wall with a large sheet of bubble wrap in his outstretched arms. The elf tackled him and began to bundle him up like a spider with a fly, muttering under his breath all the while. As most of the mutterings came out sounding like single words, Robbie could only make out a few coherent phrases.
Coherent being relative, of course. The recurring theme was essentially that Sportaflop had completely lost the Sporta-plot.

Once Robbie was securely bound he was dragged closer to the play equipment. Behind the tall shape that may have been the slide there were two other victims. Prank kid was rolling from side to side in her bubble wrap tube, stopping whenever she hit an obstacle - which happened to be pink kid. Pink kid was taking advantage of her extra height giving her plastic tube more flexibility, and was wriggling around like a worm. Both pairs of eyes were dull and vacant. To add insult to injury, Sportaflop had put the bubbles on the outside, so there was nothing to pop with the tiny amount of room he had left in which to move his hands. The only thing he could physically do was wriggle, since rolling made him dizzy. Not ideal. His other option was to reason with the elf. Also not ideal, given the apparent language barrier. He noticed pink kid had wriggled just outside of their 'containment area', and the moment she did this Sportaflop appeared to put her back inside. Escape was probably impossible, so he decided not to bother trying. Being wrapped in bubble wrap wasn't all that bad, really... His final idea was his favourite, and it involved him going to sleep and staying asleep until someone woke him up by saving him. Like Sportaflop was technically supposed to.

His saviour turned out to be the Mayor, who had come to free his niece - how he had escaped the Sportaflop-bubble-wrap-attack Robbie had no idea. The Mayor and his niece were about to wander off until he hollered at them to unwrap him. They sat down next to him and began popping bubbles on the sheet he was wrapped in. He groaned. This was going to take a long time if he didn't take matters into his own hands, so to speak, because obviously, he couldn't use his hands. With a great deal of effort and hoping that Sportaflop was looking for other victims, he sat up. Conveniently enough, the elf had used sticky tape to seal the bubble wrap. This came off almost immediately. From there it was surprisingly easy to free himself from the plastic prison and he wasted no time in leaving. On the way back to his lair he caught sight of the airship making a spiralling descent into the ground. Upside down.