The Rain of the Moment by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: This is a Gatsby poem based on the suddenness of his funeral in the final chapter. I must say, Fitzgerald's command of the weather from hazy summer days to a cold and rainy day is masterfully done. It shows how quickly life can change, and how dreams are fleeing and they often fade.

Disclaimer: This magnificent book is owned by F. Scott Fitzgerald and his estate. I own nothing, except for my awe for this novel.



Take me to a hidden field

With silver-laden trees abound.

Flowing tears are heaven-sent

And fall upon these mortal heads.

Crystals drops of time are liquefied

As they fall onto the grass of this dream-world.

Hold your heads up, try to remember.

Try to see the life that was.

Gatsby is gone, he fades with the summer,

And in a heartbeat his moment is gone.



End notes: well, i suppose that this was pretty good, considering i did it while half-mesmerized by the sleet outside the window during a particularly boring pre-calculus class.

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